Betty en NY Friday 5/3/19 #62

Previously on Betty: Thompson picked Fiorella Ferarra (aka Bikini Woman) as the face of the collection with V&M. Everybody was nervous. Fiorella wanted Betty to be her BFF at V&M. Marcela screamed at Fiorella for being Armando’s “other woman.” Fiorella decided she didn’t want to work with these people after all.

Armando yells at Marcela in her office until Pati comes in to tell him he’s got a call from Thompson. He has Marcela put it on speaker. Thompson’s furious that Armando isn’t taking things seriously. If V&M doesn’t come to an agreement with Fiorella, then Thompson will go back on his deal with V&M.

Nico comes back from shopping and shows off his new suit from Mogollon’s market. And a hat. And he replaced the suit of Deme’s that he messed up. And he got ties.

Marcela complains to Pati that the entire deal hinges on Fiorella and without the deal, they’re sunk. Somehow Pati didn’t get the part where it means she might get a late paycheck again. Marce says she’s gotta solve this problem and get right to the root.

Nico blocks his cell phone number before calling Pati.

Before her phone rings, she’s ranting about Armando and how he’s always screaming at her with his eyes desorbitados (popping out) and his hair standing up.

She changes her tune when she realizes it’s Nico on the phone. Let’s dispense with the meaningless conversation. Pati gets Nico to ask her out to lunch at Le Blanc tomorrow at 11.

Marcela and Armando go looking for Fiorella, but she told the hotel she doesn’t want to see Armando or Marcela, but especially Marcela! And the guy at the desk is not amenable to bribery.

Betty hears Armando and Marcela yelling at each other when they get back. Marcela offers to talk to Thompson, but Armando’s screaming at her not to and Betty agrees.

Sofia is grabbing her mail from the cubbies when Jenny shows up to taunt her. She always does that thing where she lifts her shirt like she’s trying to seduce Sofia–is there not some workplace rule against that? Sofia mostly plays it cool.

Inés listens in as Jenny asks how Sofia slept, ’cause Jenny got some good sleep in the bed that used to be hers.

Inés interrupts and tells Jenny to get to work. She congratulates Sofia for keeping her temper…so Sofia waits until they’re both out of sight before ripping up her mail.

Efrain comes to the office and picks a fight with Charlie for taking Sofia’s side.

Well, Sofia’s a woman alone raising two kids while Efrain is just running around being irresponsible.

Efrain says he does take care of his responsibilities. He’s a partner in this business.

No, he’s a partner when it comes to splitting the profits, not when it comes to doing the work. When was the last time he put on a uniform?

Betty tells Mariana everything fell apart. She needs a favor…see, she needs to get her hands on Hugo’s sketches and fabric samples. And she’d sneak in and ask Inés for them, but Hugo’s got fea radar and he’d just kick her out.

Inés pokes pins in Jenny multiple times while Jenny dances around and won’t quit moving or shut her mouth. So really it’s like Jenny’s poking herself with pins.

Jenny whines about how all she’s trying to do is be friends with everyone.

Well, she’s never going to be friends with Inés because of the things she did to Sofia. And Jenny started it. That house is Sofia’s and Efrain’s and their kids and what Jenny’s doing is unfair. She hopes Jenny’s never in that situation herself.

Jenny complains about being stuck with pins and asks if Inés is too old to see or what?

Hugo heard it. (So she’s fired now? Please?) He tells Inés to cover her ears, ’cause this isn’t appropriate language for the family hour.

Jenny better listen up…she’s got the body of a goddess and the head of a snake and if she so much as thinks or even insinuates anything against Inés she’s out. And not the door, the window! Inés is like a mother to him. Got it? Because he’ll do anything to defend her!

Jenny mopes over a sandwich in the break room. She sobs to Pati to even Hugo’s against her now.

Well, Inés is like a mother to Hugo.

Jenny’s got some way to get back at them, but she needs Pati to do it.

And somehow the conversation got around to Pati’s lunch date tomorrow with Nicolas and Berta heard them talking.

Hugo can’t find his presentation and fabric samples.

Inés calmly tells Hugo she gave it to Mariana to give to Betty. What was she supposed to do?

Hugo makes some distasteful remarks about El Señor de los Cielos and getting Inés a machine gun.

In Armando’s office, he’s furious over the loss of Fiorella and that Thompson insisted on her as a condition of the contract.

Marcela acts like she’s been in this business for five minutes, talking about “Oh, we’ll just get another celebrity with more online followers.”

Hugo comes in looking for Betty and screaming about her taking his presentation and his fabric samples.

Mariana and Betty at least got Fiorella to talk to them. And only because Thompson likes Betty. Because seriously, she’s a happily married woman with two kids and she’s not interested in Armando. Marcela’s pathologically jealous. She’s “crazy.”

Well, Betty’s certainly not here to make excuses for Marcela. She wanted to show Fiorella Hugo’s catalog and some of the designs she didn’t get to see today.

Fiorella agrees to take a look.

Betty gives her the basic “V&M has been in the market for 30 years…now we’re trying to get into the prêt-à-porter market” speech.

Fiorella loves one of the looks there wasn’t a sample for.

Betty thinks it would look great on her. And their company has invested so much in this collection and so has Thompson’s. everything hinges on Fiorella’s participation.

She’s begging her to forget what happened today. Marcela’s very sorry and asked Betty to apologize on her behalf for everything. If Betty could go back and prevent this situation from happening, she would, but all she can do now is apologize on behalf of herself and all the employees who had nothing to do with this.

OK. Fiorella accepts Marcela’s apology, but she doesn’t want Marcela to come near her. She accepts and she loves that Betty’s strength and the way she fights for what she believes in. So her only condition is no Marcela, and Betty will be her one and only representative with V&M.

Everyone’s converging on the elevator when Betty and Mariana get back. Hugo accuses them of stealing his designs to let other companies copy them.

Betty says she took the designs to show to Fiorella to convince her the collection could be a success and would also be important for Thompson’s stores and she agreed to come back.

Armando runs up to Betty to hug her. Hugo has nothing to say. Inés gives a halfhearted “You know how he is” to Betty and Mariana. Ricky celebrates that they have a model. Marcela just glares at Betty. And Armando and Betty are holding fingers behind his back.

Pati’s still talking. Marcela is over it. She tells Pati to get out of her office and let her think.

Betty and Armando celebrate some more in his office. Ricky’s kind of put off by their enthusiasm, but yeah, Betty just saved their asses.

Betty says someone told her recently to take the initiative and that’s what she did.

Ricky’s more amused after Betty goes into her office…now Armando’s gotta give her her present. Another night at the crappy motel.

Oh, hell no, not at the crappy motel. He’s borrowing Ricky’s apartment.

Ricky gives him the keys but he complains about ruining his reputation.

Berta has convened a meeting of the Pelotón to solve the problem of Pati trying to steal Betty’s boyfriend. Berta says they’ve gotta help Betty. This could be her only chance at love! What are they going to do?!

Step 1: Make serious thinking faces.

Marcela asks Armando if he wants to go out to that Thai restaurant he likes to celebrate the contract.

Seriously? Armando says celebrating with her is the last thing he wants right now. She nearly ruined a multi-million dollar deal. Good thing Betty saved it or who knows what would be happening to this company right now.

Marcela whines that Santa Beatriz always solves all his problems. Is she supposed to build her a temple, or what? Marcela knows she messed up, but cut the drama already. Was the deal saved?

Yes, thanks to Betty!

That’s it. Marcela can’t stand him!

Well, Armando can’t stand her either!

Marce goes out drinking with Ricky. She complains that she’s at the bottom of the food chain now. She orders another shot of tequila…no, wait, they’ll have the bottle!

Ricky: “Are we really doing this again tonight?”

Marce: “I invited you to a bar, not a church.”

Plus she’s despechada (rejected).

Ricky plays with the “pecha” part of the word and says both her breasts are still there and perfect.

Marcela laughs, but seriously, Armando rejected her! His fiancée! Just for making a little mistake.

Little? She’s being modest. It was an EPIC mistake.

Marcela apologizes to everyone within hearing range. Then she complains to Ricky that she’s forgiven Armando every time he cheated. She’s always been understanding, but Armando? He won’t even pick up the phone. And he’s using this as an excuse to go be with la otra.

Ricky tells her to change the subject. He didn’t want her to come drinking alone, but he also thought they could relax after a difficult day. She’s here, with her friend.

Marcela toasts to that. He’s almost her only friend…no, wait he IS her only friend! She hugs him and thanks him for being there and putting up with the stupidity of a drunk who’s despechada.

Ricky repeats the same joke about breasts and Marcela volunteers that they’re “natural.”

Armando catches Betty before she leaves the office and asks if they can go celebrate. He’s not seeing Marcela tonight. She should call home and tell them she’ll be late.

Marcela is even more drunk by the time she gets home. She complains about Armando never getting upset at Betty and she’s so ugly, etc. Marcela screams about how much she hates her.

Ricky doesn’t think his feelings go so far as hate…more like something he can chew, but not swallow. She’s been useful and Armando needs her.

Marcela says Armando needs HER. Doesn’t he think she’s enough for him? He’s been weird. Does Ricky think she’s not woman enough for Armando? ‘Cause she kisses good and she’s great in bed. So what is she lacking?

Ricky tries to leave, but Marcela keeps asking what she’s missing and his answer is to snog her.

Armando takes Betty to Ricky’s apartment. He says he borrowed it, but no Ricky doesn’t know what’s going on between them.

Betty gets the feeling if these walls could talk….

Armando teases her for being jealous of Fiorella, but Betty says she’s over it. She knows Fiorella’s married and in love with her husband…almost as much as Betty is with Armando.

Enrique’s gotta go on another business trip. With his new co-worker Brenda. Who asked him to book them a hotel with a pool.

Berta sees her picture and freaks out.

Betty’s not a whiskey drinker. Armando says if she’s not drinking, he’s not drinking.

And now he makes his excuses about that model hitting on him last night and how uncomfortable he was and how he went home.

Right, home to his apartment where Marcela was waiting for him because they practically live together and they’re getting married in two months.

Armando says the wedding is not happening.

What’s he gonna do, cancel it at the board meeting? Or in the middle of the ceremony? What they’re doing is hurting people and they shouldn’t be.

Armando disagrees. Because if he called off the wedding now, he’d be breaking ties with the Valencias and it would be the end of V&M.

“Seriously? You’re marrying Marcela so V&M won’t fall apart?” And what about her?

Armando says he won’t hurt her, he swears. He starts kissing her and Betty reaches to turn off the lamp. Now he’s the one saying he needs to see her.

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