Entre Dos Amores Monday 4/22/19 #101

The dress ceremony Zehra was talking about is the one where the women all get together and dance around the bride while she wears a red dress.

Objective 1: Make the bride cry because she’s sad about leaving home.

Next, one of the women puts henna on her palm and takes Makbule’s gift for Nezahat (a gold coin) and places it on top of the henna, putting her hand in a couple of red fabric bags to let it set.

Emre comes over to bring Asli some sweets his mother made. In a box with the bakery name on the side. Asli tells him to take a hike

Señora Makbule has fallen asleep. Except I think it’s the permanent sleep.

Sahika gets to the hotel and Selim invites her to his room for drinks.

Selim just went to creepytown, telling Sahika she’s “enchanting” when she’s nervous. Oh, he’s definitely looking for more than just a couple of drinks.

Feyza shows up at Selim’s hotel room while Sahika’s in the bathroom…to apologize.

He doesn’t really want to go with her, but she insists on walking out of the hotel room with him and going back home together. Sahika re-emerges from the bathroom after they’ve gone and whacks the sofa with her purse.

Yep, Señora Makbule’s dead. Fahriye figures it out. Gulter still has to confirm it for the others. I’m guessing that’s not an auspicious sign for the wedding?

Nadir runs into Macit at the restaurant, which is easy to do when you’re following someone around everywhere. He notices Macit’s notebook and asks if he’s looking for a job. He acts surprised about it, even though he’s known for days, but he gives Macit his card and offers him a job.

Kader’s shelling peas. Ismail thinks they should go to Nezahat’s wedding. Or at least go check out the party. Emre says he did that already. Now Kader’s upset that Emre’s trying to be nice or whatever. I swear they’re trying to redeem him and I’m not having it!

Over at Zehra’s they’ve gone from a wedding dress ceremony to mourning dead Señora Makbule. Pretty much everyone looks bored. Fahriye thinks Nezahat must be cursed.

Neriman steps out of the room to answer Fahriye’s phone.

Macit tells her he got a job! Yay!

Neriman tells him Señora Makbule died.

And now we’re having the funeral or the wake or something. The men and women mourn separately. While the women are praying for the soul of Señora Makbule I think they guys are snacking.

We’re FINALLY meeting little Menekşe and she does NOT like Nezahat.

Ah, now the women are snacking.

Zehra’s sure after what’s already happened they’ll have an earthquake or something. Gulter knows a guy, a priest with a loud voice who ought to help the mourning process go smoother.

Kader showed up. She’s busy fueling Menekşe’s hate and distrust of everyone who’s connected with Nezahat.

Macit has his job interview with Nadir, which basically consists of Nadir convincing Macit to take the job.

Selim apologizes for ditching Sahika in his hotel room. She’s like “Oh, no prob. It’s so great that you’re going back to your family.” He sure doesn’t look like he thinks it’s great.

Kerim tells Pelin she might as well get used to running the company on her own. Macit’s out looking for another job. Pelin assumes he’s going to marry Neriman soon. She thinks he’s lost his mind and kind of threatens Kerim like she’s holding him responsible if Macit doesn’t come back.

Nadir wants Bora to do something with/about “the papers Pelin has.”

Pelin’s not letting Macit be with Neriman. No word yet on what she’s going to do.

The women leave Asím’s house, except for Nezahat. Neriman’s upset that her dad wouldn’t even look at her. Macit calls Neriman on Fahriye’s phone again.

Neriman meets Macit for some tea. He tells her he got the job and he’ll deal with the housing situation after he starts. He’s going to support himself.

But Neriman gets pouty because she couldn’t help him. And also because her dad didn’t even look at her at the funeral. Macit keeps insisting he’ll come around when he sees how much they love each other. Macit will take care of showing him. They significantly hold hands on top of the table in slow-mo.

Sahika hears Borat telling someone not to let “him” out of their sight and not move until he tells them to. He asks Sahika about Duygu, but she hasn’t been in the office all day.

Macit calls his mom. He wishes she’d support him, but she’s too busy whining about how much his decisions affect her. “Not as much as they affect me.”

Neriman doesn’t like him talking to his mother like that. And she doesn’t think she can avoid taking to her father for much longer.

Inci looks at the photo of her with Kerim and Nadir.

Gulter tries calling Faiz down for dinner, but he’s in Neriman’s room looking at her sketches and stuff. She finds Faiz and reminisces about how Neriman always did draw well. Faiz is suddenly worried about the food getting cold.

Macit and Fahriye walk Neriman home. They’ll wait outside for her. Macit’s still completely confident everything will be OK.

And then Pelin shows up. (Does she have a GPS tracker on him?)

Neriman comes into the house and stands by Faiz, but he’s still not looking at her. She complains that he’s turned his back on her and won’t listen to her. She asks forgiveness and then promises to listen to him (as in, do what he says). Seriously, Neriman?

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