Betty en NY Monday 5/20/19 #73

Previously on Betty: Marcela got meningitis and she and Armando got back together. Armando hasn’t been able to have sex with Marcela since he had sex with Betty. Betty saw Marcela and Ricky kissing in his office. Mariana’s cards predicted a total disaster in Betty’s life. Cindy Anderson figured out Marcela and Ricky were having sex. Cindy suggested Ricky and Marcela both go on a tour of Anderson’s stores. Betty made a point of telling Ricky friends respect each other.

Ricky knows what loyalty is–that’s why he’s helping Armando in all his difficult moments.

That sounds selfless, but he’s a shareholder, right? So what happens to the company affects his bottom line.

Ricky thinks she sounds defensive.

Well, you get back what you give. “Have a nice trip. I hope you close this deal that’s so important to Armando…and you.”

Ricky thinks Betty’s getting uppity with him, like she thinks she’s on the same “level” with him.

Oh no, she knows they’ll never be at the same level.

Ricky tells her to be careful. They’re not all Armando.

Cata got them the hall for the reception. Armando and Marcela high five and Cata’s smile gets hard. But hey, taking advantage of the mood, she needs them to write their vows. ASAP.

Isn’t there a template online?

Cata insists Armando and Marcela have to write them themselves.

Marcela’s trying to act like the star pupil, nodding at everything Cata says…but no, she hasn’t written anything down. She’s just thought about it.

Frustrated, Cata says this is an important commitment.

Marcela and Armando both promise they’ll work on it tonight.

Giovas is watching video from the lucha tournament. It showed up in his suggestions. Wilson’s upset at him for watching La Pantera, but actually Giovas likes this other fighter…BreakBones. Ooh, she can put a stranglehold on him anytime.

Wilson snaps at him about not knowing who’s under that suit.

Hey, he’s admiring her feminine beauty…the strength, the technique.

Wilson tells him to imagine it’s his mom or his sister. “Hay que ser puercos, pero no trompudos.” (We may be pigs, but we shouldn’t take it too far.)

In Hugo’s workroom, Romi’s still pretending to treat Inés like the grandmother of her child.

Pati begs Marce to take her on this trip so she won’t end up like another member of the Cheapie Platoon.

Um, no. She’s Armando’s assistant, not Marce’s. Besides, Marce needs her here to keep an eye on Armando.

Pati whines that everybody thinks she’s a spy.

Everybody who?

Um…no one. She didn’t say that. Marce’s hallucinating. Anyway, she’s going to have spy expenses and she needs a credit card.

“With moderation, OK?”

“Of course. Who do you think I am?”

Hugo has lost his design book. It’s not where Inés last left it. While everybody else searches for it, Romina pulls it out of her purse and pretends to have found it on one of the cutting tables. Hugo thinks it’s about time Inés go get a checkup. He tells the others to clean up his mess.

Romina comforts Inés. It’s one mistake in a mountain of work. Romi can help her so she doesn’t have to keep track of so much stuff in her head.

And Inés is convinced she’s the one who moved it, but she can’t remember. (I hiss in Romi’s general direction.)

Catalina finds Mariana in the admin area. She comes over to ask for help organizing the wedding.

Ooh, Mariana can’t do that. She’s morally forbidden. Not that anything’s going on. Did somebody say something?

Catalina thinks she’s acting strange, but Mariana says she’s always been a little strange. Some people think she’s a witch, but she’s just tuned in to the WiFi of the beyond.

Then she’s just the person for Catalina to ask about someone in the office…she wants to know how Betty’s doing with her boyfriend.

Um, OK as far as Mariana knows, but she and the others are starting to think he’s imaginary. They’ve never met him. He’s apparently a very busy guy. Betty says she’s in love with him, but she doesn’t like to talk about it at the office.

Catalina heads to Betty’s office next. She just came by to say hi and find out how things are going with Nicolas. She’s happy to hear they’re doing well. At Betty’s age she made so many mistakes in love!

She fell in love with her boss–they spent so much time together and he was so charming and affectionate. But of course it all ended badly. She lost her job and she lost him…actually, she never had him. It was her imagination more than reality.

It wasn’t easy, but you learn from everything that happens. You especially learn how to tell when someone else is going through the same thing. Catalina asks Betty if she’s in love with Armando.

What?! No! How could Catalina think she could be in love with Armando?!

Catalina’s just asking. Armando’s last assistant fell in love with him and since you spend so much time together, it seems like it would be normal–

No! Not normal! She has a boyfriend!

OK, sorry. Cata just wanted to know if Betty’s OK.

Betty says she is and thanks for caring.

Cata apologizes again and says she’s there for Betty if she ever needs help.

Giovas just fixed something Sandra doesn’t want him to have to come over and fix again. Wilson comes off the elevator and asks if they want to get beers after work. Giovas gives him the “hay que ser puercos, pero no trompudos” line.

When Wilson goes back downstairs, Giovas says he thinks he’s a big deal because he’s dating someone famous. And she’s hot and all, but he acts like evvvvrybody wants her.

The one Giovas thinks is super hot is this “BreakBones”! He shows Sandra a close-up of her butt in the ring. That’s the one Giovas would spend his salary on. And he can’t figure out Wilson’s attitude, because first he didn’t want him looking at La Pantera and then he got even more weird about “BreakBones.”

Tournament. Sandra wins another match in a purple and gold costume I like better than the blue and silver. She takes the mic and starts taunting Pantera.

Marcela and Armando aren’t getting anywhere with the vows. Armando says he can barely talk about his feelings, much less write them down.

Marcela reminds him of Cata’s suggestion–start with how they met.

Armando can’t remember. He doesn’t have a single childhood memory where Marce wasn’t there. Parties, trips, they were almost like siblings.

But siblings don’t get married.

Armando catches her squicked out face and says they didn’t love each other like siblings.

Why the past tense?

Armando says it just came out that way.

Marcela can’t help thinking about her parents right now. She’s not sure if she’s ever going to get over their loss. Armando suggests they forget about the vows and go to bed.

Betty’s writing in her journal…”My love, if you knew all the mementos I have of you, you’d laugh. Or you’d worry because I seem like a hoarder. I even have that shoe I never gave back. And the rag for cleaning the car that you gave me to dry my tears. The straws and coasters from the bars you took me to. And every kiss you’ve given me. I save it all, because since I met you, you’ve changed my life. And ever since you said you love me, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Because you’re brilliant, wise, daring, handsome. I have no doubt your dream of taking V&M to the top will come true. There’s no one who loves you as much as I do, or cares for you as much as I do, or who waits for you like I do.”

Well. Someone is capable of writing vows, at least.

Pati has dinner with Daniel Valencia. She’s scarfing down seafood while he asks how she can do that and stay so skinny. Pati’s like “I dunno, how do you manage to stay so bitter?”

Anyway, things at V&M are great, Armando just closed a deal with Anderson and it sounds like he’s going to buy the next collection.

Danny says it won’t happen.

But it did happen! They had champagne and everything.

Has she learned nothing about business? A deal can fall through at any time.

Berta’s settling in to watch Telemundo and tells Enrique to hurry up–the show’s about to start.

Uh huh, well here’s her dinner–a salad with coconut oil and lemon juice dressing. (That sounds too fiber-y after that surgery.)

Enrique is having pizza. He’s not on a diet because he likes himself the way he is. When she met him, she liked his tummy, so he’s keeping it. And she’d better eat her tomatoes ’cause they’re full of lycopene. Helps prevent cancer.

He’s just gonna enjoy his pizza with pepperoni, extra cheese, and bacon.

Berta goes running out of the living room insisting he doesn’t love her anymore.

Ricky’s haunted by Betty’s veiled accusations about him not being loyal to his friend.

Cindy joins him at the bar. Isn’t he glad she got him some alone time with his best friend’s fiancée? Marcela’s head-over-heels for him. He’s just a game for her, though. Yep, he’s just Marcela and Cindy’s boy-toy.

Well, then, Ricky thanks her for the next week.

Julia’s in the kitchen working on dinner, video-chatting with Abuela, and watching Jugar Con Fuego. She calls Betty over to tell her this is a great series, all about a woman who gets between a couple who have been together since they were kids.

Um, Betty figures if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

No, no, this one’s different…the guy’s name is Arturo, his fiancée is Marquesa, and the evil woman who comes between them is Emperatriz.

Betty’s lost her appetite and goes upstairs.

Abuela’s like, “What were you even talking about?”

Julia says that’s the 11 o’clock show. She just wanted to see if she could get through to Betty.

Armando and Marcela are curled up in bed. Doesn’t he miss times like this.


Marcela wonders where they went wrong. It feels different. She doesn’t want this to die–she loves him.

Armando says he does too…but he’s not in the mood for sex.

Then Marcela wants to talk about it.

“I’m really tired. We’ll talk tomorrow, OK?” He turns back over and turns out the light.

La Pantera dropped Wilson off at work after a long night.

Berta and Sandra catch them kissing in the lobby and Sandra can’t wait to get upstairs and away from them.

Oh no. Pati’s covering her face. Seafood?

The Pelotón make fun of her new look. Mariana’s thinking sunburn. Sofia assumes a bad hangover.

Pati whips the scarf off and everybody screams at the sight of her face. Aura Maria says she thinks Pati’s dead and hasn’t realized it yet.

Nico’s pantsless in Betty’s living room while he irons the pants he’s going to wear on his date with Pati.

Well…I guess it’s better than ironing the pants while they’re still on?

Juli doesn’t like the idea of Nico going out with Betty’s mortal enemy.

So. It’s morning. And Marcela knows she and Armando both slept badly. She insists yet again that Armando’s seeing someone else and lying to her about it. She knows he’s lying to everybody about how the company’s really doing, he’s lying to her about the other woman, lying to the other woman about her probably….

Marce tells Armando to think about it while she’s gone. There’s still time to avoid a disaster.

In the airport lounge, Marcela’s working on her laptop. Ricky goes to get them both drinks and leave Armando a voicemail reminding him to keep things up with Betty.

Armando ignores the message. He remembers what Marcela said about him making a decision while she’s gone.

He calls Betty to tell her they need to have an important talk, but first he wants her to meet him at the 11am meeting and bring his tablet. “I love you.”

“I love you more!”

Betty finds the tablet on his desk, sees all the notifications, and checks an email from Ricardo about…how to survive a week with Betty…and another asking if Armando got the previous message….

La Pantera’s still skulking around the lobby. She invites Berta to this event that’s going to be super-cool….

Anderson finally joins Marcela and Ricky. And as much as Marcela would like to get some actual work done, he just wants to relax until they get to Miami.

Betty plays the video attached to one of the emails. Ricky went to the trouble of giving Armando a pep talk about having to stick with Betty because it’s the only way they’ll get the company back.

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