La Reina del Sur Friday 5/10/19 #2.14

Ivanovich is drinking in Jadranka alone when Oleg arrives. Oleg calls him a traitor and asks if he remembers Anton . Because Anton is here to get payment for what happened to his family. And Oleg’s here to collect for what happened to the Mexicana.

Oleg doesn’t like to call it “Russian Roulette.” He thinks it makes Russians look like they’re suicidal. He likes to call it the wheel of fortune. One bullet, six chambers, and Ivanovich only has to shoot twice. The stats are in his favor.

Ivanovich whines about having a family.

Um, so did Anton . So the first attempt is dedicated to Anton and the second one is a gift from the Mexicana for calling in the Gallegos.

Oleg pours two shots of vodka and they down them before Ivanovich picks up the gun.

Francesco’s car pulls up at the pensión. He and Teresa pretend to be cops. Francisca, the owner, is hesitant at first, complaining about them not coming in a cop car and having strange accents. Francesco’s all “You got a problem with Italians working for the cops?”

She leads them up to the room where she’s got the girls locked in while complaining about getting beat up and having the sink ripped off the wall. She tells them to watch out for the one who looks like a junkie.

Francesco and Teresa come in like the cops, except for no weapons and no handcuffs. But hey, the girls obeyed orders to put their hands up, so they don’t need any of that, right?

Francisca notices Flores’ car pulling up outside. Teresa and Francesco herd everyone outside like they’re going to meet him. Francisca wants fewer inspections of the pensión in exchange for this favor she’s doing them.

At the top of the stairs, she and Rocio start bickering and suddenly Francisca seems to realize that Teresa and Francesco aren’t cops. Rocio punches her and she falls down the first flight of stairs.

OK, change of plans….

Ivanovich is stalling on taking the first shot…the chamber was empty. One more to go.

Flores comes into the pensión to find Francesco tied to the chair behind the desk, with Francisca on the floor under the desk. He babbles to Flores about how those girls beat up him and his wife and they’re upstairs.

Teresa’s trying to sneak the girls out the back door. Francesco tells Flores that the girls haven’t left–they went upstairs to grab their stuff. He gives Flores the room key. As soon as Flores is out of earshot he threatens to throw Francisca off the third floor next time.

Time for Ivanovich’s second shot. This time there was a bullet. Oleg gives the corpse some advice: When an enemy is digging their own grave, don’t take away the shovel.

Teresa’s hiding in the room Flores has the key for. It’s a shock for him to see Teresa in there, but he’s more than happy to arrest her. She taunts him about not being able to best her. They go on bickering as he puts handcuffs on her and escorts her out of the room. She says he didn’t even get her arrest warrant through his own efforts–he had to cut a deal with Teo for only two years in prison and he’d get to keep Teresa’s money.

Flores thinks that’s what all this is about. That Teresa wanted her money back, but Cayetana wouldn’t give it to her, so she’s kidnapped the girls to force Cayetana’s hand. He brings up the charges in Italy, but Teresa says those have been dropped–the Pernas killed him.

Well, they nearly killed Conejo the other day.

Teresa asks if she’s OK, but Flores ignores her to call for Rocio and Paloma.

Teresa laughs and Flores threatens to shoot her. But she knows he won’t. He’s so focused on her that he doesn’t notice Francesco sneaking up on him.

Francesco knocks Flores out and Teresa goes through his pockets for the keys to the handcuffs. Francesco starts herding the girls down the stairs as Teresa takes Flores’ gun. The cops are calling from the front door, but Teresa has a plan to get them out.

Conejo’s walking back to her place with the shopping, accompanied by one of her guards. She complains that they just had to stick her with the most serious guys. Cute, but serious.

The Gallegos are watching from not even half a block down the street. Great security, guys.

Siso’s convinced Teresa will be there within 24 hours.

The murdering Aljarafe sisters come out the front door of the pensión holding the poor, beat up owners hostage. Rocio’s screaming at the cops to put their weapons down. Once they do, she and Paloma shove Francesco and Teresa at them. There’s a quick scuffle and Teresa steals the keys to Flores’ car and the patrol car before they speed away and a completely confused Flores comes stumbling out of the pensión.

Epifanio explains to Alejandro that Carmen’s always been buddy-buddy with Padre Anselmo. She insisted he be the one to marry them. He knows everyone’s got secrets, but as hard as he tries he can’t find out Anselmo’s. So why don’t they just drop all the strategizing and he’ll go meet Carmen face-to-face and put an end to all this.

The assistant guy interrupts their meeting to tell them Marietta Lancaster just made a big announcement.

She’s claiming to have all the dirt on Epifanio and she’s going to be talking about it all next week on her show. Genoveva’s in the studio, looking cranky.

Epifanio’s feeling pressured because he doesn’t know what Marietta has on him, he ‘s supposed to be going on Genoveva’s show and announcing their relationship, and he still hasn’t gotten rid of Carmen!

He suddenly realizes he said all this in front of the assistant. Danilo (let’s see if I remember that) says Epifanio can trust him. Alejandro agrees, he’s very discreet.

At the studio, Genoveva complains about Marietta making this announcement right before she’s going to have Epifanio on her show.

Well, everyone will watch, the ratings will go through the roof, she’s welcome.

Genoveva whines that she’s not Marietta’s student anymore and Marietta shouldn’t underestimate her.

OK, she’s not underestimating, she’s just not understanding what the deal is between Genoveva and this guy. He’s a narco!

Genoveva starts talking about him being exonerated because Teresa’s testimony was false and she and the DEA just wanted to bring down one of the few honest politicians in this country.

Marietta’s like “Seriously? You believe that?  Or did you throw out your journalistic ethics when you became his lover?”

Genoveva’s façade cracks a little as she says that’s a lie!

Which? The narco thing or the relationship thing? Because she knows Marietta doesn’t make accusations without being able to back them up. And everybody knows she and Epifanio are sleeping together. What Marietta can’t figure out is why Genoveva hasn’t been attacked for it.

Genoveva says she’s having Epifanio on her show so they can announce their engagement and then she’s bowing out of covering the rest of the election because it wouldn’t be ethical. She stubbornly insists she can’t be bought. (The more you have to say it, the less it’s true….)

Marietta wishes she wouldn’t. Epifanio’s got lead under his wings and Genoveva’s going to end up taking a bullet. But hey, everyone’s free to choose how to dig their own graves.

At the pensión, Francisca’s complaining about Francesco threatening to burn down the pensión with her in it and why didn’t Flores realize there was no way she and Francesco were a married couple.

Flores ignores her and tells someone on the phone to put everyone on alert, because they can’t let Teresa get away this time.

Francesco’s convertible stops in a parking garage where Oleg and his SUV are waiting.

Francesco helps Rocio out of the back seat and she stares at him. She could swear she’s seen his face somewhere before.

Francesco says it happens all the time.

Ah, but Rocio hasn’t seen a lot of hotties like him.

Teresa sends them to the SUV while she says goodbye to Francesco. She won’t say where she’s going, but he’s got her number.

He says they have some things to discuss, like is her name “Teresa” or “Tessa” or “María Dantés”?

She says she’ll tell him next time they meet. Which may or may not be tonight for dinner. She’ll call later.

Oleg gets into the SUV’s front seat and slowly raises the window while staring at Francesco.

Francesco calls someone and tells them to pick up the car and change the color and plate number.

Sofia’s encouraging the cat to finish off the sardines when Morgana walks in. The two of them struggle over the cat, who takes off and heads back up to the ledge by the window. Sofia kicks a foot out from under Morgana and Morgana loses her temper. What else could she expect from a girl raised by a murdering narco. Yep, her mom killed her dad while she was still pregnant with Sofia. Her last names are Aljarafe and Mendoza.

Sofia attacks Morgana with the empty dinner plate and Morgana starts choking her. She says she won’t kill Sofia, because her boss told her not to, but if not for that, she totally would.

Sofia tries the “my dad’s in the room” thing again, but Morgana mocks her, telling Teo to come on in and tell them whether Teresa shot him in the head or the heart. She’s not falling for that trick again.

She leaves Sofia sobbing in her room and crying for her mom.

Wherever Oleg and Teresa take Paloma and Rocio, it’s much nicer than the pensión. Teresa tries to clean up their wounds while Rocio explains what happened to Juan. Paloma’s embarrassed that Rocio’s talking about Juanito raping her.

Teresa tells her it’s nothing for her to be ashamed of. The same thing happened to her with this guy called “Gato Fierros” but Oleg here helped her get justice and Gato’s roasting merrily in hell now.

Rocio continues, saying Juan tried to come after them, but he lost his balance and fell off the roof.

Paloma figures that’s kind of what happened between Teresa and her dad? Teresa gives a very short nod.

Oleg says this house is in the name of someone he trusts. No one knows they’re here and no one can find out. Nobody goes in or out without him knowing about it.

Anton comes in with a bunch of shopping bags. Oleg says it’s clothes for the three of them. He’s gotta go call his family now and give Anton some instructions.

Teresa knows Paloma’s uncomfortable with her being there, but all she wants is for them to get along.

Paloma heard what Teresa and Flores were saying and she’s sorry, but Teo was her dad. Whether he was good or evil, he was her dad.

Teresa respects that. She starts checking out the shopping bags and tells them to go get cleaned up and rest.

Before they do that, Rocio tells Teresa her boyfriend’s hot. Seriously, she and Paloma want Teresa to hook up with the hot Italian guy. Maybe it’s a stress response, I don’t know. It’s probably the first time we’ve seen them smiling and laughing like that.

But seriously, what are they supposed to do now? They can’t go home and they can’t stay in this house forever.

Teresa doesn’t know exactly, but they’re going to have to hide like she did for years.

At the apartment complex parking lot, the men are sharpening knives. That night they head for Cayetana’s with torches, moving fairly quietly for such a large group. And someone has a pitchfork, so that basically makes my episode.

In their respective showers, Francesco and Teresa shower. He thinks about calling her as he gets dressed. She makes an effort to cover up a bruise  on her forehead. She considers her dress choices. She starts to call him, but doesn’t.

He calls her. She hesitates before answering. He hates to be pushy, but should he cancel what he has planned for tonight?

Teresa says she’ll meet him, but it shouldn’t be anywhere public. She picks a low-cut jumpsuit and the camera backs up to give us an overhead view of Oleg’s friend’s house’s pool.

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