La Mujer del Vendaval #135

We get to see Mateo’s surprise homecoming again :’) Much crying of happy tears and catching up with Sagrario, and then Alba and Amadeo and Rosa come in and there’s more hugs and laughter all around.

When Marcela gets home, Sagrario catches her in the hall and tells her she has a surprise. She covers her eyes as she walks her toward Mateo hiding in the kitchen. When Marcela first sees Mateo she’s too surprised to react but hugs soon follow. The fam is all happily gathered in the kitchen when Maria Laura comes in and sees Mateo there and flips out. She doesn’t want him in her house and she refuses to hear anything bad said about Severo as she runs away from Alba and Marcela trying to tell her the truth. Sagrario and Alba think ML’s developed a lot of love for Severo while he’s been staying with them, but Mateo is surprised and skeptical that ML loves anyone and thinks they better get Severo out of there ASAP.

Marcela updates Mateo about Al paying their mortgage with Oct’s help, but doesn’t explain Oct’s hotel plans so Mateo doesn’t understand why she’s so determined to pay Al all of it back. Mateo thinks Al paid the debt out of love and she doesn’t need to pay him back.

Severo exercises his problem muscle groups and tells himself he’s gotta be strong for his escape tonight. ML comes running in and gives him the very bad news that Mateo is out and pretty soon they’ll be coming to get Severo. She’ll do what she can but he’s got to hold completely still or they’ll take him away for sure and there’s nothing she can do.
Furthermore ML thinks its too dangerous for Severo to come with her to get the necklace now that Mateo will be roaming around. Severo will just have to stay sitting here in bed like a bump on a log and trust her to complete their plans by herself. Darn that Mateo anyway.

Nisa and Cami
Cami has threatened to throw himself off the hotel roof if Nisa doesn’t take him back, but Nisa doesn’t believe he’ll do it and she’s not impressed by his ploy, and she doesn’t want him kissing her neck. He tells her is she’s not there to stop him tomorrow she’ll be sorry.

Oct updates Sil about the shareholder meeting, she took care of the SBP problem, and she hopes Sil will support her cruise line idea in return. Sil will have a look at it.

Luc calls Val to complain about how all his plans were foiled at the disaster of a meeting. Val tells him its probably for the best, they’ve got to lay low for a while so Sil isn’t suspicious. Well anyway he’s gonna keep seeing her, nobody can stop therir big lust for each other.

July and Eulogio’s protest camp-in site is still under seige, but they’ve got some citizens on their side to help chant and tell Don T when he comes out that he should give Eulogio his job back. (Don T may think he has the law on his side but if the law was all that important to the citizens of SBP they wouldn’t have voted for him in the first place)
During the arguement July indulges in some salty language and is so shocked at herself she passes out.

Roman and Linda
He apologizes for being such a dope yesterday and not realizing she wants to get hitched, if she’ll wait a while till he can get her a ring…
Silly boy, Linda doesn’t need a ring, she just needs the proposal. He’s a little slow on the uptake, but finally does ask her to marry him and she immediately says yes. They’re both so happy they’re practically floating.

Cris makes some calls to see if he can sell or borrow against Al’s assets

Oct tells Mauro her plans for making the Castelo’s invest in the cruise line so they can’t pay any attention to what she’s up to in SBP. Apparently the line is in some financial problems so they can get it for pretty cheap, but then they’ll have their hands full bringing it up to snuff. Only she and Mauro know that the cruise line is in serious problems and aren’t going to be solved by a quick injection of cash and Oct wants it keep it quiet till its too late for the Toscana group to avoid bankruptcy. Mauro doesn’t want to be involved in this, he’s her assistant, but he won’t be her accomplice any more. Oct is angry that she has to carry out her nefarious plans by herself
Oct’s bank guy calls to let her know how Cris is trying to raise funds for Al. Oct wants sleazy bank guy to make sure that neither his bank nor any other bank will touch Al with a ten foot pole, she’s got other plans for Al. Sleezy guy can to that, for a percentage of the profit when Oct takes El V, plus he wants a special night with Oct. She’s creeped out and makes eww face but pretends she’s looking forward to it

Amadeo tells his big bro the romantic tangle he’s gotten himself into with Alba and gets some typically Roman style romantic advice. (I’m trying to remember what a softie he is around Linda and just going to let the stuff about soldiers and that apple slide) Basically it boils down to: tell her how you feel, dummy. Amadeo thinks Alba is still in love with Cris though and there’s too much at stake to risk rushing her. If she turns him down again, that’s it for him, he might as well become a priest.

A chipper Alba tells Marcela about Amadeo breaking up with Selma. She’s happy about it but she’s still not sure if it was a real break up or a just for Cris’s benefit breakup. Plus she’s not really sure if she doesn’t still love Cris too. Marcela says it doesn’t matter why he broke up with Selma, you just gotta tell him how you feel. And she should probably pick Amadeo, because they know him and know what he’s like. They know they can trust him. Not like with a stranger. Not like with Al. Alba asks Marcela if she wishes she hadn’t married Al.

Mateo and Sagrario walk the ranch, enjoying the scenery and freedom and the being together. Sagrario tells Mateo all that she knows of what’s been going on between Marcela and Al since the wedding; the fights and the yelling and the jealousy of Emil. Mateo is very surprised and disturbed.

Al tells Cris he also needs money to buy the new crops he’s planning, so how did the money raising go? Cris says the banks want some time to go over his records and evaluate him before they’ll commit to anything. It’ll take some time, which is probably a good thing because it’ll give Al a chance to really think things through and quit before he digs himself any deeper. Before Al can tell him what he thinks of that idea, Val calls to invite him to come see her new house and give her some free business advice.
Cris thinks its a bad idea for a man having marital problems to be spending so much time with an attractive woman who is not his wife but Al phoo-poo’s his concerns.

The town doc tells Timo and Eulogio that July is seriously dehydrated and malnourished (ok that didn’t all happen in one day, then) They each blame the other for her condition, till they finally are reminded, by July, that they need to feed her now.
While Eulogio is getting her some food, Timo and a half delirious July have a talk in which Timo caves and agrees to give Eulogio his job back if July promises to eat lots of barbeque.

Eulogio brings the food and Timo sends it into July’s room and tells Eulogio he can have his job back, and then congratulates himself on his generosity of spirit.

Don T takes the architect out to El V and explains the property to him and the need for secrecy with what they’re up to. Don T will take him all over the ranch so he can take pictures of everything, but the ranch people are grumpy so they should keep a low profile and avoid them. The architect is wowed by the hot springs and likes the ranch house.

While he’s on the ranch anyway Don T leaves the architect behind to pay an official visit to check up on Severo’s state, now that Mateo is out of jail and there’s only one suspect left. Nobody’s happy to see Don T but they’d like him just fine if he’d just get Severo out of there.

Mateo catches the architect taking pictures of the ranch buildings, and asks what he’s up to.

Cuchi tells Nisa he had the same idea to threaten suicide as Cami but Nisa is hardened to these tactics by now. She’s not impressed.
But later she’s wondering if they really would jump. Gordo shows up with flowers for her and reassures her that Cuchi at least will wimp out.

Ilse goes and gets a job as Doc Emil’s receptionist.

Oct has been ditched by both Mauro and Lencho so she checks in with the detective she’s got tracking down Inez’s ex.

The fellas are both at Inez’s place, and when Luisito hears that Lencho is a singer wants to hear him. Then he will judge and tell Lencho if he’s any good or not.

Eulogio takes July home and thanks her for helping him get his job back. He tells her not to fall back into Timo’s arms just because he gave in this time. Hold out for the wedding ring, make him appreciate her. Tell him no wedding, no nothing. July’s a little taken aback by the idea that she can just cut Timo off, but seems game to try it in the name of getting some respect.

Don T gets chatty with Severo out in the guest room, it looks more like he came to gossip with his old buddy than for an official visit, but whatever.

Roman has come to the ranch mostly to clear his conscience. He tells Marcela that Don T hired him to poison her livestock, and more dastardly still, to poison Huracan. (scowl) Roman didn’t want to, but Don T had him corralled with threats and he’s very sorry.

Marcela is livid to learn that Don T was the villain behind her troubles all along and calls Rosa for the shotgun and heads over to the guest cabin where Don T is comfy on the bed having a nice chat with his motionless buddy. She points the gun at them and yells ‘ your time is up you vermin’ Don T thinks she’s talking to Severo, but she tells him she’s after him. She knows he was behind the attacks on the ranch animals and now he’s gonna pay! Don T tells her she can’t believe Roman, he’s a big not so fat liar.
Marcela stares Timo down and asks “then how do you know it was Roman who told me?”
(hah! busted! )

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