La Reina del Sur Friday 4/26/19 #2.4

Previously…Cayetana found Teresa. Team Epifanio kidnapped Sofia. Teresa went back to Mexico. Epifanio told Teresa to bring down Zurdo Villa’s organization.

The coast guard finds a body wrapped in a carpet.

Flores brings Cayetana to the morgue to identify the body. She confirms it’s Teo.

That was in the past. Now Cayetana’s back again, to tell Flores where to find Teresa.

Willy and Jonathan are headed back to Washington. Jonathan leaves Manuela a voicemail, reminding her about their dinner plans. He’s convinced she’s already headed back, but why did she lie to them?

Willy’s like “Um, no, she lied to you.”

Lupo brings Sofia breakfast. They argue about whether she’s going to eat first or talk to her mom first. He shows her the trap door under a table and a carpet and threatens to put her there.

But Sofia heard that other man say if anything happened, her mom would kill them. And Lupo’s just that other guy’s “employee” right?

Lupo tells her not to make him angry and leaves her to eat her breakfast.

Alejandro reminds Epifanio he’s got a interview later with Lancaster.

Epifanio hasn’t bothered reading the talking points Alejandro gave him. He’s just gonna not answer her questions and talk directly to the people.

Alejando tries to show him the latest polls, but whatever. Teresa’s rounding up her friends and soon Zurdo Villa and Bravo will be out of his way. He’ll be the next president of Mexico.

Teresa heads for the airplane bathroom to record her video.

In Mexico, Lupo tells Sofia he’s got a message from her mother, but he won’t let her see it since she didn’t finish breakfast.

Sofia swears she will, she just wants to see her mother.

Teresa tells Sofia that if she feels alone or scared, just remember all the things she told her. Sofia knows more than any girl her age. And if she has to defend herself, do it like a cat on its back. If they say anything bad about her, they’re just trying to scare her.

Sofia watches and cries.

Teresa says her life has no meaning without Sofia. She’s just going to do something for the people who have her locked up, but as soon as she’s done they’ll see each other again. And then they’ll never be separated again. And she’ll take Sofia to Carnival in Venice. That’s what she wanted for her birthday, right? She tells Sofia not to forget she loves her.

Sofia’s done watching. Lupo tells her to dry her tears so she can record her video.

Teresa watches from her seat in the plane.

Sofia tells Teresa she’s fine because she’s a Dantés, like her mom, and their last name belongs to brave women (oh, dear…). She loves Teresa and she remembers everything Teresa taught her. She’s waiting for Teresa to cut the heads off her kidnappers.

And now Sofia picks up her plate and starts to eat. And Lupo stands there looking like he feels sorry for her, not that anybody cares how he feels ’cause he’s the jerk who made this kidnapping work in the first place. Batman alone would have botched it. So screw his feelings.

Alright, so Marietta Lancaster is the host of Cara a Cara. Epifanio’s the last candidate to accept her invitation.

He claims it’s because he’s so busy talking to “the people” or whatever.

She made her first invitation when he was senator for Sinaloa. When the state was dominated by narcos. And the problem became bigger, exponentially, when he was senator.

Epifanio blames it on the president at that time, who started a stupid war and just kicked at the beehive and the bees all got loose and started stinging everywhere. And Sinaloa got most of the stings. He calls her “mija” and says she’s gotta get the right information.

It’s all downhill from there. Epifanio’s being patronizing and saying he was only in prison because of the gringos and the DEA’s always sticking its nose in where it’s not wanted. Alejandro’s complaining to the producer that this isn’t what they agreed to. Epifanio wants to talk about his plans for dealing with poverty…Teresa Mendoza’s a criminal! The DEA hired her to screw him over!

In Spain, Teresa’s buying a ticket for the next flight to Málaga. She notices the guy following her.

And what about the value of Epifanio’s properties. How did he afford that on a senator’s salary?

Epifanio says he earned all his money with his companies. He worked hard to get his first plane. She’s just attacking him ’cause he’s a man of the people who  wears boots. Alejandro’s shaking his head at Epifanio for putting his leg up on the table.

Yeah, this has nothing to do with his footwear. These are legitimate questions.

Epifanio snaps. He says she brought him on this show just to attack him and she goes easy on all the other candidates. She’s just coming after him because he’s poor! He’s a man of the people! And he and the people are legit!

“The people” have dignity and have a right to hear the answers to these questions.

Epifanio ends the interview.

Marietta lets him wander off and addresses the camera. “Epifanio Vargas. Candidate for president.” Her face says “Can you believe this crap?”

The lousy spy is still following Teresa, but she sneaks past him behind a large sign being wheeled through the airport. He assumes she went into the bathroom, but the only woman in there is not Teresa.

Teresa heads out of the airport. And now a completely different guy calls someone and says she’s here.

Teresa grabs a cab and everyone following her attempts to keep following.

Alejandro tells Epifanio he needs to behave himself in interviews, especially with Marietta Lancaster.

Epifanio complains that she was asking bullshit questions and his phone kept buzzing and he couldn’t concentrate. (Oh, but he’s going to be able to run the country?)

His phone’s buzzing again and he gets a call from Batman’s guy saying he lost Teresa.

Alejandro’s annoyed that Epifanio didn’t tell him he had Teresa followed.

Well, if they don’t keep an eye on Teresa and something happens, they’re all dead. “Call Lupo. He knows how to deal with these things” (Just how many places do you expect him to be at once?)

In Washington, Manuela gets to Jonathan’s apartment and drapes her underwear over his face to prove she’s not wearing them.

And now he tells her she lied to them and they know what she did. Willy walks in from the kitchen. AWKWARD!

He said he didn’t want to humiliate her in front of everyone, so he’s firing her here. (This is less humiliating?)

Teresa’s cab driver makes small talk about whether she’s been to Marbella before and what’s her accent. He remembers when he was a kid and there was a famous Mexicana here…the news shows called her “La Reina del Sur.” (Yes, this is That Guy from El Príncipe, the cousin, and he was also on Mar de Plastico.)

Teresa says she’s never heard of her.

Well, his cousin used to take hashish to Morocco for her. Manolo.

What happened to him?

The “Arabs” got him. The people who run hashish say it’s not the same since La Mexicana left. She had “balls.” Just when she was about to get arrested, she disappeared.

Maybe she’ll find a reason to come back someday.

Well, he’d love to meet her.

Teresa gets his name, “Jesús” and asks him to make a stop before they go to the club.

Manuela doesn’t understand why she’s fired.

Willy’s like “Seriously, I am not in the mood to be fed the same lies again.”

Manuela keeps claiming she’s innocent, even when Jonathan shows her the transmitter she put on his shirt. She used him to find Teresa. She even called him from a gym to hide that she wasn’t in Washington.

Willy wants to know how she found out Teresa was in Mexico. He figures she was hoping by the time they found Teresa’s body, it would be too late. He points out the mark on her neck and asks why Teresa took pity on her.

So now Manuela switches tactics–wouldn’t they have done the same?

Jonathan demands she admit, in front of the boss, that she checked his phone.

In a flashback, we see that’s exactly what happened. She says the anger she’d been holding back since Veronica’s funeral all came back. Hate ruined her life.

Willy says they can’t hate. They have to follow the rules. And rule #1 is “Don’t sleep with your colleagues!” She was using Jonathan. And now he wants her to get lost and keep her mouth shut. If he finds out she’s passing along information about Teresa, he’ll kill her.

She whines that he’s leaving her out on the street because she has no savings.

Should’ve thought about that before.

Manuela excuses herself to answer a call on her cell phone and Jonathan puts a transmitter on the bottom of her bag. She picks it up before leaving, without saying anything to them about where she’s going.

Jonathan says the transmitter has a 2km range.

Willy doesn’t want to hear any more about Jonathan’s relationship with Manuela. He’d better get going.

Teresa has Jesús stop in front of a high-rise. Lupo calls, pretending to be innocent bumbling Francesco who just wants to help! He convinces her to stay on the phone long enough to trace the call and frickin’ smirks at his laptop.

Teresa tells Jesús to take her to the club now.

Sofia remembers Teresa talking about the element of surprise. Who hits first hits twice. Even an orange can help you. An orange, intelligence, and patience.

Sofia hears someone unlocking the door to her room and she dives into bed, saying she doesn’t feel well. She wants oranges. Morgana says she’s not a servant.

Lupo tells someone that Teresa stopped where one of her old businesses was. Epifanio gives him so order we don’t hear.

Morgana comes out of Sofia’s room doing a whiny imitation of Sofia saying she feels sick and wants oranges.

Lupo tells her to get the oranges and quit acting like she’s Sofia’s age.

Morgana starts cutting a couple of oranges in half and hopes she chokes on the seeds.

Jesús takes Teresa to Jadranka. She pays him off and asks him to wait for her, because she’s sure something’s not right here.

Inside the club, she ignores the two guards who were just outside and asks the cleaner where to find Oleg.

Some other guy says Oleg’s not around and invites her upstairs to Oleg’s office if she’s in the mood.

Teresa keeps insisting on talking to Oleg.

Flores chides Cayetana for not immediately telling them when she found Teresa.

She complains that she’s been waiting nine years for the Spanish justice system to do something. He doesn’t know the pain of a mother who loses her child. And what he showed her that day wasn’t the beautiful son she brought into the world.

Flores says he’s a parent too and he promises….

All she wants him to do is lock her up so that hopefully one of the other prisoners will give her the “justice” Flores hasn’t been able to.

Willy gets a call from Flores. He pretends Teresa’s still in witness protection.

Flores tells him she’s in Marbella and no one’s going to stop him from arresting her this time.

Jesús takes a look in Teresa’s bag and thinks he’s hit the jackpot. Teresa’s phone is ringing, so he answers it…Willy’s on the other end telling her to get the hell out of Marbella because the cops are coming for her.

Jesús focuses on “cops” and takes off.

Teresa’s still waiting to talk to Oleg, but instead she gets Siso. Um…that’s not in any way an acceptable substitution.

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