Betty en NY Tuesday 4/23/19 #55

Previously on Betty:  Armando went to Betty’s birthday party. Pati went to jail. Betty and Armando went to a hotel. Betty revoked her consent.

I’ve seriously been sitting here for the last 47 minutes trying to work up the nerve to watch the episode. I want to know what happens, but I also don’t want to know, you know?

OK, so Armando’s confused, but he understands that no means no. He tells Betty nothing’s going to happen that she doesn’t want to happen (um, other than the lying, just saying). He’ll take her home.

Sofia dares Jenny to call the cops. She’d love to hear who they side with when she explains Efrain moved his lover in with his wife and kids.

Jenny thinks Sofia should just leave.

Ha! No. Because everything here belongs to Sofia, except Efrain–Jenny can have him.

Jenny says Sofia needs psychiatric help and even the kids like Jenny better than her.

Sofia tells Jenny not to mess with her kids and smashes a vase. And then she smashes something Efrain’s mom gave them for their wedding…and the cat statue from Tía Hortensia….

The kids come downstairs and Sofia immediately drops the bat. She tells them everything’s fine, nothing’s happening, they believe her right? She walks the boys upstairs while Jenny and Efrain stand there trying to pretend they’re OK.

Berta’s fully awake now and trying to call Sofia. She explains to Enrique that Sofia’s lover is Charlie! She thinks all women who get cheated on should do the same thing–sleep with their husbands’ best friend. No wonder Sofia was so happy and she was wearing that underwear and….

Berta’s no longer in the mood for chisme or food. She throws Enrique down on the bed and tells him to get ready to celebrate the fourth of July. He’s gonna see fireworks! She makes a flying leap and the bed collapses. “¡Ay, Enrique!”

The atmosphere in Armando’s car is tense. I get that he wants to understand why Betty suddenly changed her attitude, but at the same time it feels a little selfish. She says she can’t tell him, but it’s not him, it’s her. Sorry. Armando says nothing. (Um, could we get a “You have nothing to apologize for”?)

Sofia takes the kids to her room and explains that she’s not upset at them.

So then she’s upset at Daddy and Mommy Jenny.

Sofia never wants to hear them call her that again! They only have one mother and it’s her!

The older kid explains that Jenny’s the one who makes them call her that.

Sofia says a bunch of stuff about choosing sides and Los Cucaracha are kind of like an extraterrestrial invasion and they’re the good guys and when she’s angry it’s not at them. And as far as breaking stuff…well, she decided she didn’t like that stuff and she wants to redecorate.

They dive under the covers to pretend they’re in a tent in the woods.

Julia hears Betty come home and goes to her room to check on her. Betty says she’s fine, she’s just nostalgic because of her birthday. There’s nothing she needs to talk about. Julia wishes her a happy birthday one more time and shuts her door on the way out, like Betty asked.

Betty’s definitely not OK, but AmorOso has no advice for her.

Armando gets home. Marcela’s there. The pills haven’t worn off and she thinks he’s happy to see her.

Betty’s sobbing, remembering kids at school pointing at her because of something on their cell phones.

Armando had sex with Marcela, but now he’s awake remembering Betty saying “no.” And Marcela says she hasn’t felt so close to him in a long time and she loves him. “Me too.” I’m really not liking Armando right now.

Betty gets to work and everyone’s like “Wow, Betty, we didn’t know you had skills like that.” Pati, Marcela, and Hugo are all laughing and Hugo says she should be glad someone did her the favor and videotaped it because it’s going to be the first and the last time.

In Armando’s office, he calls her the porn star in love. Ricky says they’ll go make a video at his house after work. (I’m sure this is a nightmare, but some of it feels like just a typical day at V&M.)

Her parents are waiting in her office asking her to explain the video.

Betty wakes up and screams “Don’t look at that video!” (I have this feeling of dread that even the entrada can’t get rid of.)

Nico’s having breakfast with Betty’s parents. He claims he missed the party because he had a headache and dry mouth and the doctor said it was a 24 hour flu.

Julia says they call that a hangover where she’s from. Demetrio asks if that’s how she’s feeling since she’s the one who was drinking last night.

Hey! It was a party. And Betty’s boss was drunk too!

Demetrio goes on and on about how great Don Armando is.

Betty comes downstairs and says she’s on her way to work. Nico doesn’t think her boss will be at work early, since he was partying last night. Betty says yes, he was there. And the she leaves con una cara de tristeza que hasta yo quiero llorar.

The older of Sofia’s kids wants a cell phone. “All the kids at school” have them. Jenny butts in and says his mom doesn’t have the money.

Um, no, she’s just not letting them have cell phones until they’re 18. Got it?

She goes into the kitchen and Jenny looks at the older one and makes a gesture like “Your mom’s crazy.” He giggles.

Marcela picks up Pati at the airport. Digo, the police station. I tune out Pati’s complaining. She says she hopes what happened last night was worth it.

Marce says she and Armando are “better than ever.”

Pati’s disappointed she spent the night in jail for nothing.

When Ricky hears that last night doesn’t go the way he thought it would, he wants details.

There are no “details” because nothing happened. They got to the hotel and Betty said she didn’t want to do anything with him.

Ricky, not sensing that he’s already in a hole, just keeps on digging–a fea rejected him? No woman would do that, especially not one who needs it. (Shut. Up. Ricky.)

Armando says he knows she was into it–he could feel goosebumps on her skin, he could hear it in her voice, but then it was like she turned into another person.

Another BFF isn’t getting the chisme they were expecting. Sofia tells Berta she seriously lost it last night. Jenny just makes her blood boil! Sofi says she destroyed the house and she was ready to hit Efrain and Jenny both if the kids hadn’t come downstairs. She got married because she wanted to have a husband and a family and now she’s got nothing.

Berta says she’s got the kids. And she’s got the Pelotón. And she’s got Berta (*sob*). But she seriously needs to call the lawyer today and get this living situation dealt with.

Betty gets in to work and Wilson’s laughing at something on his monitor. And then Giovas comes out of the elevator with a tape measure telling Wilson it’s 11 inches. They’re both laughing at the monitor and it sounds kind of echo-y like the nightmare.

Ricky’s still running his mouth about feas paying anything to get with a guy like Armando. And hey, what about the pills? ‘Cause he heard once you take them there’s nothing you can do–it’s like being on the highway in a car with no brakes.

“Marcela was waiting for me.”

“Lucky girl.” (*kicks Ricky in the shins*) Maybe feas are cursed and he’s lost his knack.

Um, no. He has a connection with her, something just got in the way.

“The lies, the deception, the fact that you’re not in love with her….” He reminds Armando he was only doing this to get the company back. He doesn’t love la fea.

Armando says what they’re doing is bad enough and Ricky needs to quit calling her that.

Ricky says he’ll chalk the attitude up to Armando’s bad night, but he shouldn’t defend Betty so much or he’ll end up falling in love with her. Har, har, har.

Aura Maria’s nursing a hangover after bravely sacrificing her liver to drink all the booze so none of the others would drink too much. Sandra’s like “Sure, whatever.”

Betty gets off the elevator and Sandra picks up her cell phone. She shows Aura Maria a video and they’re both laughing. “Betty, you’ve gotta see this video!”

Betty screams at them not to watch the video and goes running through the admin area to her office.

Ricky’s in Armando’s office telling him he’s gotta sleep with Betty! Concentrate!

Thankfully Betty didn’t hear him, but it’s still awkward. She runs to her office.

And that’s when Ricky remembers that he left Betty a “Thanks for a wonderful night” gift. “Get her out of there!”

Betty’s smelling the roses when Armando runs in and screams “Betty, don’t!”

Betty’s happy that he left the roses. But they really shouldn’t talk about last night here.

Armando says they’ll keep it strictly business and can she come with him right no to evaluate a new proposal. He keeps trying to find the card in the flowers, but Ricky ends up having to grab the card. Yeah, reading that last night was etched on Armando’s memory would not have gone over well.

In the elevator, Pati confirms that she and Marce are even now…as in Pati doesn’t have to pay back all that money she owes her, right?

Marce agrees because she’s in such a good mood thinking Armando’s not cheating. She says she’ll cover for her for being late. And yes, she can go get a sandwich, but she’d better make it fast.

They get off the elevator and the Pelotón are gathered around Aura Maria’s desk. Pati asks what they’re looking at and nobody answers. “Whatever.” Behind her back they do the little entrada “whatever” move. This episode is weird.

Betty’s trying to talk business, but all Armando can think about is what happened last night. He’s all “Was it me? Did I do something?” He couldn’t sleep. He feels like she doesn’t trust him. Not to make her feel bad or anything, but what’s going on? (Way to make it all about you.)

They’re interrupted by Hugo, who says they look like a pair of lovebirds talking about last night. Anyway, he’s got the sketches Armando wanted.

Armando’s like “I’m busy right now.”

Well, ok then, but if Hugo is late getting the next collection out, it’ll be Armando’s fault.

Betty miserably says Armando should go. She can wait.

Something’s up with Aura Maria’s mom and she can’t pick up Tommy today. Aura Maria has the gall to ask Giovas to do it.

He says he could…but he won’t. He’s got his dignity.

In the workroom, Hugo’s complaining about needing the regular models, not La Chica Dorada Region 4 (I think he just called Jenny a cheap Paulina Rubio knockoff).

Armando, Marcela, and Ricky are all begging him to make do with Jenny just this once and when they’re out of trouble he can have all the models he wants.

Hugo calls Jenny over to tell her that thanks to the company’s financial crisis, she’s going to be his catalog model.

Time for a Pelotón meeting. They can tell from the look on Betty’s face that things did not go well with Nicolas last night. But hey, first times can be awkward, right?

Sandra says hers was…a long story.

Aura Maria says hers turned out great…she had a kid.

Mariana says the point is, they’re here for her.

Betty’s really not comfortable talking about this.

Berta says they’re not either, but if Betty needs someone to hear the most intimate details of her life, Berta will sacrifice herself. Everybody else starts giggling at Berta and Betty says she’s just gonna go back to work now, byeee….

Betty gets back to her desk and realizes the card is gone. Nicolas calls, joking about Betty being old even though he’s four months older. He wants to know where they’re celebrating her birthday.

Ooh, Betty’s kind of birthdayed out.

Too bad ’cause Nicolas is going to spend his paycheck on her. He’ll pick her up for lunch.

Wilson and Sandra make plans to go dancing this weekend. He starts to tell her about making a new Facebook friend, someone she knows…but Sandra’s phone beeps. That hija de su felina madre, La Pantera, made a trash talk video about how she’s gonna beat Sandra in the ring.

Sandra’s so upset at being underestimated she attacks the pile of packages and mail a delivery guy walks in with. She apologizes and she and Wilson and a random extra help pick everything up.

So what was Wilson saying about Facebook…?

Oh, um…he’s friends with the guy with the juices. He’s pretty cool.

Jenny’s bragging to Giovas about being Hugo’s catalog model right by the admin area. And I’m with Sofia, Jenny was trying to provoke her. Berta says it’s good that Sofia didn’t let her. And has she called the lawyer yet?

Marcela and Armando walk into his office. Betty can hear Marcela talking about last night and how it was like Paris. Armando’s trying to steer Marcela back to talking about work.

Betty comes out of her office to tell them she’s going to take her lunch hour and a few minutes extra because her boyfriend NICOLAS is taking her to lunch.

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1 year ago

Thanks Kat!

“… hija de su felina madre…”

I loved this!

I wish we could get some more Sandra and Wilson and a story for Mariana. I am not entertained by Jenny at all.

1 year ago
Reply to  5ftLatina

I’m sure Sofia is hurting but dang, she needs to move on. Go to counseling, go dancing with Charlie… ¡hija de su felina madre haz algo!

Mari Pacheco
Mari Pacheco
1 year ago
Reply to  Sara

The typical day parts were making me doubt it was a nightmare and strongly hopeful that it was for Betty’s sake. When the nightmare part clicked with the school scene wanted to cry so bad eyes welled up and everything. Wilson/Sandra, knew the facebook friend was la Pantera it was almost obvious. This could get interesting just hope Wilson wises up. Calling the lawyer is what Sofia should’ve done from the get go, what is taking her so long? Liking her and Charlie they are cute together. LOVE the Betty and Nicolas banter, want more of it. ::Sigh:: I want… Read more »