Betty en NY Tuesday 5/7/19 #64

Previously: Marcela and Ricky had sex. The Pelotón warned Betty that Nico had a date with Pati. Thompson invited everyone to his house in Miami to take publicity photos.

At lunch, the Pelotón make sure Pati knows Betty’s going to Thompson’s house in Miami for the weekend. Pati tries to act like she doesn’t care. They go through their usual routine–Pati insults Betty’s looks, the Pelotón insult Pati’s lack of intelligence, etc.

Berta’s desperate to know what happened between Marcela and Fiorella, but Mariana has nothing to say and neither does Betty.

Pati gets Marcela all riled up about the trip to Miami. Definitely this is why Fiorella came back. And Betty’s going to make a play for the rich guy.

Marcela’s determined to ruin their “plans.”

Ricky’s jealous of Armando’s trip. Too bad Armando can’t bring him along. And he’s looking forward to getting away after the last few months. He doesn’t know how Marcela’s going to take it, but he doesn’t care.

Ricky thinks it’s better to stay on friendly terms with Marcela.

Oh, but that’s what Ricky’s for. He needs to play the “gay best friend” role and go everywhere with her and be around 24/7 so that Daniel doesn’t have a chance to get to her and put ideas in her head.

Giovas and Tommy spent the afternoon at the museum. And Giovas bought him a giant hot dog…but it sounds like he didn’t get anything to eat himself. Aura Maria thanks him and she and Tommy start heading home.

Wilson warns Giovas that this is why Aura Maria takes advantage of him.

But…he did it for Tommy. He and Tommy are friends.

Uh huh.

Betty gets home. She’s bribing Nico with Subway ’cause she doesn’t like it when he’s mad at her.

He’s not going for it, though. He’s tired of being the fake boyfriend. And BTW, her mom knows something’s up.

Betty begs him to just give her until the board meeting and then he can go after Pati if he wants to.

Nico lets himself get talked into it. For a sub.

Charlie’s setting the table while Sofia makes tortilla soup for dinner. She accidentally burns herself and Charlie uses a remedio of burn cream, kisses, and “sana, sana, colita de rana….”

Junior busts them kissing, but he doesn’t mention it. He just asks how much longer before dinner.

Armando’s packing while Marcela complains about him going to Miami “with Fiorella.” She’s upset that she was planning a trip to the Hamptons this weekend–

“Which I never said ‘yes’ to!”

But he never said “no” either. He’s hiding something from her and she wants to know what it is!

Julia’s helping Betty pack. She insists on her taking a coat in case it gets cold.

In Miami?

You never know. Grandma got caught in an aguacera (downpour) in Arizona and she ended up married to grandpa. The weather can change your life!

I think Betty’s thinking about a downpour  in upstate NY, the way she’s smiling. Julia asks about Nico and Betty says they made up. Thankfully, or she’d be stuck with just her dad.

Demetrio comes in to ask what’s this about Betty going on a trip alone with a man for the weekend.

What? It’s a work thing. And it’s not one man, there are several…Don Armando, Don Ricardo, the owner of the house, the photography crew….

 Right, but is Betty the only woman?

No, there’s the model, Doña Marcela, probably some others. She’ll have to share her men with them…ha!

He tells her to be careful and not succumb to temptation.

Armando admits to Marcela that there is something going on, but it’s not about her or another woman. He’s just been feeling insecure about himself ever since he became president of V&M.

And normally, Marcela would tell him he’s doing fine, but she’s spent too many nights waiting up for him and she knows he’s lying.

“Well, fine, if you don’t care how I feel.”

 Hey, she cares as much about him as he cares about her, but he needs to show it. She’s done a lot of things for him–she’s lied to her brother, to his parents–and she’s not going to go chasing after him, begging him to love her. She wants her place. If he goes on that trip there’s no wedding.

Inés and Fabio are busy packing up the clothes for the shoot. And Hugo has taken the liberty of hiring a new assistant…Romina.

Betty’s at the airport early, hanging out alone in the VIP lounge. Fiorella arrives and Armando’s still not there. But hey, having Betty along is enough for Fiorella. She asks about what Hugo and Marcela were saying in the meeting yesterday, that she’s not interested in fashion.

Betty says it’s more like fashion isn’t interested in her.

Fiorella thinks every woman has her own style and it’s just a matter of finding it. If Betty’s going to work in fashion, she should learn more.

Efrain’s trying to brainwash Junior. He says Junior’s the man of the house now and it’s his job to keep other men from getting close to his mom. He and Jonathan are fine, but…Tío Charlie….

Junior wonders if his dad means that he and his mom are getting back together.

Um, no….

OK, then when his mom’s single she can have a boyfriend and even get married again.

Fiorella says it’s time to go, but Betty wants to call Armando one last time…and then he walks in.

In the plane, Betty’s trying to sit as far away from Hugo as possible, but she can’t figure out how the seatbelt works. She’s actually never been on a plane before. Armando tells her to come sit with the rest of them and he can help with the seatbelt.

Hugo keeps making snide remarks about her being raised in a barn, not screaming if there’s turbulence…and then thankfully he puts on his eye mask and shuts up. The others toast to an incredible weekend. Betty’s drinking water. Good choice!

Marce gets to Armando’s empty apartment and realizes he really left.

Armando’s trying to reassure Betty about the takeoff. Hugo butts in talking about the plane exploding and getting eaten by sharks. When Betty shrieks during takeoff, Hugo’s all “Yep, we’re gonna die.”

Efrain now tries to brainwash both kids. But, they don’t think mom’s mensa. And if dating someone else while you’re married makes you “easy” then he’s “easy” ’cause he’s with Jenny.

When Efrain starts in on “Charlie’s evil,” Charlie shows up to take the boys to school. Efrain insists on doing it himself. Dude, do you even know where their school is?

Berta’s photoshopping her head onto the body of the model from the last collection. Pati just has to come over and gloat about how her body’s all-natural and Berta’s never gonna be skinny. Berta calls her skinny and ugly and even if she has a tempting body, her face is nothing but regret.

So, yeah, how about we just not talk to each other the way Pati and Berta talk to each other, okay?

I think Wilson spent the night at La Pantera’s. She drops him off at work and makes sure to kiss him when she sees Sandra walking in. Sandra starts yelling at Wilson about making a scene here at the office.

Marce complains to Patricia about Armando going to Miami without her. I can only assume she’s doing this so Pati can give her bad ideas and she can later blame the things she does on Pati.

For instance, today Pati convinces her that she should go to Miami even if Fiorella doesn’t want to see her because even if Fiorella’s not interested in Armando, Armando’s interested in her and any woman looks good compared to Betty.

In the workroom, Romi has found the stash of lingerie from previous collections and tries to entice Fabio, but he’s annoyed about her being there in the first place and he doesn’t want Inés to see them.

Romi thinks she’ll just find a way to get Inés fired and take her place permanently.

Marcela has Mariana find her a flight to Miami.

Ricky pulls her aside and Marcela gives him the “I’m an owner of this company and I have a right” argument. Ricky says he knows she’s trying to mark her territory and keep Armando from being with another woman, but all she’s going to accomplish is turning him off. Nothing is less attractive than a woman with low self-esteem.

Marce doesn’t know why she’s wasting time with him. She goes back to her desk to see what Mariana has found so far.

In the work room, Romi’s trying to clean up Hugo’s workspace.

Inés tells her not to move anything. It’s messy, but Hugo likes to find things just where he left them. She can help move some fabrics.

Ooh, nope, sorry, she’s pregnant.

Inés tries to ask how far along she is, but Romi ignores her and looks at Hugo’s sketches.

Thompson’s house in Miami is gorgeous. And Betty’s super hyped about seeing the ocean. Hugo’s all “Whatever.” Fiorella tells Betty she’ll get her some hair stuff for the humidity.

Catalina’s showing Marcela flower options, but Marcela says there’s no need–the wedding is off. Armando doesn’t respect her. She gave him the choice between going to Miami with Fiorella or their wedding and he picked Fiorella.

Catalina’s sure that was a business decision. She suggests Marcela wait until Monday when Armando’s back. If she still feels the same way, then Catalina will cancel everything.

Catalina goes looking for Betty. Ricky finds her in Betty’s office and tells her Betty went with Armando to Miami. Catalina asks him how Armando is doing.

Ricky says he’s got some work stress, but he’s OK.

Catalina just likes to check on her friends, that’s all.

Ricky tries to flirt, saying they’re only friends because she won’t take him out of the “friend zone.” (Sexist!)

She tells him to be careful. He’s reminding her of her second husband and he ended up in a “manicomio.” (Ableist!)

Thompson’s got the house stocked, but if they need anything else, they should let him know.

Hugo says Thompson has excellent taste, which is obviously why he liked Hugo’s collection.

Thompson agrees that V&M’s success is down to Hugo.

Hugo’s all “Say it again, ’cause these jerks don’t treat me right!”

Thompson’s glad Betty came on this trip. Fiorella mentions it’s the first time she’s been to Miami. Thompson toasts to V&M and Betty’s first time in Miami.

Ricky calls Armando. He mentions Cata’s visit and the questions she was asking. And did Marcela have something to say about this trip?

Armando says she was upset because she couldn’t come along. It’ll pass.

Thompson was going to have Armando’s room next to Fiorella’s, but Hugo claims it instead. That’s just fine by Betty and Armando, but Hugo’s watching them and I think he knows something is up.

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