Betty en NY Thursday 5/16/19 #71

Previously on Betty: Betty saw Ricky and Marcela kissing in his office. Sandra and Mariana find the picture of Marce in her underwear on Ricky’s computer. Armando admits to Ricky that he’s having performance issues, but only with Marcela. Marcela tried again to ask Betty about Armando’s lover. Betty can’t figure out why she’d marry Armando if she thinks he’s cheating. Armando tells Betty he’s calling off the wedding…later.

Betty and Armando are having dessert after a long night at the office. If you know what I mean. And I think you do.

Time for the lucha libre tournament. Sandra wins a fight with someone in green. Pantera refuses to celebrate Sandra’s win and kisses Wilson instead.

Los Cucaracha. Jenny has a “business dinner.” and she’s not letting Efrain come with her. He’s watching the first episode of La Reina del Sur season 1. I’d say he’s got the better end of the deal.

Charlie’s surprised that Junior’s so direct.

To him it’s obvious Charlie and Sofia like each other. And he thinks it would be “weird” if Charlie and Sofia get together. Jenny wanted them to call her “Mommy Jenny” when she moved in. Is Charlie going to want them to call him “Daddy Charlie”?

No! They already have a dad. Charlie’s their uncle or their godfather.

So is he dating Sofia or not?

Charlie doesn’t know. They’ve been friends, business partners, compadres, and she just got divorced. But he would like to be her novio.


Sofia lurks behind the fridge as Charlie says it’s because she’s beautiful and nice and has a big heart and he’d be the happiest guy on earth to live with her. But that’s not going to happen until the three of them don’t feel weird about having him around. And THEN he’ll live with them, ok?

Ricky catches up to Marce and María Lucía at the charity thing.

Armando and Betty are still enjoying their time alone. On the couch. In his office.

Next up at the tournament, La Pantera vs…La Leoparda? La Pantera wins and snogs Wilson in celebration.

Enrique is home and he’s so excited about the surprise Berta’s got for him. It’s not a car, but it’s gonna make him go a thousand miles per hour.

She tells him it’s OK to look now and she’s standing there wearing this red negligée and a robe (WHERE CAN I GET THEM?!) and Enrique’s already like “Yeah, baby!” But Berta says she hasn’t told him what the surprise is.

Enrique’s still thinking it’s the car and Berta says she got gastric band surgery.

Talk about a mood-killer.

At the charity event, Marcela’s complaining about Ricky following her, but they’re interrupted by Cindy Thompson.

Armando and Betty are snuggling in front of the couch. He asks if she’s OK.

Always, when she’s with him.

Armando agrees. He feels like he can be himself with her and she’s not judging him. He knows he’s not perfect and right now his life is a mess, but here she is.

Of course. And she always will be, as long as he wants her there. No fear, no guilt.

Where did all this strength come from?

(Seeing Marce and Ricardo snogging in his office.) Well, she’s tired of feeling like la otra. She made a decision and she chooses him. And maybe it’s wrong for her to come between Armando and Marcela like this, but Betty knows no one loves him as much as she does, and she knows her love is good for him.

Armando agrees, her love is good for him. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened in his life. She’s taught him the meaning of love and given him so much peace. He doesn’t know how he got her, telling her and telling himself that he loves her.

They continue the cuteness after the entrada. Armando can hear Betty’s heart beating…it’s beating for him…ha, they’re being cutesy!…Armando’s always like that in his cards, she loves it…she thinks they can do anything together…he’s like the sun of her solar system..are they always going to be together?

Armando promises when the chaos is ever he’ll break off the engagement and they won’t have to hide anymore.

Betty’s dad is calling. She decides not to answer it and smooch Armando instead.

María Lucía and Marcela are really rude to Cindy, saying she’s still a child and Ricardo likes younger women and they’ve gotta go look at the art like they’re supposed to be doing. I mean, seriously, what has she ever done to them? And why talk to her like that when her dad’s their business partner?

When they wander off, Cindy asks what’s up with Marcela. Ricky makes a snide remark about it being menopause.

Enrique hasn’t recovered from the shock yet. Berta spent the car money?

Well, yeah, but they’re doing fine with just one car.

Enrique says he was going to put it to work and get a return on his investment (I don’t know if he means the money itself or the car).

Doesn’t he want to see her be more beautiful?

And risk her life in an operating room?!

Well…she’s fat.

He likes her the way she is! If he wanted a different kind of woman, he’d go out and find one. She’s perfect because they can be together and they can live quietly.

Berta says all she wanted was for them both to be happy. And since they haven’t been able to conceive, well…at least she could be a little thinner.

Or she could have spent the money on a fertility treatment. At least that would have been worth the trouble.

Sad Berta face. 🙁

Daniel’s surprised to see Ricky at his event. He thought maybe Ricky showed up to accept his offer. Because when they get busted, Armando’s going to have his family to fall back on, but Ricky…he’ll be alone. And loneliness kills, whether it’s in personal life or business.

Armando drives Betty home. They take their time saying goodbye and talking about how they’re in this together and difficult days are coming.

Nico sees them and walks over to talk smack about Armando being SO nice and bringing Betty home. As usual lately, he’s refusing to talk to Betty.

Marcela keeps staring at Ricky and Cindy while María Lucía keeps trying to decide between two paintings. Marcela gripes that he doesn’t know how ridiculous he looks with her.

Actually, now María Lucía doesn’t think it’s such a big age difference. Ten years, maybe? Their parents had a ten-year age difference and their relationship lasted their entire lives.

Marcela doesn’t like the comparison. And she’s off to the bathroom.

Ricky follows her.

Cindy watches him go, with a speculative look on her face.

Ricky and Marcela bicker. And then they have an enthusiastic shag in the bathroom.

Cindy watches them both come out of the bathroom looking flustered.

The lucha libre tournament continues. Sandra comes out of the dressing room and finds Wilson lurking there, waiting for La Pantera. He says he knows Sandra’s going to win the whole thing and teach everyone a lesson.

Oh? So how about a good luck kiss?

Sandra’s about to really go for it when Pantera comes out of the dressing room. She makes up a story about giving her 5,000th follower on social media a kiss.

Sounds desperate to Pantera. Anyway, she and Wilson have a long night ahead of them, so…byeeeee!

Sofia’s kids are excited about a trip to Orlando, but she doesn’t know how she’ll afford it.

Charlie says he’ll pay for it. It’s a gift for him and the boys. He hasn’t spent a lot of money since his wife died and besides the way to a vaca is through her becerros.

Did he seriously just call her a cow?!

Charlie swears he didn’t mean it like that.

Sofia’s kidding. And she does like to travel. She’d been saving up money to take (that loser) Efrain on a cruise in the Caribbean. But that never happened. She can imagine exactly how it would have been…well, without Efrain now…with a huge hat on a beach and sunglasses like Doña Marcela wears that you can tell they’re for a señora fi-fi, and a martini with a bunch of olives, and a guy kissing her. It’s stupid, right?

Charlie says he’s taking notes. He likes how she thinks. So she can put his face on her fantasy guy and include him in her dreams. *smoochies*

Nico’s lecturing Betty again about getting fooled by Armando. Oh, sure, the wedding won’t happen…Armando’s going to give up his blue-blood fiancée with the body of a supermodel and come running to Betty. That’s never going to happen!

Betty says it IS going to happen because she’s going to fight for his love. Marcela doesn’t deserve him. She doesn’t even love him! She’s cheating on him with his best friend.

Nico’s face: “Wait, really?”

Cindy saunters over to Ricky to ask if he wants a cigarette. He doesn’t get the joke. He swears he couldn’t find her in the middle of all these people. Did she buy another painting.

Nope, seems like tonight everything she wants *pointed glance at his pants* has already been claimed. What’s he doing with his best friend’s fiancée? She knows they were in the bathroom together. How long have they been together?

Ricky tries to deny it, but Cindy tells him not to worry. If she were him, she’d be doing the same thing. She’s glad Ricky’s like her. For a minute there, she thought he was a prude.

Ricky swears her to secrecy.

Hey, Cindy’s not judging. There’s nothing better than sexo prohibido. She just hopes he’s not tired because it’s going to be a long night.

Ricky’s face: “Damn, it’s hard being God’s gift to women!”

Nico wants some clarification…is Betty saying that Ricardo Calderon was kissing Marcela Valencia? And it was, like, on the mouth? French, with tongue and saliva?

Betty says that’s gross, but yes, a French kiss muy Francés. And as soon as she saw them she took off.

She should be taking off from that company! It’s full of million-dollar deals and infidelity! When he watches suspenseful movies the end is never pretty and the stupidest person gets killed and right now that’s Betty!

Betty says she’s staying. Armando realizes Betty makes him happy and he’s going to call off the wedding and they’re going to be happy and save V&M!

Oh, how nice, And the sky will be full of unicorns and balloons and she and Armando will walk under a rainbow as the sunset disappears and an orchestra starts playing and the screen says “The end.”

Look, he’s sorry to burst her balloons, but she’s in danger! Betty, her family, even Nico.

Armando has a drink at home and remembers being with Betty in the cabin…and on the beach…and at Thompson’s house…and telling her he loves her in the office.

He asks himself what he’s laughing about. His life is a mess. But he smiles anyway.

Los Cucaracha. Jenny’s off to a fitting. Allegedly. She mispronounces “alimony” as “dale honey” which is fair. Possibly she’s talking about trying to catch Thompson’s attention, but the whole situation with her new international modeling career where the clothes are all made to fit her sounds so fake I can’t tell.

Enrique serves Berta a breakfast of a grapefruit and a couple of slices of toast. And he’s thrown out all the food she’s not supposed to be eating. She’s gotta stick to this diet if she doesn’t want the money to go to waste.

In the workroom, Romina finds Hugo’s sketches of kids’ clothes. Inés says it’s just stuff he was doing for her grandkids. He loves kids.

Romina’s surprised to hear that.

Well, if it were up to Hugo he’d have ten kids, a dog, a cat, and a parrot. But she doesn’t know if Hugo’s talked to Fabio about this, so best not to say anything.

Wilson snuck the championship ring out of Pantera’s to show it to Sandra. He heard there’s already enough money to save the gym?

Yep. So now the tournament’s just for pride.

Wilson thinks she should invite the Pelotón, but Sandra says her two lives are separate. No one can find out.

The V&M team is looking a little down this morning. Except for Hugo, who spent all night working on his presentation for Thompson.

Pati escorts Thompson AND Cindy into the board room. She’s part of the deal now and she has to be convinced too.

Cindy says it’s such a coincidence that last night she, Ricky, and Marcela were at that art event and now here they all are! (Oh yeah, y’all don’t look the least bit guilty.)

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