La Reina del Sur Thursday 5/2/19 #2.8

Previously: Epifanio kidnapped Sofia to force Teresa to infiltrate Zurdo Villa’s organization. Zurdo asked Sanchez-Godoy to find Teresa for him.

Teresa walks around a shopping center. She has lunch and a shot of vodka and remembers Oleg giving her that Fabergé egg. Although, they had to re-shoot the scene, because Oleg is not the same Oleg.

Teresa sees another egg in a shop window and remembers Oleg saying Fabergé made 56 royal eggs and 12 were lost. The one he gave her is one of them. (And, what? The Spanish government seized it along with all her other assets?)

Cayetana’s waiting for Rocio when she sneaks back into her room. She claims she saw Rocio helping Teresa. So now she’s basically disowning Rocio too.

Paloma tells Juan he really hurt her. He doesn’t care. He’s a man, she’s a woman, this is how it’s gonna be. He complains that he’s fought with her grandma and his mom and all she can see are his defects. (This shit right there? You don’t have to take that from anybody.)

Teresa tries asking the young-ish guy about the Yasikov family egg, but he’s never heard of Yasikov.

But the older guy who was in the back knows three generations of Yasikovs. And he sold them the egg, but now it belongs to a Mexican lady.

Teresa says that’s her, Oleg’s Mexican friend.

He recognizes the name “Tesa” Mendoza. He writes down an address for her.

Batman’s still running a club. It looks nicer than the previous incarnation. He has a couple of guys thrown out for fighting before he goes upstairs to talk to Epifanio. He tells Epifanio those guys remind him of Ratas.

Epifanio’s like “Hey, man, Ratas made me suffer!”

Uh, no. Ratas made HIM suffer, killing his kids and his wife. But Ratas is dead. And now Batman wants whoever gave the order.

Epifanio swears it wasn’t him! Haven’t they been over this already? Ratas acted on his own. Good thing Teresa shot him.

Batman was planning on torturing him, so…not really. He agrees to drop the subject, though, and to go help Morgana with Sofia.

Sofia asks Lupo why he kidnapped her. He says it’s not about her, it’s about her mom.

So she asks Morgana if she knows her mom. Sofia keeps pushing until Morgana raises her hand to slap her…and then she begs her “dad” not to stab Morgana with a knife and send her to hell.

Morgana says it’s Sofia’s mom who’s going to hell, for leaving Sofia without a father.

The taxi drops Teresa off in front of a huge house. Buzz cut guy is taking pictures of her. He calls Willy and says they’ll know in a minute if Teresa found Oleg.

Yep, she did. He’s just coming back from a run. It’s a little awkward, everybody trying to pretend this new actor is our original Oleg, but the hug seemed genuine.

Buzz cut says he can’t see the guy’s face, but he’s someone important.

Oleg says when they said goodbye it was forever and Teresa’s a woman of her word. So what happened to make her break it?

Teresa says her daughter, Sofia, was kidnapped.

Lupo goes shopping for art supplies. Some guy tries to hold up the one cashier, but Lupo shoots him. He’s sorry, but he can’t leave witnesses.

Teresa explains that Cayetana tracked her down and told the Gallegos and Epifanio where she was. And Epifanio found her first. The Gallegos went to her house in Italy and killed the one guy she’s been  with since Sofia was born. She went to Marbella looking for Oleg and the Gallegos found her there.  

Buzz cut guy finally gets a look and calls Willy to tell him it’s Oleg.

Lupo tells the cashier he wants the camera recording. And then he pays for his purchases and leaves. The guy wants to light a candle for him and he has no problem saying his name is Lupo.

Buzz cut guy splits when Oleg sends his guards out to make sure no one’s following Teresa, like she suspected.

Willy and Jonathan are celebrating that Teresa’s getting closer to finding her daughter.

Lupo goes through Sofia’s room to get to the basement. He looks at her mural through Child!Lupo’s eyes and finds “strega” and “Lupo.” He takes a marker and starts going over some areas.

Teresa vents to Oleg about how scared she is. That they took Sofia from right under her nose and she wasn’t able to keep her safe.

Oleg tells her to cry it out so they can start coming up with a plan.

Jonathan’s worried about Sheldon finding out they’re helping Teresa. Manuela saunters out of his office and comes on to Jonathan while Willy goes in to talk to Sheldon. And yeah, she tagged him.

Jonathan has someone following the nephew.

Oleg proposes ignoring what Epifanio wants and just finding Sofia and getting her back.

Teresa’s not sure she can manage to be “La Reina del Sur” in Mexico.

She realizes she hasn’t asked about his family. Oleg says his wife and son are in London. And the ballet teacher was right. The government wants him dead.

Siso, et al, are back at the processing plant to find out what happened to Teresa. One of the lackeys suggests whoever helped Teresa might have been someone she worked with before.

Oleg explains that he only had two options–come back to Russia or keep living outside of Russia and donate a large percentage of his income to the state. And anyone who didn’t accept either option got killed.

Manuela’s still fired, but the boss told Willy to butt out of Teresa’s case. Yeah, Jonathan didn’t think Manuela looked like someone who had gotten fired. They’re still going to keep helping Teresa. Only Jonathan is in charge now.

Teresa tells Oleg she really missed him…and Conejo, and all her peeps from Yamila. Oleg suggests she take a nap while he figures out what to do.

Siso and his crew tracked down Conejo. She’s blonde now.

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