La Reina del Sur Friday 5/3/19 #2.9

Previously: Juanito raped Paloma. Teresa found Oleg. Cayetana disowned Rocio. The Gallegos found Conejo

Rocio packs up to move out, but she can’t find her hair brush.

It’s in a lab, so they can test her hair against a baby tooth of Sofia’s (I’m guessing). Abdelkader tells the tech they need to know if the two samples come from sisters.

Oleg’s house needs a map. Teresa finds him in his office? He loaned her some of Yulia’s clothes. He told Yulia she’s there, and BTW he had to use an encrypted phone because all the rest of his lines are tapped by Russian intelligence. This house is his prison.

He questions whether Cayetana’s really the one who found Teresa, considering she was in the DEA’s witness protection program.

Well, that’s what the Gallegos told her.

Cayetana gives Rocio a hard time about leaving. Rocio sarcastically invites Cayetana along to her “satanic” ritual–Cayetana’s already got the wardrobe. Cayetana says Rocio’s mother sure did know how to dress though, but she was a zorra. The only thing she did “right” was kill herself. (Wow. Talk about another person who shouldn’t have been raising orphans.)

Siso can’t get any information out of Conejo, but he doesn’t believe she doesn’t know anything. When Conejo’s boyfriend (not her son, as she keeps having to remind everybody) shows up Siso threatens him. Conejo swears boyfriend doesn’t know anything, but OK she did talk to Teresa and Teresa is supposed to be on her way right now. She swears it on the memories of her husband and her mother-in-law (who she murdered).

Conejo calls emergency services while pretending she’s calling Teresa and Teresa’s not answering.

There’s a kitten outside Sofia’s window. I get a little teary. She puts a stool on top of her bed so she can reach out and pet him.

Downstairs, there’s a blacklight and the “strega” and “lupo” in her drawing are highlighted. Lupo’s down there waiting. She declares them tied. She does like flourescents, but she’s more interested in whether he can draw.

Lupo changes the subject–he’s leaving for a week and Batman’s coming over to help Morgana.

Teresa reminds Oleg of all Teo’s faults–he was embezzling, he was going to turn her over to the cops, he was cheating on her. Oleg thinks the real reason she killed him was so that he wouldn’t be in her daughter’s life.

Eh, maybe. She definitely thinks she did all his daughters a favor.

Oleg has decided he wants to help her find Sofia, but he has to get the president’s permission.

Sofia begs Lupo to take her with him and throws a tantrum when he won’t. It’s like they’re developing a mutual love/hate relationship.

The tea kettle is whistling. Siso decides to check Conejo’s phone and finds out she called emergency services. She throws the boiling water in the kettle on one of the cousins and runs with boyfriend to hide in a storage room. The Gallegos have to make a run for it.

Rocio and Paloma meet for lunch. Paloma says she can’t stand being at Juanito’s. His mom keeps cursing at her. Juan has changed. He raped her last night, but she asks Rocio not to get involved or it will be worse.

And now they find out that grandma cancelled their credit cards. They start scrounging for change.

Oleg leaves Teresa waiting outside for him. She notices the DEA guy who’s been following her and tries to get a good picture of him, but he runs off.

The cops are checking out the house and questioning Conejo’s boyfriend, who she has to keep reminding them is not her son. Flores is there, the jerk, to gloat about how Teresa’s back in Spain and already in trouble. Conejo’s actually happy to hear it–she thought the Gallegos were making it up.

Morgana comes into Sofia’s room to clean and for some odd reason, she doesn’t believe Sofia can do it herself. Sofia runs downstairs to turn off the blacklight before Morgana can see too much. I can’t believe she’s seriously going to try to clean the art off the wall. That woman’s got no soul.

Oleg doesn’t have permission to leave Russia. Teresa’s disappointed, but she has to keep looking. She sees her tail again as she’s hugging Oleg and says they should leave now. He wonders if maybe the guy is tailing him and not Teresa. But they’ve gotta get Teresa out of Russia alive or nobody’s going to save Sofia.

Flores leaves a couple of guys at Conejo’s in case the Gallegos come back.

Boyfriend: “You’re not a literature professor?”

Conejo: “Life is like literature, hon. We fill it with fantasy because it’s too difficult to explain the real thing.”

Epifanio, Batman, and Lupo chat idly outside Sofia’s room. They’re joking about how difficult she is (except Lupo) and Batman says it figures, being raised by a mother who killed her father.

All of Teresa’s file is no longer accessible to Willy and Jonathan. Only someone Level 5 can see it–that’s Sheldon. And funny how this happened after Manuela talked to him.

Sergio argues with Manuela in grandma’s hospital room. He showed up, but he’s paying more attention to his phone than anything else. He mouths off, asking Manuela if she’s a lesbian now too because ever since his mom died, Manuela does everything she did. Manuela doesn’t know where he was last night, but if she finds out he was doing something illegal she’ll turn him in to the cops herself. Grandma wakes up and they quit fighting.

Morgana makes fun of Sofia’s tears. Sofia asks if it’s true, did her mom kill her dad? Morgana asks what she thinks and keeps laughing as Sofia cries.

Oleg’s driver noticed they were being followed in the city. Oleg has him lead their pursuers out of town, into a forest area, to drop Oleg and Teresa off and see what happens when they catch up.

It’s a gunfight. Oleg assumes the president had him followed. The last guy left takes Teresa as hostage.

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