MasterChef Latino #2.6


We’re down to eleven contestants.

Team Ennio

  • Aurelio
  • Lauren

Team Claudia

  • María Luisa
  • Noelián
  • Javier
  • Sara

Team Benito

  • Dennis
  • Dubraska
  • Miriam
  • John
  • Nancy

Mystery Box Challenge

That is a bigass box. I’m kind of sad this reveal got spoiled, but yeah…it’s the cast of Suelta la Sopa. And I’m apparently the one person who doesn’t watch it. Well, me and Mr. 5ft.

Today they’ll be tasting the soup instead of soltandola. Each contestant will have to pick one cast member and make their favorite soup. But it’s pick first and find out what the soup is later.

  • Jorge – a Peruvian soup, El Chupe. Maria Luisa’s giggly because to her “chupe” is drinking.
  • Carolina – gazpacho
  • Juan Manuel – French onion soup
  • Veronica – tortilla soup. So Javier has an excuse to use tortillas.

The cast members will each pick the one who made their favorite soup and the judges will taste those four. John and Dubraska traded recipes for French onion soup and tortilla soup. There’s a lot of recipe trading going on after the cooking starts.

Juan Manuel tastes his French onion soup first. He likes Miriam’s, even though there’s no toast and cheese on top. I can’t figure out what Lauren did–it’s like a biscuit on top?

Veronica likes John’s tortilla soup. She’s also giving Dennis the eye. She thinks Javier’s looks like it comes from a gourmet restaurant.

Carolina likes both the gazpachos.

I still don’t know what a Chupe is supposed to be, but Jorge’s good with what he tastes of Maria Luisa’s and Noelián’s. Nancy’s is more brothy.

Juan Manuel picks Lauren’s French onion soup for the judges to taste. Veronica picks Javier’s tortilla soup. Jorge picks Noelián’s chupe. Carolina picks Aurelio’s gazpacho.

Gaby gets the SLS cast out of there before things get serious.

Ennio tells Lauren you’re supposed to use white onions, not purple ones.

Claudia tells Javier this is the kind of thing she expects from him, so keep it coming.

Ennio wants the recipe for Aurelio’s Gazpacho Caribeño.

The winner is safe for the rest of the day…and that’s Javier.

The Pressure Challenge

Gaby asks the contestants to leave the kitchen so they can set up for the next challenge.

Benito goes up to the balcony to hand Javier a black apron. He’s going to get to pick one person to go on to the elimination challenge BEFORE the judges taste the dishes. The contestants won’t know about it until the cook time is over.

Gaby’s talking about using all your senses. Claudia and Ennio agree…but where’s Benito?

Benito’s gonna make a dish that the chefs have to duplicate and they’ll need to use all five senses because they’re not getting a recipe.

They’re making quail. Benito shows them how to “clean” the quail in preparation for making quail with polenta. He hands around a black truffle and shows them how to shave it. Oh, wait, he’s not going to show them how to cook it, they have to figure it out from the completed dish.

All the chefs have ingredients at their stations, but some of them suspect they were given some unnecessary ingredients. They’ve got chiles, but no one thinks they tasted any or knows where it was. (Benito says it was in the marinade for the quail, but there wasn’t very much.)

When time’s up, Miriam runs to the front with her plate she’s so excited.

Benito’s going to be the only one tasting anyone’s dishes, after Javier picks someone to give that black apron to. He fakes like he’s going to give it to Dennis, but he gives it to John. Javier says it’s because John was cleaning up his plate after time was called, but it really doesn’t matter. Javier didn’t have to have a reason.

  • Benito tastes John’s dish anyway and says he wouldn’t have been up for elimination.
  • He likes Lauren’s dish. 
  • Dennis is safe.
  • He thinks Dubraska’s quail was cooked perfectly.
  • Sara tried, but he’s got an apron for her.
  • Miriam’s looks nothing like Benito’s, he likes the taste, but she still gets an apron.
  • Noelián gets an apron for not getting the quail to the right temperature and the polenta not having enough flavor.
  • Aurelio gets an apron too, but Benito was just kidding.
  • Nancy’s upset that she didn’t get the truffle on her dish. She gets an apron.
  • Benito would’ve sent Maria Luisa to the elimination challenge if it was only about how she cooked. He wants better organization from her, but she’s safe.

Elimination challenge

They start out with another lesson from Benito, this time about caramelization. He sautees some onions, a piece of salmon, mushrooms….The crew downstairs are liking the tradeoff.

The challenge is to cook something using the caramelization and searing techniques they just learned.

  • John gets the feedback that his pork loin looks like it’s the garnish for the vegetables.
  • Benito asks Sara not to use an ice cream scoop for her mashed whatever–it’s too “school cafeteria” for him.
  • Ennio thinks Miriam’s plating has evolved. Benito says her salmon is overcooked.
  • Noelián also made salmon. She gets positive feedback.
  • Nancy’s the last one up and she’s been nervous the entire time. Ennio says her salmon is tasteless. Benito thinks there’s too much pepper.

In general, Benito thinks they did learn from the class. Ennio’s the one who announces the contestant who’s going home. It’s Miriam.

There’s not a dry eye in the house. We’ll miss you, Abuela Miriam.

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Thank you, Kat.

It was so hard saying good by to Miriam. *sob*

I fast forwarded through the quail lesson and cooking. The more gourmet, the more bored I get I guess.