Betty en NY Wednesday 4/24/19 #56

Previously on Betty: Betty called off sex. Marce felt the effects of the “Male Enhancement” pill Armando took. Pati went to jail.

Yep, yep, Betty’s going to lunch. With her boyfriend. Nicolas. Armando complains about all the work they have to do. Betty points out that he gets to see his fiancée during work hours, so what’s the big deal? Even Marce’s like “Damn, Armando! Let her go to lunch!”

Marce volunteers to help Armando with the proposal he’s working on and they can order in.

Nico picked a really pricy restaurant. He tries to get a discount…or mariachis who will sing Las Mañanitas…or a cake with a candle? Nope. It’ll be just the lunch.

Nico gives Betty a pep talk about how she has to celebrate because she’s the breadwinner of the family and the most important person in his life and who cares about the money!

Betty says he even sounds like her boyfriend. And if he keeps behaving like this she could fall in love with him.

Bahahahaha! Kidding!

He’s glad she’s smiling, but he’s wondering if Armando did something…asked her for another made up report? Asked her to get another loan for V&M?

Oh, no, everything’s just chugging along and she’s keeping things balanced and the last few collections have gone great.

And then Daniel shows up, sits at their table, and accuses Betty of spending company money on fancy lunches.

Nico’s furious. Betty doesn’t need his company’s money, in fact THEY need HER. The company is entirely in her hands.

The Pelotón are having lunch in the break room. They figure Betty’s first time didn’t go so well and they’re disappointed. Inés would like them to quit talking about it already!

Armando shows up in time to hear them speculating that the boyfriend must have done something. He must be a jerk who took her to a cheap motel with rats and mirrors on the ceiling and who didn’t even spring for some tacos! It’s like Betty’s a jerk magnet! Like her boss–sticking her in that little cave and showing up for her birthday without a present and taking home tamales.

Sofia’s mid-rant when the others notice Armando standing there and try to get her to shut up. Sofia does the “I was talking about a telenovela…” thing and Armando wanders away.

Inés calls for an end to lunch.

Daniel doesn’t know what Nico’s talking about and Betty gets him to sit down and shut up before he says too much. (But I so wanted him to!) He introduces himself as Betty’s boyfriend and says HE’s the one paying for lunch. Does Daniel want to order himself a drink? A glass of whiskey?

Betty tells him to take a hike. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

Daniel can’t believe he was so wrong about her. And to think, he offered her a job!

Nico asks if Daniel’s deaf too or if he didn’t understand the “leave” part?

Daniel tells Betty to enjoy her lunch, because they don’t serve food like that in prison.

Betty’s upset that Nico said that much in front of Daniel. He’s dangerous!

All the more reason for her to get out of V&M fast.

Armando comes into Ricky’s office with a jewelry box and a card. Ricky finds it amusing that Armando went out and bought Betty an expensive gift. Well, he’s got the words for the card, now that Armando told him what happened…he’s suffering for her rejection….

Um, no Armando’s writing it himself.

Ricky says he’ll do it–he’s an expert at making feas fall in love. (Dude…would Ricky not have had to have practice to gain all this expert knowledge? So I’m wondering what “fea” he wooed and lost and still hasn’t gotten over.)

No, Armando just wanted to borrow his office for inspiration.

Sofia gets a call from Junior’s teacher. He was watching porn on his cell phone.

But he doesn’t have a cell phone.

A present…? MAMA JENNY?!

Downstairs, Sandra’s asking Wilson out to the movies, but Pantera shows up and says he can’t go.

OK, now, Sandra has no problem tangling with Pantera in the ring, but NOT at her place of work.

No worries, because Pantera’s not here for Sandra, she’s here to ask her friend, Wilson, to go out.

So, Armando wrote about leaving the past behind and getting to know each other better. And he’s got the card and the gift all ready when Betty comes back to the office. He holds the heart-shaped jewelry box out to her…

And frickin’ Marcela walks in, asking who that’s for.

Armando says it’s for her, but he wanted to get Betty’s opinion first. Marcela’s confused. It’s a bear?

Armando corrects her…it’s an osito.

Yeah, so Pantera wants to go out with Wilson and she’s sure he’s strong enough to break any of her holds (llaves), haha. And seeing “Breakbones” getting all upset is just giving her fuel.

Sandra tells her not to use her secret name here!

Pantera saunters out and Sandra’s like “That’s who you were chatting with, isn’t it?” Whatever. Wilson can do whatever he wants.

Marcela pretends to like the gift, but she wants to hear what Betty would have said about it.

Um. It’s cute?

Marcela latches on to that. Armando says they can return it if she doesn’t like it, but no, she just loves that he can still surprise her when she thought she knew everything about him.

And now she drags him off to her office to look at the new catalog.

Betty’s upset. That was HER bear!

Sofia tells the Pelotón about the cell phone.

The cell phone THEY chipped in for? That Sofia almost got fired for?

Mariana says there is a God who sees everything and one of these days Jenny’s going to end up with no data in the middle of nowhere when she’s trying to get a taxi! But she’s just trying to infuriate Sofia and Sofia shouldn’t fall for it!

Um, how? When Jenny makes more than she does, Junior got suspended because of her, and now she’s going to be in the company catalog.

Sandra’s sitting next to Sofia, nodding along, feeling the rage!

Berta reminds Sofia that Jenny’s also living in her house, eating her food, and leaving her hair all over the sink.

Sandra’s had it with all this talk about staying “calm.” She thinks Sofia should take that rage and get revenge. All those trepadoras (climbers, social climbers) are the same. If it were her, she’d grab Pantera and something something and poke her eyes out and swallow them with tequila.

Sandra realizes they’re all staring at her in horror.

Or Sofia could sit down and have coffee with Jenny and they come to an agreement.

Sofia agrees she does need a coffee ’cause she couldn’t sleep last night!

On her way to the breakroom, she sees Jenny showing off her tan to Pati. She babbles about having to be careful so you don’t end up orange and here’s the bottle.

Pati looks it up and that bottle is $259.99 + S&H. Now they’re arguing about whether Pati is poor or not and whose job is more difficult and how she should get someone to pay for all these expensive things for her.

Ricky talks to Thompson about having revised a proposal and he’ll see him tomorrow.

Ricky explains to Armando that they have to have the meeting at Thompson’s place in the country because he’s nursing a polo injury and can’t leave the house.

Armando grumbles about the drive. And also the screwup with the gift, which he doesn’t explain.

Ricky wants Armando to let him distract Marcela while he makes up with Beatriz. Because he can NOT get dumped by a fea.

Armando says now that he knows her better, he thinks she needs space. He’s going out tonight with Marcela and Catalina to a new show on Broadway.

Marcela shows Pati the necklace. Pati says it’s terrible. It’s not cute. It goes with nothing. Armando can’t have such bad taste! It looks like Beatriz bought it.

Marcela says she’s enjoying getting to know the softer side of Armando.

Yeah, well Pati hopes that side isn’t very deep.

At home, Junior whines about life being sooooo unfaaaaaair because all the other kids have cell phones and he doesn’t.

Sofia says he can have one as soon as he’s old enough to buy it and pay the bill.

When Efrain and Jenny come in, he complains to his dad that his mom won’t let him keep the phooooone. Sofia tells him to go upstairs, do his homework, and put some loud music on his headphones because she and his dad need to have a conversation and it’s censored for him!

Nico shows Betty BAR’s earnings. She’s impressed. He’s a great investment manager.

He thanks her and thinks managing BAR’s investments has shown him that he does have a good instinct. He thinks he deserves a bonus.

Betty agrees! He’s so good any investment group would want Nico on their team.

Which is why he’s got good news and bad news for Betty. The bad news is that she’s going to have to find another CFO and Vice-Chairman for BAR.

And the good news is he’s leaving BAR. Here in front of the bear, he’s telling them both–he’s quitting soon.

Sofia tells Efrain Junior was playing with his phone during class, which isn’t allowed. This is the cell phone her friends chipped in to buy and if Jenny wants to throw it away, dance on it, give it to her young lover, she can. But she can’t give it to Sofia’s son!

Jenny’s focused on the “young lover” part. Sofia’s focused on the “not my son” part. The argument escalates to the point where Efrain says if she doesn’t want to pay for a cell phone, then he’ll pay for it because he wants his son to have one (and get kicked out of school regularly because he’s not using it responsibly?).

Sofia tells him not to undermine her authority. And she says no phone!

Jenny opens her big mouth to say Efrain’s also the boys’ parent and he gets to have an opinion.

Efrain threatens to have Sofia put in jail if she talks to Jenny like that again.

The other kid who’s not Junior comes downstairs because of all the yelling and Sofia takes him back upstairs to help him with his homework. She tells Efrain and Jenny to get out of their house already.

Jenny tells Efrain to get that look off his face. It won’t be much longer now. (Uh, for what?)

Marcela and Armando are ready to go out. Catalina shows up with good news–she got them into the best church in NY on St. Patrick’s day, which is two months from now.

Armando’s obviously not treating this like good news. Don’t they need more time to plan? And it’s the day after the next board meeting.

Marcela “translates” and says he’s just worried he won’t be able to help them with all the wedding stuff.

So, Nico’s leaving BAR, but not Betty. He suggests she leave V&M. What happened with Daniel Valencia made him think that they’re in danger with Armando. He’s the one who created all this mess.

Betty swears he’s trying to fix it!

But if it all goes wrong, they’re going to prison. Or does she think Armando would risk himself to help them?

He suggests she be sort of in the middle of V&M and him and then she comes over to work with him entirely.

He’s been investing their salaries and he’s turned them into an impressive amount of real, legal money, that will let them be independent in a couple of months. No more relying on Armando or Daniel.

Sofia screams into a towel in the bathroom. She notices the bottle of expensive self-tanner…and the bottle of merthiolate (mercury-free, it’s a liquid antiseptic for the skin). Jenny’s trying to get into the bathroom, but Sofia says she has to find her peace and she just did….

Betty tells her diary about the gift she almost got. Armando texts her to apologize for having to give the necklace to Marcela, but it was hers. And he misses her.

Marcela’s all happy about the wedding and that fate seems to be helping them.

Armando brings up work and Marcela asks if he’s coming to the catalog shoot.

Nope, because he’s going to see Thompson.

And now Marcela invites herself along. Ricky can supervise the catalog shoot.

Armando says he’s taking Betty and he doesn’t want another incident between her and Marcela.

Marce promises there won’t be. She’s a whole new Marcela.

In the workroom, Hugo’s looking at the samples for the catalog shoot and complaining to Fabio that he told Inesita not to use the black one with sequins. Even Fabio heard Hugo tell her to put it on the mannequin. What’s wrong?

Hugo just has a bad feeling something’s going to happen.

Inés comes over with his Bach flower essences and assures him everything’s going to be fine.

Fabi tells him to chill–it’s not like it’s his first catalog shoot….

But it’s his first one with a fit model.

Jenny’s alarm goes off at 8. Um…wow. Everybody else is already at work and she’s barely getting out of bed? She wakes up Efrain who freaks out when he gets a look at her. And then Junior and Jonathan wander in and Jonathan screams and runs back out of the room. Junior says she looks…different.

Jenny starts talking about her tanning cream and how she’s got a shoot today and asks Junior for a hug. He makes a run for it…and then Jenny screams. Efrain hides under the covers.

Sofia’s in a really good mood and Berta wants to know why. Sofia says if she gets rid of the evidence and takes Sofia’s money to get them some donuts, Sofia will tell her the whole thing, with all the details.

Hugo gets a call from Jenny trying to call in sick because of an allergy. He tells her she’d better show up or he’ll make sure she never gets a job in Manhattan again.

He tells Fabio and Inés she said she had a rash all over her skin or something. And he already had to get rid of Naomi, with her party uterus and now he’s got this one with an even partier uterus and she probably let someone in the house who gave her something contagious. (Seriously, that’s the first place his mind went? What the hell? Also…do I want “party uterus” on a t-shirt or is it too weird?)

He tells all the seamstress AND Inés they’d better go get checked out for STIs. (Um, sure, ok, that’s good advice, but damn Hugo! He’s probably the biggest misogynist in this place.)

Jenny tries to sneak into the building without being noticed, but Wilson insists on seeing her face to make sure. When he and Giovas see it they freak out.

Yeah, that’s…not a good look.

Upstairs, Sandra, Aura Maria, and Mariana get a look. Mariana’s reaction was my favorite “You look like a carrot!” Sandra says there’s no way she can take pictures like this.

At Sofia’s desk, she’s showing Berta the incriminating evidence on one finger…which she now covers with a bandage. Berta wants to be as evil as Sofia one day.

Jenny comes over to scream at Sofia and attack her. Why is Smith not around for this?

Ricky has everything all set so Armando and Betty get to go to Thompson’s alone.

Nope, because Marcela says she’s going too.

Well, OK, then, Ricky’s going to have to keep the flame alive on his own. He left a little something on Betty’s desk. With a card. And does Armando realize he’s about to spend two hours in a car with Marcela and Betty?

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Mari Pacheco
Mari Pacheco
1 year ago

with Jenny’s talk of too much and you look orange naturally my mind went there when Sofia was in bathroom finding her peace.

Armando’s face when he overheard Sofie was funny. I think a similar scene happened in Betty la fea. I seem to recall that ” it was a novela” moment.

Armando did heart shaped thing with the hands. it was friggin adorable. Squee! aughh what am I 12? I should be ashamed of myself but i love his cute moments. need more please.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mari Pacheco

Well I guess I need to be ashamed of myself too because I loved that little heart he made with his hands.

I was so sad Betty didn’t get her gift.

Mari Pacheco
Mari Pacheco
1 year ago
Reply to  Sara

Sara It was sad she didn’t get her gift but he did apologize via text and although it probably shouldn’t count Ricky/Armando did get her the plushy osito. i also loved Armando corrected Marcela, it’s an osito. I remember watching Erick Elias in Zorro and I didn’t really care that much about him. I’m starting to think it’s the character cause same thing happened with Jaime Camil in La Fea. Didn’t really care for Jaime Camil in previous novela but afterwards omg let the squeeing begin. 5ft regarding the fea Ricky wooed, awesome theory and it would be so wicked… Read more »