La Mujer del Vendaval #132

Val, Emiliano and the Web of Lies.
Haven’t you noticed that Marcela likes you as more than a friend?

Marcela Morales, Trusting Dope.
Nope laughs Alba just a noble soul, cheer up Al can’t be that bad.

I’m Sure Its Nothing
Oct tells Silvana that even though Luc says he’s just meeting up with his golf buddies to hang out he’s really trying to get their approval for a hotel he wants to build in SBP. Where Valeria lives now. No worries though, its surely just a coincidence, but Oct thought she should give Sil a heads up that Luc’s entering the danger zone, even though she’s sure its nothing serious.

Every Man For Himself, And Save the Money!
Severo thinks he’s got to escape before all his money goes bye bye. On that note, Nisa calls ML to tell her the transfer went through. ML is very happy to hear that but when Nisa wants to talk about her problems ML starts crumpling paper by the phone to pretend the connection’s gone bad. Not very convincingly.

Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be
Cami is down because the flowers didn’t works and he’s out of cash
Cuchi’s upset because the flowers didn’t work and he can’t afford jewels
Gordo’s pretty sanguine about the whole thing.

Ultimatums R Us
Al calls Oct to finish their convo. They’re not going to be building a hotel, but he’ll give her all his shares in the Toscana to pay the debt.
Um, no, all Oct wants now is to get free of his family business, so he better either giver what she wants or get her money.
Or she’ll have to take drastic measures! And she hangs up before he can ask what measures.

Marcela came out in time to hear Al offer his shares to Oct, so she agrees to see a different doctor if it’ll make him feel more secure
Al just wants them to be able to trust each other.

A New Team?
Silvana calls Nestor into her office to asks if Luc has been going to SBP lately. Just today that Nestor knows of. Sil asks him to keep an eye out and let her know if Luc goes back, and not to let Luc know that they’re watching him.

When Luc gets back later that night, Sil asks how Luc’s trip to Monterrey went. Luc comes clean that he didn’t go to Monterrey, he’s got a secret project he had to go check on.
And then when Sil asks if Luc still loves her he swears he does. Forever. (arrgh. )

Pipe Dreams
Al tells Cris to sell all his assets so he can pay Octavia. Cris tries to tell Al he’s throwing good money after bad, but Al doesn’t care, he make El V profitable again and make it all back. Cris says Al’s in denial, all this is just another excuse not to leave Marcela, cause no matter what he says, Al loves Marcela more than he hates her.
Al says Cris is in denial too, about Alba.

Marcela sifts through her memories of Al. She tells Alba Al was willing to give up his shares for her home, and Alba says this just proves Al’s not such a bad guy. Listen to your heart, you know its never lied to you.
Alba tells Marcela about the ruckus between Cris and Amadeo and how she still can’t figure out which one she loves. Marcela enjoys the comic relief. (as do we all.)

Emil and his memories and fantasies spend some time

Maria Laura wants to be supermodel. What?! Are you calling her short? Ok maybe being an actress would be better. Al hatches a plan where ML goes to work in Vals clothing boutique while she studies acting or fashion maybe – away from him. ML is less than enthused.

All Part of The Plan
Oct calls up Timo to tell him that the architect will come to see El V tomorrow to plan the bldg she’s gonna build on her part of the ranch. She wants him to go tell the folks at the ranch that he sold his part of it to her.
Timo would kinda rather not be giving that news in person, he’s concerned about his personal safety. Oct insists and he caves of course.

Severo is upset with ML taking money out of his account already, but Maria Laura’s filial love has a price and so does her silence. (did she just tell him mess with the bull, get the horns? Yikes) Severo thinks how he must escape and ML locks him in because she realizes he’s gonna try to escape.

Al watches Marcela hand out bread to the kids. He’s trying to understand her, but the more he tries the more lost he gets. Cris gets it. Sagrario invites them in for supper.
But everybody leaves the table early when Sagrario starts asking questions.

Lencho listens to the phone while Timo tells him about Eulogio’s betrayal. It all sounds pretty similar to Lencho’s situation and he’s filled with guilt. Oct comes over in a black nightie when he hangs up.

Stubbornness Abounds
Cris and Alba argue in the garden in the romantic moonlight about him and her and Amadeo, but when she looks him in the eyes and tells him her feelings for him are gone, as per his request, he doesn’t believe her.

Amadeo lies in his bed and wishes his lies about Alba and him were true.

Al makes an appointment with a doctor for Marcela so there won’t be any excuses to see Emiliano

Marcela talks to Huracan about her sutbborn heart, still filled with love for Al. (whoa is she trying to make Huracan jealous or something? being all, oh I love him the mostest.)

Al sits up in bed waiting for Marcela, he wants to talk to her about crops (right) but she just wants to take a shower and avoid another confrontation. She goes in the bathroom and Al stays in bed and they both separately wish they could go back to the way they were before, and forget all that they know now.

Hunger Strike Central
July is camped out outside the mayor’s office with her signs making a shelter for her sleeping bag. Eulogio comes with a tent he bought her. July’s worried about Eulogio spending money on her when he just lost his job, but Eulogio is more worried about her catching a cold from exposure trying to help him. And she doesn’t have to worry, he’ll stand guard outside all night. Nothing doing, says July, he can stay in the tent with her. Wow! Lets get that tent set up!
Eulogio says nobody’s ever done anything like this for him so he’s in the hunger strike for as long as she is. (they’re already talking longingly about food after less than a day, I’m thinking this won’t be a long strike) July says nobody’s ever stood up to Don T for her before either, for any reason. She thinks Eulogio is pretty special, and he obviously loves her. They lay down in their sleeping bags side by side looking in each other’s eyes to sleep.

The next morning Timo finally notices there’s a protest going on outside his office. When he tries to have his guys take down July’s protest signs, July and Eulogio emerge from the tent to tell him he can’t infringe their free speech like that. Don T says he’ll infringe whatever he darn well wants to.

Al tells Marcela he’s gotten her an appointment with a specialist in the city today, so they’ll need to travel to the capital to see him. She says fine whatever, buth he’s pretty soon gonna see how inconvenient it is to have to go to a doctor so far away.

Plotting Central
Oct tells Mauro what she’s been up to and about Al’s surprise offer. All she wants now is to bankrupt the Toscana chain so obvious she doesn’t want Al’s shares, but she will start building her new empire right across the entrance to El V.

Emiliano calls Marcela to hear how she’s reacting to the treatment. She tells him what’s been going on since she saw him last, and since Al offered his inheritance to save hers she has to trust him again. Cause he’s her world. And Emil is crestfallen, and skeptical about why Oct wouldn’t accept the shares.

Al visits the grave to get the report from the kid he’s got spying on it. Nobody’s been there, even Marcela. He tells the kid to keep watching.

Severo has discovered he’s locked in when he tries to leave and he’s livid
When ML comes to bring his breakfast he attacks her from behind!
She screams and struggles.
(And we don’t get to know what happens till next time)

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth! I love how well ML knows her dad even if she didn’t grow up with him. Hell yeah she’s gonna lock him in!

I definitely think Huracan is a better boyfriend than Al.

1 year ago

Nope. Never.