La Reina del Sur Wednesday 5/1/19 #2.7

The “previously” is covered by Cayetana’s complaints to the Pernas boys. Teresa showed up at the bullring when she was supposed to be dead. She even set a bull on her and Teresa survived and somehow got away, even though Flores and his team showed up.

Well, Siso saw her going into that meat grinder and that was before the cops got into the building. One of the cousins wonders if maybe those weren’t the real cops.

Cayetana tracked Teresa down last time, now it’s the Pernas boys’ turn.

Teresa’s in Moscow, in a taxi, and being followed again.

Epifanio’s in a meeting with Genoveva, Alejandro, and the assistant guy whose name I can’t remember. They’re preparing a set of short cartoons with (I kid you not) Super Epi as the hero. They’re talking multi-platform media and grabbing the millennial vote and he’s like “but they don’t vote.” Well, this is going to motivate them to get out and vote for him.

Next on the agenda is Epifanio’s change in image, but they’re talking kind of vaguely about making him look like he can carry the entire country in his arms. Are they gonna make him start lifting or just pad all his suits?

Epifanio asks to speak to Alejandro alone. Basically, Epifanio doesn’t see the point in campaigning if Teresa’s going to get rid of Villa and Bravo. And Alejandro reminds Epifanio he asked for a Plan B–this is it.

And now we get a look at Bravo. It’s Eduardo Santamarina. He’s probably about at sleazy as Epifanio. Sanchez Godoy comes to a party he’s throwing. He meets a couple of Bravo’s “amigas” and then asks where Zurdo Villa is.

Zurdo is played by Flavio Medina. He brags to Sanchez Godoy and Bravo about the expensive tequila as he’s having a server pour shots.

They’ve been setting off fireworks and the server gets startled and drops the bottle. Villa tells him to lick the tequila off the ground and calls for another bottle and another round of fireworks.

Teresa gets dropped off in front of a large building that doesn’t exactly look like a house. She comes in and tries to have a conversation with two confused ballet dancers who only speak Russian. And apparently French (which I guess makes sense, since ballet moves have French names).

Anyway, they run off to practice while Teresa checks out a painting of Alexi Yasikov. (Was he the one who worked for Czar Nikolai?)

Teresa’s tail snaps a shot and confirms that she’s at the Russian Academy of Ballet.

They’re doing Swan Lake, I think? While Teresa’s watching, Sofia’s working  on her masterpiece in the basement. Teresa can’t help applauding when the dancers finish.

The teacher comes over and lucky for Teresa, she spent some time teaching in Cuba, so she knows Spanish. The painting of Alexi is there because this was the Yasikov’s home. They donated it to the ballet.

Well, Teresa’s looking for Oleg.

The teacher says no one knows where Oleg is and if she did know, she wouldn’t tell Teresa. The Yasikov family is out of favor. And now she’s gotta get back to rehearsal….

The guy outside calls his boss to confirm that Teresa’s looking for Yasikov. He asks what to do now.

Lupo comes downstairs and Sofia shows off her mural. She says his name and Morgana’s are in there. Her mom taught her how to hide messages in drawings. She pulls his shirt aside to read the tattoo on the left side of his chest, “Nothing here.”

He’ll never be able to find his name then. Art has to be seen with the heart and he doesn’t have one.

Lupo hits back–hers isn’t complete either. Because she never knew her father and she can’t ever know him.

“Did you have a mother and a father?”

Lupo remembers drawing on a chalkboard and being attacked by the other children in his class. “I was an orphan.”

Does he have kids?

He says he’s alone, like her.

But she’s not alone! Her mom’s looking for her and she’ll find her soon.

Lupo says she’ll have plenty of time to do more drawing before that happens.

The torerito takes Paloma to his mom’s house. He says they can look for a place for the two of them tomorrow.

His mom is the woman who approached Cayetana to offer the rosemary and got told off. And she doesn’t want Juanito treating her house like a picadero (love nest).

He says Paloma’s his novia, but he’s apparently already been promised to some other girl who’s one of them. Mama especially wants Paloma gone when she hears Paloma is Cayetana Aljarafe’s granddaughter. The Aljarafes bring nothing but bad vibes!

And now Rocio shows up, so mama’s even MORE annoyed. She wants them out by the time the sun is up tomorrow.

(So, here’s a complicated thing….Juanito and his mom are Roma. G*psy is the word we hear more often in English, but it’s considered pejorative. G*tano is the translation of that word in Spanish. However, some Roma in Spain embrace the term “g*tano” and some Roma in other parts of the world embrace the term “g*psy.” My advice is to use whatever term you’re asked or invited to use and don’t take it personally when someone corrects you.

Also, this stuff is extra complicated when you’re talking about a character, where you can’t sit down with them and ask “What would be the appropriate word to use to refer to you and your people?”)

OK, so, Epifanio’s makeover. They’re cutting his hair, giving him a manicure, getting him to wear shoes instead of boots, and adding 5cm lifts in his shoes. Because Bravo, as Genoveva points out, is way taller.

Back at Bravo’s party, Zurdo is singing Cielo Rojo with a conjunto de mariachi. And  he’s doing it well, so it’s not like people had to be intimidated into applauding. He dedicates it to Bravo and tells the guests to treat him well.

Teresa walks through a plaza, stopping to sit on a swing and remembering singing “Un elefante” in Italian with Sofia. She told Sofia she’s the greatest love life gave her.

And Sofia asked why her mom never talked about her dad. Teresa didn’t answer her.

Rocio found Paloma by looking at Juanito’s employee information.

Well, Juanito’s not coming back, and she can tell her grandma that.

“Tú lo flipas, tío” (Dude, you’re nuts.) Grandma doesn’t know she’s here. And Juan has nothing to offer her sister.

Hey, he’s gonna be a famous bullfighter!

Paloma interrupts and asks Rocio why she came here.

She talked to Teresa Mendoza. Could they get some alone time?

Paloma tells Juan to go.

Rocio can’t understand what’s going on here. Wasn’t Paloma always the one telling Rocio to put her feet on the ground and quit reading stories about vampires. But now Paloma’s in the story where the rich girl falls for the poor guy.

Paloma says she loves Juan.

Rocio asks if that’s going to be enough. Grandma threw out all her things and never wants to see her again. Is this really the life she wants? Because Rocio thinks she’s using Juan as an excuse to get away from Grandma.

Who has just noticed Rocio’s not at home.

Rocio tells Paloma they have a sister. She’s nine. She got kidnapped by Teresa’s enemies. She thought Paloma should know. She’s going to support Teresa. Their dad made her do what she did.

Paloma doesn’t really care. She just wants to start over and have a life with Juan. She doesn’t know if this is what she wants, but Rocio just said she can’t go back. Why do they have to live like this? Being afraid all the time. She’s staying here with Juan.

Back to the party–now Villa, Sanchez Godoy, and Bravo are singing El Aventurero. Not entirely successfully.

Villa has his people light up the giant sign in fireworks that says “Mariano Bravo Presidente 2019-2025.” He’s ready to run around with the diablito (a small sculptural fireworks display) but one of his men says the Federales are on the way. They probably saw the fireworks (*snort*).

Villa runs back to the party to grab Sanchez Godoy and Bravo and tell them they’ve gotta make a run for it. They’re heading for a helicopter on the lawn, but law enforcement has a helicopter of their own and it starts firing on the getaway copter and the guests. With laser beams. What? That’s what it looks like.

Time for Plan B…they’ll all ride motorcycles to safety.

The helicopter keeps firing.

Bravo screams at the guys to turn their lights off. Ta-da! Now they’re invisible. They start tromping through a stream. But Villa doesn’t want to quit trying to shoot at the helicopter until the other guys talk him out of it. They’re leaving the motorcycles behind now and going in search of “animal transportation.”

Lupo brought Sofia the “crayolas” because he knew she liked to draw. The tree is similar to the one she had in her room in Italy. Yeah, he was there twice.

“How long were you spying on us?”

Enough to know she’s a good artist. He shows her the picture he took in her room.

Sofia says her mom will figure it all out.

And before she does, he’ll disappear and Sofia and her mom will never see his face again. Anyway, her punishment is over. Does she want to stay down here in the cold or upstairs where she’s got blankets and warm food.

Sofia climbs up the stairs after him.

Juan’s ready to finish what he and Paloma started earlier, but she’s not in the mood. He rapes her. She keeps crying and telling him to stop. On an adjacent roof, a woman sees them.

Villa, et al, make it to some safe house he has, where he keeps his collection of Pancho Villa memorabilia so he can brag about being Villa’s great grandson. He even has Villa’s dried-out heart, or so he thinks, that some doctor at the forensic college sold to some other guy who sold it to him.

Sanchez Godoy passes on holding the heart.

But hey, what’s this? Villa has a little altar with a bust of Malverde, framed newspaper clippings of Teresa and one framed photo. He admired her balls…ovaries…whatever. He wished he could have known her personally.

Now Sanchez Godoy gets to brag that they were business partners. And now no one knows where she is.

Teresa’s still wandering around Moscow. She takes the subway. She’s still got her tail.

Sanchez Godoy tells Villa about bringing mariachis to Teresa’s birthday party. He brags about her expanding the market in Europe and how he was making so much money he didn’t even have time to count it. They toast to Teresa.

And then Villa pulls out a guitar to play Sanchez Godoy the corrido he wrote for Teresa. He puts the guitar down before I have to smack somebody for not telling him how to pick it up. (Yes, you can play a guitar “left-handed” with your left hand strumming and your right hand fingering, but when you do that you also have to reverse the strings so the lower strings are on top and the highest strings are on the bottom and this guitar was NOT strung that way.)

Teresa’s leaving the subway station. Still being followed.

Sanchez Godoy promises if Teresa ever shows up he’ll bring her to Villa.

Villa says they’re going to be making so much money when Mariano’s president…but seriously, he wants Sanchez Godoy to go searching for Teresa and bring her to him. (Please do not make me have to watch this loser drooling all over her.)

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