Launch Pad (April 20, 2019)

Here’s what’s going on at El Cohete:

Last week

We posted recaps for Betty en NY, Entre dos Amores, and La Mujer del Vendaval

Kat made some changes on the about page and posted a guide to help you prepare for La Reina del Sur Season 2.

On the Forums

Everyone’s welcome to join us on the forums with or without a login.

Want to chat about your favorite shows? Check out Watch Parties on the forums. We’re discussing Sin Tú MiradaBetty en NYEntre Dos AmoresLa Voz, the Special Edition of La Reina del Sur, and other currently airing shows.

We’re also discussing upcoming shows on the Proximas forum.

And there’s a post if you’re re-reading La Reina del Sur and you want to talk about it.

What’s coming up

Friday nights in April, UniMás will be showing Gala Viña del Mar.

Saturday night, NBC Universo starts showing 3-episode marathons of El Señor de los Cielos.

Sunday night is the Gran Final of La Voz on Telemundo.

Monday night is the Gran Final of Atrapada on UniMás.

Also Monday night, La Reina regresa…it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. La Reina del Sur Season 2 starts on Telemundo.

Tuesday night, Por Siempre Joan Sebastian ends on UniMás and so does Tres Milagros.

Wednesday night, Hoy Voy A Cambiar starts on UniMás. This is a short (21 episodes) bio-novela about Lupita d’Alessio.

Thursday night Premios Billboard are on Telemundo, so no stories that night.

Also Thursday night, or I guess technically Friday morning? El Baron ends. Was anyone still watching that? No, seriously, it wasn’t on long before they shoved it into that middle-of-the-night spot, so I’m curious.

The good news is, it’s a quiet week for fútbol, so fans of Entre Dos Amores get an entire WEEK full of episodes!

Next week: Fútbol’s messing with our daytime shows on Wednesday

Check the Horario for the regular schedule of telenovelas and series, the Calendar for events (including pre-emptions and schedule changes), and the Proximas list for upcoming shows.

Schedule Shenanigans

Univision is moving Doña Flor to daytime and filling it’s spot with La Rosa de Guadalupe.

Both Atrapada and Tres Milagros are ending, but UniMás isn’t replacing them with telenovelas or dramas to replace. They’re putting on movies in the earlier spot and sitcoms in the later spot like Vecinos, Mi Lista de Exes, Renta Congelada, Simón Dice, 40 y 20, and Nosotros Los Guapos.

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Autora/ Author

*faints* A full week of EdA you say?

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

This is a godsend—thanks, Kat! Oops, meant to post this with guide to LRDS 2.

Linda F.
Visita/ Guest
Linda F.

I can’t believe that I forgot all about the existence of El Barón–and after they did so much promotion for it! How long did it actually last in its primetime slot?