La Reina del Sur Monday 4/29/19 #2.5

Previously…Teresa went back to Spain. Manuela got fired. Jesús ditched Teresa at Jadranka.

Jonathan follows Manuela to a hospital. She visits her mother, who’s dying. Mama knows about Jonathan.

Manuela tells her mom she saw Teresa and it was like running a marathon. You think you can’t go on, but then you see the finish line, and you know everything will be worth it once you cross the line.

But no, Teresa’s not dead.

Mama says if you go looking for vengeance, you’d better buy two coffins.

Siso’s a talkative villain. I hate talkative villains. He’s still pissed off about “losing” half of the market and complains that his dad died humiliated, because he lost to a woman.

So for that Pedro had to die?

Hey, if Pedro had known she had her own personal cemetery he would have left her before going on the list. (Seriously, the first twenty times I listened to this I heard “tourista” en vez de “tu lista” and I could not for the life of me figure out what Siso was going on about.)

Teresa’s got room on the list for him and the two animals with him.

Siso keeps on talking and one of the cousins is like “Dude, do you like her or something?”

Teresa agrees. Siso likes her. He mumbles some more and the fight breaks out. Teresa gets her hands on a gun and ducks behind the bar. Siso gives her a choice–she can come out and stay in once piece or she can resist and come out in pieces.

Teresa has plans of her own. She throws two bottles of alcohol over the bar. One of them hits one of the cousins. And then she tosses a lighter and runs for the entrance.

Jesús didn’t leave after all, but he’s coming around the corner again. Teresa tells him to step on it, wipes her fingerprints off the gun with her purse, and throws it out the window. He wanted to meet La Reina del Sur? Well here she is.

In Washington, Manuela leaves her mom. She complains about having to make breakfast for Sergio, her nephew, even though he’s already 16. Mom wants her to promise she’ll take care of him.

Jesús pulls the cab over and explains that he was seriously going to rip her off, but then her cell phone started ringing and if there’s one thing he hates it’s the cops. Some guy named Willy called to warn her the cops were after her. And no, he didn’t say a word.

The back window explodes and Teresa tells him to get moving again.

Jesús drives through a commercial area with narrow alleys and the Pernas boys get stuck in one, with an SUV blocking them in.

Teresa thanks Jesús for saving her (*snort*). He says he liked the drive, even if his taxi is wrecked.

Teresa gives him the money to get it fixed. And then they’re off to their next destination.

They run into a police checkpoint and Jesús goes down another little alleyway and runs right into the Pernas. And gets shot! Damnit, we’ve gotta stop liking people so they don’t get killed!

Sofia’s rubbing orange peels on her feet. When Lupo comes in she says she doesn’t feel well. Lupo thinks she’s running a fever. Morgana says she’ll go out and get some herbs for a tea. Lupo goes looking for a thermometer.

A cop at the scene sends Flores video of Jesús the cab driver getting shot. He tells the cop to see if that guy had a record and send someone to inform the family. And then he sits there, looking at this video where maybe the bottom half of Teresa’s face is visible and he’s all “You’re f*cked!”

The Pernas boys take Teresa to a meat processing plant and say it’s time for her feast of San Martin (at which, apparently, much pork is eaten). Nine years ago, she had the Russians kill Xavi…

“Well, you put a bomb in my car! I would have been blown into a thousand pieces.”

And now they’re going to correct their error. With a meat grinder.

Sofia’s thirsty. While Lupo’s getting her a drink, she holds the thermometer up to the bedside lamp. It reads 41 C (which for us non-metric-using Americans is 105.8 F). Lupo doesn’t think herbs are gonna make that come down. He takes off and doesn’t lock the door.

As he’s out driving around, Lupo thinks about Sofia’s temperature again…and remembers walking out without locking the door.

Sofia’s checking all the doors for a way out.

We go back and forth between the meat grinder and Sofia. Sofia finds a cell phone and remembers a number her mom told her to memorize if they were ever separated.

But Teresa’s cell phone is on the floor while Teresa hangs and Siso and one of the cousins are busy laughing and singing.

Sofia hears Lupo coming back and runs back to her room. When he comes in, she complains that she’s dizzy and she feels awful.

This time, when he leaves the room to call the doctor, he does lock the door. But Sofia has the phone. Which is now unfortunately out of battery.

The cops start moving in on the building. Siso and the cousins talk about finding another way out. But Siso’s not willing to give up on killing Teresa. He hits the release button and watches her fall.

Sofia looks out the little window in her door. There’s a phone charger plugged into an outlet across the hallway. She tries to make her call again.

The frickin’ Pernas boys get away.

Morgana finally comes back to the house and Lupo says he’s going for the doctor. She assures him with her herbs Sofia will be fine before he gets back.

Siso calls during Cayetana’s dinner. He tells her Teresa’s dead. She wants details.

Siso says she died triturada (ground) and there’s no way the cops will recognize what’s left of her.

Cayetana’s ready to celebrate. She tells the servant to go get the best bottle of wine out of the cellar and three glasses, so the girls can celebrate with her.

She even calls Epifanio, in the middle of the night for him, to brag that Teresa Mendoza is dead. He looks panicked.

Alejandro’s busy in bed with someone or other and doesn’t answer Epifanio’s call.

So…did Teresa fall in the grinder? Yep, but she’s not dead. For a second I thought that was Flores with the grey hair, but it’s Abdelkader Chaib! He’s like “Hey, I’m happy to see you too!”

Abdelkader thought something was up when Teresa called and asked about doing business again. He’s had some guys keeping tabs on her. And he’s a General now, of the Royal Police of Morocco for the northern area.

Teresa starts picking up her purse as she complains that her return has been really crappy so far. She got her weapon taken away in Mexico. The Gallegos killed Pedro.

Chaib asks if he has to remind her about the list of the dead.

She says it left its mark on her, but the last nine years have been different. It’s not that she forgot the sound of bullets, just that she found peace with her daughter. She slept nights. And now she has to go back to the business for her. And the list is growing. And if her daughter ends up on it, Teresa will die too.

Chaib’s like “I didn’t know you had a kid.”

Oh, she’s got a lot to tell him.

He suggests they get out of there.

She asks about Oleg, but he lost track of him. The Russian president asked him to come back to Moscow. So what is she in the middle of?

Teresa says it’s something as big as the love she has for her daughter.

Well, Chaib thinks she needs a shower first.

Morgana brings in the tea for Sofia. She says it’ll bring down her fever.

Sofia takes the mug, but drops it, saying it was too hot.

While Morgana picks up the broken pieces, Sofia sneaks into the hallway and steals the phone charger.

Morgana’s making another mug of tea, but if Sofia spills this one, she’ll be licking it off the floor!

As soon as she’s gone, Sofia plugs in the phone charger and gets the phone working again.

Teresa and Chaib are headed somewhere. Does she really want to head into the lion’s den? She’d be tempting fate.

Teresa just can’t leave this loose end.

Sofia makes the call and Teresa knows it’s her. No one else has this number. Chaib’s like “Answer it!”

Sofia’s a little too upset to do much besides cry. Teresa tells her to breathe deep and don’t cry. Where is she?

Mexico, or so they said. She’s about to tell her Lupo’s the one who kidnapped her when Lupo walks in and grabs the phone. It’s Morgana’s phone, actually. Lupo smashes it and tells her they won’t need the doctor after all. And now Sofia’s going to find out why they call him “Lupo.”

Alejandro’s finally out of bed and hears Epifanio’s message. How does he know Teresa’s dead?

Because Cayetana told him. And his guys in Spain haven’t been able to find Teresa either. So it’s time for Plan B–shoot Bravo in the head.

Alejandro’s like “Don’t say that over the phone!”

Epifanio says his other line’s ringing and it’s the same number Teresa used.

Alejandro tells him to put it on 3-way and if the person on the other end says anything incriminating, Epifanio should just shut his mouth!

It’s Teresa on the other end, warning them that if her daughter managed to get her hands on a cell phone and call her, that’s THEIR pedo. She trained her daughter as if she’d been raised in Culiacan, got it? So if she hears that they punished Sofia for putting one over on them, they’re going to pay with their lives.

Epifanio says she’s being taken care of. And he can get Teresa a video tomorrow.

“Tomorrow my ass!” She tells him to go check on Sofia right now.

He’s like “It’s 5am” but ok, he’ll set something up and get Sofia to call her.

Alejandro interrupts and says he can’t allow that. They’re not going to be manipulated this way.

Teresa’s like “Who the fuck are you?!”

Alejandro says things are changing because every one of her requests is now going to have to be repaid in some way.

“Listen, pendejo, I have nothing to say to you. Epifanio, tell this guy to back off!”

Alejandro says she’s in no position to threaten or demand anything. Her daughter is being take care of, but they have no guarantee from Teresa. They know she’s in Spain, so when she gets back to Mexico to carry out what she was ordered to do, THEN she can talk to her daughter.

Epifanio hangs up on her.

Chaib offers her some advice. Those people can’t do anything to her daughter. They need Teresa. And she can’t be fighting two battles. Now, she asked him to bring her here (wherever “here” is) and he did. So does she want to concentrate on this battle now, or keep thinking about things she can’t do anything about.

Teresa agrees, they can’t do anything to her daughter. She starts walking through a field heading, presumably, for the Aljarafes’ bullring.

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Poor Jesus, may he rest in peace.

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This is the last episode I’ve watched and I am heartbroken. I was hoping he might be the new Pote.