Betty en NY Tuesday 5/21/19 #74

Previously on Betty: Ricky left an incriminating video message for Armando.

Ricky’s little face on the video screen is STILL blabbing. It’s like he’s recapping the entire fake relationship between Armando and Betty, except for the part where ARMANDO’S FEELINGS HAVE CHANGED.

The original goal was to turn V&M into a ready-to-wear house. Betty was helpful for running the fake company that was going to be able to bail them out….

The real Ricky is having more drinks in the airport waiting area. Marcela wonders what’s up–he’s got cara de “I did something naughty.”

Fine, he admits it. He got a huge weight off his shoulders and he feels like celebrating. He’s about to explain to Marcela something that’s going to make her change her mind about this being purely a work trip…but Anderson announces it’s time to board. Cindy will catch up to them in Miami.

Betty took a brief break and gets back to the video. Ricky talks about how Armando fulfilled all Betty’s fea dreams. And now she owns them. Her and her buddy Nicolas.

Ricky knows it’s been difficult having to kiss Betty, let alone have sex with her. And Ricky salutes him for being able to do it without pills or visual aids. Armando’s his hero.

He just needs to keep making Betty think he’s going to break up with Marcela, at least until the meeting. And then they’ll ditch Betty like Armando told Marcela he would.

Betty’s sobbing in her office.

Armando calls from wherever that 11am meeting was supposed to be. She sends him to voicemail and goes back to the video. Ricky’s saying there are lots of beautiful women and Betty’s replaceable and when it’s all over they’ll do whatever kind of cleansing to get the fea vibes off of him.

But he can’t ignore her yet. Ricky left a bag with a week’s worth of detalles to leave on her desk. Armando’s going to have to have sex with her a few times. No one’s as thankful as a happy fea. And he’s welcome to borrow Ricky’s apartment. He’ll disinfect when he gets back.

He knows Armando feels sorry for Betty, but  he’ll be back to normal once she doesn’t come back to work.

They’ve both made sacrifices for V&M and only V&M matters. He guarantees that everything’s going to go perfectly if Armando keeps listening to him.

Hugo and Catalina are talking bridesmaid dresses. He teases her for not knowing purple is out and orange is in, but Cata says it’s the stress of the wedding.

And speaking of stress, she noticed there’s a vibe towards Betty….

Hugo says it’s ’cause she’s ugly. And also, she helps Armando continue his cheating on Marce.

Betty checks Armando’s armoire and finds the bag of stuffed animals and cards, just like Ricky said would be there. She puts everything back where it was, sends herself a copy of the video, and marks the message unread.

She heads for the bathroom, but she can’t get Ricky’s words out of her head. The Pelotón come in to check on her, not that she tells them anything. Sandra reminds her they’re here for her.

Armando gives up on waiting for Betty. He tells the receptionist he’s going to have to cancel the meeting, but he’ll call later to reschedule it.

He calls and leaves a frantic voicemail for Betty asking where she is, what happened, and to please call him back because he’s worried.

And there’s Mata in the same office. Greeeeeat.

The Pelotón changes tactics–they try asking Betty what they can do for her.

And in comes Pati, screaming at everybody for being in the bathroom and saying Betty’s not the president of V&M and she’s nobody.

Betty says Pati’s nobody. Just because she’s friends with the Valencias and the Mendozas doesn’t mean she’s better than them. Did she think she could just walk in here and say whatever she wanted to Betty and Betty wouldn’t talk back? Pati has no idea what women like her have been through. She’s sure Pati has never been used or made to feel like trash.

The rest of them are here because they earned their positions, not because their best friend got them into the company and gave them a job they didn’t deserve. Because she doesn’t deserve it. Because if not for Marcela she’d have nothing. Pati’s a mantenida. And she’d better not bother Betty again.

Pati’s like “What’s wrong with you?!”

Um, has she not looked in a mirror today? Must be showing in her skin what kind of horrible person she is inside.

“I’m not ugly!” Besides, it’ll be gone tomorrow.

Oh, sure, tomorrow she might be pretty Pati, but she’s still going to be as empty as her credit cards (are of credit).

Pati kind of squeaks and walks back out.

Betty takes off running. She can’t take it anymore! But her office is full of stuffed animals and Betty has scissors. The turkey gets it first. And then she remembers the cards and starts ripping them up. She cuts the stuffed heart the bear was holding right in half.

Mata and Armando have a very fake conversation. Mata hints that he knows V&M’s in financial trouble.

Pati goes to cry to Hugo and Catalina. It sounds like she’s getting continually worse. Cata goes to find something for allergies. Hugo just backs away in case it’s catching. Pati whines that she wants love and asks Hugo to hold her. He pushes a dress form over to her and Pati’s so upset she hugs it.

Catalina comes into Betty’s office and sees the polyfill carnage. Before she can figure out what’s happening, Betty has darted around her and made it into an elevator.

Cata tells the Pelotón she’ll take care of Betty, but could Sandra and Mariana please clean up Betty’s office. She’ll keep them posted.

In Betty’s office, Sandra and Mariana are freaked out. Betty did this? She must have been angry.

Mariana thinks she must have had her heart broken. (And as serious as this moment is, I so wish she’d said that holding the two halves of the stuffed heart.) Mariana picks up one of the ripped-up cards and they realize Nicolas “must” have given her the peluches. Mariana remembers the Three of Swords coming up in Betty’s cards–heartbreak and betrayal.

Sandra knows who did it, too. She heads for the door, but Mariana says they don’t know for sure. They need to calm down and start cleaning this mess up. No one can see it! Mariana goes to get a garbage bag.

Catalina finally catches up to Betty after Betty nearly gets hit by a car. Catalina picks her up and walks her away from the scene, saying she’s fine. (My brain was screaming!)

Armando gets back to the office and gets frustrated with Aura Maria not being able to give him a definite answer to questions like “Have you seen Betty?” “Did she leave?” and “Did she go home?”

Armando calls Betty’s phone and realizes she’s left it on her desk.

Hugo comes over to summon Armando to a conference call with the press. He has to literally lead Armando out by the finger. Armando grabs Betty’s phone, but doesn’t notice the garbage bag full of not-so-stuffed animals.

The Pelotón, minus Inés, meet in the bathroom to discuss the peluche massacre in Betty’s office. Not a single one still had its head on. And if Betty was capable of that, how much must she be suffering inside?

And they all know why…Patricia Fernandez! Betty’s boyfriend sent her lunch yesterday. Betty must have found out about it.

Well, if anyone messes with a member of the Pelotón, they mess with all of them, right? It’s time for Pati to learn a lesson.

Berta and Mariana hesitate, but in the end, they’re all in.

Catalina tries to take Betty to a restaurant and begs her to calm down and tell her what’s happening.

Betty says she can’t talk about it.

Catalina says whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and whatever’s going on is going to be resolved.

Betty tries to ditch Catalina, but Cata says she’s not letting Betty leave alone. Either they both stay here, or Cata drives her home, but she’s not letting Betty be alone.

Marcela’s annoyed that she couldn’t get a room on a different floor. She doesn’t think she’ll be sneaking over to Ricky’s room, considering he’s going to be busy changing little Cindy’s diapers. Maybe she’ll invite him out on the yacht and they’ll both get lost.

Ricky’s all “You’d miss me.”

Pati checks out the bottle of allergy pills and decides not to take 1 pill every 4 hours, but 4 pills right now. The Pelotón surround her desk and Berta gives her ONE chance to ‘fess up. Who sent her lunch yesterday?

Pati points past all of them and says “There’s Jennifer Lopez!”

She escapes in the chaos and goes to complain to Smith about the Pelotón surrounding her for no reason whatsoever, they just do it all the time…it was the pequeña albondiga, and the Santera, and the teibolera, and the masculine one. (Sure, she’s got nicknames for all of them, but she’s so totally innocent.)

She’s falling asleep from the antihistamines and Smith tells her to just take the day off, but get out of his office in case it’s catching.

Cata drives Betty home and says whatever’s going on, she’s there for Betty, whatever she needs. Betty gives her a hug before going inside the house.

Julia and Nico are surprised to see her, and surprised to hear she nearly got run over by a car. Nico asks Julia to calm down…and make that soup he likes…and he’ll go find out what’s wrong with Betty, because he’s sure Betty won’t tell her.

Armando calls Ricky at the hotel. Ricky asks if he got the video….

“Survival Manual for Dia-Betty-s?”

Ricky thinks he’s so clever for coming up with that title…until Armando tells him Betty has access to ALL his accounts. She could have seen this!

Ricky claims not to know that, but I don’t know if I believe him. Although, when Armando says he hopes it’s not that bad, Ricky doesn’t seem happy to admit it’s seriously bad.

Nico finds Betty in her room, crying, and asks what Armando did.

“He killed me. He made me think I could be happy and then he killed me in the cruelest way!”

Armando’s questioning the assistants. He needs them to tell him if they know where Betty is, because he’s been looking for her for hours.

Mariana says she had something personal to attend to. Aura Maria says she’s sure Betty will call soon and they’ll let him know.

Armando’s not buying this…he makes them all look him in the eye and tell him this they don’t know anything else.

They all deflate when he leaves. Berta was dying to tell him the chisme!

Betty says Nico was right and she didn’t believe him. Armando’s been using her. Not that he told her, but Ricardo left him a video with instructions about how to keep stringing her along. He said so many horrible things. And it was worse than just calling her “ugly.” For once she thought she’d found love and it was all a lie.

Armando goes to the workroom to find Inés, thinking she’ll tell him what the others wouldn’t.

But Inés has been working with Hugo all day and has no idea what happened. Maybe Betty’s parents will know?

Betty shows Nico the video and he’s furious. He wants revenge, but Betty says there’s no point. They won’t care.

Um, she has their company in her hands. And she’s learned how to lie and she’s made them think she’s stupid…they’re so arrogant and so blind they won’t even see it coming.

Julia’s trying to listen in from the hallway, but she can’t hear them. She goes downstairs to answer the door…and there’s Armando.

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