Betty en NY Monday 5/6/19 #63

Previously on Betty: Fiorella Ferrara showed up at V&M and threw everyone off. Marcela made a huge scene in Hugo’s workroom. Betty and Mariana met with Fiorella and she agreed to come back. Armando takes Betty to Ricky’s apartment. Marcela goes out with Ricky and takes him back to her place.

Yeah, so…looks like Marcela and Ricky did the deed and got off on the sex being illicit. She called him Armando and it didn’t bother him.

Betty wakes up at home in her bed and happily tells AmorOso and Cuquito Armando loves her. She dances around with AmorOso until Demetrio comes in. He wants to talk about Nico’s proposal. To start his own investment fund. What does she think?

Betty says that’s been Nico’s dream and she thinks he should go for it. And if Demetrio wants to go with him, that’s not a problem.

But would she also be leaving V&M, because that’s what Nicolas thinks.

Um, right now, things are going well and she doesn’t think it’s time.

That’s what Demetrio thought. Is there something going on that he needs to know about and doesn’t know?

Marcela wakes up with a hangover and remembers she shagged Ricky. When he’s not there, she guesses it was just a dream.

Ricky gets to V&M with Betty’s surprise for the day. A stuffed pig, roses, and a card.

Armando’s in Ricky’s office to return his apartment key. He pretty much put everything back where he found it.

Uh huh, well, Ricky told the woman who does the cleaning to disinfect everything. And after that, he’s having a shaman come by and disperse the negative energy.

Armando notices that Ricky’s got a hickey…who was he with last night?!

Ricky left Marcela breakfast, a rose, and a note thanking her for an unforgettable night. She burns the note, like that’s all she has to do to erase what happened.

The Pelotón are all set to run interference so Pati doesn’t snag Nicolas. Betty’s in a really good mood when she gets to work. The Pelotón ask her how it’s going with the boyfriend. She should really keep a good eye on him. Uh huh, well, Betty’s off to get some work done.

When Pati gets in, they all give her the stink-eye.

Ricky won’t tell Armando who he spent the night with last night, which seems a little unfair since Armando’s admitting that he doesn’t need pills or any other help to make love to Betty.

In the bathroom, the Pelotón try to explain to Pati that they know she’s after Betty’s boyfriend.

Betty’s loving the flowers Ricky left for her. She puts her song with Armando on her phone and twirls around for a bit before checking out the card…”What I feel for you is like π, infinite and irrational. Thank you for an unforgettable night.”

Pati tries to explain to the Pelotón that she would never go after Betty’s boyfriend, but if Betty’s boyfriend were after her you can hardly blame him.

Pati tries to leave when Betty comes in, but they close ranks around her…until she threatens to tell Smith. She walks out shrieking for Marce.

The Pelotón tell Betty that Pati’s got a date with her boyfriend. They all look at her pityingly as Betty says Nico wouldn’t go for her. Pati’s not his type.

In her office, Betty calls and screams at Nicolas for talking to Pati behind her back and cheating on her. He’s supposed to be her boyfriend!

Outside the office, Armando and Ricky are listening in. Ricky thinks that’s a lot of yelling for a fake relationship. Armando says they’re just friends. And besides, Nico can’t compete with him.

Ricky’s not so sure. After all, no one would think Armando’s with Betty but he is. Looks can be deceiving. What if they really do have a relationship?

Nicolas thinks it’s only fair he should get to date Pati if she’s seeing Armando. So from now on it’s an “open” relationship.

Ricky’s impressed with Betty’s skills of deception. She’s even better than Armando.

Armando gripes that he’s sure Nicolas is the one putting all sorts of ideas in her head. It would be better if he didn’t exist.

Ricky stares. Is Armando talking murder? ‘Cause he’s starting to sound like he’s really jealous. But that’s not possible, right?

Armando insists it’s not.

Ricky reminds Armando that Betty’s not sticking around after the next board meeting. He promised Marcela. So he’d better get used to the idea. And no jealousy.

Ricky stops by Mariana’s desk to ask about Marcela.

Um, she’s about to go fix her a double espresso.

Ricky suggests she add a couple of painkillers.

He goes to Marcela’s office so she can reject him. Last night never happened, wipe it from the map, etc.

Armando comes into Betty’s office to accuse her of dating Nicolas for real. Betty cracks up at the thought, but Armando doesn’t buy it.

Pati whines to Marce about the Pelotón. Again. Marce tells her to complain to Smith.

Damn, she’s cranky today. Did something happen last night?

Why? What does she know?! Um…about Armando, she means.

Pati doesn’t know anything and the only thing anyone’s talking about is how Betty saved the company.

Yeah, well Marcela and Armando’s relationship is hanging by a thread. She’s thinking of taking him on a getaway somewhere…she has her ways….

Speaking of getaways, Berta’s paranoid about Enrique’s new assistant. She shows Sofia her picture on the company website and says she asked Enrique to book them at a hotel with a pool. Berta thinks it’s time for a makeover.

Marcela saunters into Armando’s office while he’s getting ready for this afternoon’s meeting. Which will include Fiorella, so Marcela had better not be there.

Marcela asks about going away for the weekend, but Armando has had such a stressful week….

Then what could be more relaxing than going to his parents’ house in the Hamptons?

Pati gets to the restaurant and stops to admire herself in the mirror. If she didn’t need someone’s money to maintain All The Things, she’d rather be alone with her perfect self.

Nico sends the waiter away and asks him to come back when the blonde shows up.

Instead, he gets Betty.

Patricia sees Betty and the back of Nico’s head and crashes into a waiter in her hurry to get out of there.

Nico and Betty have another argument about how Pati’s just using him and all she ever thinks about is Armando, and he quits! He’s not working for BAR Fashion and she’s not his boss.

Back at V&M Pati tries to clean off whatever got spilled on her at La Blanc. Jenny’s help is not helpful. Pati complains that she was right the other day–the walls have ears. Jenny helpfully suggests that they’re being spied on via cell phone and they should turn those off. Now why is Pati giving her that look when she’s watched Marcela track Armando’s cell?

Anyway, Pati’s going to get Beatriz back for this. Although, it’s weird, she only saw Nico for a second but he seemed…small. Not how she’d pictured him.

Jenny says as long as he’s got money and he’ll give her a credit card he can look like Harry Potter. (Are we talking first movie? Fourth? The last one? Just wondering.)

Aura Maria’s cousin is in the hospital and that’s who usually takes care of Tommy for her. Which is why Tommy’s in the reception area of V&M. Smith raises a stink. Giovanni offers to take care of Tommy somewhere people won’t see him and make the mistake of thinking this company cares about its employees in any way whatsoever. What?

Aura Maria takes him up on the offer, but Giovas makes it clear he’s doing this for Tommy, not for her. As the boys walk off, Mariana tells Aura Maria she is not going to find another guy like Giovanni out there. Just saying.

Betty gets back to the office and explains to Armando that she was just trying to keep Nicolas from going out with a woman who wouldn’t be good for him. She doesn’t want him to go through a bad experience and get hurt. And the Pelotón think he’s her boyfriend, so if they thought he was cheating on her it would be World War 3 in here.

Armando says if that’s true, doesn’t that mean that Nicolas knows about them?

Before Betty can answer, Aura Maria comes in to say that Thompson and Fiorella (whose last name she’s too flustered to remember) have arrived. Armando’s face: “Could you let me deal with my personal drama for five seconds before we have this meeting?”

All the assistants are crowded around Thompson and Fiorella in front of Pati’s desk. Fiorella’s fine with selfies, but Armando looks like an embarrassed parent and Marcela…well she’s just being a jerk. Fiorella agrees to take a selfie with Pati later and Armando tries to steer Betty, Thompson, and Fiorella towards the conference room.

Nico’s packing up his stuff. There’s another mention of Julia having back pain (seriously, show, please do not mess with Doña J). She wants to know what’s really going on and she doesn’t believe that Nico’s getting out before he fights with Betty, she thinks they already fought.

Is it about Don Armando? She’s been behaving differently. Even if Betty can manage everything, Julia still thinks she needs Nico.

Pati’s furious about Betty going into the meeting while Marcela’s not there.

Oh, Marcela agrees. She knows Fiorella’s angry at her, but why is she insisting on Betty being there?

Pati’s sure it’s that with Betty around, she looks better.

Marce asks if she’s imagining things or does Pati hate Betty more than usual today?

Well, does she need a better reason than Betty being Fiorella’s BFF? She’s going to end up marrying Armando and Fiorella will carry her train and Thompson will be the padrino.

In the board room, Armando wraps up his presentation. Thompson asks about the short-term projections.

Hugo’s sure everyone will be fascinated and then they’ll fall at his feet.

He means financially.

Betty talks numbers to him and shows him something on paper and Thompson says he’s ready to go ahead with the publicity campaign.

Fiorella has a question about the photos. Armando explains they use a studio on 5th Avenue, but she and Thompson don’t like studio shots. Thompson decides they should take the photos at his house in Miami. This weekend.

Fiorella asks if Betty likes the beach, ’cause she’s coming with them.

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