Betty en NY Wednesday 5/8/19 #65

Previously on Betty: Pati was jealous of Betty for going on the Miami trip. Marcela issued an ultimatum, but Armando went on the trip anyway. Betty and Armando ended up in neighboring rooms in Thompson’s house.

Betty’s on videochat with her mom, showing off the beach and the room and talking about the plane ride and the interesting things the humidity is doing to her hair.

Demetrio joins in, screaming like someone who doesn’t understand how a phone works. He’s worried about Betty spending too much time having fun and gets on her about making sure to work.

Betty lies to her parents about Marcela being on the trip.

Ricky goes out for a drink and just his luck, Mata’s at the same bar. He comes over to brag about his new salary and offer Ricky some advice–get a new job before the ship sinks.

Marcela’s snapping at Mariana. Pati has now taken to calling her “La Santera” which wouldn’t be a problem except that (1) she’s Pati and (2) she follows it up with “incompetente.” Pati just came by to ask Marce where she’s taking her for lunch.

Lunch is SO not happening today. Marce nearly chucks a mouse at her.

Aura Maria made…uh, acquired…mole to thank Giovas for hanging out with Tommy. Giovas has to remind himself not to pay attention to her saying he’s special and go into “full beast mode.”

Hugo’s excited about how great the photos are going to look. He’s ready to start fittings.

Thompson suggests Betty get out and see more of Miami. He’ll get his assistant to be her tour guide.

Armando says he’ll do it.

Thompson also suggests Betty get into something better suited for warm weather, but Betty doesn’t really do warm weather. Fiorella takes her back to the house so she can borrow something.

And Hugo’s watching them and smirking.

Ricky tells Mata it’s obvious he’s still bitter over getting fired. Mata gives Ricky his card, in case he needs a job later. And he asks the bartender to give Ricky a bottle of their best wine. Which might be the last one he gets to enjoy.

Ricky tells her to ignore that and get him another glass of whiskey.

Romina complains about feeling tired. Must be the hormones. Inés tries not to sound too sarcastic agreeing that it must be. Or maybe that’s my interpretation.

Romina goes “home” to “rest” and passes by Sandra on her way out, completely ignoring her. Inés explains she’s Hugo’s latest whim, Fabio’s sister. And then Hugo texts her asking her to water the plants. She doesn’t mind doing it, she’s just annoyed at having to see Fabio’s and his sister’s faces.

Betty’s upstairs holding Fiorella’s dress up in front of her. And in walks Hugo to inform her that she’ll never look good. Etc. etc.

Betty doesn’t think he needs to say these things.

Well, she’s smart, he’ll give her that. But she’d better get used to being Armando’s right hand…and nothing more.

Betty relives the ballet teacher’s rejection. She leaves Fiorella’s dress on the bed.

Betty goes out with Armando and a package of Oreos. Mr. 5ft asks if the butt shots are really necessary, but I figure…it’s Miami? There are visible butts on the beach? Betty looks around and thinks she should ditch the sweater. Yeah, Fiorella was going to lend her a dress, but Betty didn’t think it was really “her.” And she’s used to not fitting in.

Armando points out that nobody’s looking at her. Does she need anyone but Armando to look at her? He wants her to have a good time and forget about being boss and assistant and just be a couple on vacation in Miami. (He’s so devastatingly cute when he says stuff like that and smiles the smile he ONLY smiles for Betty. Damnit, Armando!)

Ricky sees Marcela leaving the office and remembers the two of them in bed. Sandra’s like “everything OK?” Ricky walks off without answering her.

Betty’s getting thirsty, so Armando takes her for mojitos.

She admits that she’s thinking of Marcela. Was she OK with this trip? Did she say anything about her?

Armando says Marcela doesn’t suspect her.

This is not a situation Betty thought she’d be in…having a secret relationship, lying. And her mom says something that starts with lies can’t end well.

Fabio. Romi. Stolen lingerie. Snogging on the stairs. And poor Inés walks in on them. Thankfully she didn’t really see anything but some partial nudity.

Betty likes mojitos. Armando tells her to drink slower! He’s got a lot of things to show her and he doesn’t want to be dragging a drunk along with him!

Betty says she’s just tipsy. She likes Miami. And hanging out with Armando.

He says thanks to her, he’s seeing the city a different way. They both do that “Ha! You’re being cheesy!” laugh. But seriously, he means it.

Pantera. Sandra. Smack talk at the gym.  Sandra jumps in to fight her and Pantera keeps taunting her…Wilson taught her this move…Wilson took her dancing last night….

Armando brings Betty her penultimate mojito of the afternoon.

Betty’s all excited about a cruise ship leaving port. She wants to travel to Washington, Mexico City, Peru. He talks about them going on a cruise in the Mediterranean…but what’s she doing in shoes on the beach?

They run out to play in the water.

Pantera and Sandra take a break until Pantera taunts Sandra about not wanting people at work to know she fights. Not that anyone at work would care…Wilson told her.

This time Sandra’s brother has to break them up.

Sofia gets home to Charlie’s and finds Berta waiting for her. She’s taking the kids for the night so Sofia and Charlie can scuff up her tacones (heels on a shoe). She’s surprised she has to talk Sofia into this. Come on, she’s not gonna leave her date dressed and abandoned! Better to leave him undressed and tired!

Marcela goes swimming. I don’t know if that’s the actress or a stunt double, but I’m jealous of her moves.

Ricky shows up, but she says she’s done now. And what happened the other night isn’t going to happen again.

Armando and Betty are walking along the shore. Sure, she’d like to live here, if it’s with him.

She wants Armando to take a picture of her, but he keeps telling her to stand farther out and he ends up having to jump in and help her get back to shore. Beach smoochies!

Ricky’s still waiting for Marcela when she gets back from changing. She keeps telling him she’s not going to sleep with him again. She only did it because she was drunk. Armando’s his best friend!

Yeah, and she’s his fiancée, so the only one cheating on Armando is her.

Marcela slaps him, shoves him, tells him to let her go, snogs him, and starts undressing him. In more or less that order.

Armando’s taking a shower and thinking about kissing Betty on the beach…Ricky telling him he’s starting to think Armando actually has a thing for Betty…. He asks himself what’s happening with Betty.

Charlie and Sofia go dancing. Which is great…until Los Cucaracha show up at the same club.

Hugo sees Armando sneaking into Betty’s room.

After sex, Marcela scoffs at Ricky’s “You’re different from all the other women I’ve gone out with” speech. Marce tells him this time was different. She wasn’t drunk. And she’s sure she would never go for him.

Efrain’s making a lot of noise about Sofia cheating on him and he’s gonna take the kids away, etc., until Charlie pulls Sofia away. The people on the dance floor applaud and to be fair to Jenny, I don’t know what exactly they were applauding, but Jenny’s acting like it’s applause for her.

Hugo tries to convince himself that Armando just needed to borrow some toothpaste. Or maybe Fiorella and Betty switched rooms and…but Fiorella comes into the hallway behind him and scares him. She insists on dragging him back to his room so they can talk about this idea that she’s had for the shoot. (So, what do we think? Does Fiorella know something’s up?)

Betty comes out of the shower and finds Armando on her bed. He didn’t realize she wasn’t dressed yet.

Well, there are all these creams in different colors and Betty wasn’t sure which one to put on.

Armando wanted to ask if they could have dinner and talk. He’s talking about how soft her skin is and Betty jokes about it being because she’s always so covered up and never gets sun and it’s one of the advantages of being fea.

Armando doesn’t want Betty to talk like that.

OK, well, she’ll go get dressed.

But no, because Armando’s distracted, wondering what’s happening to him, so it’s smoochies instead.

We see Betty’s towel wrap hit the floor.

Yeah, so, they had dessert instead of dinner. And Betty’s thanking Armando for boosting her self-esteem. Not that she hasn’t already been working on it herself.

Armando talks about how much he loves her innocence and vulnerability, her sincerity, how much he wants to take care of her and make her happy. He knows he never wants to be away from her. They trade “I love you”s. (Assuming “Me too” counts?)

They fall asleep and Armando dreams that he’s married to Betty, living in her parents’ house. Betty is pregnant and taking pole dancing classes to help bring in more money. They have six kids. It’s their wedding anniversary, July 5, and Armando’s parents come over for about two seconds, to drop off a gift basket.

Armando wakes up freaking out.

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