Betty en NY Wednesday 4/17/19 #51

Previously on Betty en NY: Marcela screamed at Betty. Marcela and Armando screamed at each other. Nico told Betty Armando was only interested in her for her…uh his…companies. Armando told Betty he’d dump Marcela if she gets back together with him.

Armando’s serious about the offer. Sure, Marcela’s pretty, but what he has with Betty is special.

Betty’s still worried about breaking Marcela’s heart.

Well, sure, she’s his fiancée and she’s also his business partner and his family loves her.

Yeah, Betty knows his mom adores Marcela.

Armando flags down a waiter as Betty asks when he’s going to break up with Marcela.

He says he has to wait for the right time. He calls Betty “mi amor” and braces himself for a kiss, but the waiter comes over with their drinks and interrupts the moment.

Sofia takes Berta home with her. The house is a mess and it sounds like someone’s trying to get in through the back door. They prepare for intruders and Sofia whacks Efrain upside the head with a frying pan. Oops.

Betty’s really liking these drinks. Armando’s trying to get her to quit drinking and offering to take her home. But nooooo, it’s her turn to sing a song to Armando now!

She tells the host she’s going to sing the same song ’cause it’s their song.

Ricky gets Marcela home. She makes a crack about messing up his night. Doesn’t he have a different date with a different woman every night?

Ricky says he’s turned over a new leaf.  Ha! No, he’s kidding, he’s got a couple of “friends” waiting for him.

Marcela asks him to shut the door on his way out.

Betty’s version of the song is really dramatic, but I swear I caught her singing in tune for a few seconds in there.

The host makes a remark about love not only being blind, but deaf.

The waiter brings Armando the check and he tells Betty they’ve gotta go. They’ll come back and sing sometime.

Betty wants to sing now–both of them together. But the host says they’ve gotta give others a chance.

Sofia. Berta. Kids. Los Cucaracha. Everyone gets headed off to bed while Sofia consoles Berta.

Berta ignores a call from Enrique. Sofia tries to interest her in a drink, but Berta would rather have the bottle.

Demetrio’s doing the household books and they’ve got more expenses than income. And the biggest expense by far is food. He says. To Nico. Who’s sitting there eating donuts.

Julia says he’s out of blood pressure medication and Demetrio says he can’t get a refill. They don’t have money.

OK, I’m interrupting here to say that you can’t just quit taking your blood pressure meds because you can’t afford them. They tend to be pretty cheap, and there are sites online where you can get coupons for discounts or compare prices at nearby pharmacies. If you’re completely broke at least call your doctor and see if they can set you up with some samples or borrow a few bucks from a friend or remind that güey who borrowed money from you that one time to pay it back.

Returning to our story…Nico decides BAR is going to pay for Demetrio’s drugs. Demetrio, as the accountant, refuses this loan. Nico overrides him as his boss. Julia tells them both to quit acting like children and here’s the prescription. She tells Nico to go get it refilled.

Then she turns on Demetrio and tells him if he has a telele it’s gonna be more expensive than the pills.

Armando brings Betty home, but she doesn’t want to get out of the car. She wants more smooches!

Nico heads out the front door and gets an eyeful.

First it’s just smooches and then she tries to get Armando to ditch the jacket. He gets out of the car to open her door and leaves Betty to walk in alone. Except that Nico’s still lurking and he jumps out to scare her before she can open the door.

Good thing, too ’cause she’s still way drunk. He says she’s busted now. He saw her snogging her boss. Does she even know…how many bacteria went from his mouth to hers?

Um, no, ’cause when you’re enjoying the kissing you don’t think of that.

Nico says she’s acting like a teenager. It’s weird.

Which part?

Well, that Armando’s Armando and Betty’s Betty.

Look, she knows what she looks like, but Nico’s problem is that he’s got a complex.

He forgot he was talking to the Queen of Self-Esteem. Did something happen to make her stupid?

Yeah, love! Doesn’t he think feos like them can fall in love?

Yes, but not have it returned. Nico threatens to tell Betty’s parents what she’s doing and who with.

Betty says she’ll never forgive him.

Well, Nico’s not going to let Armando throw her off a cliff, even if Betty never talks to him again.

Betty stands out on her front steps, shouting at Nicolas that the only thing that matters is that she loves Armando.

Ricky can’t believe Armando told Marcela he’d get rid of Betty and Betty he’d get rid of Marcela.

Armando says they’re going to drive him crazy if he doesn’t die of a heart attack first. But he didn’t give either of them a timeline.

And right now there’s a more pressing concern–Betty wants to go to “the second level.” Apparently that means sex, so what’s the third? Moving in together?

Ricky tells him to do it, because he’s Ricky. And he suggests they keep the lights off.

Betty tells AmorOso about the fabulous night and how she could tell Armando really loves her and he picked her.

Sofia comes downstairs in the morning and finds the fridge empty expect for the carton of milk. Berta said it was the only way she could get to sleep, but hey, the kids can still have cereal and milk for breakfast.

She ignores another call from Enrique. And she’s feeling hungry again.

Nico asks to have a man-to-man talk with Demetrio, but Julia complains that his blood pressure was high last night and it’s high again now. So Nico says he just wanted to tell Demetrio he likes his shirt.

Aura Maria’s having a moment with the erotic novel she’s reading. When Betty wanders in, she decides she should lend it to Betty ’cause it’s got LOTS of good ideas about things she could do with Nicolas. Oh, and hey, has Betty something something something the horizontal dance?

Betty says that’s TMI for so early in the morning. Aura Maria makes her take the book and Betty holds it by one corner of the cover and walks to her office.

Nico’s trying to work, but a picture of Pati pops up on his screen. He remembers what Betty said last night about them being entitled to love and decides he agrees. It’s his turn now.

Armando’s ridiculous office behavior thing for the day is that he’s put two post-it note pads in front of him with the adhesive side up so when he puts his elbows on them so he can pick them up and have a little accordion of post-it notes.

When Betty comes in, he asks how she’s doing. And what’s she reading.

Betty’s got the book stuck under her sweater and says it’s a book a friend asked her to hold on to.

Well, Armando’s going to the workroom to check out the new collection and he’d like Betty to come with him. She gets so flustered she bangs into her door.

In the cloffice, she chugs a bunch of water and then starts reading Aura Maria’s book. There’s a lowly woman who has never known love, and a hot guy with a title, and a horse (the horse is of vital importance) and someone’s look of fire is penetrating someone else. Betty tosses the book down like it’s burning.

And yet, she can’t resist…there is much flowery phrase…like literally the heroine is thinking about her garden coming into bloom and being sure rich guy was gonna own the first rose bush of spring.

Betty’s late to her meeting in the workroom, but Hugo and Marce throw fits about them being there at all. Also, this line includes swimwear and it doesn’t sound to me like Hugo has any swimsuits that are actually meant to go swimming in, which just makes me hate him a little bit more.

Betty decides she’ll leave, if she’s the problem here.

Enrique and Linda are waiting for Berta in the building lobby. Linda’s not sure this is a good idea, but Enrique says if she has questions they’re the best ones to answer them. He’s been thinking about this for so long, he can’t wait.

Sofia and Berta walk in and see them standing there holding hands.

Let’s cut to the chase…Enrique is a friend of Linda’s husband and Linda was selling Enrique a car. It was all clandestine because he wanted it to be a secret gift for their 11th wedding anniversary. Hence the flowers and the wine and the cheese, and the car.

Berta snogs Enrique and all is right with the world again.

Aura Maria tries calling up one of her guys for a date and quoting to him from a different book than the one she loaned Betty. I believe there was mention of wrapping him in her femininity. And still the guy turns her down ’cause he’s got a work thing to go to.

Jenny and Giovas flirt in front of her. They make a tentative date so Giovas can teach her how to use her new cell phone. Aura Maria tries asking Giovas out and says this time he might get lucky. Or something to that effect.

Sofia apologizes to Linda about the things she said, but Linda’s not having it. Sofia suggests Berta skip work. She’ll say that Berta was feeling so awful and had to go to the emergency room and everything.

Berta and Enrique rush out of the building as Sofia tells them to crash their cars…since they can.

Nico…digo, Mister Misterio…sent “Patri” a gift basket of crackers and cheeses and spreads and champagne. Then he calls to make sure she’s received them and she talks him into fitting just a half hour with her into his schedule.

Nico invents a meeting with investors so Julia will send him out in Demetrio’s suit. And Demetrio can’t come with him because Don Armando gave him a bunch of instructions and Nico won’t have time to explain them all before the meeting.

Betty’s still reading the book. Hot guy’s galloping on the horse (see, you’ve gotta have a horse), with his shirt half off and headed for the stables. In Betty’s fantasy, Armando’s the hot rich guy and the V&M lobby is the stable. There is no horse. (BOO!)

Rich guy hears a noise. His worst enemy, aka Betty, has entered the stables, so of course they end up snogging in the hay. There are endless waves of pleasure.

Until Marcela walks in. (Damnit, Marcela!)

Blah blah blah, why hasn’t Betty left?

Betty’s not leaving until Armando doesn’t need her.

Since when does she call him “Armando”?

What did people say?

  • Telele – a nervous attack, a fit, a heart attack maybe?
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