La Reina del Sur Thursday 5/9/19 #2.13

The opening sequence suggests that Lupo knowingly killed civilians in Lebanon.

Teresa and Oleg review the scribbles Teresa made about the painting. She explains that she and Sofia have lots of codes and they used to play at hiding messages in paintings. The names “Antonio” and “Miguel” had wings over them, but small, as if those were the names of children? Maybe children she met who are in the same place she is? Or maybe guards who are being nice to her?

As for Lupo, that’s “wolf” in Italian. Lupo must be the actual kidnapper.

Lupo’s torturing himself, remembering Sofia asking why he kidnapped her and her saying her mom wasn’t a bad person.

Teresa explains to Oleg that Lupo was drawn in two parts. The “Lu” had a sun and a rainbow, and the “po” had a fang and a bloody eye. Oleg says Sofia might be developing a kind of Stockholm Syndrome. She knows Lupo’s a monster, but at the same time she’s starting to see good things in him.

Whatevs. Teresa’s still going to kill him for taking her baby.

From the conversation Jonathan has with Sergio in the club, it sounds like Sergio’s selling his anti-depressants for a profit. Jonathan says he represents people with money who are looking for more than that, IYKWIM?

They head for the club’s back door just as the cops move in. Jonathan sneaks Sergio out, pretending to hide from the cops with him.

Sergio’s so not cut out for this. He’s ready to go home already and he’s not willing to give Jonathan, aka “Ben Franklin” his phone number. But he hands over a bottle of thorazine.

Riiiiight before a cop shows up. “Ben” has to convince Sergio to put his hands up like the cop repeatedly screams at him to do. He notices the gun in Sergio’s waistband. Sergio’s insisting he can’t get arrested and he reaches for the gun to shoot the cop.

But “Ben” draws faster and shoots the cop in the chest. (I swear Jonathan’s entire performance as “Ben” is an homage to David Chocarro’s character in El Recluso.) He wipes his fingerprints off the gun, dumps it, and tells Sergio to get a move on.

Oleg’s trying to build up the fire to keep Teresa warm. She doesn’t know how he does it–she’s wearing his coat.

Oleg says this isn’t cold for him. Russians go swimming in lakes before the freeze hits. They’ve got their coats on the inside.

Oleg’s “hacker” calls him back. Francesco checks out, at least on the internet. Oleg tells Teresa they don’t have anything to worry about. For now.

Morgana ratted out Batman for letting Sofia talk to her mom. Epifanio’s cranky about it, asking whose side he’s on. Epifanio wants to give Batman another burn on his hand to teach him a lesson.

Batman swears Teresa didn’t find out anything. The kid was upset and mom was consoling her, that’s all.

Morgana insists it could have been some kind of code.

Look, Batman’s willing to admit he screwed up, but he didn’t have bad intentions.

Alejandro interrupts with news–someone was searching for Francesco Belmondo on the internet and found all the fake information Alejandro planted about him.

Epifanio’s sure it was Teresa. He tells Batman this is how he’s gotta roll–using his brain and his huevos. One more screw-up and Epifanio won’t burn his hand, he’ll burn his eyes out.

In Willy’s office, the not-dead-cop complains about Jonathon shooting him and shows off the enormous bruise on his chest. Jonathon’s just glad things went according to plan and Sergio’s not the one who shot him.

Willy figures Jonathan’s earned Sergio’s trust and now Sergio owes him one.

Manuela gets home and finds Sergio lying on the welcome mat.

Jonathan tells Willy and the other guy that something is definitely not right with Sergio. He tells them about Sergio throwing up and tossing back another pill like it was candy.

Willy says it’s Jonathan’s job now to make sure nothing happens to Sergio. He’s their way to get to Manuela. And good job.

Not dead guy whines, “Like I didn’t do anything?” They agree that he totally did.

Sister Morgana’s coming back from getting sardines. She’s complaining about Sofia asking for them. She sees a flyer about a missing cat and says a little extra money wouldn’t be bad.

Sofia’s got the cat, of course, and she talks to them about how her mom’s going to find her because she understands the code.

Batman comes in and she hides the cat under the bed. He asks what’s up with sardines in the morning and an antacid later.

“It’s an Italian thing.” She asks about the noises she heard yesterday, someone coming over and raised voices.

Ah, well, that was the boss. Morgana busted them talking to Sofia’s mom and she ratted them out. So Batman’s gotta be careful now.

Morgana gets back, telling “princesa” Sofia that she’ll bring in the sardines in a minute, so Sofia doesn’t think about escaping. Then she asks Batman if yesterday wasn’t enough for him.

She goes off to the kitchen and Batman loudly tells Sofia that Morgana doesn’t have permission to do anything to her.

Sofia: “But I could mess with her.”

Batman laughs. She’s more cabrona than she is pretty. Did her mom teach her that?

Teresa and Oleg are on Francesco’s plane and nearly back to Spain.

Francesco’s having a shower and remembering Sofia telling him he wouldn’t be able to see art if he doesn’t have a heart. Then he remembers the incident in Lebanon…he wasn’t the guy with the rocket launcher. He was on top of a cliff and tried to get the guy with the rocket launcher not to shoot.

He takes a call from someone about Teresa and confirms that it’s the same woman they took to Mexico and she’ll have a man with her.

In a church, Alejandro watches Carmen go into the confessional booth.

Batman’s cleaning his gun when Morgana brings a tray of food for Sofia over. She tucks a cigarette behind her ear while she tells Batman some bullshit story about a dog she had once who was hostile to kids and then he turned into a total lapdog…she thinks he was gay.

In Sofia’s room, she insists on watching Sofia eat her food. And yeah, she’s going to smoke a cigarette right in her face while she does it.

Sofia tosses a glass of water on her and Morgana slaps her.

Outside, she complains to Batman about Sofia dousing her with water.

Well, she told Morgana to put out the cigarette. You know, he used to have a dog too and she barked all the time…until he kicked her teeth in. He goes off to have breakfast.

Morgana left her lighter behind in Sofia’s room.

Carmen finally comes out of the booth, but so does the padre. Alejandro calls Epifanio to get him all the information he can about Padre Anselmo. Then he licks his fingers and puts out a candle. My eyes. They are rolling.

Francesco’s plane lands in Málaga. I can’t believe Teresa’s seriously giving Francesco  Oleg’s real name. Francesco keeps on acting like Mr. Nice Guy.

Oleg asks for a minute alone with Teresa. He’s planning to go after Ivanovich, the guy from the bar. He sent Moscow info about Oleg, he messed with Teresa, and he killed the family of Oleg’s last bodyguard in Spain. So he and that guy are gonna go get some Russian justice.

Teresa’s apparently going to pick up the Aljarafe girls.

Oleg’s giving Francesco the blandest look he possibly can. Francesco acts like he doesn’t mind it.

Crappy hotel landlady is watching a news report about the sisters. So are they, from the front window of an electronics store.

They run back to the hotel and the landlady shuts off her TV, gives them their key, watches them race up the stairs, and grabs a steak knife to defend herself with.

She intends to lock the girls in until the police can come to get them. Paloma says they’ll leave right now if she just doesn’t call the cops. Rocio tries to stop her from getting to the door and a fight breaks out between the three of them. Landlady slams Paloma into the mirror. Rocio rips the sink off the wall and throws it at the Landlady. There’s water spurting out from the broken pipes at the sink. The landlady slices Rocio’s arm with the steak knife. And then she grabs the keys again and heads out.

Francesco has “good” news for “Maria”. Everybody’s talking about Pedro’s death back in Massa Maritima. Francesco got a lawyer who found video of the guys who killed Pedro and the charges got dropped.

Teresa’s grateful, but when Francesco talks about a “surprise” and “tonight” she reminds him her focus is on getting her daughter back.

She takes a call from Rocio and says she’ll be there in five minutes. Rocio’s sobbing that they’re locked in. Teresa says she’ll get there faster than the cops…

But Flores just got the call…

Teresa tells the driver Oleg hired for her to get in touch with Oleg and gets into Francesco’s car to head for the pensión. I can’t tell where Oleg’s driver is going.

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