Betty en NY Thursday 5/2/19 #61

Previously on Betty: Julia thinks something’s going on with Betty and Armando. Armando gets busted. Marcela decides Betty knows what Armando’s up to.

Marcela’s trying to get Betty to tell her who the woman in the picture is, but Betty (as we know) doesn’t know. She would never help Don Armando with something like this! She can’t believe he’s doing this after all the dreams and the promises…uh, of Marcela’s wedding. He’s a creep! (Well, at least they’re on the same page now?)

Armando takes Julia for a coffee. She thanks him for everything he’s done for Betty and especially for recognizing her worth. She’s sure Betty’s been very…useful…to him. Other people might take advantage of that, because she’s so trusting and loyal.

Armando doesn’t seem to be taking this seriously, so Julia gets a little more direct…Betty had a bad experience years ago that nearly destroyed her life. So Julia’s not going to let anybody break Betty’s heart. She knows Armando will understand when he and MARCELA have kids together.

Her daughter’s been a little odd lately…some days she comes home happy and other days she’s so sad she wants to die. Something is making her upset and Julia doesn’t like seeing her daughter in this emotional storm. Has Armando not noticed? Oh, she must be imagining things, then.

But she sure hopes nobody hurts Betty or Julia’s gonna have to defend her with tooth and claw from the wolves and the lions. ‘Cause yeah, this city is a jungle full of beasts.

Anyway, great coffee, don’t say anything to Betty about this, tell Marcela I said hi.

Betty can’t figure out who the woman (at the bar or in the bikini?) is, but she’s not in Armando’s contact list, she’s not in his planner, and Betty’s never seen her.

Marcela’s still convinced Betty’s covering for Armando, but if Betty wants to prove she’s not then they’ll both confront him.

Betty’s in. She tries for a fist bump, but that’s too much for Marcela.

Back in Marcela’s office, Pati looks at the picture of Bikini Woman and says no one stands a chance next to her. She’s like a goddess come down from Olympus. Pati wants to know who her plastic surgeon is.

Marcela’s like “Aren’t you my friend?”

OK, Pati tries to be more supportive. What are they going to do? Have her killed? Cancel the wedding?

Armando gets to the office and gets a text from Ricky saying he’s in mortal danger. As he walks by the admin area, that’s the cue for the Pelotón to assemble in anticipation of chisme.

Efrain catches up to Sofia in the building lobby to complain that Charlie punched him and it’s her fault.

Um, no, because if she was responsible she would’ve sent the seven horsemen of the apocalypse after him. (Seven?)

Efrain wants to know why she’s in Charlie’s house.

Because he offered them a place to stay. What’s he complaining about? She and the kids are the ones without a home because he and his lover are staying in her house.

Efrain tells Sofia to move back into the house. Not that he and Jenny are moving out.

Sofia’s not moving back until her bedroom is cleaned up and he and Jenny are off living in the woods like animals.

Nico and Deme play chess. Nico starts talking about opening his own business…and no the money isn’t from BAR, or the mafia. It’s his savings. He wants to start the business, bring Deme in, and then they can get Betty to quit V&M.

Julia comes home and Deme’s complaining about how long she’s been gone. She makes an excuse about going to the salon, but anyway…she’d better start making lunch.

Armando finds Betty and Marcela waiting for him. As he tells Ricky later, he pulled an “Oh, poor me!” He says women are always hugging him and trying to get selfies and she knows it.

Well, now that Armando has sufficiently proved that Betty had nothing to do with this, Betty wants nothing to do with this. They need to quit putting her in the middle of their personal business.

She heads for her office and slams the door.

Marcela didn’t buy it.

Armando makes sure to say loud enough that he hates jealous, insecure women so Betty can hear him. Armando says Marcela’s throwing everything away because of her jealousy. He goes up to Betty’s office door before screaming that he’s not sure he wants to marry her anymore.

He walks out of his office and Marcela stands there wondering how this got turned around on her.

Armando goes to Ricky’s office to report on his near-death experience.

Ricky thinks it’s hilarious that both “la official” and “la amante” were jealous about some other woman. Armando’s his hero. When he grows up, he wants to be like Armando.

However, he’s going to have to make up with Betty because they’ll need BAR’s capital for the Thompson deal and there’s no one more dangerous than a wounded fea.

Wilson’s reminiscing about last night with Pantera when Sandra walks up to scare him and ask how his night went. Wilson talks about how perfect Pantera is until Sandra smacks him and says she didn’t ask for details and he should get to work.

Inés does NOT approve of Sofia and the kids moving in with Charlie. Cesar’s wife can’t just BE chaste, she also has to SEEM like she is.

Yeah, but Sofia’s not Cesar’s wife, she’s stupid Efrain’s wife. And not for much longer.

Inés knows she’s old-fashioned and says things that seem ridiculous, but remember…el hombre es fuego y la mujer estopa y viene el diablo y sopla (man is fire, woman is burlap? and the devil comes along and blows; Or as the line goes from When Harry Met Sally “Men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way.”)

Berta’s all for a fire big enough to burn all of Brooklyn and the surrounding areas.

Inés can’t deal with their jokes anymore and goes back to work.

Sofia wonders if Inés is fuego or estopa.

Berta thinks she’s got la musiquita por dentro.

Julia talks to abuela about what’s going on with Betty. She loses her breath for a second and mutters that between Betty and abuelita she can’t have anything happen to her.

Yes, she wants Betty to have a boyfriend, but not if it’s the one Julia thinks it is. Betty deserves a romance without problems. It had better not be that guy….

Abuelita tells Julia to send him her way!

Um, no, she doesn’t want him dating grandma either.

Nico was listening in on the conversation from outside the kitchen.

Betty’s torturing herself some more over the pictures of Armando from last night. She throws her troll doll at the door just as Armando’s coming in to “explain.”

Seriously, she doesn’t want to hear any more lies and she’s tired of getting insulted. Every time something like this happens, Marcela comes in and says awful things to her.

Armando swears he’s sorry….

But what exactly is he sorry for? Because if she hadn’t seen the pictures she wouldn’t have known. She though she was “la otra” and now she finds out that there are muchas otras!

Armando says he’s only with her and he’s gonna break up with Marcela.

Seriously, he needs to quit lying. And he needs to be careful, because Marcela got into his phone and found another woman’s picture…maybe the one from the bar, maybe her twin sister…was he with her? Was it another little friend of his?

Armando tries to laugh it off and Betty gets so mad she tells him in English that it’s not funny! She’s tired of lies. She’s trying to stay calm even though she’s hiding this huge lie and Marcela’s suffering as much as she is…and where’s Armando? Out flirting with models or actresses or pageant contestants.

Armando kisses her to get her to quit talking and I think I love and hate this equally.

Betty breaks off the kiss and says they can’t do this here. Armando apologizes, but it was the only way to get her to shut up so he could explain. (And now I’m 60% hate, 40% love.)

He blames it on being a public figure and the media’s always making up stories about him to sell more and yeah, the model was there, but she only showed up for a minute to say hi to him and Ricky and then she was gone.

But Betty was calling and texting him all night, so was he busy or what?

He was talking to Ricky and the music was really loud.

OK, she’ll believe him…but who’s the other woman? The one Marcela found a picture of on his phone?

Oh, Ricky sent him that picture.

Betty really doesn’t want to be lied to!

He promises he won’t lie to her. (90% hate….)

Nico’s decided today is the day for his big makeover.

Marce and Pati are still angsting over the picture of Bikini Woman and the model from last night and whether they’re the same woman and Pati blah blah blah’s about all men being cheaters and knowing the signs and Marce remembers last night’s technical difficulties. But she swears she’ll be “smart” this time and get all the information out of Armando, but in a nice way.

Aura Maria’s typing something up about the fabrics in the last collection (seda = silk, gamuza = suede) when the famous model whose name starts with an F shows up asking to talk to Armando. She doesn’t have an appointment though.

Oh, that’s no problem at all, Aura Maria will walk her over to Armando’s office herself!

In Armando’s office, he and Betty are working on something. Then Marcela comes in. Then Aura Maria says he’s got a visitor. Then the model says she hopes she hasn’t come at a bad time.

Marcela looks at the model. Then she looks at Betty. Then Betty looks at Armando looking at the model….

So, Fiorella, who Armando makes sure to verify has NEVER met him before, is Thompson’s pick to be the face of the new campaign with V&M. As long as it’s OK with Armando. Betty and Marcela are looking at each other and mouthing “no.”

Nico loves the look of his new suit, but he’s got sticker shock.

So is this Bikini Woman? Aura Maria tells the Pelotón she’s Fiorella Ferrara and they all start plotting how to get into Armando’s office to meet her. Berta’s suggesting they take in some food…but Pati comes over and asks if they’re turning into a store now? Tortas and aguas frescas? What is going on that has the entire company paralyzed?

Sandra throws it in her face that if she were doing her JOB she would know that Armando’s meeting with Fiorella Ferrara.

Ricky wanders by, hears this, and grins to himself.

In the office Betty and Marcela are glaring at Fiorella. Nope, nope, she and Armando have never met, but she heard a lot from Thompson and she totally stalked Armando online. And this must be Betty! Mr. Thompson spoke very highly of her.

She’s pointing at Marcela.

Marcela introduces herself as a company shareholder and Armando’s fiancée. Did she not see her online?

Um. No. Sorry. But it’s so nice to meet her.

Armando introduces the real Betty. Fiorella’s so happy to meet her finally! Mr. Thompson told her Betty was very nice and very smart and he’s not the kind of guy to give out compliments like that.

Ricardo comes in and meets Fiorella. Armando suggests they go to the conference room and Fiorella practically drags Betty along with her because Thompson insisted she should have Betty by her side at all times and Fiorella also wants her along.

Marcela’s face: “Am I still in the same universe?” She grumpily starts making her way to the conference room.

The guys head for the bathroom so Ricky can marvel at how Armando somehow manifested Fiorella. Armando’s like “This is horrible! Marcela and Betty both think I’ve got something going on with her!” They have to keep them both calm.

And also Armando takes a minute to change his phone password so Marcela can’t spy on him.

Hugo could feel Fiorella’s vibes in the air. He tries to get her away from Betty and Armando’s like “Dude, THOMPSON WANTS HER HERE.” So Hugo says it’s fine as long as she doesn’t speak.

But Fiorella wants Betty’s opinion on which look she should model or something. And Marcela butts in to save Hugo the trouble of saying something horrible–Betty’s just here for the financial stuff. It’s obvious from looking at her she knows nothing about fashion.

Armando’s like “Dude, could you not?” and Marcela doubles down–Betty’s not their target customer and she never will be.

Fiorella’s face: “WTF did I just walk into?”

Los Cucaracha. Something something something doorbell “You’ve been served.” It’s the divorce papers.

Fiorella loves the presentation they gave her and she loves the “urban” feel of the collection. But she’d really like to get her hands on it before she makes any decisions. There’s no substitute for touching the models.

Out of nowhere, Marcela starts reciting the Alfonsina Storni poem…

And Fiorella finishes it. OMG, is Marcela a fan too?!

Ricky applauds Marcela’s poetry skills and suggests they move on to the workroom. Betty practically runs out of the board room.

On the way, Armando asks Marcela for a borrador (a blank, a template) of their contract for models. And then he stops to talk to Giovas about the light bulb he’s changing. Fiorella’s impressed that he’s so involved in the details of his company.

Giovas and Wilson are impressed with Fiorella. Sandra gripes at them. Wilson says Sandra’s just jealous of them because they’re her competition. OK 1. When is this subplot going to die so we can get Sandra and Wilson together?! And 2. Aw, y’all think you can compete with Sandra? Aren’t you cute.

In the workroom, Fiorella calls Hugo Michelangelo. Hugo tells Inés to call their fit model…but she’s not here. Remember? Inés mouths “piel de zanahoria” (carrot skin).

But that’s cool, because Fiorella will be Hugo’s fit model today. That way they can do a couple of fittings and get ahead of schedule.

In Marcela’s office the spiral of jealousy is spinning out of control. Pati keeps egging her on–Thompson AND Betty must both be covering for Armando. Marce’s going to make her sorry for coming to HER company and messing with HER man!

Armando helps Fiorella zip up the dress she’s trying on. Marcela comes in and starts screaming about how Fiorella’s sleeping with Armando. Hugo begs Marcela to stop, but Marcela just keeps on talking about her leaving poems for Armando and is she not the woman from last night?

Fiorella tells her to back off. Whatever’s going on here has nothing to do with her.

Marcela declares she has neither the morals, the decency, and much less the image to wear V&M’s clothing.

Hugo: “I’m dead and I can’t be revived.”

Fiorella says she’s out of here. There’s no “misunderstanding.” She isn’t the image they’re looking for? She’ll get changed and leave.

Hugo tells Armando to take Marcela to the vet or something. Armando screams at Betty to do something. Marcela can’t figure out why everyone’s looking at her like she’s “crazy.”

Hugo says Fiorella lives in Europe. She’s married. She was on a private plane last night coming to New York. And her husband is so hot Armando wishes he had 5% of that guy’s good looks.

Armando: “Yeah…wait, what?”

Hugo says they’ve lost a golden opportunity and it’s all Marcela’s fault.

In the hallway, Marcela blames Pati for poisoning her. Pati’s still hanging on to her conspiracy theories because Hugo’s a man and all men are the same.

Marcela says she’s screwed up so bad this time Armando’s not going to leave her because of another woman, he’s going to leave her because of her.

Betty begs Fiorella not to go but she’s never been treated this badly and she doesn’t have to put up with this.

Armando tries to explain, but she tells him to explain to Thompson. She no longer wants anything to do with this company.

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