Entre Dos Amores Monday 5/6/19 #110

Welcome to the final week of Entre Dos Amores. The show is pre-empted by fútbol this Thursday, so we’ve only got 4 episodes to go.

Inci’s stressing about Kerim showing up at Nadir’s company. She thinks he’s starting to suspect something and it’s only going to get worse. Neriman says there isn’t going to be a way to hide it for long.

Inci is now ready to accept Neriman as Macit’s partner…and oh, by the way, she’s gotta get Macit out of that company.

Neriman says that’s not going to be possible right now because they’ve got a wedding date.

Pelin shows up at Macit’s and hears Inci telling Neriman to marry Macit already and get him away from the company.

Pelin’s disappointed, because she was going to spill the beans about the wedding in the hope that Inci would stop it, but “obviously” Neriman has manipulated Inci too.

Neriman takes off. Inci tells Pelin that Macit loves Neriman and she’s not wiling to lose him. Pelin (say it with me now) isn’t willing to lose him either.

Kader stops by the store to accuse Cihan of wanting to seduce a married woman, or two. And also he’s a lousy guardian because his sister’s been seen with a boy on a motorcycle. Allegedly this boy works with Sinasi. See ya!

Cihan goes over to the music school to scream at Fahriye and Sinasi and headbutt Aras. He drags Fahriye out of there saying she might not come back to work tomorrow. Sinasi yells at Aras for not having read the list of “Things you can and cannot do in this neighborhood,” and Aras tells him to cancel the class–he’s leaving.

At home, Cihan tells Fahriye he never wants her to see that boy again and if he sees him, he’ll beat him up until he understands (what exactly?).

Fahriye asks him what happened to all the times Cihan was out with Sahika getting coffee or whatever. Did that make her a slut? He can’t really answer that, can he? Because everything he does is right and everything she does he hits her and yells at her for. He’s a great brother!

Not-Dead-Dad comes to visit Sahika at work again. He wants her to record a blackmail video or he’ll go to the cops…or her mom.

Neriman goes home to get her mom’s wedding dress. And who should show up there, but Pelin, who fails to realize that the wedding dress sitting there on the couch pretty much means Neriman has already told her dad what’s going on. Faiz is surprisingly direct when he tells her to GTFO.

Pelin whines that there are things he doesn’t know.

Faiz says there are things she and her family don’t know. Like what it means to be poor, and that they’re empty and lacking in morals.

Sahika stops by Selim’s office to suggest they have dinner in his room tonight. (I thought he moved back home?)

Nadir really formally invites Bora into his office to wish him a happy birthday. He got him a watch.

Bora’s surprised by the watch. And he’d rather have a genuine smile and for his dad to give a crap about him.

Fahriye cries and tells Neriman everything is ruined.

Sinasi yells at Cihan for making a scene at the school and not listening to Aras or Fahriye.

Aras tells Macit he just let Cihan take Fahriye out of there and didn’t do anything.

Macit says there are rules here, but they only get enforced when convenient. Aras has to be careful.

Cihan apologizes to Sinasi…but he’s not sorry.

Neriman tells Fahriye she’s got a wedding date and she knows Fahriye helped Macit set things up. What will her dad say?

Macit tells Aras he has to figure out how to convince Neriman’s dad or Neriman will never smile again.

Sahika got video footage of her with Selim. She hands the camera over to her dad…but the camera memory is blank. She swears she recorded it–his camera must have messed up.

Evil-Undead-Dad hits her and tells her she’d better obey him or things are going to get worse for her.

Before she gets home, Sahika tucks her phone in her boot and throws her purse in a trash can. She tells Gulter and Faiz she got mugged, but she’s fine. She already went to the police. And she doesn’t want to go to the hospital, she just wants to rest.

Macit comes by Neriman’s house to tell Faiz they have a wedding date. He shows him the receipt from paying rent on the house where they’ll live. He admits he’d never stood in line at a bank before, and he skipped lots of lunches to get the money, but he did what anyone would do for love, to make Neriman happy and be right with Faiz.

Neriman talks to Nadir and asks him to stay away from Macit. Inci did admit Macit’s his son…but he never spent time with Macit or talked to him until recently. It’s not fair to Macit. What happened wasn’t his fault. She asks him to think of the consequences.

Macit takes Neriman to the wedding venue and talks about how everything will be set up. And her dad will be in the front row. For realz–Faiz shows up. It’s a finale week miracle! He’s finally stopped bloviating! And he gives his permission! And he believes Macit loves Neriman! And he hugged Macit!

Nadir gets Kerim and Inci together at the last place he and Inci saw each other. If Kerim won’t tell her what happened, then Nadir will. He’s ready for Kerim to pay back everything he owes.

Cerivan calls to tell Kerim there are lawyers at the house.

And that’s not all, Nadir’s not leaving until he’s taken back everything that’s his. He’s taking his son back–Macit.

Inci’s begging him to shut up. Kerim looks like he’s about to have a heart attack. Nadir begs her to tell Kerim she lied to him. She’s sobbing over Kerim like she actually cares about him. I guess when Inci makes a deal, she sticks to it.

Nadir calls his guy at Kerim’s house and tells him to halt the process. He wants to finish Kerim off, not his heart.

Macit and Neriman get to the hospital. Kerim’s getting emergency surgery. What happened? Uh, he was just sitting there at home and he started feeling bad.

Macit’s not buying it.

Fahriye goes to Aras’ place, trying to figure out what to say to him. Gulter calls Fahriye in a panic because Faiz went somewhere with Macit and she’s convinced something terrible is happening.

Duygu gives Bora his first ever birthday cake, which is really sad. And then he can’t even enjoy it because he gets a call that Kerim’s in the hospital. He takes Duygu to the hospital, but stays outside to talk to Nadir. Nadir sends him into find out what’s going on and if they need anything.

Faiz gets home and tells everyone Macit’s father is in the hospital.

There’s no word from inside the operating room, so Inci’s freaking out, especially when a doctor runs by.

Inside the operating room there’s something about a 90% blockage to the aorta and the patient’s not fighting.

Neriman voiceovers that life can end suddenly. Everything it gives you, it takes when it wants. Especially if you forget where you came from and where you’re going. The happiest moments in life can be closest to the unhappiest. You never know. Everyone thinks they’ll get up every day, but one day it’s not like that. Life ends. Sometimes people think death will never come, but the ones who know that one day they won’t be here are the ones who remember that they’re living.

In the operating room, Kerim flatlines and a doctor calls time of death.

In the waiting area, Selim and Pelin comfort Inci. Neriman holds on to Macit.

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