Betty en NY Wednesday 5/1/19 #60

Previously on Betty: Nico still has Armando’s letter. Armando tried to party with Ricky like they used to and ignored calls from Marcela and Betty all night. Armando had performance issues with Marcela.

Nothing good ever starts with “Promise you won’t be mad.” Julia thinks something is up with Betty and she thinks the something has to do with Armando.

Sofia wakes up in the hospital and starts remembering what happened. She’s all set to go commit Jennycide, but Charlie says she’s not going anywhere until they check her blood pressure. If she doesn’t want to leave the kids without a mother or let Jenny and Efrain win, she’s going to have to listen to him for once!

Fabi gets home and finds Hugo waiting for him by the door. He says he knows everything and steps aside to reveal Romina.

Armando’s having a drink. Marcela tries to reassure him, saying it happens to everyone and hey, it’s probably a result of spending the night with Betty! (If you only knew….) Armando wants some alone time, so Marce says she’ll go back upstairs and wait for him.

Betty’s offended at the question. She repeats all of Nico’s earlier arguments–Marcela’s beautiful and she’s Betty, la fea de Jackson Heights. A man like Armando wouldn’t go for her.

Julia thinks he would. Whether Betty believes it or not, everything she does Julia has already been there, done that, got the t-shirt. It’s not right to fall in love with someone else’s man, but en el corazón no se manda and Julia thinks Betty’s corazón is going at full speed with no brakes. And yeah, she thinks Betty would take Marcela’s novio if she could. Is she in love with Armando?

Romina told Hugo half-truths. She’s pregnant and the baby’s father doesn’t even want her to have the baby and Fabi’s angry that she won’t tell him the father’s name.

Well, Hugo says she can count on them both and tells them to hug it out already.

Pantera makes sure to come say goodbye to Sandra before she leaves on her date with Wilson. Which means Wilson gets a look at Sandra doing pull-ups. And still he goes out with Pantera? Your loss, dude.

Sofia and Charlie get home from the hospital. Sofia says she’s leaving Efrain and Jenny the house and everything in it and taking the one thing that matters to her–the kids.

Efrain acts like he cares about Sofia leaving, but she’s sure this is exactly what he and Jenny wanted when they moved in. And of course she’s taking the kids–she couldn’t very well leave them with this inconsiente (irresponsible)…. She tells the boys to say goodbye to their dad and she’ll be waiting for them outside.

Efrain hugs the kids and tells them to obey their mom. Then he begs Charlie to do something.

Charlie’s like “I AM!” He’s supporting Sofia. And Efrain is putting his family out on the street.

As soon as the door is shut, Jenny is celebrating, jumping up and down and saying “WE WON!” She trips on her way up the stairs, but it’s OK because “THE HOUSE IS OURS!” (Props to Candela Marquez for the physical comedy…or for staying in character after she tripped, whichever way it went.)

Betty says she’s not in love with Armando. Of course not. She just really likes working with him, but that’s it.

Julia’s not going to push it. If Betty doesn’t want to tell her, fine. But she’s also not going to act like she doesn’t know anything, because she does find out everything.

Betty tells her to chill. Nothing’s going on.

“That’s what you told me that night when you got home from the graduation party. Something terrible happened to you that night and you never wanted to tell me. I know you kept it to yourself so you wouldn’t upset your dad and me. But your silence upsets me more. Because I know you’re keeping things to yourself. Painful things. But OK. You’ll tell me when you’re ready.”

Julia reminds her the ninth commandment says you shouldn’t go after someone else’s fiancée. She shouldn’t go around hurting third parties. But also she shouldn’t let them hurt her. Like abuelita said “Vista larga, paso corto y abusada.” (Look far, take short steps, and stay sharp.)

Betty sobs to Cuquito that she doesn’t want to tell her mom she’s a robanovios (boyfriend-stealer).

Armando drinks more and thinks about Betty in the cabin…which puts a smile on his face. Until he realizes it does.

Romina’s getting settled in at Hugo and Fabi’s. (If she wants Fabi back so bad why doesn’t she just tell Hugo the actual truth?) Hugo catches them arguing and tells Fabi if the mama’s not happy the baby’s not happy.

Charlie takes Sofia and the kids to his house. Yeah, it’s small, so he figures Sofia gets the bedroom, he gets the sofa and the kids get the inflatable mattress. And he offers to order Chinese food. And hook up the gaming console so the kids can play tomorrow after school.

The boys run upstairs to check things out and Junior immediately comes back down and says this house is small and ugly!

Charlie agrees with him, but Sofia wants him to apologize. She takes Junior aside and he wants to know why they had to leave the house and why Daddy and Jenny wouldn’t leave and why does she hate Daddy. Sofia says if they stayed it would have made her sick, someday he’ll be able to ask his dad why he and Jenny didn’t leave, and she doesn’t hate him. But they’re not ever getting back together and she needs Junior to support her and help with Jonathan.

Efrain. Jenny. House. She wants all new everything so the house won’t remind Efrain of Sofia.

Sofia and Charlie clean up after dinner. She insists they can’t have restaurant food all the time. He’s looking forward to her cooking. She says he’s the most beautiful thing that’s happened in this whole horrible situation and she’s going to the lawyer tomorrow to put an end to it. Charlie wants a kiss…and so does Sofia, but the boys are upstairs.

Betty talks to Cuquito. She doesn’t know how it’s possible for someone to make you feel like you’re in heaven and then plunge you into hell. What should she do? Go running after him? Call him? She picks up her phone….

Armando fell asleep in the living room. Marce uses his thumbprint to unlock his phone. She finds the picture of Bikini Woman and then sees an incoming message from Beatriz. She doesn’t get a chance to check it out before Armando starts waking up again. She convinces him to go upstairs with her.

Wilson and Pantera are on their date. She asks how he met Sandra (work) and if neither of them ever…?

Wilson’s like “No, because she’s gay.”

Pantera laughs, but yeah, she heard something like that. It’s not like they’ve ever done a lot of socializing. And no, Sandra never came on to her because she knows Pantera likes men. And right now she likes snogging Wilson.

Efrain gets to work and doesn’t even say hi to Charlie or ask where he took Sofia and the kids. He’s pissed off when he finds out Charlie took them to his house–Charlie wouldn’t let Efrain stay at his house because it was too small! There’s some more yelling and then Charlie punches Efrain. And I’m OK with that.

Sofia meets the lawyer for coffee. Basically the lawyer wishes Sofia would have consulted her before leaving the house. It’s not going to make it harder for her to get a divorce, just…she needs to call before she does anything else. Sofia’s ready to take the next step now. (Mental image: A giant shoe coming down on Los Cucaracha….)

Fabi and Romina’s argument in the bathroom is the same old “How much money do you want?” and “I’m not going back without you” and “If I go, I lose my immigration status.”

Armando’s hung over. And that guy taking pictures at the bar published them. Ricky tells him to prepare for a horrific day.

Marce’s in Hugo’s workroom, touching some apparently amazing organic leather that’s not real leather. Pati comes running in screaming that she feels awful for Marce and how could he!

Hugo’s not being judgmental, but is she already drinking this early?

Pati says she’s not…today…she’s scandalized! Why aren’t they? The photos are all over the internet.

The Pelotón are also checking out the pictures. There’s already a hashtag “unfaithfulV&M.” They’re anticipating that Marcela’s not going to take this well. They should get Wilson up here.

Mariana thinks it’s gonna take a swat team, special forces, and the FBI.

Betty shows up and Aura Maria says her boss totally got busted! Betty keeps blinking at that photo like she’s trying not to cry.  

There’s more speculating going on in the workroom, mostly by Pati. Like this means it’s obvious getting lost with Betty was all part of some plot…and ew, how gross, he came home to Marce after he’d had this other woman kissing on him.

Marce’s ready to go after Armando, but Hugo says when you corner a man he reacts like a rabid dog. What she needs is a strategy. Pati keeps going on and on about how Armando hasn’t changed and he doesn’t respect Marce. Marce declares he’s not going to do this to her again.

Hugo tries to send Pati after Marce, but she’s more worried about her cell phone.

Julia shows up at the V&M building, but before she can get up the guts to go inside, Armando and Ricky show up. She asks for a minute of Armando’s time…alone.

Betty’s looking at the gossip website in her office and fuming. Marcela comes in and shows her the picture from the bar on her phone, demanding to know who that woman is. Then she shows Betty the picture of Bikini Woman and asks if it’s Armando’s lover.

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