Betty en NY Tuesday 4/30/19 #59

Previously on Betty: Armando and Betty had sex and Armando felt guilty. Ricky, Marce, and Pati interrupted a lovely breakfast. Marce bragged about having a wedding date and Pati screamed about not being Marce’s wedding planner. Betty just couldn’t take it!

Yep, she can’t take it, she has to get back to her family. Everyone but Pati follows her out and Pati gets ready to make those pancakes her new BFF…but wait, they already paid the check, right?

Betty gets home. Demetrio’s all weird about Armando needing to buy insurance for her before going on a trip like that? I have no idea why he thinks that would help. Nico’s being a jerk about “Where’d you and your boss spend the night, Betty?”

At Armando’s apartment, he and Ricky are already drinking. Armando doesn’t want to talk about what happened, so Ricky makes some guesses and he’s wrong about every one. Armando didn’t get drunk, he didn’t look at the picture of the model, and he didn’t use the magic pill.

Ricky’s going on and on about how Armando’s his hero, but Armando’s angry. So it’s “over” now, huh? Ricky thinks so. They’ll just let Betty pull V&M out of the hole and then Armando can get the company back. He won’t have to sleep with her again…at least, Ricky doesn’t think so.

Marce’s getting tired of listening to Pati whine about money. Pati switches to her other track–Armando was lying and she’s sure it has something to do with “the other woman.” Sure, the car actually did break down and there was no cell signal, but dudes have their ways. She can torture Betty to find out.

Marce looks tempted.

Nico is in agreement with Pati. Someone’s lying and he thinks it’s Betty. So she went to a meeting with her boss, the car broke down, they spent the night together, and now she has a day off in the middle of the week? Did she have…shall we say…beautiful sexual relations with Armando?

Daniel’s at V&M because he’s not playing golf and it’s a day that ends in “y.” He wants Pati to find out everything she can about Nicolas. And he’ll pay her for it.

Berta corners Sofia in the breakroom to demand that Sofia tell her what’s the deal with Charlie.

Sofi denies that there’s anything going on. Plus she’s married. There’s a sacrament involved!

Berta thinks that just adds a little flavor to the sin.

Charlie’s Efrain’s best friend!

Which makes him the perfect guy to cheat with.

But no, because Sofia doesn’t have a sick, twisted mind like Berta.

So she’s saying she doesn’t like Charlie?

No, she doesn’t like him…she loves him!

Excellent! So, uh, how’s the car crashing going?

Sofia says he’s got an extended cab truck with no brakes.

Ricky’s trying to pull Armando out of his funk, but Armando comes up with the solution himself…he’ll just boot up his old cell phone full of women’s phone numbers and they’ll go out and party like the old days. (*snort* Good luck with that.)

Nico keeps pushing Betty, trying to get her to realize that Armando’s just using her to save the company and/or be their scapegoat when things get worse. Betty tells him to back off. Armando’s not a bad person, he’s just trying to save his and his family’s company and she’s sticking with him until the end.

Armando and Ricky are calling all the women they want to invite to the party. Armando complains that Marcela’s taking over his life and Betty’s taking over his company. He’s not going to be Marcela’s perfect husband or Betty’s perfect boyfriend.  He just wants to forget about V&M tonight.

Nico won’t let up. He tells Betty Marcela was there yesterday, talking to her parents. She’s not stupid. And she’s gorgeous–he thinks so, the newspapers think so, and Betty?

Betty tells him to finish his sentence. She’s the most ugly woman in Jackson Heights? Even if she is, Armando loves her and he’s going to break up with Marcela for her.

Nico gets a laugh out of that. He quotes Shakira–she’s bruta, ciega, sorda, y muda. But he’s got insurance for her. He has Armando’s letter.

In Marcela’s office, Daniel complains about running into Betty and Nico at lunch. He’s worried that Armando’s giving Betty too much power.

Marcela tells him not to worry–Betty’s getting fired after the next board meeting.

Nico shows Betty a picture on his cell phone to prove he’s got the letter. She wants him to erase it? OK, it’s erased from his cell phone, but he can always take another picture later, because he has the letter.

Betty wants it back.

Well, he’s not returning it until she quits V&M and gets her mind back.

She threatens not to speak to him again if he doesn’t return it.

Then he’ll just have to respect that because that letter is the only way to keep her from going to jail.

Party time isn’t going how Ricky anticipated. He has to be the one to call a halt to a group selfie and remind everyone not to put anything online today. He doesn’t know who Armando is, but he’s not the old Armando. Subtext: you’re acting like a tool, bro.

Sofia gets home to an empty house. She tells Berta she’s gonna go upstairs and have a nice long bath and some red wine.

Armando’s flirting obnoxiously and somewhat desperately with the brunette with the anchor tattoo…and behind the bar, a photographer is capturing this special moment for posterity.

She wants to continue the party at her place and Armando’s all over it…but Ricky pulls him away. Armando’s had his break and he thinks it’s about time to end the outing. Tomorrow he has to get back to keeping Betty and Marcela happy.

Armando’s all grumpy about everyone telling him what to do and a call from Marcela doesn’t help. Ricky suggests he sneak out the back, but Armando’s all “You’re not my babysitter! I can do it myself!”

Marcela nearly resorts to using the GPS app to find Armando, but talks herself out of it.

OK, when Jenny said she would paint Sofia’s room orange, I thought she was going to paint the walls. Instead it looks like a faux finish from hell and it’s all over everything.

When Sofia gets downstairs, Efrain and Jenny have just gotten home. Sofia screams at them and says she’s going to kill Jenny. She painted the room AND her clothes orange.

Efrain’s trying to keep Sofia from getting to Jenny and all of a sudden, Sofia passes out.

Efrain tells Jenny to get the phone and call 911.

She picks up one of the boys’ game controllers.

Armando gets to Betty’s house in time to see Patricia walking up to the front door…well, after she looks in the window and freaks out Demetrio.

When Deme invites her in, Pati says she was going to return the tupper the tamales were in…but there was an accident and a coladera (drain) and it just grabbed the tupper and swallowed it.

To compound the horror, Demetrio takes Pati to Betty’s bedroom. I just don’t understand him sometimes.

Berta gets to the hospital, where Charlie’s waiting by himself. He says Sofia’s fine, they gave her a sedative, and she’s sleeping.

Berta assumed Efrain is responsible for whatever happened to Sofia, but Charlie says it was Jenny. She painted Sofia’s room and her clothes orange to get back at her for something Sofia had done. But Jenny and Efrain aren’t there–an ambulance brought Sofia and they went to pick up the kids. And he called Charlie to come be with Sofia.

Charlie wants to know what Sofia did to Jenny.

After swearing him to secrecy, Berta says she put merthiolate in Jenny’s self-tanning lotion and turned her orange.

Charlie doesn’t think it’s funny. Sofia’s gotta stop doing that stuff!

Berta says Sofia’s really suffering.

He knows. Efrain’s already gone too far, taking his lover to live in the same house.

“But at least she’s got you. Don’t pretend–I know everything and I’m the president of your fan club.”

True. Get your own fan club card at Imgflip.

At the gym, Sandra confronts Pantera for sending out the video of Sandra drunk.

Pantera complains about Sandra ruining her date.

Sandra asks if Wilson’s Pantera’s “free” (apparently something like FWB).

What difference does it make? Unless Sandra likes him….

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Demetrio’s inflicting Pati on Betty in retaliation for having to spend time with Pati yesterday. Betty just keeps staring at Pati like she’s wondering if this is a nightmare or Pati’s really here.

Nobody believes Pati’s here to make friends with Betty, so let’s not even talk about Pati putting her deceitful hands on Cuquito and skip to the part where Doña Julia brings in snacks. ‘Cause I’m sure Pati’s reaction to the food is genuine.

After an awkward conversation about Pati being Marce’s BFF and not really having to work because her ex husband gave her so much money, Pati thinks it’s time to go. But if Doña Julia could pack up the snacks for her…and does she have another tamal? Pati swears she’ll bring back the tupper this time.

Charlie admits to Berta that he’s always admired Sofia. And he does think it was funny to turn Jenny orange, but it’s dangerous. Sofia’s either going to make herself sick or end up in jail.

Berta asks if he loves her.

He says he does. A lot. Sofia’s his friend, but he doesn’t know what to call this relationship. He’s not sure it’s real because Sofia’s hurting and alone and because he’s been alone for years. Maybe this is just two lonely people getting together, or maybe it’s real. So he’s not gonna get his hopes up. The whole thing could crash and burn.

Berta doesn’t think so. They’re adults and they know what they want. At the very least she gives them her blessing and declares herself the madrina of this romance.

Charlie’s glad Berta approves, but he doesn’t know if it’s a romance yet. Sofia’s still married to Efrain.

Well, Berta wants him to encourage Sofia to divorce Efrain already. He needs to start believing what they feel is real, because they could be so happy together.

Betty and Armando are both reminiscing about their time at the cabin. But when she tries to call him, he ignores the call.

When he gets home, Marcela starts in on him ignoring her calls and Armando just grabs her and kisses her…but he’s having some technical difficulties in bed. Armando’s all “I don’t know why I can’t,” but I’m sure we do.

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