Betty en NY Wednesday 5/22/19 #75

Previously on Betty: Betty saw Ricky’s video of instructions to Armando and found the stash of detalles. Ricky claimed not to realize Betty has access to all Armando’s accounts. Nico suggested revenge. Armando showed up at Betty’s house.

Julia tells Armando Betty’s sick. He should probably go before he catches anything. Armando hands off Betty’s cell phone.

Pati’s asleep in the lounge area. Sofia figures she took half the bottle of pills…when she has to give them to her kids, they’re still groggy the next day. Aura Maria’s got a plan….

Daniel. Mata. Golf. Daniel thinks it was a mistake for Mata to talk to Armando.

Betty doesn’t think she’s cut out for revenge, but Nico says she shouldn’t let those people walk all over her. What he’s thinking isn’t very ethical, but it’s not illegal either.

They hear the alarm on Armando’s car going off and Betty freaks out. She doesn’t know what to do.

Well, Nico thinks she’s got a choice between being Armando’s pet and being a woman no one messes with. This moment won’t come again.

The Pelotón’s revenge is about to begin. Sleeping Beauty has awakened. Why are they all staring? Does she have a clown painted on her face, or what?

They all try not to crack up at Pati’s new look…red lips, blue eyeshadow. Mariana tells Pati she looks great so Pati won’t look in a mirror.

Pati blah blah blahs about her date that’s going to change her life and saunters out of the office. The Pelotón let loose all the laughter they’ve been holding back.

Daniel gives Mata a briefcase full of cash for a woman at V&M who’s going to do a favor for them. And Mata’s sure she won’t rat them out because she knows she’s committing a crime.

Betty’s still looking out the window after Armando has left. She’s got a theory–Ricky only made that video so Betty would see it and break up with Armando. Ricky’s jealous and he doesn’t like that Armando listens to her.

Nico laughs it off, but I think it sounds solid. He says Armando’s just as guilty as Ricardo, if not more.

No, Betty knows him and she knows he must feel awful!

Well, sure, because Betty owns V&M, BAR, Armando’s house in the Hamptons, and even the way he walks. If he loses her, he loses everything. She has to get ready, because Armando and Ricky are going to keep trying to screw her over until the end.

Marcela’s all set to seduce Ricky before their meeting with Anderson…in exchange for the name of Armando’s lover. Or even the letter it starts with.

OK, then…”Beatriz Rincón.”

For a second, it seems like Marcela believes him…but of course she doesn’t. She shoves him out of her room, complaining about him being the same immature jerk he’s always been.

Armando calls Ricky and says he thinks the worst has happened–Betty watched the video. Sure it was marked “unread” on his computer, but those things are easy to change. She won’t take his calls and when he went over to her house, her mom was looking at him like she knew everything!

Well, Ricky sure hopes she hasn’t watched it or it’s over for both of them.

Armando doesn’t see why Ricky had to send him that video in the first place!

Pati gets to the restaurant and the host stops her from going inside. What’s her name? Does she have a reservation? Pati’s arguing with him when Hugo and Fabi arrive. Hugo just loves her new look! They should get a selfie!

When Pati sees her face she freaks out and screams at everybody not to look at her as she goes running out of the restaurant.

Marcela tries to call Pati for an update, but the call goes to voicemail. She calls Armando and he’s cranky. It probably doesn’t help that she asks him what he’s doing instead of how he is…and then claims she only asked because she wanted to know how he was doing.

Armando says he’s on his way home, to rest, and if she doesn’t believe him she can send her spy, aka Patricia, over.

Demetrio makes a big deal about Betty being home so early and if she felt sick, she should’ve just taken a pill and kept on working. Julia finally tells him Betty has “cólico” (menstrual cramps) and he backs off.

Abuela, ’cause she’s always on videochat, I swear says “¡Como friega!” (That sucks!)

Julia agrees, it’s a friega (it frickin’ sucks) and Betty shouldn’t be forced to admit it under interrogation.

So now Demetrio’s all “The human body, that perfect machine, especially a woman’s body! I had no intention of causing discomfort!” Yeah, yeah, move it along, Demetrio.

Armando tries calling Betty again and leaves a frantic voicemail saying he’s worried about her and he wanted to tell her today that they should take advantage of the time while Marcela’s out of town and she knows he loves her, right?

Betty listens to the message and starts screaming about Armando being a liar.

Nico’s all “I told you like 80 million times!” So what’s she going to do now.

Betty thinks she’ll just text him how horrible he is, but Nico takes the phone away from her….

Armando gets home, serves himself a drink, and reads “Betty’s” text message.

“My love, sorry for my mysterious disappearance. I got a migraine and went home to take a pill and sleep. My mom told me you brought my phone. I love you so much, always yours, Betty.”

He gets a picture of the picture of him and Betty at the Italian restaurant with a bunch of hearts added all around it and says she’s so cheesy, but he loves it.

Betty throws Cuquito at Nicolas. She never writes like that!

He swears guys don’t know the difference between poetry and recipes. He’s not giving her phone back until she’s thinking clearly.

Pati sobs to Marcela about how horrible the Peletón are and how they ruined her dinner and she never does anything to them. There are pictures. What will people say?! They put bad makeup on her and she still can’t get it off.

Wait, she fell asleep? Where?

Pati starts screeching about how she fell asleep at the office, but she’s sure everyone does that, even Marcela. They took advantage and when she woke up she looked like the queen of the gay carnival! (Um…I’m thinking not.)

And of course she swears it was the Pelotón! They’re delinquents! They’re a gang! They circle her like vultures!

Marcela says she’ll talk to Smith tomorrow and send him an email tonight. So…um…is Pati still doing what Marcela asked?

Pati sobs that she couldn’t go out looking like that! It’s all the fault of the Cheapie Platoon that Armando has the night free.

Nico and Betty are lying on her bed in the dark. He won’t leave because he’s gotta keep Betty from communicating with Armando. And she can’t stop working at V&M either or she’ll definitely go to prison when the companies tank.

Nico thinks they should pretend nothing’s happening and not make a move until the right time. She has to convince them she doesn’t know anything or they’ll just offer her up as the scapegoat like they planned.

OK, then. Tomorrow they plan.

Armando’s drinking at a bar now. A woman sends him a drink. He looks at the picture Nicolas sent again and touches the hair of the guy sitting next to him, because it looks like Betty’s hair. (Still not an excuse.)

Betty’s lying awake in bed, replaying all her kisses with Armando and crying. She beats up on AmorOso. (The violence against peluches is freaking me out a little bit.)

The next morning, Nico’s waiting for Betty outside the house. He makes her promise not to declare war on Armando yet. He gives back her phone and suggests they talk to the lawyers.

Nah. She’s up to her neck in this and they know it.

Well, he knows Betty’s still in love with Armando, so he’s not going to lecture her about that.

She agrees, she is. But it’s like dairy–she likes it, but it hurts her.

Catalina’s showing Armando the color palette for the wedding. And hey, how’s Betty?


She seemed a little…indisposed the other day. Is he sure he’s not demanding too much from her. She really thinks he should try to replace her for a few days, so she can go relax with the boyfriend. What’s his name?


She heard rumors that people around here think Nicolas is made up.

Armando says he’s met him. But he agrees with Cata that it’s all a little weird.

Julia demands Nico tell her what’s going on with Betty. She gives him a couple of chanclazos, but Nico’s not talking.

She can live with that, but she needs him to talk to Betty and get her to leave V&M.

Betty gets to the office and the Pelotón pull her aside to find out what’s going on. They think she fought with Nicolas because Pati was chasing after him. And they cleaned up the mess with the peluches.

Betty says it was a false alarm.

OK, but if anybody messes with her, they’re there to defend her.

Marcela’s suggestion is to display the collection grouped by color.

Cindy makes a “EW” face and says that’s old-fashioned. She starts talking about displays she saw in London and urban with Zen.

Ricky sides with Marcela. Cindy thought he had better taste. I would have an opinion if I had a clue what either of them was talking about.

Pati went to Smith and he’s ready to get to the bottom of the latest round of bullying or harassment or whatever he’s going to call it this time.

Betty finds the garbage bag under her desk. She’s holding the head and body of one of the peluches when Armando comes in to apologize. The whole video thing was a practical joke–he knew she wouldn’t be able to resist watching it, but none of it was true. Betty gives him a relieved hug.

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