La Reina del Sur Tuesday 4/30/19 #2.6

Previously : Sofia faked a fever. Teresa’s cabbie got killed. Sofia called her mom, but didn’t get to tell her about Francesco/Lupo.

Alejandro suggests sending Lupo to Spain to follow Teresa. Epifanio agrees, and he’ll send Batman to help Morgana.

The cell phone was Morgana’s and she wasn’t supposed to have it inside the house. Lupo locks Sofia up in the basement.

Cayetana’s still celebrating Teresa’s death and Rocio says it makes her as awful as she says Teresa was. And BTW, Rocio’s not letting grandma hit her again.

Cayetana catches Paloma and Jr. Bullfighter having sex at the ring. Grandma does not approve.

And suddenly there’s Teresa. Not at all dead. And she admits she had Teo killed.  Not that Cayetana cares why.

Rocio sneaks into the ring to eavesdrop.

Teresa tells Cayetana Teo was an embezzler who was going to turn her over to the cops. It was all in Flores’ report.

Cayetana can’t believe she didn’t hesitate to leave his two daughters orphans.

Three, actually. Teresa’s daughter is also Cayetana’s granddaughter. Who got kidnapped thanks to Cayetana telling everyone where to find her. She came to warn Cayetana not to mess with her again.

Charo has already called Flores and he’s on his way.

Cayetana releases a bull into the run after Teresa. Rocio sees Teresa running and pulls her into a space the bull is too big to get into until she can shut a gate and trap the bull. She tells Teresa to come with her.

Thanks to the loose bull, Flores and his men have to be cautious, which gives Rocio and Teresa time to get out.

Manuela gets home. Sergio’s playing the music loud in his room. There’s a mess of pills all over the floor. And Sergio’s standing outside the back door with a gun he stole from her room (Pote’s gun?). I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Tía Manuela is maybe not the best person to be raising Veronica’s child.

Juanito calls Paloma and tells her to run away and come live with him already.

Rocio’s room is totally goth-ed out. She wasn’t sure if Teresa recognized her. She keeps all 400 pages of her dad’s police file locked in a trunk and she’s read it multiple times. Grandma already knows, but the hate has taken hold.

Rocio struggles with knowing what her dad was like, but not being able to hate him.

Teresa says she doesn’t have to. He’s her father. And mothers love their children no matter what.

Rocio wants to meet her sister.

Alejandro checks out the situation at the house, scolds Morgana for having a cell phone, and tells her she’ll be “dismissed” permanently if it happens again.

Teresa plays the video of Sofia for Rocio. Rocio wants to help her, but Teresa figures saving her from the bull was help enough.

Cayetana’s bringing the cops into the house to look for Teresa there.

Teresa’s feeling the vampire “We’ll never die” vibe.

And then Flores starts screaming at them from the hallway. Teresa steals Rocio’s hair brush. They climb out the window at just about the time Paloma’s leaving with her huge backpack. She’s the one Cayetana sees and it distracts her from finding Rocio and Teresa outside the window.

Paloma tells Juanito to come get her from the main entrance to the house. Juan starts up his moto, swings by to pick up Paloma and sets off.

Flores is out of patience with Cayetana. Her granddaughter’s old enough to screw whoever she wants to. He came here to look for Teresa Mendoza.

Teresa runs back to Abdelkader’s car. She explains that one of Teo’s daughters helped her get out of the house. She shows him Rocio’s hair brush and says she wants to do a DNA test.

Lupo comes down to the basement to see if Sofia has learned her lesson. Sofia tries to bluff–her mom already knows where she is. She told her before he grabbed the phone.

Lupo says she’s a bad liar. It’s another night in the basement, I guess.

Jonathan tells Willy he spied on Manuela at the hospital. Her mom had a heart attack. And she admitted she only joined the DEA so she could go after Teresa.

Willy’s sure if she makes it out of Spain, she’ll go to Russia to find Oleg.

Abdelkader puts Teresa on a military plane to Moscow.

Lupo brought Sofia some paper and crayons. They have a conversation about languages and reading books.

While Sofia starts working on a mural, Teresa’s listening to Sofia’s message again.

Cayetana is seriously burning all Paloma’s clothes because Paloma’s dead to her now.

Someone makes a call to someone saying Teresa’s on her way to Moscow.

When the plane lands one of the crew tells her once she leaves the plane she’s on her own.

It’s La Hora Gris again.

Teresa exits through the commercial area of the airport and grabs a cab. A tall guy with a buzz cut and a short beard calls someone to say Teresa’s there.

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