Betty en NY Wednesday 5/15/19 #70

Previously on Betty: Armando left Ricky in charge at V&M. Daniel tried to bribe Ricky. Betty had to call Armando to keep Ricky from killing BAR. Armando had performance issues with Marcela. Betty saw Ricky and Marcela kissing.

Marcela tells Ricky they can’t snog in the office. And actually this is the last time she’s snogging him.

Fabio’s talking to one of his girlfriends on the phone. He pretends he was talking to a guy about buying a car when Inés comes over. And lucky he did, because Hugo was right behind her. He doesn’t understand why Fabio’s buying a car when Hugo already gave him one.

Um…because he’s a collector.

Marcela insists she’s only doing this with Ricky because she’s vulnerable.

He’s like…you were nibbling on my back and tearing off my clothes because you’re vulnerable? Why can’t she admit she wants him?

Marcela insists nothing’s going to happen between them.

Betty’s in the bathroom trying to pull herself together when Inés comes in for pretty much the same reason. Does Betty remember seeing Fabio kissing that woman? Inés doesn’t like knowing someone she cares about is being cheated on, but she doesn’t want to be the one to tell him. But at the same time she feels guilty. She wants to protect Hugo.

But she’s afraid she’ll destroy him if she tells him. Betty totally gets that.

In the admin area they’re talking surgery. Sofia’s maybe for. Aura Maria’s definitely for. Sandra’s against. And Mariana’s focused on how Berta’s weight loss is going to be gradual and she’s going to have to change the way she eats.

Mr. Smith comes over to scold them for goofing off and Berta makes a big deal about how she had surgery.

Well, he told her if she kept eating like that she was going to rupture her gall bladder!

Um…it wasn’t….

Betty runs into Ricky on the way to her office and he’s like “Be careful!” and she’s like “That’s what I’m saying, we’ve ALL gotta be careful.”

Marcela has replaced the lipstick she left on Ricky’s face and is listening to Pati complain about how horrible it was without her and that she nearly dressed up as a fea so she wouldn’t be discriminated against.

Uh huh. And did Pati know she was the only one who didn’t come to visit her?

Pati blames that on Ricky for telling her not to and then actually making her work.

Marcela’s ready to get caught up with Mariana, but Pati wants to hear about Armando first…was it 50 Shades of Marge?




Nope not one. And Marce’s starting to think Armando is having a problem with  impotence.

Armando tells Ricky about his breakfast conversation with Thompson.

Ricky’s surprised Thompson would have hired Mata after they fired him, but Thompson didn’t know. And someone powerful recommended Mata to Thompson–Daniel Valencia. And Mata was the one who convinced Thompson to sell off his factory in India.

The one Daniel offered them?

It’s an insult to everyone’s intelligence to repeat Pati and Marcela’s further conversation about Armando’s alleged impotence.

In summary, Pati thinks Armando must be getting so worn out by his insatiable other woman that he’s got nothing left for Marce. And since he’s good at sneaking around and Betty’s a tomb….

Marcela thinks she’s got a way to make Betty talk.

Armando’s giddy at the thought of finally getting some proof against Daniel Valencia. And what’s better is that Thompson wants to partner with them on the next collection. Armando and Ricky and Betty could finally get the company out of the hole.

Ricky’s cranky. As far as he’s concerned it’s he and Armando who have done the real work. Betty’s just a tool. And Armando should be prepared to use her as a scapegoat.

No, Betty has done everything because she trusts Armando.

Ricky doesn’t think so. And besides, it’s not like Armando’s going to keep all his promises to her, right?

Armando doesn’t know. But Betty’s not leaving until it’s time and she’s NOT going to jail.

Berta and Pati are having another round of body-shaming. But it’s also starting to feel like they actually like each other a tiny, tiny bit and the insults don’t have the edge they used to.

Anyway, Berta wants Pati to do daily weigh-ins with her if she’s so sure she’s going to stay skinny. Hugo comes up and asks by all the spring and summer collections, why does Berta have a báscula?! (scale)

Berta says she and Pati are going to do a challenge.

What’s the challenge? Not to break the scale? Hugo’s sure Berta’s going to lose something…time.

Armando gathers Marcela, Betty, Ricky, and Hugo in the board room. They waste time, as usual, dealing with Hugo verbally attacking Betty and Marcela sarcastically defending her. He shows them the publicity shots for the current campaign and announces that Thompson wants to partner with them on the next one too.

Charlie comes to the office with some soccer shoes for the kids. He asks Sofia how they’re all doing.

The kids are kids. They miss their dad, but they’ll be OK. And she’s taking it…with no ice and mineral water, ha!

Sofia hurries to hide Charlie when she sees Jenny coming in with I dunno, a makeup artist maybe? She tells Charlie she’s trying to keep him from having more problems with Efrain.

Charlie says they’ve already got problems. He’s always in a bad mood.

Sofia points out Jenny and says that’s why.

Hugo actually allows Betty into the workroom as he tells the execs his next collection is “Infinite.” Blah blah blah, everything is possible.

Betty’s the only one who applauds, because apparently you don’t applaud when Hugo presents ideas.

Armando tells Marcela and Ricky to get working on the marketing strategy and he and Betty will do the business plan.

Berta’s back at Pati’s desk again, trying to get her to make some copies, ’cause it’s time for her to drink her tea. Pati tells Berta that the professor from her advanced biomechanics class at DUI conducted a study that people who lose lots of weight tend to put it back on, plus more. (Which is actually correct, which makes me annoyed that it’s Pati saying it.) And OK, she’ll make the copies.

Marce comes to Betty’s office to play with the menagerie and invite Betty to lunch. Betty was going to have lunch with the girls? Well, cancel it.

Oh look, Efrain’s at work. Charlie complains that Efrain’s not doing his share and they keep getting behind on their services.

Efrain whines about having to sleep on the couch, but Jenny’s so young and full of vitality or whatever, so I guess that’s supposed to make up for it.

Charlie warns him to be careful Jenny doesn’t find herself someone younger than him and full of vitality. And now he’s off to do a fumigation in Chelsea.

Sandra had IT come over and do something to Ricky’s computer because it was running slow. She and Mariana check out the results and find…a picture of Marce from the magazine shoot. This must have been one that didn’t make the cut.

And then there’s the one of Marce drunk, in her underwear, in her bed.

Um…that’s not…from the magazine shoot.

Mariana checks to make sure that they’re both squicked out about Sandra’s boss having a picture of Mariana’s boss on his computer…especially one so…intimate?

Sandra doesn’t want to know why he has these pictures and she shouldn’t have gone into his computer. So she’s getting out. Right now.

At lunch, Ricky bugs Armando about not even looking at a group of women being seated in the booth behind him.

Armando’s like, “Hello! I’m under a lot of pressure!” And all that pressure is causing problems. Sexually.

So…no pre-wedding honeymoon?

Nope. And it’s not just the last few weeks, it’s been since…

Since he was with Beatriz! Uff, it’s a fea curse. He’ll have to have sex with a fea again to get rid of it.

Marce makes a big deal out of telling Beatriz she only brings very special people to lunch at this restaurant. And BTW, here’s Betty’s wedding invitation. Isn’t she going to congratulate Marcela?

Of course not! Marcela doesn’t deserve it! The wedding is a farce! She’s cheating on Armando with his best friend!

And Marcela wanted to know who left the poem? Well, here Betty is. She loves Armando and she’s not going to let anyone hurt him!

Except that was only happening in Betty’s head. Betty thanks Marcela for the wedding invite, but she’s not sure if it’s right for her to go, since Marce doesn’t like her.

But that’s in the past…they could start over. Marce would love it if they could be friends. Neither of them has given the other her place.

Betty wonders why Marce is telling her this.

Because Marcela knows Armando’s cheating and she knows Betty knows who with. He’s always been a flirt, but he’s always come back to her…and this time she feels like she’s losing him. She wants Betty to put herself in Marcela’s place and ask what she would do if the man she loves was starting to slip through her hands. So, out of female solidarity…who is that woman?

Betty thanks Marcela for trying, but she doesn’t have the answer to that question. And as far as putting herself in Marcela’s place, if it were her, she wouldn’t get married. If Marcela’s sure that Armando’s unfaithful, why go on with the wedding plans?

Marce goes back to normal. How dare Beatriz…she’s just a miserable assistant, etc.

Betty gets the hell out of there.

Armando’s sure the problem with Marce is just stress.

Ricky doesn’t think Armando loves her. She fits in his world, his parents love her, it’s been planned since birth, and Armando has a lot of affection for her, but he doesn’t love her.

Armando finds it funny that Ricky, of all people, is worrying about whether he loves Marcela. Ricky thinks Armando has changed, but Armando thinks Ricky has too.

Sandra and Mariana agree they are NEVER going to talk about what they saw on Ricky’s computer again. Mariana’s worried they’ll end up floating in the Hudson. So the topic dies here.

Marcela gets back to the office, grumpy, and Pati wants to know what happened.

Betty refused to tell her who Armando’s lover is and advised Marce to call off the wedding.

Pati’s sure that can only mean one thing–Betty is Armando’s lover.

And then they both cackle.

María Luísa shows up. She and Marcela have a charity thing to go to tonight. Marce explains to Pati that Daniel only invited people who can donate large sums of cash.

Well, all the more reason for Pati to be there! She’s in need of a large cash donation!

María Luísa came to drag Marce out of the office. And sorry, Pati, it’s “sister time.”

Romi, Fabio, and Hugo are making dinner plans. Hugo invites Inés, but she’s too tired.

He pulls her aside and asks what’s really wrong.

Well, it’s a family gathering and she’s not part of the family.

Hugo says he’ll let her off this time, but she IS family.

As she walks away, Fabio waves at her and she glares at him.

Ricky approaches Mariana in the admin area and asks where Marcela is.

Um…with her sister…somewhere…getting ready for a thing tonight…that maybe has something to do with Daniel…she’s not sure.

Ricky thanks her for the info, but if she sees Marcela, there’s no reason to tell her he was looking for her.

Ricky walks off and Mariana and Sandra are staring at each other like “Could we maybe talk about this now and THEN never talk about it again?

Sofia’s putting makeup on Berta in the bathroom. Berta’s worried that Enrique’s going to be pissed she spent all the money for the car and some of their other savings on the surgery. He’s really big about saving money.

Sofia’s advice is to use whatever she didn’t spend yet on a swanky hotel room, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberries, and wait for him naked. And hopefully he’ll be distracted.

Betty gets back from lunch and tells Armando she knows the wedding plans are still on, but there’s something he needs to know about his fiancée.

Armando’s sure he already knows. Marcela was rude to her at lunch. And Betty’s confused about why the wedding is still on. But no worries, he’s not going to marry Marcela. He’ll cancel the plans when Marcela and the company have recovered. Was that what she wanted to tell him?

“You read my mind.”

Sofia’s having a videocall with her sister, who has apparently dyed her hair blue and purple. The timer on the oven goes off and Charlie says the pizza’s ready. Sofia calls the guys to the table, but Junior’s playing a video game with Charlie they ignore her until she turns off the WiFi with an app on her phone.

Junior explains to Charlie that Sofia turns the WiFi on and off whenever she wants. They go to the table and Junior begs to have Charlie come over tomorrow.

Sofia says he can come over whenever he wants to…the rest of his life. She takes Jonathan to wash his hands and Charlie’s just sitting there grinning at Sofia.

Junior wants to know what’s up–do Charlie and his mom have a thing? Are they getting married?

Betty and Armando work montage. Armando wants Betty to present the business plan to Thompson ’cause her presentations are always impeccable.

Betty mentions dinner. Armando says they could go out or order in…but he’s more interested in kissing her. He convinces Betty there’s no one else hanging around in the office. *smoochies*

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