Betty en NY Friday 4/26/19 #57

Previously on Betty: Sofia called Armando a cheapskate. Armando tried to give Betty an osito necklace, but he had to give it to Marcela instead. Catalina found a church and a wedding date for Armando and Marcela. Marcela invites herself along on a trip to Thompson’s country place when Armando was planning to take Betty. Ricky left Betty another gift.

Betty comes into her office to see a little bear. The card says “You are the owner of my heart.”

Armando comes in to check on Betty and apologizes for having to give Marcela the necklace. He gives her the card that was supposed to go with it and hey, can they talk now?

Um. No. She needs more time.

OK, then, can she come with him to this meeting with Thompson? Marcela’s going, but he promises she won’t attack Betty.

She’d rather not.

“But I neeeeeeeeed you!”

He can reach her by phone. She just wouldn’t feel comfortable with Marcela there.

Jenny’s still trying to rip Sofia’s head off. Smith and Hugo both show up and once they get a look at her, they act like it’s contagious. They literally run away.

In the workroom, Hugo tells Fabio and Inés that Jenny’s orange. He thinks it’s something she caught, but Inés says it’s obvious she put something on her skin.

Marcela comes in, having heard about the tragedy and promises Hugo she’ll find him another model, no matter the cost, and she won’t leave here until he’s happy with the model and the photos.

In Smith’s office Sofia gets to act innocent while Jenny’s freaking out and screaming at her. Sure she has no proof Sofia did it, but she has no proof she didn’t either!

Hugo wants a note from Jenny’s doctor saying this isn’t contagious or caused by radiation before she can come back to work. And at Sofia’s suggestion he also won’t let her come back until she’s completed an anger management course.

Why Jenny doesn’t get escorted off the premises is beyond me. She goes to complain to Giovas, who basically just tells her to be the pen that writes her own story. He keeps avoiding hugging or kissing her. But Jenny plants some kisses on his cheek and he scrubs those suckers off as quickly as he can!

In the bathroom, Pati’s laughing at the picture of Jenny and saying she looks like that presidential candidate–

Marce cuts her off and tells her to quit laughing. They had to hire another model, which was really expensive, and Marce’s missing a meeting out in the country.

Pati asks if she isn’t sure Armando’s going with another woman.

Nah, he’s going with Ricky and Beatriz.

A woman is still a woman.

And Beatriz is still Beatriz. They joke about how even if she were the last woman on earth, Armando would rather “become” gay with Hugo first (seriously, they know it’s not contagious, right?).

Betty was in the bathroom and she heard the whole thing. She tries to look all devious, but she’s too cute.

In Armando’s office, Ricky’s explaining that even though hiring another model is expensive, it’s still less expensive than cancelling the shoot and still having to pay the photographer and the production team. Marcela’s already taken the lead on hiring the model and Ricky’s going to stay behind and support her. So Armando and Betty get their romantic getaway after all.

But Betty said she didn’t want to go–

Betty walks in and tells Armando she’ll go with him. ‘Cause it’s her job.

Armando tells her to get ready–they’re leaving soon.

Ricky’s all “She wants you!”

In the workroom, Marcela’s still reassuring Hugo while they wait for the model. Ricky shows up first, telling Marcela he would never leave her alone like this.

Uh, her or the model?

The model walks in and gosh, she looks just like Jenny! Except for taller. More poised. Graceful. Not running her mouth obnoxiously. Hugo declares them ready to start.

In the break room, the Pelotón are trying to get Sofia to admit it was her. Aura Maria says she just wants to know who did it so she can pay her respects on such an ingenious move.

Thompson forbids Armando from bringing Betty to another meeting. He always ends up losing when she’s at the negotiating table. He hopes Armando knows she’s the most valuable member of his team. And if they ever mistreat her, Betty knows where to find him!

Armando’s like “No one’s ever stealing her from me!”

They say goodbye to Thompson and get in Armando’s car.

Sandra’s training with one of her brothers. La Pantera posted on Facebook that she’s partying tonight at the pool hall on 8th.

Oh yeah? Well, Sandra’s going. She doesn’t usually go out, but tonight she wants to.

The photo shoot is done and Marcela is exhausted. She tells Ricky that Armando’s on his way back and it sounds like it went well. She wants to wait for him, but it’s going to be hours.

Ricky invites her out for a drink.

Sandra gets to the pool hall and gets a few stares. She tells one guy she’s not looking to hook up tonight. (Emphasis on “tonight”?) Wilson and La Pantera are dancing at the bar and they both look kind of embarrassed when Sandra interrupts them.

As Armando drives them back, he tells Betty he’s sorry he didn’t take her home last night.

It’s fine. She got the message. And she knew the necklace was for her.

Armando offers to buy another one, but she says he doesn’t have to. And besides, Marcela might notice.

So maybe now’s a good time to talk about what happened on her birthday. (Damn, Armando, that’s not for you to say!) He whines about wanting to know why she rejected him like that.

At a bar, Ricky and Marcela toast to the catalog. Ricky toasts to her. They couldn’t have done it without her.

Marcela disagrees–they couldn’t have done it without the new model.

Ricky says Marcela could have done it, but yeah, why humiliate all the other models.

Marcela says she knows why they’re really here.

Armando keeps bugging Betty for an answer. And he won’t accept “It wasn’t the right time” or “These things just happen.” And of course it’s nothing to do with him, or con Nicolas.

Before they can continue the conversation they both smell something burning and the car just stops running.

And wouldn’t you just know that neither of their cell phones can get a signal.

I’m glad Ricky asked what Marcela meant, because I wasn’t sure. She says he’s trying to be her friend.

Well, yeah. It’s better for all of them to be friends since she’s marrying Armando.

Marcela agrees. Plus she has fun when she’s with Ricky.

The fun is interrupted by Pati. Marcela wants them to make up. Pati forgives Ricky.

Um, no, Ricky forgives Pati. And he orders her a double.

La Pantera’s not letting Sandra ruin her evening. She pulls Wilson away from the bar to keep dancing. Sandra does shots.

Betty and Armando are still walking. He’s convinced there must be “something” up ahead (which I’m guessing he’s been saying for hours now).

Ricky. Pati. Marcela. Drinks. She can’t get Armando on the phone. Ricky tries Betty and can’t get her either. He’s sure they just lost signal on the highway and they’ll get it back when they get into town.

Pati asks for a plastic cup to take her drink to go. “What? It’s proven that if I don’t drink it, they will!”

And now it’s raining. This is what Armando gets for asking what else could go wrong. But they find a cabin. It’s not occupied and Armando’s determined to get inside.

There’s no electricity.

Marcela’s still not able to get Armando on the phone. And even if he and Betty stopped for food they should still be back by now. But she keeps getting an out-of-range message on Armando’s phone. And Betty’s too. Even her GPS tracker app can’t find them.

But Marcela has an idea of who might know. And Pati’s coming with her.

Armando’s proud of himself for actually getting the fire started. He finds some blankets in a drawer and starts getting out of his wet clothes. He tells Betty to do the same and says he won’t look, but he looks anyway. (Not cool, bro.)

Sofia gets home and flings her shoes into the living room. Efrain starts yelling at her about Jenny and that he knows she did it bla bla bla good thing the dermatologist said it wouldn’t last or Sofia would be going to jail and he wouldn’t lift a finger to get her out.

You know…Sofia’s impressed that after having been married to him all these years and giving birth to two children it really didn’t hit her until just right now what a piece of trash he is. If he wants to insult her, he might as well go ahead, because she’s not hurt. It’ll just help to get rid of the last few crumbs of love and compassion she has left for him. And the hole in her heart is SO BIG anyone who’s looking to fill it would be able to do it like THAT!

And now Sandra’s drinking straight from the bottle. She’s fantasizing that she came on to Wilson, but she’s just sitting in a corner being drunk.

Pantera says Sandra’s not even funny anymore, but her drunken state is her own problem. How about she and Wilson get out of here and she’ll take him to her favorite place and then he can take her to his.

Yeah, see, he can’t leave a coworker like this.

Is he seriously ditching this Pantera with tropical blood and curves, a gift from Harlem to all humanity.

Um. Kinda yeah.

OK, she’s outtie. And when she picks up her purse I realize Sandra’s UNDER the bar. ¡Ay, pobre de Sandra!

Wilson picks her up and throws her over one shoulder, which never seems like a good idea to me when someone’s drunk, but whatever.

Back at the cabin, Armando’s teasing Betty. Did she think he was useless?

Well, no, just…more urban? A fresita (spoiled rich kid).

Armando says he’s not! Sometimes he takes the subway and eats street tacos and goes skydiving. If he wasn’t hungry he’d think they were having a great time. And so he thinks this is a good time to tell him what happened at the hotel. (Damnit, Armando, shut up!)

Betty finally seems ready to tell him, and thinks he needs to know.

She was going out with a popular guy in high school. He asked for homework help and she even helped with his university admissions applications. And she thought she was lucky when he asked her to go to the prom. But Freddy had it all planned out.

Flashback: Betty and Freddy had both been drinking. Freddy took it for granted they’d be having sex and set up a camera.

Demetrio’s been trying to call Betty and getting sent to voicemail. Even Julia’s worried. They think it might be her when someone knocks on the door, but it’s Marcela.

Betty tells Armando she wanted to get away, but she just froze (which is a completely normal reaction) and prayed it would be over quickly. But the worst part was listening to him laughing with his friends and demanding his $500 for sleeping with “the ugliest girl in school.” I don’t even get what the rest of his boasting was about. Sorry. I don’t speak “rapist.”

When they realized Betty was in the hallway they ran off.

He showed everyone the video and it made him the coolest guy and her the biggest joke.

Armando doesn’t know what to do. Betty asks him to hold her. She can’t understand why there are people so evil. Why did he do that? Is she so insignificant?

Armando says she’s not.

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