Betty en NY Thursday 5/9/19 #66

Previously on Betty: Marcela had sex with Ricky AGAIN. Armando and Betty had Miami smoochies. Hugo saw Armando sneaking into Betty’s room.

Hugo complains to Fabi about what a long day he’s going to have tomorrow. Fabi asks if he’s talked to Inés…because, nothing, just asking.

Fabi tells Romina that Inés hasn’t talked to Hugo, but he’s worried that when Hugo comes back she’s going to say something about finding them mostly undressed. Eh, Romina’s sure she’ll have Inés on her side by then. Or maybe she meant Hugo.

Sofia and Charlie are back at his place. She’s worrying that the kids are going to get taken away from her. Charlie reminds her they’ve only made love once (really?) and that was after Efrain moved out to live with Jenny, so there was no cheating going on. As far as anyone else knows they’ve behaved impeccably. And no way is Efrain seriously going to want to raise the kids. And neither is Jenny.

Sofia says she doesn’t want to lose what they have…which she’s not ready to call love yet…but for now she needs to find somewhere else to stay with the kids.

Jenny’s feeding Efrain’s paranoia…Charlie and Sofia used to dance together when all four of them went out…and they even danced competitively? Well then, she’s probably been cheating on him for a long time and one of the kids is probably Charlie’s.

Berta, or actually Enrique, made the boys pancakes and bacon and eggs for breakfast. Sofia shows up and Berta drags her into the kitchen for chisme.

Too bad the chisme is that Efrain caught her and Charlie dancing and threatened to take away the kids.

Efrain confronts Charlie. What’s he got going on with Efrain’s woman.

Jenny? Nothing.

OK, he means his wife.

He and Sofia are friends.

Uh huh, how long have they been seeing each other.

Charlie’s like “Seriously, bro, you’ve never won a fight with me, back off.”

Are the kids really his kids?

“What are you saying?!”

Berta feels responsible for encouraging Sofia to go out.

Well, no, Sofia did that herself. But the kids come first. Until they’re divorced, she needs to move out of Charlie’s, but all she can afford is a cheap hotel.

Oh hell no, Berta’s not letting those kids suffer. She calls Enrique to come into the kitchen and says Sofia and the kids don’t have anywhere to stay.

He’s like “What about here?” Basically he and Berta decide they’re moving in and Enrique goes back to the dining room to tell the kids.

Sofia tells Berta he’s the best guy ever.

Oh, she knows. That’s why she’s gotta keep an eye on him. And take care of herself. She can’t lose him!

Charlie can’t believe Efrain’s doubting the kids are his when Junior looks just like him and Jonathan talks as little as his brother “the mute.” Sofia’s a lady and she never cheated on him while they were together.

Ah, but now they’re not together.

Does Efrain want her crying over him the rest of his life while he’s out there being happy?

Well, no, she can do whatever she wants to as long as she’s not setting “a bad example” for the kids. Like last night.

Charlie’s like “We were dancing!” Sofia’s been down and he was trying to cheer her up.

Well, Efrain didn’t think she seemed depressed last night.

Is that what he’s upset about? ‘Cause Efrain’s the one who brought his lover to live in their house and he’s the only bad guy here.

In Miami, the team is hard at work on the publicity photos. Betty and Armando are getting in a fair amount of goofing off, though.

Betty’s excited with how well the shoot is going. She thinks they could move the launch date up sooner. Armando agrees, and Thompson said he wanted to do it on a significant date.

4th of July?

Armando freaks out, but then he says it’s just that you have to keep a cool head in business.

OK, then. She’ll go see what dates are available in NY.

Hugo approaches Armando and asks why he was in Betty’s room last night.

Is this Hugo asking or Marce? Because Hugo’s been watching him constantly.

Is he saying the truth depends on who’s asking?

Nope. The truth depends on who believes it. So OK, Armando will tell him the truth–he and Betty have a serious romantic relationship.

Hugo doesn’t believe it. He’ll believe they were running numbers for a proposal they want to make to Thompson before they go. And no, he doesn’t want to help. And he’d rather Armando send Betty back home as a parcel.

Marcela’s feeling sick. Pati comes over, running her mouth as usual. She helps herself to Marcela’s toast or crackers or whatever crispy thing she had there. She’s really upset when Marce says she cancelled the wedding.

Well, Marce doesn’t want to talk about it. She just wants to get some rest and she’ll call Pati when she feels better. She asks her to leave and tell the doorman she doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Armando and Thompson go over the pictures and timeline for the launch. And since they’re partners now, Thompson figured he should ask about the rumors that V&M isn’t doing well financially.

Armando promises they’ve had to make some major investments, but the company’s not an any risk and it’s as stable as when his dad ran it.

Pati runs into Ricardo in the lobby of Marce’s building. She tells him not to bother–Marce doesn’t want to see anybody. But she’s not telling him anything.

OK, fine, she’ll tell him. Marce called off the wedding!

Ricky calls Armando to ask him what happened.

Armando explains that Marcela threatened to do this if he went to Miami.

Ricky can’t believe he did that. Without marrying Marcela, he’s going to lose V&M.

Well, Armando didn’t think Marcela would follow through.

Ricky warns him that Marce’s going to call Daniel and by tomorrow he’ll have lawyers crawling all over V&M doing an audit. He ran into Mata yesterday and Mata was talking like he knows how V&M’s really doing. Armando needs to come home today!

Actually, it’s Pati who tells Daniel about the cancelled wedding, and also the poetry from a dead woman, and Marcela’s suspicions about Fiorella, and the trip, and the new campaign with Thompson. So, yeah, Marce’s got plenty of reason to call of the wedding.

Armando explains to Betty that he’s going back to New York today. She can stay until Monday.

Betty would rather go home with him. If he’s not here, she doesn’t belong.

Daniel comes over to Marcela’s apartment and she cries on his shoulder.

Betty and Armando get back to New York. She’s a little subdued. It was great in Miami, but being back reminds her they have a lot of stuff to resolve here and she doesn’t want to hurt anybody.

But also, she’s realized that even if she learns about fashion, she’s never going to fit in.

Daniel says he’s with her because she’s unique. Fashion is superficial and there aren’t a lot of people like her in it.

Like she’s some kind of weird bug.

Well, yeah, his weird bug. He almost kisses her, but he looks around the lounge and changes his mind.

Los Cucaracha. Jenny’s convinced Sofia and Charlie are cheating and she’s going to prove it.

Charlie comes over to Berta’s–Junior forgot his asthma inhaler. And also he wanted to see Sofia.

Well, yeah, it would be bad not to have the asthma inhaler and need it. Sofia gets all weepy and says he’s the perfect guy…and yes, perfect for her just not right now.

Charlie tells her about his talk with Efrain and lying to him. He wishes he could have told Efrain that he was stupid for leaving her. That a woman like Sofia is someone you marry for life. And that he can’t wait for their divorce to be final so he can figure out what’s going to happen with them…because he’s not going to settle for spending his nights alone after he’s been with her.

Sofia’s breathing like she needs that inhaler before Charlie kisses her. And then she asks him not to call or come over. She’ll call him.

Betty’s parents are surprised she’s home so early. Betty says they got their work done and came back. Doña Julia’s asking about Armando and his fiancée. Yes, they all came back together…no, there was no problem, they just had a lot of things to do.

She starts looking for the fridge magnets she bought them and Demetrio goes on and on about how proud he is that she went on a business trip and actually got work done. Not like some people…some guys would even bring their amantes on trips, like they were going on vacation. Betty drops her bag on his foot. (I’m giving Demetrio’s former coworkers some serious side-eye.)

Armando can’t get Marce to pick up the phone. He goes into his closet and there are just a few random dresses that I can’t even picture Marcela wearing hanging in there. He realizes she’s gone. (Yay! Change the locks! Sorry…that was mean….)

Daniel took Marcela to the Hamptons. This used to be their “happy place.” Daniel always said he wanted to be a successful businessman and now he is. And Marce used to say she wanted to travel the world and she didn’t want to be cooped up in an office.

And now it’s María Lucía traveling in the world and Marce stuck in an office.

Daniel says that’s because she stopped fighting. She gave up her dreams to chase after Armando’s. Does she think that’s love?

Marcela says today’s not the day for this.

Daniel’s sure Marcela loves Armando, but he’s not so sure Armando loves her.

Marcela says he doesn’t understand her because he’s never been in love.

Daniel doesn’t think Armando deserves for her to be miserable. He’s never changed. He wants her to be happy again.

Marcela says they’re adults. And he doesn’t smile much either.

Daniel tells her to take some time, think, re-evaluate her life, leave V&M.

Ricky’s freaking out that Marcela’s not taking Armando’s calls. Armando’s convinced Marcela wouldn’t leave him.

Ricky doesn’t think Armando knows her that well…um, because of what’s happening right now. And Daniel’s planning something. Hopefully Marcela won’t say anything to him or no one will be able to save them. Not even Betty.

What happened to Daniel saying that Marce was the representative for the Valencias at the company?

Daniel says it was too much responsibility and he didn’t think about her needs. But now he’s got a folder with documents he’s had ready since Armando’s night at the bar became public. This could be the key to Marcela’s happiness. The way for her to take control of her life again.

The Pelotón are gathered at the reception desk. Sofia got an email from her lawyer saying they have a date for the divorce hearing. She doesn’t know how to feel.

Wilson interrupts the gathering with news…Daniel Valencia is in the building! Everyone scatters.

Hugo’s home. Fabi has obviously complained about Inés, but Hugo doesn’t see what the problem is. It’s convenient for him that Inés has a key in case she ever needs to come over to pick something up for him. Or to water the plants, since Fabi refuses to do it.

Fabi makes a fuss about Hugo treating Inés like his mother. He doesn’t think it’s healthy. And he’s upset that Hugo’s putting Inés above Fabi’s need to feel comfortable (shagging his fake sister) in his own home.

Hugo tells him to chill. He’s not in a Hitchcock film. Next Fabi will be telling him he’s afraid of birds.

Mariana’s in Marcela’s office, dropping of some pictures Marcela asked for, for the web site. Well, Daniel’s happy she’s here, so he can get this over with. She’s fired. (I said something very loud and very rude.)

He’s talking about Mariana cleaning out her cubicle when Armando and Ricky arrive. Daniel explains that Marcela quit and he’s taking her place.

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