Betty en NY Thursday 4/18/19 #52

Previously on Betty: Marcela interrupted Betty having a moment and since when does Betty call her boss “Armando”?

Betty swears she meant to say “Don Armando.” And she’s committed to being here and helping him with his business plan.

Marcela calls her undignified and leaves her to get back to her porquería de libro.

Marcela complains to Armando that Betty’s being igualada.

Armando’s sick of hearing it. Does she want to drive him away, ’cause that’s what she’s doing. He can’t constantly be fixing problems that she’s creating. He doesn’t want to hear anything else about it.

In the break room, everybody’s sighing over Berta and Enrique making up and having hot sex. What? That’s not what they said, but they were thinking it.

Sofia goes on a slight tangent talking about how when you like a guy and a guy likes you and you dance reeeeeal close and it’s almost like you can feel his…soul. And some guys have really big souls.

Inés objects to the topic, but the others say she always says that and she never leaves, so she must be liking the conversation. And hey, shouldn’t she be giving them lessons and talking about her many romantic experiences?

Inés says she’s not going to do that…but she will say it’s so much better when you’re in love!

Sandra and Aura Maria sigh about how they could settle for just big hands and big eyes and big…everything!

Sofia asks who any of them is kidding. Berta’s the only one getting dessert. The rest of them are going hungry.

And hey, what about Betty?

She says she’s got her sandwich, thanks.

But does she have anything to add to the conversation? There must be a reason why Nicolas is so happy.

Betty says she has nothing to say, but nobody believes her.

Hugo looks at one of his creations on a model and declares her an ornitorrinco who he’s not going to let on the runway.

Marce comes in all panicky looking for Armando ’cause there are models here, so is Hugo sure he’s not in back with a couple of them?

Um, no, once he got engaged he doesn’t even smile at the models. Unlike Ricky over there who has to come in and meet all of them.

Marce says she’s just been feeling so insecure lately. Hugo says it was the same with him and Fabio and it was wither get over it or cancel the wedding.

Oh, hell no, Marcela’s not doing that!

In her office, Betty’s getting to the part where the heroine’s garden is opening. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Armando interrupts and Betty’s legs are shaking so much she can hardly stand up.

He asks if he can have his letter back, but she says she tore it up.

They both rip up pieces of paper to confirm that’s what she meant. But why is Armando upset? This is good news for him, no?

Nicolas put the letter back together. And took a picture of it. With AmorOso.

Aura Maria catches Betty in the bathroom trying desperately to cool off. She claims she isn’t reading the book, not that Aura Maria believes her. And hey, BTW, how’s Nicolas in bed? (Could she get away with saying “He’s a good snuggler”?)

Betty says they haven’t done anything.

To Aura Maria that’s like winning the lottery and never cashing in the ticket. Wait, does he have ED?

Betty says they just haven’t. They haven’t found the right moment.

Aura Maria recommends giving him signals. Chicks gotta be daring and decisive. Maybe he thinks Betty’s not ready, so she’ll have to make the first move. AM declares herself an expert on that.

Marce catches Pati at the elevator, sneaking out for her date. Other than bragging about how rich her date is, she doesn’t give Marce any further information.

Marce’s looking for Armando, but Pati has no idea where he is.

In Armando’s office, Their Song is playing again. (Who’s this vocalist? I love this verson!) And Betty climbs up onto a chair to kiss that giant Armando poster. Thankfully nobody saw her.

I hope that’s not a booty call note she’s stuffing under his keyboard.

Pati gets to the restaurant and happily greets “Nicolas,” declaring herself his BFF from now on. As they haven’t shown us his face, I’m assuming it’s not really him. (This would be a great opportunity to have some other famous Nicolas be the one she’s talking to so they stay confused longer. I can dream.)

Marce finds the note, which sounds like a bunch of quotes from the book. And I guess Betty didn’t sign it, ’cause Marce asks who this woman is.

Oh, she signed it “Alfonsina Storni.” And now Marcela’s convinced that Betty’s hiding “her” somewhere in the office and covering for Armando and she’s going to find this woman!

Pati’s still talking. To a guy who doesn’t speak Spanish. And was at lunch with a date who just came back from the bathroom. Pati apologizes–she mistook him for someone else.

Nicolas is still on his way, walking to the restaurant. He’s too busy looking at his phone and gets run over by a guy on a bike. As in bicycle.

Marcela shows Hugo the incriminating erotic poem and he swears that name does sound familiar. But when Marcela suggests it’s one of the models he says none of them are capable of writing more than a hashtag. I admit I laughed first and then thought “Hey, that’s not fair!”

Hugo gets out his phone and finds Alfonsina Storni. She was a poet who died in 1938. (Admit it, you looked her up too.) Hugo can’t believe Marcela’s wrong so often. Pati’s blonde (*glare*) but what’s her excuse?

Nico thinks he’s heading for the light, but then he realizes it’s just his arm…and the suit…that got damaged. He starts getting mouthy with the cyclist about “You’d better have insurance!” but backs off quickly when the guy starts coming at him.

Ricky and Armando are working, for once, when Marcela comes in to demand Armando tell her who left this erotic poem on his desk?! Of course, neither of them knows. After a little more screaming she swears she’s going to find out and leaves the office.

The Pelotón are in the bathroom planning for Betty’s birthday tomorrow. Balloons, a present…

Aura Maria’s sure Nicolas is going to come through with a great gift. Imagine him giving her a ring!

Mariana suddenly wonders why Aura Maria is touching up her makeup if her date fell through.

Ummm, ’cause she’s going out with her peor es nada, Giovis.

Sandra takes offense. Giovanni’s their friend and he really likes Aura Maria.

Well, so tonight he’s getting his VIP opportunity: Ven, inténtalo ¡papito!

Mariana reminds her God sees everything and everything she does is going to come back to her.

Inés comes in, laughing at something she won’t tell them about.

Marcela goes downstairs to ask Wilson to let her see the camera footage from the hallway outside Armando’s office.

Pati gets back to the office, cursing Nicolas. Marce grabs her and tells her about the love note.

Armando’s pissed at Betty for leaving him an erotic poem written by a poet who died in 1938. Because now Marcela knows his “other woman” is close.

Betty swears that wasn’t her intention! She never thought Marcela would find it!

Armando gets all mean about how he thought he could trust her and he thought she was discreet! Did she want Marcela to find out?


He never asks what her intention actually was, but he says he’s not going to hurt Marcela like this.

Betty pouts to her troll doll that she screwed up.

The only two people who went into Armando’s office, according to the video, were Sofia and Beatriz.

Pati tells Marce to add the cleaning lady to the list.

Marce thought she’d see a model leaving the poem or something. Who wrote it?!

Pati seriously asks if the “poemist” did actually kill herself.

No, Marce means the person who wrote it down and left it on the desk!

Pati tells Marce not to take her anger out on her. She’s sure whoever left the note is “muy creepy.”

Actually, Marce doesn’t think so. She’s someone cultured, with an education, someone different from all other women….

Pati decides it’s Catalina.

Marce says Cata would never…and Armando would never.

But what about the journalist?

Nope, Marce already stalked her and she’s in Milan. She’s sure it’s someone in NY. Someone who sees him constantly.

Pati tells her to just make sure Armando’s never out of her sight. She’s the one who has Armando and that other woman has to settle for writing erotic poetry. She needs to show Armando what kind of woman she is.

Inés talked. Betty gets summoned before the Pelotón. She says she doesn’t know who did it. Her office door was closed. She was concentrating.

Sandra reminds them about the cameras. Surely one of the models walked in and left it on Armando’s desk.

Betty almost screams that she didn’t see anyone!

Aura Maria says it’s not like they’re accusing her. It’s just that Berta’s not here, so they don’t have their usual reliable source of information.

Sofia tells Aura Maria not to talk smack about Berta. They’ve all got cola que nos pisen. They should leave Betty alone now. Poor Doña Marcela, having to know a sewer rat is leaving Armando love notes.

Inés says that was a very nice poem…and very sensual.

Not that they don’t agree, but Sofia says Marcela shouldn’t have to be putting up with a woman who doesn’t respect that her man “tiene dueña.” But surely that rat is going to end up like every other woman who’s gone after Armando.

Betty heads for her office to stress. Um…is Betty’s collection of stuffed animals growing?

Inés stops by, saying she knows Betty knows who Don Armando’s lover is and she thinks it’s good that Betty didn’t tell everyone. It’ll come out eventually, but Betty shouldn’t be the one to reveal it.

She does think that whoever left the poem is cultured, sensitive, and very much in love. Love’s complicated, isn’t it? Someone always comes out losing.

Pati got a text from Nicolas saying he had an accident and needs to reschedule. Pati’s not buying it–she thinks he chickened out.

Betty walks by her desk on her way out and Pati glares at her. She’s determined to take Betty’s boyfriend.

Nico gets back to Betty’s. Julia’s upset about him being hurt. Deme’s upset about the suit.

Aura Maria and Giovas are on the way out of the office. He had plans, starting with a walk through Central Park. Aura Maria was thinking more along the lines of “Your place or somewhere else?”

Nico’s watching a promo for The Curse of La Llorona on Betty’s computer. Julia comes in and Nico jumps. Julia says that’s exactly what he looked like when he got there! As if he’d seen La Llorona.

Oh, no, Nico would rather get run over with a bike a thousand times!

Betty gets home. Julia leaves them to talk. Betty’s upset that Nicolas didn’t tell her he got run over by a bike.

He thought Betty was done talking to him.

Dude, no, she was just mad because he wanted to tell her parents about Armando.

Nico gets all weepy about how he’s just trying to protect her, but she does whatever she wants.

Betty says she loves him, even if he’s always butting in.

He loves her too, even if she’s stubborn.

So are they even now? Can they call a truce?

Armando gets home and finds Marce waiting for him. Wearing leather. And she’s memorized the poem. I kind of hate him for that stupid look on his face like he’s just won a prize.

Giovas and Aura Maria had sex. And he’s crying. But he swears he’s not.

Aura Maria’s gotta run–it’s time to pick up her kid.

Happy Birthday, Betty! Her parents and abuela (via Skype) sing Las Mañanitas to her. Deme’s determined to throw Betty a party He needs a headcount sometime today.

Betty does NOT want a party. Last year it was just a couple of Julia’s friends from the neighborhood.

Abuela starts chanting for Betty to take a bite of cake, “¡Mordida! ¡Mordida! ¡Mordida!” Betty takes a bite of Bundt cake and manages to only get icing all over her face.

In the office, Berta’s getting caught up on the chisme–Armando’s got an amante. She’s determined to get the rest of the story from Betty.

In Betty’s cloffice, Mariana and Sandra have decorated with balloons and the Pelotón sing Happy Birthday to her, en inglés. Betty gets all emotional because no one who’s not family has ever celebrated her birthday before. (And I have to give props to Mr. 5ft for remembering that detail from the original.)

Armando comes in, all cranky about the noise and then tries to pretend he didn’t forget about Betty’s birthday. He just didn’t know they were celebrating here.

Nicolas calls to give Betty a boy band rendition of Happy Birthday. He says she’s getting older every year, and what a shame. Betty pretends he’s The Boyfriend. Berta grabs the phone so everyone can scream at him that they want to meet him. Aura Maria’s sure they’re going to have a very, ahem, special night. Like the cloud said “Lo veré” (lloveré).

Betty gets the phone back. And Aura Maria’s still sure the evening’s going to end in sex. Armando looks cranky.

Marce’s pissed when she gets to the office and none of the assistants are there. Pati says they’re all in the cave, gossipping and encourages Marce to get in there and destroy them.

Marce scolds everyone for not being at work. Inés says it’s Betty’s birthday, like Marcela cares. They all walk out and Marcela says she needs to talk to Armando NOW. As they’re walking out we hear him asking her if it’s so hard to at least say “Happy Birthday.”

Betty’s got balloons, so whatever.

Ricky preaches the importance of celebrating Betty’s birthday. Armando says there’s no way he can lie to Marcela right now and have her believe him after The Erotic Poem incident.

So tell her the truth–that he’s celebrating Betty’s birthday with her. And make sure to get her a present. This is not the usual situation–Betty’s not an employee, she’s technically their boss, so Armando can’t neglect her! Because Nicolas is sure to be taking advantage.

What did people say?

  • Porquería de libro – trashy book
  • Igualada – acting as if one is equal, usually complained about by those of lighter skin when they feel someone of darker skin hasn’t shown them the “proper” deference
  • Ornitorrinco – platypus
  • Peor es nada – better than nothing, backup plan
  • Cola que nos pisen – literally, a tail to be stepped on; a past, secrets, something one can be blamed for
  • Tiene dueña – from tener; literally “has an owner,” someone is already spoken for, already in a relationship, etc.
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