Betty en NY Friday 5/10/19 #67

Previously on Betty: Marcela cancelled the wedding and quit V&M. Daniel took Marcela’s place and fired Mariana.

Daniel gloats that he’s now taking Marcela’s place. Ricky tells everyone to calm down and asks Mariana to leave them alone. Daniel’s like “Yeah, go to HR like I told you.” (Damn, y’all, I don’t really care about your little rooster fight there, WHAT ABOUT MARIANA?!)

Armando tries to invoke the company statutes–he’s still president and he doesn’t approve Daniel taking Marcela’s place (even though he’s not, because I don’t see Daniel getting around to doing her actual job anytime soon).

Daniel has that signed paperwork from Marcela giving him control of her shares, plus he has María Lucía’s shares, and therefore he calls a board meeting and everything’s going to come to light, muahahahaha!

Julia’s in Betty’s room tidying up when she finds a box of birth control pills. (Good on Betty, but I hope they’re using a barrier method too.) Of course Demetrio picks that exact moment to come in and wonder what Julia’s hiding.

The Pelotón are gathered in the executive lounge, trying to comfort Mariana. For sure Doña Marcela’s not going to let Daniel fire her.

Betty comes in as Mariana’s telling them Marcela quit. They try asking Betty what happened, but Mariana knows what happened–Marcela cancelled the wedding. She just doesn’t understand why they always have to pay the price for the their bosses’ screwups.

Berta figures they’re all getting fired now.

Betty finds Armando in his office. He SO does not want to talk, but that’s fine because she knows everything. Marcela called off the wedding. That’s why he wanted to come back to New York.

Armando says the wedding isn’t happening.

But Betty says it needs to happen. He needs to get back together with Marcela and marry her. They have a commitment! We are all Armando staring at Betty like she just grew a new head.

Julia waves the box of pills around in Demetrio’s face and says they’re some weight loss pills for him. To help bring down his blood pressure.

Demetrio wants nothing to do with them. He was looking for his calculator, but maybe it’s in the kitchen….

OK, so Betty wants Armando to go back to Marcela?

She wants him to do the right thing. They’re hurting too many people already. Mariana got fired because of her.

Armando says it’s not her fault (um…I think you meant to say “Mariana’s not getting fired,” please?).

Well, Betty’s tired of feeling guilty.

Marcela’s still feeling sick. She checks her phone and finds a bunch of missed calls. She listens to Armando’s messages and erases them before going back to sleep.

Armando tells Betty that his problems with Marcela are between him and Marcela. And as for Mariana getting fired, he’s not going to let that happen and he’s not letting Daniel do anything.

Betty knows what’s in the company statues–but Armando says he’s still president.

Ricky comes in and Armando asks Betty to leave them alone and trust him, it’s all gonna be OK.

Mariana’s in the admin area, sobbing. She tells the Pelotón she should have expected this because astrology. Today especially is a bad day for them to make any big decisions or sign any paperwork.

“¡No manches!” Sofia’s got her divorce hearing today. How’s she gonna not sign anything?

Well, Mariana says maybe it won’t be a bad day for her. Maybe it will be a bad day for Efrain. And she wants Sofia to wear one of her bracelets to disperse the bad vibes and remember God is with her.

Aura Maria wonders if the rest of them shouldn’t get to work, since Daniel probably already wants to fire all of them.

Betty comes over and says she’s not entirely sure what’s going on, but nobody’s getting fired.

Turns out Armando hasn’t bothered to look at the power of attorney that Daniel said he had. Ricky says it’s possible Marcela didn’t sign it.

But one way or another Armando has to go find Marcela and get her to come back to work. He figures she might be in the Hamptons.

Ricky tells him to go start looking.

Patricia walks in, braying that Catalina’s looking for him.

“Did they not teach you how to knock?!”

“No.” She screams to Catalina to come in and quit talking to the feas!

Daniel and Pati hang out in the copy room. He says now that Marcela’s not marrying Armando, everything is going to change. His hands were tied, but now they’re not and he can take over V&M and restructure it.

Pati doesn’t know what that means (and frankly, neither do I unless it’s a euphemism for  “chop it to bits and sell the whole thing off”). Is he talking about firing people?! Is she getting fired?! He can’t fire her! She’s the pretty one! She could be his personal assistant! She’s so desperate she even agrees to being his spy “and a whole lot more.”

Armando complains to Catalina that Marcela’s trying to control his life.

Cata doesn’t think someone gets THAT jealous unless there’s a reason. (Ooh, no, abusers get THAT jealous and controlling and it’s got jack to do with whether or not there’s a “reason”.)

Armando swears he’s changed. He’s ready to settle down and that’s why he asked Marcela to marry him. He just didn’t realize there was going to be SO much drama about it!

Catalina begs him, if he’s having doubts about getting married, to just say it and not go around hurting people. It’s all gonna come back on him.

Berta’s giving Sofia a make-way-under for her hearing. She needs to look anxious and pathetic and when the judge asks her to talk, she should sob and beg him not to take away the roof from over her children’s heads!

Sofia’s impressed with the acting job, but if she does that she’ll get kicked out of court.

Nah. She saw it on Caso Cerrado and it works. And she’s not leaving Sofia alone in there. She’s her best friend “En las buenas, las malas, y en las peores!”

Efrain’s not bringing a lawyer to the hearing. He’s checked things out on Google and Wikipedia. And he doesn’t want Jenny coming with him.

Julia’s putting to much salt in her broth. She tells Nico she’s been feeling cold all of a sudden lately, and out of breath. He asks why she doesn’t go to the doctor. It could be serious.

Julia brushes it off. It’s age.

“And menopause.”

Julia smacks him with her ladle. She really wants him to hurry up and get his business set up so Betty can get out of V&M. She can do so much better than being an assistant, but they’ll never let her there.

And yeah, she put too much salt in the broth, but Nico lies and says it’s perfect.

Sandra’s on her way into Ricky’s office and overhears him leaving a message for Marcela that included “after everything that happened between us.” Sandra quietly closes the door.

Hugo’s showing off his sketch for Marcela’s wedding dress to Fabio and Romina. Romina starts saying something about her wedding dress…Fabio covers and says it was a hippie wedding…and Pati comes in to deliver the news that Marcela cancelled the wedding.

Sandra asks Mariana if she knows where Marcela is. And if it’s possible she went there with Ricky.

“They don’t get along.”

Oh yes, they do…

And now Mariana does remember Ricky showing up looking for her. Why?

Sandra says it’s just talk. And they should go get lunch because they’ve both got a battle ahead.

Pati comes over to harass the Pelotón at lunch. Ah, they must be feeling the vibe…that Daniel is going to be the new president of V&M.

Sofia tells her to can it. Armando is still director and he hasn’t called a board meeting.

They all get a laugh out of Pati saying she’s just telling them because she’s a good coworker. Sandra nearly starts a fight with her. Pati tells them to hurry and start sending out resumes. Mariana’s swearing she’s gonna align Pati’s chakras. Someone says they’ll align her teeth.

Fabio tries to get Inés to give up her key to Hugo’s apartment, saying Romi has his (Fabio’s) and she can imagine how much trouble that causes….

Uh huh. Well, she’ll return her key to Hugo and Fabi can ask him for it later.

Danny’s back in the Hamptons with the revised power of attorney Marcela asked for. Danny starts putting pressure on her to just hurry up and sign. Yes, he went to V&M, no Armando didn’t ask about her. Sign here. And tonight she goes to Europe.

The what now?

Danny’s not going to let Armando keep taking advantage of her. Has she seen the way she looks?

Uh, she’s sick. She’s allowed to be sick. She’s not going on a trip anywhere. The POA is enough.

Daniel starts going on about how everybody’s going to be talking about her cancelling the wedding. He’s just trying to take care of her. There’s a plane waiting for her tonight.

Armando’s on his way to the Hamptons. Ricky’s at a bar. He thinks it’s kind of stupid for Armando to be going there based on a gut feeling, but OK. Is he going to try to get Marcela to go ahead with the wedding?

Armando’s gotta see how she’s doing first.

Ricky says she knows there’s another woman. Everything she’s been doing lately has been to get back at him for that.

What “everything”? Does he mean cancelling the wedding?

Um, yeah, that’s what he meant. What else would he mean.

Armando doesn’t know what else he could do. This was Ricky’s strategy, stringing both of them alone. And it’s driving him nuts–he’s hurting two women who don’t deserve it.

Ricky tells him to just start with getting Marcela back, but he can’t break up with the gargoyle!

Armando’s really sick of Ricky calling her that. He needs to start respecting her because she’s gotten them out of a lot of problems.

Nico meets Betty in the middle of the day to tell her he thinks Julia suspects Betty’s seeing…

She knows who.

She wants Nico to convince Betty to leave V&M.

Betty agrees it’s not good for her. She barely recognizes herself. Marcela cancelled her wedding because of Betty. And if the wedding doesn’t happen, Daniel Valencia will take over the business, break it into pieces and sell it, and all her friends will be unemployed. And it will all be her fault and Nico already told her that, but she didn’t want to listen. *Be-Ni hug*

Betty explains they came back from Miami early because Marcela cancelled the wedding. But the time in Miami was incredible. Armando showed her that he loves her. She felt loved.

She shows Nico her cell phone pictures, but they’re all of her by herself.

Well, they still have to keep up appearances.

Nico says a relationship takes two and Armando wasn’t in those pictures. She needs to get out before  it’s too late and she ends up being the one who gets hurt.

The Pelotón are giving Sofia a last-minute pep talk before court. Sandra’s talking about holding back her anger. Inés is going to pray the judge is wise. Mariana talks about visualizations to keep Sofia calm, but Sofia turns them into violent imagery.

Aura Maria tells Berta to keep them updated in their group chat.

Sofia thanks them for their support. After this, her new life starts.

Nico tells Julia he tried talking to Betty, but she didn’t really listen. But the real point here is the product placement…with this handy app, Julia can send money to Abuela in Mexico without leaving the house.

Armando gets to the Hamptons. I’m surprised Marcela let him in, but I think she preferred that to hearing the doorbell ring.

She has no intention of getting re-engaged. Things were bad before the Miami trip. She knows Armando doesn’t love her and she’s tired of pretending. It’s best of she just leaves, leaves the company, leaves everything to Daniel.

Armando tells her she can’t leave it to Daniel–he already came by to threaten him.

Well, there’s nothing else she can do now. She tried to help them, she covered up their mistakes, but she’s tired and she can’t go on. Marcela’s head is hurting. She tells Armando to leave.

Armando gets as far as the front door, but he decides to try again. He turns around to say something to Marcela and watches her pass out.

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