Entre Dos Amores Wednesday 5/1/19 #108

Welcome to the finale of Project Runway: Istanbul, where one day you’re in and the next day Faiz is making metaphors waffle chicken never trust you again. Let’s start the show.

Both teams have been asked to create a collection of who knows how many looks and present them to a panel of judges, explaining who their “woman” is.

Team Arcaoglu Tekstil has spent the last two days in the boardroom, sketching, having model fittings, and making minute adjustments. Team captain Pelin is confident they’ll win.

Team ND Grup’s new designer Neriman went through several rounds of discarded sketches until she felt she had a solid collection. Will her background in art translate to success on the runway?

Both teams are sharing a backstage area for the presentation. Pelin had no idea Neriman was designing for ND Grup and it seems to be throwing off her game. But she has Sahika as her secret weapon.

Team Arcaoglu is presenting first. Pelin says their woman is a young executive who still likes to go party with friends in the evening. (So, basically she designed for herself.) Their collection includes one coordinating handbag.

In the backstage area, Sahika bribes ND Grup’s models and they both split before ND Grup’s presentation.

Confessional interview with Sahika: “I did not steal the b*tch’s models!” (It’s a Project Runway reference.)

While Neriman is handling things backstage, Macit is making apologies for their presentation running late. He offers to go backstage and see what’s happening, but Neriman shows up on the runway in a white sheath dress with side cutouts and a black belt. Macit explains that their “woman”  isn’t confined to one social class or to one job description. They design for every woman.

The judges seem impressed enough by this explanation that they’re not going to ask to see the remaining howevermany designs on the runway.

While the judges deliberate, Neriman loudly explains to Macit that their models had to leave.

Team ND Grup wins the grand prize–a lucrative contract with Large Chain Department Store.

As for Team Arcaoglu…nobody’s sorry they’re out. Nadir even calls Pelin to gloat.

In other news…

Kader runs around the neighborhood making accusations. Nobody cares.

Fahriye gets jealous of a couple of students flirting with Aras. He ends up suggesting she come to his gig tonight with Neriman and Macit.

But Macit has already agreed to dinner with his jefe to celebrate their win. Neriman doesn’t want (to go at all) her aunt to get angry at them for going.

Someone left copies of Kerim’s IOUs in the boardroom with a note asking when he’s going to pay. Selim breaks it to him that Pelin transferred them to someone else. Pelin says she doesn’t know who they went to, just that the company needed the cash.

I don’t know who this guy is bringing Sahika flowers…he’s her DAD?! I thought he was dead! Apparently some of his prison friends helped him track her down. He wants her to pay him his share of some scam they pulled off.

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Autora/ Author

Loved this recap! Thank you!

“Their collection includes one coordinating handbag.”

To remind us that way back in the first week we were told she had her own handbag company. LOL.