El Gran Estreno de la Segunda Temporada de MasterChef Latino #2.1

Here’s a quick summary to help refresh your memory of the previous episodes.

This episode was all about setup. We met the judges, some of the contestants, got people cooking, and the judges got to taste some food and choose their teams.

Gaby Espino is hosting this time around.

The judges

  • Ennio Carota – Specializes in Italian food.
  • Claudia Sandoval – The first Latina winner of MasterChef in the US.
  • Benito Molina – Into sustainable cooking.

This season, the judges are also mentors. Each one will select their own team of five contestants. If multiple judge/mentors want the same contestant, the contestant gets to decide. It’s like they imported the rules from La Voz.

The teams

Team Ennio

  • Aurelio
  • Lauren
  • David
  • Ángel
  • Sergio

Team Claudia

  • María Luisa
  • Noelián
  • King Sam
  • Javier
  • Sara

Team Benito

  • Dennis
  • Dubraska
  • Miriam
  • John
  • Nancy

We have a forum post for this show, at https://5ftlatina.com/cohete-forums/watch-parties/masterchef-latino-on-telemundo/

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