La Reina del Sur Wednesday 4/24/19 #2.3

Previously: Cayetana sicced Siso Pernas on Teresa. Teresa meets with Epifanio and with Willy. Epifano wants Teresa to get into Zurdo Villa’s organization and take over.

In a flashback, Sofia’s having a bath and asking Teresa if she really thinks something bad could happen to either of them. Teresa says it’s important to pay attention to her. If she’s ever locked up, she has to find a way to escape.

And now that the bath is over, Teresa wraps her in a bath sheet like a taquito. And Sofia gets out of it to prove she was paying attention.

In the present, Morgana brings Sofia some food, clothes and shoes and tells her to get out of the bath already. Sofia insists on getting herself dressed. Margana says she’s gonna pop Sofia in the mouth, but she leaves.

Teresa and Willy take a little walk among the pyramids and she tells him Epifanio wants her to bring down Zurdo Villa.

Willy knows the name–he’s currently the bloodiest narco in Mexico, controlling 80% of production, and has several international networks. But what does Epifanio really want her to do?

Bring down Villa’s organization from the inside. No, she doesn’t know him, but she’d do anything for her daughter.

Willy contemplates just turning Epifanio in for kidnapping and extortion.

No way! He’ll kill Sofia. And that’s after he tells her everything about Sofia’s past to torture her.

She doesn’t know that Teresa ordered the murder of her father?

OK, now she gave up her life nine years ago and she’s been telling her kid that she’s “María Dantés.” What’s the point in doing all that if now Sofia finds out even her name is a lie? There is none, because the Mexican “justice” system is shit.

New guy Jonathan tells Teresa he’s sorry about her daughter.

Um, she didn’t want anyone else knowing she was in Mexico.

Yeah, but Willy’s been training him for four years. She can trust him. And she’s going to need help.

He promised he would take care of her. He got her to testify against Epifanio and he feels responsible for what’s happening now. So he’s gonna fix this pedo (shit, situation, shitty situation) himself.

Epifanio shows up at Morgana’s place. He’s now explained to everyone that they’re not to talk about Teresa Mendoza in front of the kid. If anything happens to her, he’ll kill the lot of them.

Morgana seems to think she can deal with this little malcriada the way she deals with all the others. Epifanio’s like “Did you not just hear what I said?” If she hurts the kid he’s going to make her parir chayotes (give birth to squash).

Morgana says she gets it. And she’s not afraid of anyone living, only the dead.

Epifanio adds that Sofia’s mom will also make sure all their heads roll.

Sofia’s annoyed that they’re not talking where she can hear them.

Alejandro and Lupo take Epifanio aside and tell him what Sofia’s already done. She nearly killed a guy in Italy. And she almost crashed the plane, and she almost made it to her mother.

Lupo just wanted to warn them that Morgana’s not going to be able to deal with her. They need to get a professional.

On the other side of the room, Morgana’s busy giving Batman a limpia. Or maybe it’s reiki.

Epifano asks Lupo what he’d charge to take care of Sofia personally.

“I’m not a babysitter.”

“Yeah, but what would you charge?”

In Massa Maritima, an SUV rolls up Teresa’s driveway. Siso and his cousins think she’s just waiting in there for them to kill her? And can I just say, I frickin’ hate Siso’s ‘stache. It’s just not doing anything good for his face. Or maybe I just hate Siso.

They start asking Pedro where Teresa is and beating him up to get the information.

He screams that there is a Mexicana who lives here, but her name is María.

Siso demands to see a picture and Pedro tries to get away with “There aren’t any,” but he opens his laptop anyway and shows Siso a picture of Teresa and Francesco in town.

Jonathan’s supposed to be Teresa’s personal security, but she doesn’t want him around. He starts telling her that there’s no way Willy gave her up, that he’s always talked about her with admiration.

Teresa shushes him and starts unbuttoning his shirt…so she can make sure he’s not wearing a wire. LOL–sorry Jonathan, you thought you were having a moment, but no.

Ohhh, and the pants too. So he’s clean, but someone’s listening from outside the building. She finally finds a bug pinned behind his collar.

He swears he didn’t put it there! It was probably left over from his last op!

Teresa plunks it into the nearest vase and outside Manuela (I think) nearly gets her eardrum blown off. She tells Jonathan to go back and tell his boss that she already knows he’s spying on her. And Jonathan had better not come near her again.

In her room, Teresa looks out the window like she’s looking for something. She pulls out the photo of Sofia she stashed in her purse.

Pedro calls. He doesn’t get a chance to say anything except that he didn’t tell them anything before Siso grabs the phone and he’s all “Hey, remember me?”

Teresa demands to know how he got her address.

Cayetana Aljarafe.

Teresa can hear Pedro screaming through the phone not to tell them anything. She tells Siso to just let him go–he doesn’t know anything.

Siso gives her one last chance to tell him where she is or he’ll kill Pedro.

One of the cousins says she’s not going to tell him. So Siso says there’s nowhere she can hide. She’s wanted in Spain for Teo’s murder and in Italy she just killed her boyfriend. He shoots Pedro in the head.

Jonathan comes knocking at the door while she’s sobbing. She screams at him to leave her alone.

Siso calls emergency services and claims he saw a woman shoot a man and take off running.

In Mexico, Lupo checks on Sofia, pulls the covers up to her shoulder and turns off the light.

Siso puts a fabric doll next to Pedro’s head before walking away with his cousins.

Teresa pulls herself together and makes a phone call…to a bar…where she asks for Oleg. She gives the barman her real name, but he says you can only talk to Oleg in person at the club.

Then she’ll be there tomorrow.

Teresa walks out of her room and into Jonathan’s face. He follows her out of the building and asks her to wait, but like she says–one person has already died and she might have to use her weapon. And she doesn’t have bad aim.

Manuela watches their conversation.

Jonathan calls Willy to tell him Teresa got away.

Manuela’s following her.

Siso calls the same bar, guessing Teresa just called there looking for Yasikov. I guess the barman confirmed it?

Willy picks up Jonathan, who explains Teresa found a transmitter from his last mission.

Teresa’s still walking, turning around periodically. She stops to sit in a patch of grass and ignores a call from Willy.

Batman’s watching her.

Lupo’s cell starts buzzing. It’s Cayetana calling “Emilio.” She wants him to find Teresa. But he already did, so…his job is over.

But now Cayetana wants to pay him to do what she did to Teo. Make her show up floating in the ocean, eaten by fish.

Lupo says he’s just an investigator. It’s the police she should be talking to. He hangs up on her.

Cayetana turns around and finds a woman standing there, offering her romero (rosemary) for good luck. Cayetana tells the “gitana de mierda” to take a hike.

Oh yeah, well, she hopes her flesh falls off and dogs eat her bones.

Cayetana turns back around, walks up to her, and smiles before walking away again. Was that some kind of code?

Teresa wanders through a plaza. Manuela catches up to her, puts a gun to her side, and tells her to keep walking. She’s “Justice” and Teresa was sentenced to death nine years ago.

Jonathan’s still whining about not knowing how he had a transmitter on his shirt.

But if that was a transmitter, who has the receiver.


Willy says he shouldn’t have brought Jonathan.

Manuela tells Teresa she killed her sister.

Teresa asks who she means, but really she’s just looking for an opportunity to start a fight. They’re pretty evenly matched, but Teresa manages to knock her out briefly and take off running. The gun that looks like Pote’s gets left behind.

Manuela keeps chasing Teresa through a plaza and a bar and a mercado. Teresa tries to lure Manuela to her for an ambush, but Manuela’s expecting it and dodges the matraca Teresa tries to use as a weapon.

So amid all the hitting and kicking and screaming, Manuela tells Teresa Veronica, digo Lupita Romero, was her sister and Teresa killed her.

Teresa’s like “It was an accident!”

Well, Manuela’s fixin’ to create another accident for Teresa.

Teresa gets away again. She ignores a call from Willy. And Batman is still following her like NBD.

Willy leaves a message telling Teresa the transmitter was never transmitting and he hopes she’ll trust him now.

Manuela goes back to the dirt lot where she first fought with Teresa and picks up the gun.

In the morning, Batman’s following Teresa again. She finally seems to notice and ducks into a hardware store.

Morgana wakes up Sofia. She’s also sprinkling her with water. More cleansing, maybe? Sofia remembers hearing her say last night that she doesn’t fear the living–only the dead.

Sofia gets up, greets her dad, tells him they’ve gotta brush their teeth, complains that his shirt is dirty.

Morgana’s like “Are you going crazy?”

Oh, right, Morgana can’t see her dad because he’s dead.

Morgana gets to asperging twice as hard as she walks out the door and shuts it.

Jonathan’s packing while he videochats with Manuela. They’ll be back around midnight. Talk about not suitable for children, he’s talking about what he plans to do to her under the table at the restaurant.

He hears Willy knocking on the door and ends the call.

Manuela was at a gym, running on the treadmill without shoes on ’cause her shoes are stilettos. She pops them back on, wipes her face with a towel, and gives the attendant some more cash since she said she’d only be on the treadmill for ten minutes.

Willy and Jonathan get to their SUV and start hearing a pretty obvious beeping sound. Willy tells him not to move and checks under both their seats. The bomb is under Jonathan’s seat. So he gets to stay still while Willy uses his cell phone to call Teresa.

Yep. She put the bomb there. The Russians are great with bombs, especially ones you can’t defuse. OK, OK, she’ll tell him the first wire to cut for free.

Willy cuts the green wire and asks what’s next.

How many people at the DEA know she’s in Mexico?

Just three–Willy, his boss, and Jonathan.

Nope, wrong answer. Who told Veronica Cortés’s sister she was in Mexico.

They both claim it wasn’t them.

She tells Willy to cut the white wire.

Willy complains that he barely knows Veronica’s sister. They only met a couple of times.

Well, she tried to kill Teresa.

Willy’s stressing over which wire to cut next. He tells Teresa that Manuela’s DEA. She probably followed them and figured out what was going on.

That’s what she wanted to know, although she pretty much knew.

Willy and Jonathan are screaming about the bomb and Willy takes a chance and cuts the red wire. Whew! Well, that’s all defused now.

Nah, Teresa bought the timer thing on the metro. She had to do something to get them to talk. And now Willy can go straight to hell.

She’s still being watched. This time by some guy in a baseball cap, the official “I’m spying on you and there’s no way you would recognize me in this” outfit .

Seriously, Epifanio, you’ve gotta stop wearing the vest. I cannot take you seriously in that.

Batman comes in to report that he’s got eyes on Teresa and if she gets on a plane, his guy will get on the same one.

Teresa calls. She knows it was Cayetana Aljarafe who found her. Now she’s gonna send her daughter a nice video and her daughter’s gonna send one back. Today. She hangs up on him.

The Aljarafe sisters are watching some junior bullfighter practice. And now we know Paloma’s the good one and Rocio’s the rebel.

Siso calls Cayetana to tell her Teresa’s on her way to Spain and this will be over by tomorrow. He and his cousins are getting on a private plane.

While Teresa’s buying a plane ticket with a fake passport, Cayetana walks into the ring to tell junior that bull might be young, it’s still an animal and it’s going to fight to the death. He’d best be careful it’s not his blood that ends up on the sand.

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