Betty en NY Monday 4/29/19 #58

Previously on Betty: Birthday sex did not happen. Armando obsessed about why. A meeting with Thompson and a problem with the catalog shoot gave Betty and Armando alone time. Armando’s car broke down. He and Betty got caught in the rain. Armando did a little B&E at an isolated cabin. Betty finally told Armando about the most popular guy in school raping her and recording a video.

Armando’s sorry for all of it. For what happened and all the tears and the lies and for being a guy and hurting women.

Betty wonders if he feels sorry for her, but Armando says he’s furious and he doesn’t know how to undo the damage.

Betty’s like “Why are you looking at me like you love me?” It’s hard for her to believe it considering she’s always been everyone’s joke. The feeling of being an outsider doesn’t go away so easily.

Armando says she’s special, got it? Marvelous and incredible and…apparently kissable.

Pati’s getting tired of waiting in the car for Marce. She gets out and she’s immediately surrounded by the Mean Boys. She screams at them and whacks them with her purse until they leave.

Inside, Marce’s just chilling with Betty’s parents, having a hot beverage and saying they’ve all gotta stay calm.

Pati bangs on the door and Marce jumps up, thinking it’s Betty. She’s shrieking about having seen “them.” You know, her killers.

Marce’s like “Betty’s parents and I are worried because we don’t know where Betty or Armando are.” She introduces Pati as Armando’s secretary and Pati goes into her “three semesters at TUI” or DUI or whatever. (Maybe she’s really confused and she got a DUI and spent three semesters going to defensive driving classes?)

Demetrio’s thinking they should check the hospitals, but Marce tells him Armando has a card in his wallet saying to call her in case of an emergency, so she doesn’t think they’re at a hospital.

Pati’s like “I hope they’re still alive.”

Betty and Armando are getting horizontal in front of the fire. He says nothing’s going to happen that she doesn’t want to happen. (An excellent policy.) He’s not kissing her because today’s women have the right to initiate the fun stuff, so if she wants a kiss, she’s gonna have to come get it. (Get it, Betty!)

Show, you’re killing me with all this cutting back to Betty’s living room! They can’t go to the cops because it hasn’t been 48 hours yet.

Pati suggests calling Nicolas, which no one else sees a reason for.

And then she asks what she’s smelling and her stomach growls audibly.

It’s tamales. Julia made them for when Betty came back from work. Does Pati want one?

Pati says yes, but Marcela says no–they’re leaving. Pati asks for a tamale to go. Demetrio hands Marcela his card, in case she hears anything. If anything happened to Betty, he thinks he’d die.

And we’re back to the cabin and the fire and Betty and Armando.

I’m sure this is not the anything Demetrio was worried would happen. Pero de que está happening, está happening.

Betty lets Armando take her glasses off.

Sandra’s still whacking Wilson’s butt to get him to go faster. He drops her on her front steps while he looks for her keys and then begs her to wake up so he can take her up to her room.

Sandra says she’s gotta tell him some stuff…she’s been feeling for a long time what she’s going to say….

And then she pukes.

Nicolas comes over to Betty’s wondering what’s going on. He saw Armando’s fiancée leaving here with…some girl.

Julia and Deme tell him Betty and Armando are missing. Demetrio wants to call the cops or go to the police station, but his blood pressure goes up. Nico gets him to rest while Julia goes to find his pills.

Betty is characterizing this rustic sexual experience as “died and went to heaven.” Yes, Armando, that’s a good thing. She can almost hear the angels singing. Is it always like this?

Um, no. Sometimes it’s explosive. Sometimes it’s a disaster. But they got lucky. This time was unique.

And now Betty trusts him completely and knows he’d never deceive her.

Armando’s conscience kicks in finally and he remembers Ricky saying after he slept with Betty she’d do anything for him. Yeah, you sit there and feel guilty, bro.

Armando’s still awake after Betty falls asleep. He calls himself the worst guy in the world. (Maybe not the worst…but pretty bad.)

Ricky comes over to pick up Marce so they can go looking for Armando. Pati wasn’t going to go, but now she’s got this “Who’s the better best friend” competition going with Ricky. He’s thrilled she’s coming along.

Sandra’s at work. And she’s hungover. Wilson asks what’s the last thing she remembers.

“Everything.” She wasn’t that drunk.

No? She wasn’t drunk when she was giving a chair a lap dance? And people were getting video? Or when she told him she had to tell him something she’d been hiding for a long time…and then threw up on him.

Sandra says he probably deserved it.

“What for?!”

“See? Who’s the one who doesn’t remember? Who’s the one who was drunk last night?” She tells him to let her get to work.

Ricky’s still driving. Pati lectures him about how you have to treat a car like a woman…and now she gets why he drives the way he does. Armando and Betty are probably back in the city and here they are driving around looking for them!

Ricky actually thinks that makes sense. And Marcela has a cell signal again, so she calls V&M.

Well, actually she calls Mariana’s cell. Missing? Uh, nope she hasn’t seen Armando or Betty or heard from them…she’ll check. She asks the Pelotón if any of them have heard from Armando or Betty. “Nobody here knows anything…Not a word to anyone….” The call gets disconnected.

And of course las chismosas del Pelotón HAVE to know what’s going on.

Mariana insists she doesn’t know anything.

OK, then…Berta grabs her cell phone, puts it on speaker and calls…

Betty’s house. Julia’s too nervous to answer it, so Demetrio does. Has his daughter  shown up yet?

Um. No. When was the last time he heard from her? What highway were they taking? Had they been drinking?

Mariana takes the phone away, takes it off speaker and says they’ll let him know if they hear anything. She scolds Berta for calling like that when Betty’s parents are so worried.

Hey, she’s just trying to recreate Betty and Armando’s final hours. The early clues are vital to finding them alive. And now she’s off to continue her investigation.

Pati’s the one who sees Armando’s car on the side of the road.

Armando wakes up, looks at Betty, looks guilty for a second before he starts smiling.

Someone knocks on the cabin door. At least it’s not Marcela and co. It’s some guy asking if they broke the window and totally commiserating with Armando when he says his car broke down and they didn’t have another choice. Random dude understands “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do ‘specially for the sake of his woman.” He offers them a ride into town to a mechanic.

Marcela and co. are now on the same road Betty and Armando took before it rained. Pati complains about her feet and her empty stomach. Marcela thinks they should call Armando’s parents. Ricky doesn’t. (And it’s not like they can get a signal anyway.)

Back at V&M Sofia’s wondering if maybe Armando and Betty got kidnapped. Inés: “That doesn’t happen in this country.”

And where’s Pati?

Aura Maria says if Pati and Betty are both not here, who’s going to manage Armando’s appointments?

Sandra says she’ll call and cancel all Armando and Ricky’s appointments.

Berta’s got bad news. Her first theory is that they hit a deer in the road and got trapped in the car. Her second theory is that Armando lost control of the car because the brakes went out and they sunk in a lake, which is why they don’t have a signal.

Inés thinks they should be thinking positive and they’ll be back soon.

Betty and Armando made it to town, the tow truck is on the way to get his car, and their table at the restaurant is loaded with French toast, pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Betty wants to call her parents, but Armando begs her to leave it for after breakfast.

Betty’s all “I love you” and smooching him in public and I’m trying not to think about Marcela walking in there.

Hugo’s looking at the catalog photos and saying if he’d taken them with Jenny, they’d all have the head cut off.

He wants to take the photos to show them to Marcela and Armando, but Inés breaks it to him that neither of them is here. Armando went to a meeting yesterday with Betty and no one knows what happened to them.

Hugo says “that reptile” kidnapped him.

Fabi excuses himself to take a call…from Romi. She’s in town.

Jenny’s going to paint Sofia’s room orange.

Armando’s talking about what a great night he had and how he always has fun with Betty.

And then Ricky walks in and hisses a warning at him. Armando jumps into the chair across from Betty. Marcela comes in, all “Armando? Armando!” And then Pati comes in and I seriously thought she’d be all “PANCAKES!” but no.

So they invade Betty and Armando’s breakfast and Pati’s being all insulting and Betty’s just staring at Marcela and Armando like her mood just flipped completely, which we all totally understand. Betty borrows Ricky’s phone to call her parents while Pati and Marce laugh at the idea of Armando having to spend the night with “the gargoyle.”

Demetrio and Julia are relieved that Betty’s OK. Nico convinces Julia to go check Deme’s blood pressure so he can ask Betty if she was with Armando and whether they had sex.

Mariana tells the Pelotón that Betty and Armando have resurfaced. His car broke down in a small town.

So now, Aura Maria can rewrite the evening…well, almost exactly as it happened. Although Inés is like “Betty’s a very decent woman! She would never!”

Fabi meets Romina at a restaurant. She’s pregnant and she’s got the ultrasound to prove it.

Marcela’s talking about wedding arrangements. At the breakfast table. Marcela talks about “news” and immediately Pati asks if she’s pregnant.

Ricky, who’s probably at least as annoyed as Betty, snaps at her that not every woman has to get pregnant to snag a man.

Armando lets Marcela deliver the news that Catalina found a venue and they’ll get married in two months.

And now it’s Pati’s turn for an unpleasant surprise–she’s not the wedding planner anymore. She throws a tantrum and gets up from the table, leaving all the food behind. Which is how you know she’s really upset.

Marcela rudely asks Betty if she’s not going to congratulate her.

Armando jumps in to say Betty’s tired and she had a bad night.

Betty gives Marcela bland congratulations.

And then Pati decides she can’t let all this food go to waste, but she never wants to talk to Marcela again!

Fabio doesn’t think it’s his baby, but Romina says she has proof.

Inés shows Hugo a picture of one of her grandkids. Hugo thinks she’s ugly, but he could design clothes that would make her the best dressed kid in New York. He could pretend he was designing for his own kid.

Inés thought he and Fabi were going to adopt. What happened with that?

Every time Hugo brings it up, Fabi changes the subject.

La Pantera emails Sandra a video of her drinking last night. She splits before the Pelotón can see it. But Berta’s already sniffing out the chisme. She thinks Sandra’s hung over and if she didn’t invite them to go party with her last night, then who did she go out with?

Fabi’s not going to throw away everything he’s been working on with Hugo. They’re not having another child.

Romina insists she’s having this one.

And Fabi insists it won’t be born…and she knows what he’s capable of.

Pati’s screaming about how she was ALWAYS going to be Marce’s wedding planner, from the time they were 9 and they were going to marry an Italian millionaire! Betty’s just staring at her like she’s wondering how Pati could possibly be having a worse day than she is.

Ricky eventually interrupts Pati to tell her nobody wants to hear this.

Marcela says Catalina got the cathedral–does Pati know what this means?!

Yeah, that Pati doesn’t matter to her. Pati tells Betty to take note–this is how everyone behaves when they’re getting married. They forget their BFFs.

Well, fine, if Pati’s so anxious to help, Marce says she can help Catalina with the invitations. There are gonna be like, a thousand guests. She starts listing what all groups of people are invited.

Betty snaps. She can’t take this anymore!

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