La Mujer del Vendaval #134

The nice older doctor has just the local doctor for them. A doctor Emiliano Ferriera. The best man for the job, in fact he can email doctor Ferriera for them if they like and tell him about Marcela’s case. Um, no, actually they already know doctor Ferriera, he’s actually the closest doctor to their ranch.

What luck. Thanks a lot. (this whole scene was so satisfying and enjoyable I was chuckling the whole time)

However as they’re waiting for their flight back, Al is still unwilling to take Marcela to see Emil even though the pre-eminent doctor in the field tells them Emil is the best option. Marcela would rather talk about it in private. Some later time, please

Miguel, the hottie who cares for defenseless children, tells Sil and Nuria the baby is gonna be ok and Sil says Nuria can work from home while she nurses the baby back to health. Well looks like things are working out perfectly around here.

Eulogio and July march around the town square chanting ‘we want Eulogio’ except Eulogio is saying ‘we want me’ (tee hee ) Don T comes out there to yell at them for making a ruckus. He’s never forgiving Eulogio for breaking the twelfth commandment ‘Thou shalt not mess around with your boss’s secretary’

July is quite fierce standing up to Don T but when he’s gone, she feels faint. The hunger strike is getting to her and she’s running out of steam, much to Eulogio’s concern.

Back in his office Don T instructs his policemen to bring the most delicious food they can find to tempt Eulogio and July.

Which they do.

But Eulogio and July stay strong, and Oct’s architect interrupts Don T yelling at his cop about it.

Marcela calls Emil and updates him on her doctor visit. Then she and Al have a tense convo wherein Al agrees that she can see Emil, but he’s coming along as chaperone.

Emiliano’s mentor calls him to update him on Marcela’s visit. He assured them that Emiliano is the best, because he knows despite Marcela’s husband’s irrational jealousy, Emiliano is a professional who who’d never get emotionally involved with one of his clients, much less a married one. Oh yeah, no way would I ever do that, thanks for trusting me.

Nisa and Gordo – Who knows. (I did not pay any attention, I can’t tell you anything)

Home again
Al tells Cris about his unexpectedly bad day.
Also would Cris please buy the land that Timo is supposedly selling?

Luc tells Silvana about his idea to build hotels in unconventional locations. Like maybe SBP, maybe just for example. Sil just wants to be sure its SBP he’s into and not Val. He has the gall to act insulted.

Severo tries his door and its unlocked. He slips out and eavesdrops on Al and Cris arguing about Marcela and the necklace. Al is always bailing Marcela out so she doesn’t have to dig the necklace up and sell it, he’s working against his own plans and now he needs some kind of miracle.

ML catches him and asks him what he was out and about for, and between them they figure out Al’s whole marry for vengeance plan around the necklace. Then they work out a plan to get the fake necklace back and use it against Marcela. First things first they have to go dig the necklace up, ML is scared to go to the graves at night alone so Severo says he’ll go with her. She gets all emotional about this being a bonding experience for them and having a relationship with her father, but he’s secretly plotting to escape while she’s digging.

Val works on Emiliano some more to try to get him to overcome his “prejudices” and try to seduce Marcela

Lencho has failed to perform twice now, and Oct is so fed up with it she kicks him out of her bed.

Linda and Roman make plans for the future. He wants to get busy but she wants to wait till they’re married, but he’s so clueless that he can’t figure that out till his mom comes in and tells him. In that case his sweet temptation had better run off to bed alone quick.

Ilse updates Roman on what she’s been up to and asks his forgiveness again for being a bad mother. He forgives and they hug as Amadeo watches around the doorway and smiles.

In the hotel bar, Lencho gives his crotch a talking to, look at all the trouble it gets him in to, it had better get its act together. (bro, its doing you a favor here. For maybe like the only time in, ever, its thinking more clearly than you are about this situation you’re in.)

Neither Al nor Marcela can sleep, they talk finances a while till things get romantic. (who knew finances were so sexy?)

Emiliano sits up late and remembers all the bad advice Val has been giving him.

Sagrario prays for Mateo’s release and speedy return home. Somebody up there must like her, because the next morning, Mateo’s atty comes to tell him he’s being released. Mateo is ready to go now! And making plans to surprise Sagrario and the fam.

Marcela wakes up and Al is already up and ready to go. Looks like last night didn’t change anything for him, he’s got a crop thing to take care of but when he gets back he’ll take her to see Emiliano about her treatment

Amadeo stops by to see Alba and tell her Roman’s out and also he broke up with Selma. Alba is more worried about how Selma is taking the break up than Amadeo is, probably because Amadeo still doesn’t think he was dating Selma for real. He thinks she’s cool with it.

Selma is angry and making plans. Yipe.

Nuria and Miguel are still in the hospital with a very cute baby and also lots of lingering looks and sparks. Nuria has bonded with the baby already and is promising him she’ll take care of him as long as he stays strong and pulls through.

Val has furniture now for her new base of operations (can we call it her evil lair even though its so light and open?)

Leonel calls Nestor to update him and check in.

Roman tells Emiliano about the new leaf he’s turning over

Don T’s cops are trying to fold up July’s operation and her tent, but they can be held off by obstreperous yelling and July and Eulogio have the upper hand.

Don T is still meeting with the architect

Sagrario sends Rosa for some epazote for the food, she hears the door open and close and thinks its Rosa coming back, but when she turns around, its Mateo!
(best way to end an episode bar none)

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1 year ago

Gracias, stealth! This episode started and ended on a high note. I agree it was highly satisfying to watch Al biting his tongue when mentor doc said Emi was the closest one who could do the treatment.

I like Nuria with hot orphanage guy. And they didn’t start off with lies, so that’s one less reason for a potential breakup.

“bro, its doing you a favor here. For maybe like the only time in, ever, its thinking more clearly than you are about this situation you’re in.” Truer words were never spoken.

And Yay! Mateo’s back!