La Mujer del Vendaval #131

Marcela thinks the hotel was Al’s idea all along, its too much of a coincidence that he and Oct have the same plan, and, read her lips, its never gonna happen.
She slams out of the room almost knocking over ML who’s got her ear pressed to the door. Al trails out after her and the fam is in the hall waiting for an explanation, and then Sagrario sends Rosa to do laundry and Rosa has to leave but she lets them all know how she feels about always being sent away to do something every time there’s something juicy going on, and everybody else gets to hear the deets but her. ML asks Al if they’re not in debt anymore but Al takes Cris away to talk in private without answering

Meanwhile Marcela is pouring the whole thing out to Alba. She doesn’t believe Al would sign a blank contract.
Alba doesn’t think Al’s totally out to get Marcela but now Marcela is blaming herself for not listening when everybody she knew was warning her against him.
Then Marcela tells Alba the further bad news that her lawyer said she can’t take the ranch back, so technically its Al’s and he can do whatever he wants with his part. But he didn’t say anything about it during the fight so as long as he doesn’t bring it up neither will she.

Cris tells Al he’s going about this the wrong way. Yelling at Marcela isn’t helping. Al blames his yelling on Marcela. ( *facepalm*) Anyway they’ve got to find another way to pay Oct.
Al has an idea that will make his parents want to kill him, but since they’ve already disowned him, what does it matter.

Al comes in to Alba’s room to tell Marcela that he’ll find another way to pay Oct, but only if she promises never to see Emiliano again.
Nope, says Marcela, no deal.
And now they have an argument about Emil and feelings.

Then Marcela asks Al what he feels and he tells her that in spite of feeling tricked by love she is still his reason for living and his whole world. The only reason he stays is because he loves her.
They both shed a tear and then they kiss passionately.

Oct seduces Lencho into forgiving her for trying to seduce Mauro again.

July tries to convince Don T that Florentino Grajales is a second personality that Eulogio developed at her request and has now taken over his body (or at least that’s what I got out of that explanation.) Anyway, she’s doing a sit in, in Don T’s mayoral chair, and a hunger strike till Don T gives Eulogio his job back.

Nisa made Gordo bring her home halfway through the movie because she was getting to missing Cuchi too much. Or maybe its Cami she’s missing since its his tattoo she’s describing. Anyway byee Gordo and hello Maria Laura calling on the phone to get Nisa to help her transfer money out of her dad’s account since she doesn’t speak English and Nisa does. (when I call my bank they just tell me to primera dos para Espanol, Severo’s bank must be pretty small not to have that option.)

The make-up kiss is interrupted by Rosa yelling for Al from out in the hall because Val is here to see him. He immediately goes (with an unflattering swiftness)
While she waits for Al, Val is calling Oct to tell her about Luc’s plan for Toscana SBP edition. Oct appreciates the heads up and supports Val’s efforts to seduce Al.

Nestor gets back to his office and tells his second in command, Leonel, how disappointed he is in Luc for cheating on his lovely and virtuous wife with some floozy in SBP. He saw them together, and knows something is up, he sends Leonel to the town to spy on them and gather evidence.

When July refuses to leave his office voluntarily, Don T has the police come in and roll her out, chair and all.

Eulogio tells Penelope in the cyber-bakery that he’s out of a job. Penelope thinks he’s irreplaceable to Don T and is surprised he was fired. Linda comes in and tells them July is on a hunger strike outside the mayor’s office.
Not only is July on a hunger strike, she’s marching back and forth shouting pro-Eulogio slogans and carrying three large signs. We want Eulogio! We want Eulogio! Bring Back Eulogio! Bring Back Eulogio!
Eulogio goes and sees her, he doesn’t think it will work, but July is sure she can wear Don T down. She makes Eulogio sit on the bench and goes back to marching and shouting. (I don’t even care if it works or not, I’m enjoying July’s protest so much)

Sagrario and ML think Al must be some kind of saint paying off the debt. They don’t know the whole story, and Marcela doesn’t tell them. ML hears Val is talking with Al and senses a rival.

Amadeo comes over with red roses for Alba, Cris wants to talk to Amadeo about Selma, but Amadeo says his thing with her was over long ago and now the woman who holds his heart is Alba, who he hugs and kisses. Sagrario comes in and sees them and gets mad because she told them, as long as they aren’t novios no kisses. Ungh MO-om.
Amadeo and Alba explain to Sagrario, for Cris’s benefit, that of course they’re novios. They’ve been novios for ages, obvious! They just weren’t sure how to tell her about it, in case she got mad. Oh you mean like I’d get mad at you for not telling me things like this, Sagrario says.
Cris is looking like all his formed and half-formed suspicions are getting a good stir.
Its looking tense till Marcela comes in and starts listing Amadeo’s good qualities for Sagrario to smooth things over. Crisis averted.

Val is trying to talk to Al about her business ideas, but all Al cares about is the relationship between Emiliano and Marcela.
Val plays a delicate balancing game telling Al she can see that they’re more than friends, but she’s never seen anything untoward happen. Al can’t understand why Marcela won’t stop seeing Emil, why is Emiliano more important to her than her marriage? (um dude? maybe she doesn’t want to go blind! didja think of that? At all? Its like he doesn’t take the fact that she has a serious progressive disease seriously. Like what would it take? Does he not believe in it or what? This is really bothering me. I mean she’s constantly getting headaches and her eyes hurt her a lot, if he cared about her, seems like he would at least notice these things. Or maybe care? Its not like he hasn’t been told that this is a serious thing, by pretty much everybody. What is his problem! )
Then Val hugs him when he gets distraught about what she’s just told him. ML sees this and feels her position threatened so she comes in and pretends to care about studying. Al basically tells her the grownups are talking, run along now.
They talk business while ML spies and fumes.

Alba, Sagrario, Amadeo and Cris all sit awkwardly together on the couch. Amadeo gets permission to come courting Alba every day. Cris sighs. Alba admires her flowers. Sagragio leaves to go pray, and the sparring between Amadeo and Cris begins. It even gets physical. (I can’t call what Amadeo is doing fighting. Its something, but I don’t think it qualifies as fighting)

Ilse finds Marcela outside and they walk and talk. Ilse tells her the truth about what happened with Camilo and why she lied before. Marcela forgives her. Sorta.

Al and ML hear the ruckus between Cris and Amadeo and come running to seperate them. (It looks like ML is trying to climb Cris like a coconut palm tree, what is she doing? )

Once the, um, combatants? are separated Amadeo declares his love for Alba and she hers for him and they clearly mean it.

Val heads out, to ML’s satisfaction.

Outside Val and Marcela meet and convo about how unreasonable Al is. Val reminds Marcela to not let Al separate her from the people who care for her, mostly her and Emiliano.

Alba takes Amadeo to the kitchen to patch him up and they almost manage a non-Cris-related kiss but Rosa yells for Alba and they pull back.

Al tries to convince Cris to give up on Alba and go back to Nuria, but Cris says his marriage is completely over. Whatever dude, just leave Alba alone.

Nuria is at the orphanage, cute director guy (nope still don’t know his name, sorry cute director guy. Maybe I’ll shorten it to Cudigy?) tells her a new and sickly baby just got left on the doorstep, They can’t keep him because he might be sick and get all the other kids sick, so he’ll have to send the baby away. Nuria says no, let her take him to the hospital and get all the tests done so then if he’s healthy he can stay at the orphanage and if he’s not, then she’ll figure out what to do then. The poor thing has already been abandoned once, don’t lets dump him again. Cute Director Guy thinks that sounds ok, and that baby is lucky to have her as a guardian angel.

Severo and ML discuss Al and Marcela’s marital problems and together they figure out what’s up, and boy is Oct’s plan working.

Marcela huddles on her bed and remembers Camilo’s lies and thinks Al is still worse. Al comes in to talk and she tells him her eyes really hurt she can’t argue any more tonight, can it wait till tomorrow. Ok but they have to talk about Emil tomorrow. Ok whatever. (she’s clearly miserable. And he doesn’t care. They should let Huracan give him a good kick)

Back at home Val works on Emil to get him to make a play for Marcela. After all she’s unhappy in her marriage and he could heal her broken heart.

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stealth cacophony
stealth cacophony
1 year ago

I know I’ve said before that I identify with Marcela, but I’ve changed my mind. I identify with Rosa. Why does everyone else get to hear the gossip but me? Its not snooping its just keeping myself up to date 😉

1 year ago

Rosa needs to meet up with the security guy from the Toscana and learn some advanced spying techniques. He wasn’t even trying that hard to bust Luciano and Valeria.