Betty en NY Friday 5/17/19 #72

Previously on Betty: Armando’s so totally in love with Betty. Ricky and Marcela got frisky at a charity event and Cindy saw enough to figure things out.

Now that they’ve established that Cindy, Marcela, and Ricky were all at the same event, Cindy says she didn’t know Ricky liked such…vintage…art.

He mentions she bought one of the best paintings.

Thompson says that’s what Cindy told him. But that’s his daughter–supporting art and good works. And he read online that the event was a success.

They finally get the actual meeting underway, with handouts and a visual presentation.

Sofia has a box of donuts. Apparently donuts are “rosquillas.”

Berta’s in tears, sobbing that Enrique doesn’t love her anymore. He gave her a toronja (grapefruit) for breakfast!

Sofia thinks Berta’s so dramatic she should write for telenovelas. Enrique gave her a grapefruit because he loves her and the surgery was expensive.

No, Berta’s convinced she’s lost him by trying to hold on to him.

Cindy likes the collection and thinks it’s good for their stores.

Thompson wants delivery in a month, not the two they were planning on. Cheers all around the table! Hugo sends Pati for champagne.

Thompson’s talking about making changes to keep the same profit margin. He wants help with the marketing angle and that’s Marcela’s department. Thompson wants her to come with him and see all their stores.

Cindy reminds him that Ricardo’s VP of sales. He should go too. (Well played, Cindy!)

Gosh, Thompson just loves working with young people! They should pack for cold and warm weather.

Marcela’s still trying to get out of the trip later. She thinks Ricky should go by himself, but Ricky points out he’s not a visual design person and Marcela’s the one who handles the website.

Armando doesn’t see what the big deal is, so Marcela says it’s that there’s so much work to do for the wedding.

But Catalina’s taking care of everything and it’s only a week.

Marcela says she’ll do it, but it’s the last trip before the wedding.

Armando can tell Betty’s not on board with the Thompson deal.

Basically, the company’s so broke they can’t deliver a new collection in a month. The company’s financial hole just keeps on getting bigger. The money for the mortgage of the house in the Hamptons helped, but it’s not enough. She’s going to have to ask the bank for more credit and the bank won’t give it to V&M. She doesn’t know if the bank will give one to BAR either. And even if they do, this is the last push BAR can give V&M.

Armando tells her to go for it and to trust him.

Ricky sneaks into Betty’s office to leave the peluche of the day and a card.

Cata brought cakes for Marcela to taste. Marcela’s going with red velvet–she loves it!

Cata seems thrown off by Marcela making this decision by herself. She thinks Marcela seems anxious.

Marcela says she’s having to go on a business trip and she doesn’t want to leave Armando alone.

Cata thought they’d talked about this already…

(^Uuuuuy says the cat who walked on my keyboard just to let everyone know his opinion.)

Marcela has to trust Armando or her life will be hell.

Betty’s a little confused about what Armando wrote on her card. He can’t wait for them to be together again? Being apart is like an eternity? Because yesterday they….

Exactly! Because that was yesterday.

Betty loves his presents and cards…it’s almost like he’s another person. So tender and sweet.

Armando goes to Ricky’s office to complain about him still leaving presents for Betty.

Ricky gets defensive. He worked hard on all his literary creations and it was tough, because they were for a fea. But they were all really nice.

Armando says Ricky doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s writing about wanting to touch her again and they were together last night.

Ricky can’t believe Armando was able to have sex with Betty, but not Marcela. Is he falling in love with Betty?

Armando denies it. But things have changed.

Ricky says the plan was supposed to be use her and discard her, but Armando didn’t know how to make her fall in love with him. She’s not like the women Armando knows–she’s needy, has no self-esteem, and she’s unethical. She’s not the good person Armando thinks she is.

Whatever. Armando doesn’t want any more presents or cards. He’ll take care of it!

Efrain calls Sofia to ask about that old cot that had…thrown out? How about the boys’ sleeping bags? He whines that Jenny’s kicked him out of bed.

Well, too bad. And the judge has already set his visitation days, so when it’s his turn to have the kids he’s going to have to deal with it.

For Charlie’s benefit, Efrain pretends she didn’t hang up on him. But Charlie knows.

Mariana reads Berta’s cards. It looks like she and Enrique are going to be fine. And after some trouble, there will be happiness. “The Sun” will light their way. And here’s La Emperatriz who stands for abundance.

Um…is Berta taking precautions?

To prevent pregnancy? No.

And the diet?

Not that either!

Betty joins the others in the lunch room and everybody wants to have Mariana read her cards. Didn’t everything from last time turn out to be true?

Betty handles the cards and Mariana starts laying them out. She gets a little freaked out and it makes Betty nervous. What’s this supposed to mean? She’s got Death, The Tower, and what are all these swords?!

Mariana says…there are some problems…changes…and she has to go do something for Marcela….

Pati’s at her desk complaining to somebody that she USED to have a premium membership, but now she doesn’t, but if they want her to sign up again they should at LEAST have someone bring her food and let her pay for it when it arrives. But they want her to use her credit card. They hang up on her.

Berta’s like “Oh darn, you’re gonna have to eat slices of air.”

Pati’s still cranky when Nico calls. She complains to him that he hasn’t done any of the things he said he would.

Nico promises he’ll do something now. Not that he has cash. Or any ideas.

Mariana calls a meeting in the bathroom. Betty’s cards were TERRIBLE! Her entire life is going to be ripped apart and everything will end in the worst possible way. There’s a betrayal and a death of some kind and the Three of Swords is a broken heart. It’s not about a physical death, but Betty’s got hard times to come. And the end of a love.

Mariana swears she’s never seen a reading so negative.

Sandra thinks she should be warned, but Mariana says the die has been cast. The good news is Betty’s going to have a new life.

In her office, Betty just got word that the bank issued BAR a credit. She tells Armando he was right, it’s all going to work out.

Armando gets all smushy with her about her always supporting him. Cata sees them through the door and hides. It’s not like she saw much, but there’s definitely more there than there is between Armando and Marcela. She sneaks out of the office.

Betty tells Armando she’s scared. Mariana read Betty’s cards and it’s like Mariana herself was scared. She said there were problems coming or something like that.

Armando laughs it off. As long as they’re together nothing bad can happen. Nothing can separate them.

It’s the end of the lunch break and all Pati’s been able to scrounge from her purse is a takeout menu. But never fear, Nico sent her takeout from Le Blanc. Pati makes a big show of eating in front of Berta as they trade insults about hunting down pigeons in Central Park.

Ricky stops by Marcela’s office to ask if she’s missed him. And is she ready to spend a whole week with him? He says he could sue her for sexual harassment.

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

Well, he tries, but he needs a good spanking. (That was one of those “How many takes before everyone could stop laughing” scenes.)

Armando finds Catalina in Hugo’s workroom. She says she went by his office, but he was busy. With Betty. Is he having an affair with his secretary?

Armando laughs it off. Of course not! She’s not his type! If Cata saw something it was just a friendly gesture.

And if Betty misinterprets his friendly gesture, he’s responsible for that.

Did she ask to meet him to tell him how to treat his secretary?

No. She came to show him the reception venue.

Ricky comes back into Marcela’s office, asking why she acts like she’s afraid to be alone with him.

She’s not. How is she going to get him to understand that nothing’s going to happen between them again. If it were up to her she wouldn’t be going on that trip.

Ricky taunts her about it being fate and just rolling with it.

Mariana interrupts. She sent Marcela the latest website mockups.

Marcela asks her to work with Sandra to book their flights and hotel in Miami.

Mariana says she can’t travel with him!

Workroom. Fabio. Romi. He’s tired of having to deal with Inés. Romi says she’s going to take care of it. It’s about time Inés retired.

Mariana says Marcela can’t go…because they have a meeting with the distributors in Princeton.

OK, so reschedule it.

Ricky tells her to make sure he and Marcela have seats next to each other on the plane and neighboring hotel rooms.

And Marcela’s gotta go catch up to Armando and Catalina.

In the bathroom, Mariana and Sandra are freaking out that Ricky and Marcela made up a business trip to spend time together.

Mariana downs a dropper full of valeriana before saying it gets worse–he asked her to book the hotel rooms next to each other!

Sandra says if they know things and they’re not telling, that makes them accomplices! She needs some valeriana too.

Betty pops out of one of the stalls and asks if everything’s OK.

Mariana says they’re uh…flowing…things gotta flow…like fish…and shells…and a rainbow…she and Sandra flow in the direction for the door.

Romina tries to offer Inés candy…

She’s pre-diabetic and can’t have sweets.

Well, Hugo would probably like them…

He’s on a diet.

Well, could Inés teach Romina how to do her job. Not because she’s trying to take over, just that she’d like to know how to do some stuff before she goes back home.

Inés is sure the guys would love to have her stay, but OK, she’ll teach her. She just needs Romina to quit worrying about things that are already settled.

Romi says she’s such an angel. She’s like…the baby’s grandmother.

 Ding, ding, ding! She finally gets a smile out of Inés.

Catalina shows Armando and Marcela a big empty room with a high ceiling, nice curtains, and a reportedly spectacular view, that can hold about a thousand people.

Cool, looks good, they’ll take it.

Um…yeah, see Catalina’s not used to engaged couples not having to negotiate or compromise.

Well, they’ve got the best wedding planner, right?!

Yeah, and she’s going to need them to participate more actively. For example…what’s their song.

Neither one of them has a clue what she’s talking about, but Cata insists every couple has one.

La Pantera shows up in the lobby looking for Wilson. Giovas flirts with her. And Wilson shows up and calls her his novia! And La Pantera doesn’t object.

Aura Maria busts up the party and tells Giovas they’re waiting for those files on the 10th floor.

Marcela agrees with Catalina–something is going on with them.

Armando says it’s just work stuff.

But shouldn’t “they” be more excited about their wedding?

Armando says they are and she shouldn’t listen to Catalina. Just because they’re not like every other couple doesn’t mean they don’t love each other.

Marcela tries to convince herself he’s right.

Pati’s making a big deal about taking her lunch leftovers home. She walks away from the desk when Nicolas calls. Sure, she loved his gesture, but they have to meet in person now. And if he bails this time, he’d better not bother calling again. She’ll see him tomorrow at 8 at Le Blanc.

Ricky comments on Betty’s menagerie. He thinks Nico must really love her to do this sort of thing. And he remembers the time Nico showed up to defend Betty.

Well, he’s a good ami-novio.

Ricky puts on a squeaky voice to talk for a turkey. He says they must be very loyal to each other.

Betty says she and Nicolas tell each other the truth. The closer the friends, the more sincerity, right? She and Nicolas don’t betray each other. They watch each other’s backs. He’s her friend before everything else and you don’t mess with friendship. You respect it…right Ricky?

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