Gran Estreno de La Reina del Sur Segunda Temporada Monday 4/22/19 #2.1

Today would have been Teo Aljarafe’s 45th birthday. In Málaga, Cayetana, his mom, “celebrates” by going with his daughters to his mausoleum to vow revenge on that terrible no-good Mexicana who dragged him into the drug business.

Rebellious daughter knows her dad was no saint. Cayetana slaps her for not respecting her dad’s memory.

Good daughter goes in to leave flowers for Teo so they can leave. Cayetana says she’s been looking for Teresa for nine years and now she’s found her.

“Maria” hangs out by her pool listening to Si Nos Dejan and having tequila. Sofia, her daughter, is on the other side of the pool, painting a landscape. She waves at her mom, who waves back and shuts her eyes just for a second. Just long enough for a guy to grab Sofia and start running off with her.

Teresa chases after him. I wonder if she followed Oleg’s example and took up running. She doesn’t quite catch up to them at the dock where Mystery guy tosses Sofia into a boat and takes off.

But Teresa knows her way around boats, as we all know, and she’s got one of her own. She tries to get a shot off at the guy, but misses. She circles the other boat, trying to cut it off.

The guy turns out to be Teo. He accuses her of stealing his daughter while Sofia screams at her, asking if it’s true.

Teresa wakes up from her nightmare when he shoots her in the hand. Sofia comforts her, but she also cracks a joke and asks how she got kidnapped this time–balloon or motorcycle? She gives her mom a kiss on the forehead like she’s the mom, says her boyfriend is here, and she’s got six jars of the mermelada (jam, preserves) that Francesco wanted. She’s off to get changed as soon as she says hi to Pedro.

Pedro was going to take them into town, but “Maria” suggests he go on ahead without them.

Pedro has a framed picture of Sofia for her . She can’t believe how fast Sofia’s growing up. And he knows she’s going to ask…Pedro says he erased the digital copy of the photo from his computer and the framed copy is the only one that exists. She gives him a kiss and thanks him.

She says she’s taking the mermeladas to Francesco and Pedro teases her about him being from Naples and saving Sofia from getting run over by a motorcycle and coming back to see “Maria” three times….

She says he has business in town and he wanted to see Sofia desfilar (parade, march).

So, should he be jealous?

No. And jealousy kills. She mentions again, since he’s taking pictures today, to delete any he takes with Sofia in them.

Pedro’s been dating her for a year and he says he still feels like he doesn’t know her. He heads off after getting one last kiss.

Sofia’s all dressed for the flag competition. She’s sure they’ll win this year, so she’s going to draw the star of victory on her wall. She draws half a star with chalk on a wall that’s already got a tree and several other figures. If they win, she’ll finish the star and if they lose, she’ll leave it half-done to remind her they lost.

“Maria” notices Sofia borrowed one of her necklaces. She’s not happy about it, but she’ll let Sofia use it just for today. She reminds Sofia about the safety rules–the town is full of tourists and strangers. Sofia knows, she has to take care. Sofia gets into the sidecar on “Maria’s” motorcycle and they drive off, blasting Italian pop (Felicita by Al Bano and Romina Power) and singing along together.

In Massa Maritima, “Maria” stops the motorcycle in front of Stella’s shop. Stella’s husband isn’t out of the hospital yet, but she had to open and take advantage of having tourists in town. “Maria” hands off the jars of mermelada.

A boy in the same outfit as Sofia calls out to her and she tells her mom she’s gotta go. “Maria” wants a kiss first. Sofia asks why she always gets so nervous about the tourists. “How many times do I have to tell you there are bad people out there?”

Yeah, but “Maria” taught her how to darle en la madre a (beat up, kick ass) bad people. She can defend herself como gata panza arriba (a cat with its belly up). Nothing is going to happen and she’s got her good luck necklace.

In the square, Pedro’s taking pictures of the competition.

Francesco asks if “Maria” has considered producing the mermeladas on a larger scale. He’s got a factory and a distributor and they could get them to all of Europe and make lots of money.

“Maria” says she’d rather devote her time to her daughter.

Pedro takes a picture of them talking.

Francesco says Sofia is as beautiful as her mother.

“Maria” praises his skill with “piropos” (little flirty comments) but he says it’s his skill at recognizing beauty.

Pedro strides purposefully over to finally meet his non-rival who’s only interested in “Maria’s” mermeladas. He thanks him for saving Sofia’s life. Then he turns to “Maria” and says Sofia’s squad is next. And after, maybe the three of “us” can go get ice cream. He walks back into the crowd.

“Maria” asks Francesco how long he’s staying in Massa.

Actually, he’s going back to Mexico today. When was the last time she was there?

Long enough that Sofia has never been. He invites her, but no, “Maria” doesn’t want to go. She’s got nothing to do there.

They watch Sofia’s squad come into the square.

A pair of snakeskin boots move through the crowd, attached to one César Güemes, alias El Batman.

Francesco’s getting lots of pictures. The squad performs their routine and then marches off. Sofia keeps looking around to smile at Pedro and at her mom.

Just at the edge of the square, Batman grabs her. “Maria” starts running as soon as she loses sight of Sofia.

Batman stuffs Sofia in the trunk of a car and has one of his lackeys tie her hands together and gag her. She keeps screaming and kicking in the trunk as Batman calls someone to “bring the truck.” Batman bangs on the trunk of the car and says she’s just like her mother–like that’s a bad thing!

In the trunk Sofia hears her mom saying people drown in the ocean because they struggle and shout and swallow water. During the storm is the time to be calm. “Maria’s” necklace has fallen off. Sofia gets her hands untied and removes her gag. She remembers her mom showing her the lever to open the trunk of a car…but it’s no good if the bad guys are out there. She’ll have to go out the front.

In a flashback, “Maria” demonstrates how to lower the car’s back seats. But if the bad guys are in front, Sofia says she’s some Italian curse word that probably means “screwed.” “Maria” says women have to learn to defend themselves como gato panza arriba.

Sofia gets out of the trunk and crawls into the front seat just as a van shows up. Batman asks one of his lackeys for the keys and Sofia drives off just as he’s saying they’re in the car. When she thinks she’s lost them, she stops the car and runs into a twisting alley. Batmen sends the lackeys after her.

Sofia hides in a little alcove with a well to let them pass before she starts running again.

Francesco nearly runs her over. She says in Italian that someone was trying to kidnap her. He puts her in the car and tells her it’s OK and her squad won. He tells her to calm down and tell him in Spanish, it’ll be easier.

OK, so, they were marching out of the square when a guy grabbed her arm and said her mom was waiting for her…and then she escaped. But can she please have a phone, so she can call her mom?

Francesco hands over his cell, but Sofia’s call goes to voicemail. She leaves a message saying some guys tried to take her but Francesco saved her and they’re on their way home. She’s sure her mom must be worried. She points out the turn to take to get to her house and immediately gets tense when he doesn’t take it. She reaches for the steering wheel and he grabs her arm and tells her to call him Lupo.

Back at the square, Pedro’s searching through the pictures he took and magnifies one enough to see Batman. He gathers up his stuff to leave.

Lupo tells someone he’s got the girl and he’ll meet them at the Los Olivos vineyard.

Sofia warns him when her mother hears the message she’s going to kill him.

Ah, but the phone was rigged. It was just a recording. She never called her mother.

Teresa, meanwhile has stolen a motorcycle and she’s been riding through town, looking for Sofia. She ends up in front of Lupo’s car and Sofia starts screaming for her, but he shoves her head down.

In retaliation she comes back up with one of the jars of mermelada and smashes it over his head. He grabs the back of her head and bangs it on the passenger side window before turning to go away from the direction “Maria” was headed.

Teresa’s blocking the road out of town, stopping all the cars, saying she’s with INTERPOL and she needs to check the trunk for a kidnapped girl.

Pedro calls her to tell her about the picture. She begs him not to say anything to the police and just meet her at the exit/entrance to town.

Lupo meets up with Batman and the others and hauls Sofia down into a wine cellar. He sets her down on a barrel and she says her mom’s gonna kill them all.

Batman laughs at the cut on his head and Lupo says he’d better warn all his men that she’s been trained by her mother. Yeah, yeah, Batman gets it.

He wanders over and introduces himself to “Teresa Mendoza’s clone.” She doesn’t know who that is. He says he’s César Güemes, but his friends call him Batman.

Well, she’s not his friend and he looks like a bat, but he sure ain’t Batman.

He says she’s just as atrabancada (impulsive) as the woman who bore her. No, he doesn’t know her mother, “Maria Dantés.” He calls someone and says they’ve got the girl.

The two lackeys are on their way out of town, nervous about having to deal with Teresa Mendoza. But they stop and open the trunk. She sees her necklace and goes slowly back to the front of the car to take the driver’s gun, which she somehow knew he was getting ready to use. He takes off and she jumps back on the stolen motorcycle to chase after them. Pedro just misses her.

One of the lackeys calls Lupo to complain that Teresa’s following them and she took his gun.

Well, they can’t lead her to where he is, so they’d better throw her off track. Disappear right in front of her eyes.

Instead it’s Teresa who takes a side road so she can approach them head-on. She fires one shot with the gun that hits lackey in a vest, then crashes the bike into the car, the car flips over…you know, the thing they kept showing us on the promos.

The car blows up. Teresa’s lying in the middle of the road. She hears a cell phone beeping and answers. Epifanio’s on the other end saying it’s been a while since he heard her voice.

He’s standing there, in Mexico, wearing a plan white shirt with a collar and a red vest. He looks like a Target employee or something.  Anyway, he says her daughter’s on her way to Mexico and she’ll have to come over and get her.

He scratches his nose with the hand that’s not holding the phone…in which there is a copy of Pedro’s picture of Sofia which he said had been erased from his hard drive and “Maria” was supposed to have the only copy.

He wants Teresa to get to Mexico. If she gets on a plane she can be there before the day is over.

Teresa’s swearing vengeance when Epifanio hangs up on her. She collects the lackey’s gun and starts walking.

Epifanio’s at the pyramids talking about how his people built them and it inspires him to something or over…who wrote this crap?! Why are they here? Why is he saying bad things about Mexicanos?

Um, being here was Epifanio’s idea, according to his assistant/speechwriter. And this is the true history.

Well, screw that! Epifanio’s gonna say whatever he wants. And can somebody get the sweat off him?!

Alejandro Alcalá comes over to ask Epifanio what’s the deal. He just found out Batman’s in Italy and that’s not what they agreed on.

Epifanio says Alejandro’s just his advisor. And he needs Teresa to come to Mexico because the elections are this year. He’s not worried about anything going wrong because Lupo’s in charge. What’s he worried about? He’s got a 20-point advantage.

“I was a narco, plane owner, diputado, I spent five years in prison…and now I’m electable.” He’s been over a lot of kilometers. He doesn’t care about centimeters.

Teresa’s probably angry and she won’t be thinking clearly…but they need her calm so she’ll know what to do.

“Maria” gets back to the house. She looks at Sofia’s notebook where she’d written a story about a genie and a lamp…but Sofia only wanted one wish. She wanted to meet her dad.

Teresa remembers the incomplete star on the wall. She fills it in.

Pedro shows “Maria” the picture and she recognizes Batman. She won’t tell Pedro what this is about. He wouldn’t be safe. She just needs to be alone. To think.

It’s not like he has a lot of options. He’ll give her time.

Sofia’s now locked in a cage on top of a table. She listens to Lupo telling Batman to watch her at all times. She’s already escaped from him once. He’s got a pill for her.

As they walk out, he tells one of the junior henches to watch her.

Sofia recognizes him. She and her mom had just met Francesco. He started talking to “Maria” about practicing his Spanish. And this guy was kicking a fútbol in the middle of the street. She’s sure now that he was distracting her so the motorcycle (which looked more like a mini-truck) would head for her. It was all on purpose to get to her mom. They’ll pay!

Junior hench says he’s just trembling in fright.

Sofia shoves at the side of the cage until she knocks it over, along with a rack full of wines. I suppose junior hench survived, but I’m not gonna be too upset if he didn’t.

Epifanio and Alejandro have just gotten back from checking out a location. “The mom” is calling him again. He hands over his phone and tells Alejandro to deal with her.

Cayetana’s upset that Epifanio’s not taking her calls.

Well, Don Epifanio put Alejandro in charge of…her situation.

When she told Epifanio his countrywoman was in Italy, he always took her calls but now he seems to have forgotten SHE’s the one who found her.

Alejandro says Epifanio has decided not to act against Teresa Mendoza.

So they’ve been using her? She’ll do things her way, then. He and Epifanio can go a la mierda.

The cage is being loaded up in the back of the van. Lupo leans in to tell Sofia she sent a man to the hospital and ruined thousands of Euros worth of wine. They’re not letting her put another one over on them.

Sofia hisses that he set everything up so he could meet her mom without her being suspicious about it. She spits at him.

Batman reaches over and squeezes the hand she has grabbing on to the cage. He’ll teach her how to behave.

Lupo pulls his hand off and says he and Sofia part ways here. She’ll find out where they’re going.

Well, she hopes the next time she sees her mom she’s strangling him!

His phone starts ringing and he wishes her bon voyage and shuts the van doors while Sofia screams for her mom.

When he answers his phone, he pretends not to have a clue what’s going on. But sure, he can take Maria to Mexico with him. (Smug jerk.)

When they finish their conversation, he ignores another call.

Cayetana leaves a voicemail message for “Emilio.” The ones who should have taken care of La Mexicana have broken their word. She wants to hire him again to finish this job. (This has nothing to do with anything, but I really like her voice.)

“Maria” refuses to let Pedro go to Mexico with her. Because she doesn’t want him to die. The place where she’s going, bullets have the last word.

And she just expects him to stay in Italy waiting for her? Watering her plants? Why did they take Sofia? Who are her enemies? He knows she’s hiding something.

Teresa gives him a line about knowing the most important thing–the last year he’s made her happy and she won’t forget it. She kisses him and they trade “I love you”s.

She heads for what looks like a storage shed, but is more like her basement shrine to the memory of Teresa Mendoza. Fake passports in one drawer, cash in another, weapons in display cases.

Batman hands Sofia a pill.

Teresa chooses a gun. Pulls a diamond ring out of a drawer.

Sofia spits out the pill and pretends to go to sleep.

Teresa serves herself a tequila and bids goodbye to Maria.

She meets Lupo at the airport and boards his private plane. She has everything she needs in her enormous tote bag. He knows she doesn’t drink…but she asks for a tequila. And since they’ve got a long flight, he wants to hear what’s going on.

That smug sinvergüenza has her daughter  in the cargo hold of the same frickin’ plane.

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