Betty en NY Friday 4/19/19 #53

Previously on Betty: Betty left Armando a sexy poem and Marcela got obsessed about finding out who left the note. It’s Betty’s birthday and Ricky insists Armando celebrate.

Demetrio and Nicolas are on their way back to the house after buying streamers. Deme stops to pick a fight with the mean kids about beating up on Armando. One of them says he should be talking to his daughter’s novio, ’cause that’s who started the fight.

Betty’s hanging out in her office listening to her birthday card play a song while she reads what the Pelotón wrote.

Armando can’t believe her forgot her birthday. They should go out. Just the two of them.

Betty says she doesn’t have plans.

Armando gets a little sleazy with “Tonight’s going to be unforgettable.”

Aura Maria calls the guy who stood her up last night. She says she went to the movies with a friend. They reschedule for tonight. And Wilson heard the whole conversation.

Giovis brings Aura Maria a rose and thanks her for the fab night last night. Can they do it again tonight?

Nope. She’s got plans. She’ll text him later.

Berta’s happy with Enrique again. They made up and he’s giving her the money for the car so she can pick out whatever one she likes. They went out for all-you-can-eat pasta.

Pati walks by and she and Berta throw some body-shaming comments at each other.

When others tell Pati about the car, she immediately says Enrique’s cheating. Guys only buy presents when they feel guilty. The bigger the present, the more guilt. And he’s buying her…a car? Well, she’d better get a cat–she’s already fat, she’s going to be alone, and she might as well have the whole package.

Sandra tosses a crumpled piece of paper at Pati’s head.

The mean kids wander off. Nico’s stuck having to assure Demetrio that Betty and Armando have nothing going on.

Well, Deme’s going to trust him on that and from now on Armando and his fiancée are invited to all special occasions.

Berta’s looking at the website for the company where Enrique works and complaining to Sofia that all the women look like models. Sofia’s sure it’s all courtesy of Photoshop. And why is Berta going looking for trouble? She knows Pati’s just trying to rile her up!

Berta reminds Sofia that there was a time she thought Efrain was cheating and Sofia was all “Oh, no, not my Efrain, he’d never look at another woman.”

OK, then. Sofia agrees. And what’s Berta going to do?

Berta says she’s going to make Enrique fall in love with her all over again by becoming one of the women on the website. Sofia thinks she’d have to be reborn to do that.

Wilson asks Giovas if friends always tell each other everything.

Giovas thinks he’s fishing for info about last night’s date. All he’ll say is he was like a bar of gold melting in her incandescent flames.

Wilson says Aura Maria’s using him. He heard her making plans with another guy for tonight. The guy who stood her up last night, which is the reason Aura Maria went out with him in the first place.

Mariana assures Demetrio that they will all be at Betty’s tonight to party. Betty hears her telling the rest of the Pelotón that they’re going to Betty’s tonight.

Betty calls her mom and begs her to call the party off, but Julia’s already making the tamales (yes!) and Deme’s not going to call it off. She tells Betty to just enjoy it.

Betty tells Armando he’s invited to the party. She’s determined to celebrate with him and they can split at 10 to go have their private celebration. Armando’s face looks like it forgot he was supposed to by happy about this.

In the lunchroom, Betty doesn’t seem to excited about tonight. She says it’s just that she had already made plans with The Boyfriend.

Sofia gets it…they’re planning to…she does this thing with her index fingers that looks like making the world’s tiniest tortillas.

Inés scolds her, but Sofia says she didn’t say they were going to, she just made the suggestion and Betty turned red, thus confirming that they have plans to…she rubs her index fingers together and makes a squeaky noise.

Inés is tired of the innuendo…what does Betty want them to do? Go to the party or not go to the party?

Betty can’t stop laughing. Ok, she does want them to go, but she wants them to leave before 10 and not mention to her parents that Nicolas is her boyfriend. Her parents don’t know yet and she hasn’t found the right time to tell them.

Everybody’s cool with that, but Aura Maria starts talking hotel recommendations and Inés says that’s her cue to leave.

Berta asks if Betty isn’t excited that she’s finally going to “crash cars” with Nicolas.

Armando gives Marcela a shoulder massage to soften her up before he says he can’t go out tonight because it’s Betty’s birthday. He won’t stay long. She can come with him if she wants so he’ll have an excuse to leave.

Uh, no. but she totally understands that he wants to go. She’ll wait for him at home.

But what she tells Pati is he’s definitely going out with his other woman ’cause he said he was going to go to Betty’s. She’s going to follow him and find out who his lover is. Actually, they’re both going to follow him.

Once again, the V&M workroom is helping those with sexy underwear needs. It’s even sanctioned by Inés–they’re from an old collection and Hugo won’t know. He’s out at Martha’s Vineyard with Fabi. The Pelotón tell Betty to pick out a set and it’s her birthday gift.

But they’re incomplete. This one doesn’t have all the fabric in the back.

Aura Maria says the smaller the panty, the more enthusiasm the boyfriend will show in bed.

Betty’s face: Is there a pair of footie pajamas?

At home she tries to get AmorOso and Cuquito’s opinions. And then Julia wanders in and asks where Betty got these clothes.

Marce’s already tracking Armando on her cell phone. Pati brought disguises. A scarf, sunglasses, a cap. It’s important they not be recognized.

Ricardo’s giving Armando a speech about this being the most important night of his life, as if he’s Spanish. And he keeps quoting the poem, which Armando wishes he would stop doing. He’s worried about having performance issues.

No prob. Ricky got him a bottle of pills. Tonight, Beatriz will be his! ¡Óle!

Armando tells him to cut it out.

Ricky, in his normal voice: Tonight, Beatriz will be yours. ¡Olé!

Armando: ¡Hostia!

The bottle says they’re “Male Sexual Enhancement” pills. Armando’s worried about not having a prescription. He’s nervous because it’s still early. He doesn’t want to go home and have Marcela kidnap him, even though she’s giving him lots of space lately.

Ricky says they’ll go have drinks at a bar and he’ll be with him until the end. And then Armando’s on his own.

Betty’s still wearing the bra on top of her blouse. Julia checks the thong. She thinks it looks uncomfortable.

Betty says it’s the best-seller for V&M. Yep, people buy it. And it’s really expensive.

Julia marvels that the less material, the more they charge for it. And why bother putting it on unless you’ve got nothing else on? Hey, is Betty planning to wear it?

She says she wouldn’t want to reject a gift.

Yeah, but this is the kind of gift your girlfriends give you at a bachelor party, to wear for your husband.

Betty says that’s obviously not the case here, because she doesn’t have a husband. Or a boyfriend.

Marce catches up to the boys at the elevator. She asks Ricky if he’s going to the party too.

No, he thinks it’s for VIPs only. I don’t know if they were intending to reference Aura Maria’s use of VIP, but it kind of fits.

Oportunidad VIP Ven, inténtalo ¡papito!

He’s just going with Armando to help pick out a present for her.

Marce makes a snide remark about how it used to be the secretaries who would do that for their bosses.

Well, yeah, but Pati would probably pick poison or something, so it’s safer this way.

Marce lets them have the elevator and stays behind so she and Pati can catch the next one.

Nico comes over with a present for Betty. She flips out and says he can’t be there because the Pelotón all think he’s her boyfriend!

Nico’s like “No, it’s fine, I didn’t even want to party anyway. Have fun with your new friends.” Ouch!

Armando and Ricky are out drinking, as advertised. Ricky thinks tonight’s going to be Betty’s first time. Armando has his doubts. And he’s complaining about what a nightmare this has become.

Ricky’s sure after tonight, Betty will be completely in love with him. Armando will do it for her in bed and she’ll give him back his company. Then he blah blah blahs about women and orders some more drinks.

Marcela and Pati drive to the bar. Marcela doesn’t think they’re in there buying Betty a birthday gift. Pati suggests maybe The Poet is inside. Marce sends her to check it out, because even if this car were on fire, no way would she get out in this ridiculous getup.

Los Cucaracha are babysitting the kids tonight. I don’t usually consider a parent a “babysitter” but this is Efrain we’re talking about. He’s watching the boys play a video game while Jenny complains that they’re making Sofia’s life easier.

The boys are hungry. Jenny suggests takeout. Efrain says he’ll cook. The boys decide they’re not that hungry. Jenny says she’ll order takeout and pay for it, but Efrain owes her.

There’s so much food at Betty’s! Deme welcomes Sofia, Berta, and Inés and plays the Mexican National Anthem. He talks about playing Loteria later. Betty’s ready to get to the cake. But Deme says they have to wait for Nicolas.

Sofia distracts Berta before she mentions anything about his supposed boyfriend status.

The “girls” show up, with Giovas and Wilson. Giovas changes the music to something a little more danceable.

Aura Maria insists the margaritas she’s plying Julia with are so soft they’re practically lemonade. Julia’s having a great time.

Deme, however, is headed for “You damn kids, get off my lawn!” territory. They’ve dared to play reggaeton in his house! Julia tells him to chill. Does he want them dancing minuets? Or cha-cha? She shushes him when he says something mean about Aura Maria being a single mom.

She’s also currently sandwiched between Giovas and Wilson. Wilson’s paying no attention to Sandra, who’s attempting to dance with him.

Betty’s stressing. She reminds Mariana that the fun’s supposed to end at 10 so she can go out with her novio. Mariana says she’s got this and dances off. Betty starts dancing alone.

Pati makes her way into the bar and Marcela calls her almost immediately. All Pati’s got at this point is that Armando and Ricky are drinking and they’re alone. Marcela tells her to get over there and find out what they’re talking about.

Ricky’s assuring Armando that for women sex means commitment, so Armando can spend less time with Betty after. Armando complains about thinking Betty would be satisfied with kisses, but Ricky says she wants the whole package.

Armando wishes they could skip to the part where the company is theirs again.

Ah, but then there’s another problem–they’re going to have to figure out what to do with Betty when they don’t need her anymore. He tells Armando that’s his homework for later. And now he’s headed for the bathroom…but he stops and stares at the other side of the bar where Pati looks like she thinks Ricky just spotted her.

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