Betty en NY Tuesday 5/14/19 #69

Previously on Betty: Marcela got meningitis. Armando punched Daniel. The wedding is back on and the POA is off. Betty put some distance between her and Armando. Ricky doesn’t like the way Armando is treating Marcela.

Of course Ricky doesn’t like her! She’s like his sister.

Armando thanks him for the reality check. And asks him to take care of V&M for a few days.

Nico’s confused. Armando’s fiancée ended up in the hospital because the wedding got cancelled?

Well, maybe she was already sick, but yeah. Betty’s waiting for a phone call from Armando. Things are bad at the office–Daniel wants to take it over and sell it off and he nearly fired Mariana today.

Nico thinks he should take it over and get rid of it. Why does Betty look so worried? What’s she hiding.

Betty admits when she saw Armando with Marcela she felt awful. Not jealousy, more like she felt like a bad person.

Nico says that’s how she’s going to feel as long as she keeps being “the other woman.”

Betty says that sounds awful, and her mom already suspects it.

Nico’s back on about how she should go, but Betty says she can’t. She loves Armando and Armando loves her.

Marcela wants Armando to go back to work, but he says Ricky will take care of things until they’re ready to come back. From now on, he’s making Marcela his priority.

Efrain’s in a bad mood when Charlie gets to work. Why? Because Charlie took Sofia’s side at the hearing.

Charlie says he’d do it a thousand times again, because it was what was best for Sofia and the kids. And of course he’ll keep seeing her and the kids. And like Efrain said, Sofia WAS his wife, but now she’s not.

Efrain whines that Charlie’s not a good friend.

“I can live with that.” But they do need to work and they’ve already fallen behind.

Ricky announces to the admins that Marcela’s sick and he’s in charge while Marcela and Armando are out. He won’t let Pati leave to keep Marcela company because they have too much work to do. (Um, I think that’s exactly why you should get her out of there.) She needs to take over Sandra’s duties while Sandra helps him with president stuff.

Ricky’s a little too happy about temporarily taking over Armando’s job…at his desk…with its picture of Marcela on it.

Betty shows up. Armando told her Ricky would be taking over. But what was he going to tell her yesterday?

Ricky says it was nothing. He’d had a few drinks and didn’t know what he was saying.

Berta’s on a juice diet. It sounds gross. Pati has to butt in and call her a whale. Because she’s Pati.

At the hospital, Armando asks if Marcela was really going to call off the wedding.

Yep. Because she doesn’t think he wants to marry her.

Armando insists he does and he has no doubts.

V&M’s got a problem. Payday’s coming, but they’re also behind on their payments to the bank. Ricky tells Betty to just get another loan…or take it from BAR.

Betty says the bank won’t give them another loan and if they take the money from BAR, BAR won’t be there to bail them out again.

Ricky’s high on presidential fumes and tells her to just do what he says and get the money from BAR. Obviously Nico’s good at playing the stock market, he’ll get the money back.

Smith wants some reports from Berta. That she already gave him on Friday. So now he wants them updated.

Pati comes into the admin area with churros, drenches them in cheap chocolate sauce, and eats them in front of Berta.

Sofia tries to get Berta to concentrate on the report Smith asked for, but…churros.

Margarita sent Catalina to the hospital to check up on Marcela. She’s happy to see Marcela and Armando together. And happy, but really surprised, to hear the wedding is still on.

Betty tells Nico she’s upset at Ricky for treating her like just any other employee, like she can’t even have her own opinions.

Well, to them, that’s what she is. They always want her to bail them out. They’re not her friends.

Wait, so should she take the money from BAR or not?

BAR’s capital belongs to Armando, but Betty’s the owner, so if she doesn’t keep up with her obligations to the bank she’s the one who’s getting in trouble for it. If she takes the money from BAR, it’s dead. And Nico doesn’t know if he’d be able to recover as quickly as Ricky thinks he will. He thinks Betty had better call Armando and tell him he’s not the only one risking his skin, she is too…and she might as well include her ‘stache.

Marcela’s showing Catalina a picture of Hugo’s sketch of her wedding dress when Armando gets the call from Betty. She sounds like a spoiled child pouting to Catalina that Betty’s so INTENSE. She was just there yesterday and now she’s calling CONSTANTLY.

Armando takes the call and immediately agrees with Betty that if they take everything out of BAR that could have negative consequences for V&M. He says he’ll deal with it and hangs up on her.

Meanwhile, Cata’s trying to figure out why Marcela’s so eager to get the wedding back on after what happened. Marcela’s answer is “Armando says we have to keep going.”

Catalina’s advice–when you get married, you marry their defects. Armando’s not going to change after the honeymoon. She’s stuck with the good and the bad.

Why is Daniel wandering around V&M, reminding Pati that she’s still supposed to be spying for him? Are we going to find out he’s actually living in a storage closet to save money on rent? He’s always there!

Mariana and Inés agree that there’s something weird about Romina. They resort to the Supreme Oracle (aka, social media) to find out what it is.

Daniel stops by Armando’s office to taunt Ricky and try to bribe him to support Daniel instead of Armando. I don’t think Ricky was tempted, but Armando shows up, so that ends the conversation.

Daniel makes a fuss about having to leave because he’s got other businesses to take care of. And BTW, Armando can’t deny him access to V&M.

On his way out, Daniel reminds Pati to keep an eye on Armando.

Pati’s more interested in keeping an eye on Berta and her “fat burning” juice while Pati eats potato chips and guacamole. It gets ugly. Mariana and Sofi find Berta chasing Pati around the admin area. They try to protect Pati and Berta says if she hands over the chips and guacamole no one will get hurt.

Pati actually seems surprised. And also she says Berta started it.

Sofi and Mariana tell her she’s in for it now…she’s awakened Berta’s inner animal.

Armando and Ricky argue about taking money from BAR to make payroll. Ricky’s angry that Armando trusts Betty more than him. (Ricky…we all trust Betty more than we trust you.)

The Pelotón and Pati head for the breakroom where they find that Berta ate the chips, the guacamole, and possibly the contents of the fridge. Mariana can’t believe Pati pushed Berta to the brink like this!

Berta saunters in. She feels great. And she’s ready to commence Operation Mamacita. She’s going to take a week off and when she comes back her life will be different.

Armando has decided to mortgage his family’s house in the Hamptons to get the money for payroll. He does NOT want to get the money from BAR. Betty’s got her name on everything, so she’s putting herself on the line. Now it’s his turn.

Betty reassures him that she’s there for him and takes his hands. Armando nervously checks over his shoulder.

Ricky throws a temper tantrum in his office about Armando trusting la fea more than him.

Two weeks later….

Betty’s menagerie continues to expand. The card from “Armando” says he hasn’t seen her in a week, but now the wait is over…he dies slowly without her. Betty’s collecting the cards in a locked cash box in a locked desk drawer.

Marce and Armando wake up late. He tries to get sexy with her, but not all of his anatomy is in the mood.

Berta’s back in the office. She’s confused that everyone recognizes her.

Armando and Thompson have breakfast. They’re talking about teaming up for the next V&M collection. Armando mentions bringing in Thompson’s financial advisor…

Mata? No, he doesn’t work for Thompson anymore.

Armando’s surprised he ever did.

Yeah, Berta looks just like Berta. She got gastric band surgery. Aura Maria is committed to supporting her. Sofia suggests a “before” group selfie.

Marcela stops by Ricky’s office so she can complain that Armando…no, never mind. She can’t trust men.

Ricky keeps begging her to tell him, whatever it is.

OK, so Mata was working for Thompson?

Yep, and he was good about knowing when to buy and sell, but not so good with people. Just like Daniel.

Armando agrees–all he cares about is earnings, not collateral damage. Anyway, where’s Mata’s office? And what was the last proposal Mata made to him?

He wanted Thompson to sell off an old factory he had in India.

Armando remembers Daniel offering him the deal to move production from Mexico to India.

Marcela keeps telling Ricky to let her out of his office. She shoves past him, he kisses her, the kissing becomes mutual…and Betty gets an eyeful through the NOT CLOSED office door.

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