La Reina del Sur Monday 5/6/19 #2.10

Previously: The Gallegos terrorized Conejo. Sofia overheard that her mom killed her dad. Abdelkader supervised the DNA testing comparing Rocio’s hair with Sofia’s tooth. Oleg and Teresa set up an ambush in the woods, but end up getting caught by their pursuers.

So the one guy’s got Teresa and Oleg puts his gun down, asking him to let her go. Instead, he and Teresa start struggling and Buzz Cut guy shoots Russian guy. He’s all “Hey, I’m a friend of Willy’s. He told me to get you out of the country.”

If I’m understanding things correctly, Genoveva Alcalá doesn’t know about all the underhanded stuff her brother and Epifanio are doing. And she’s Epifanio’s girlfriend. I’m really not sure which is more surprising. And Alejandro WANTS them to get married, because it’ll get him more votes. But first Epifanio has to divorce “Carmen.”

Carmen is the wife we always knew he had, but kind of forgot about because we never met her or her daughters. We only knew about that because Ratas and/or his mom once made a snide remark about him having other kids, but Ratas being his only son.

Carmen is still living with her daughter Virginia and Virginia’s daughter Jimena.

Jimena comes in with Carmen’s phone, saying Grandpa’s calling her. And Carmen seriously thinks he’s calling because he needs a First Lady.

Sofia’s petting the cat outside her window again and remembering her cat in Italy, Tozzi (which means something like “chunky”) and her mom teasing her for dancing with him. Well, he dances better than this kid in her class, Rocco, who can’t talk about anything but fútbol and can’t dance.

And, um, what kind of dancer was her dad?

“María” keeps her eyes on the jars of jam she’s labeling. All she’s say is Sofia’s dad died in an accident before she was born.

Sofia’s naming the stray Tozzi. And she’s sure her mom didn’t kill her dad. It was an accident.

Teresa calls Willy to complain about him sending help.

Well, he would have told her if she ever picked up her phone. He wants her to trust him and let him get her out of this problem.

She thanks him again, but hangs up.

Oleg’s upset about his driver getting killed. And he’s sure those men were sent by either the president or someone trying to look good by capturing him. If he leaves Russia, they’ll come after him and try to kill him. He’d rather that happen when he’s with Teresa, looking for her daughter.

Sofia heads downstairs with painting supplies and sees that Morgana scrubbed the wall completely clean. I’m surprised that was even possible. Sofia plops down on the floor.

Oleg makes some fake passports for him and Teresa. He’s warned his wife and she’s going to move to another apartment. They’ll take a train and then figure out their next move. Oleg stops to tuck a picture of Yulia and their son into his bag. He knows he won’t be coming back to this house.

Buzz Cut guy drives them to the train station and tells them to take care of themselves.

Cayetana’s cleaning Teo’s plaque in the mausoleum and talking to him. Probably because he’s the only one who won’t talk back. She complains that she can’t go on, but she’ll keep trying to end Teresa until her death.

Teresa and Oleg head for a sparsely-populated space on the train. He tells her they can’t talk unless it’s absolutely necessary. The conductor comes along, checking tickets. There’s a momentary bit of nervousness, but he punches their tickets and moves on. Oleg points out to Teresa that the guy does this job every day and probably the last thing he wants is to talk to the passengers.

They go over Teresa’s fake passport and Oleg reminds her not to say a word in English or Spanish if there are any guards around.

Genoveva wraps up the college class she’s teaching. Jimena, aka, her potential future grandchild, asks her about Epifanio, but Genoveva’s in a hurry and doesn’t have time to listen to unfounded rumors.

Sofia’s sleeping down in the basement. Batman comes looking for her, telling her to come upstairs and have some tacos. It feels to him like she’s got a fever, so he carries her upstairs.

Carmen thinks she’s having dinner with Epifanio at a fancy restaurant, but it’s Alejandro meeting her. He tells her he knows all about her relationship with Epifanio–getting pregnant first and then getting married. And it must have been so tough on her, this whole incident with his son….

Carmen fills us in about that. Ratas was the reason he moved out on her to set up house with his sister-in-law and convince the kid he was Epifanio’s nephew. And then he got killed by Teresa Mendoza. Or so the papers say.

Alejandro moves on to the real reason why he’s here. He wants Carmen to sign divorce papers. He says she’ll be compensated.

Ha! Like any amount could ever compensate her and her kids for so many years of neglect. But a title sure would be compensation: First Lady of the United States of Mexico.

Alejandro gloats. No one knows they’re still married. No one knows about her. The voters won’t forgive that. It’s a lose-lose proposition and she’ll end up like el perro de las dos tortas.

He plops the papers down in front of her and pulls out a pen.

Carmen calls the waiter over and tells him she wants a shot of their most expensive tequila.

Oleg and Teresa’s train has made it to the border with Ukraine. An official comes on board to check passports. He makes a big deal out of asking Teresa questions and not letting Oleg respond. They pretend “Maria’s” deaf and very offended by his attitude. He takes their passports and tells them to stay put.

Batman’s trying to get Sofia’s fever down, but Morgana’s not buying her act. She tells Batman Sofia’s tried this before. Did he give her oranges?

Betman tells her to get him a thermometer and Morgana warns him not to turn his back. Sofia’s running a legit 40°C (104°F) this time. Batman sends her to get the doctor.

The divorce paperwork Alejandro brought is backdated fifteen years. That way, according to him, no one will bug her about being Epifanio’s ex. See, if she just shows up now, after all these years, people will go digging. They’ll bring out all her dirty laundry…and her daughters’…and her grandkids’…and then they’ll start making things up. See, this way she gets some money and gets to avoid the scandal.

Carmen still won’t sign. She tells him she wants Epifanio to come over to her house in person.

Cayetana wakes up to Rocio sitting in the living room. She quips that she brought a message from Satan.

Actually, she brought the paperwork that shows that the money they’ve all been living on is at least partly Teresa’s. Isn’t she embarrassed?

Cayetana claims that’s the Aljarafe fortune that everyone worked hard to contribute to and if Rocio and her sister want money they can go work for it like she did.

Rocio can’t decide whether Cayetana’s lying to her or lying to herself. Cayetana dares her to go to the cops if that’s what she wants.

On her way out of the house, Rocio stops to hug Charo. She’s still standing there when Paloma calls her for help. Juan’s looking for her. He wants to rape her again.

Paloma’s hiding between cages of pigeons on the roof.

Teresa and Oleg are waiting to see what happens with their passports. He knows if they make a run for it, they’ll get hunted down.  He remembers she always used to talk about dying at this time of day, la hora gris. He just hopes it’s not today.

Well, Teresa has figured out that la hora gris is life. Dying isn’t an option. If she dies, her daughter dies. She noticed the increased activity outside and Oleg agrees it’s about them. By the time the official gets back to their compartment on the train, they’re running out of another car.

The soldiers chase after them, through a tunnel that leads to another platform, to another train.

Teresa and Oleg jump off the back of the train and run into the woods.

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