La Reina del Sur Tuesday 5/14/19 #2.16

Previously: Sofia struggled with the knowledge that her mom killed her dad. Teresa and Francesco had a date. Abdelkader’s running DNA tests for Teresa. Juanito died. Paloma’s pregnant.

Abdelkader picks up the DNA test results, asks if they’re 100% reliable, and says he’s got good news for Teresa.

Sofia prepares her revenge against Morgana, remembering Teresa reading her the conjuration from La Celestina. She paints her face and clothes with fluorescent paints, recites the conjuration a couple of times, and blows out a candle.

On the way back to the house, Teresa remembers Francesco saying he likes her. She tells herself to concentrate on Sofia.

Rocio and Paloma are arguing about the baby–Paloma doesn’t want to abort. Teresa comes in mid-argument. Rocio tries to lie, but Paloma just turns her weepy face to Teresa and says she’s pregnant and Rocio wants her to have an abortion.

Teresa tells Paloma if she’d gotten pregnant any of the times she was raped, she wouldn’t have hesitated to have an abortion. And when she got pregnant with Sofia she did think about it, but she was older, she wanted a child, her life was different. She doesn’t regret having Sofia.

She tells Paloma not to ever let anyone else make decisions about what she does with her body or her life. ‘Cause that’s really all we have. This is Paloma’s decision and no one else’s and whatever Paloma decides, Teresa will support her.

Paloma cries on her shoulder and Teresa motions to Rocio to join the group hug.

Genoveva’s producer is panicking. Epifanio should’ve been in makeup an hour ago. He shows up…and says he can’t be on the show. He gives her some excuse about how if they announce their engagement now everyone will just be thinking about Marietta’s accusations.

Genoveva’s pissed. She doesn’t want to talk to him again until he’s ready to give their relationship the respect it deserve. She tosses the printout of her prepared statement in the air and says there’s been a change of plans. Epifanio slinks out of the studio.

Abdelkader drives Teresa out to the Aljarafe house. She’s planning to show Cayetana the DNA test results that show that Rocio and Sofia are sisters. She just hopes Cayetana doesn’t set a bull on her again.

Teresa gets to the bullring and sees the ongoing vigil for Juanito, with much crying and drinking. She sneaks up to the house and tries the back patio door, but it’s locked. She fiddles with a locked gate.

Francesco calls Morgana for an update. She says Sofia’s fine, everything’s fine. Are they still fighting…? No.

He’s glad to hear it. He’s about fifteen minutes away from the house.

Oh. Great. She’ll have coffee waiting for him. She rushes to wipe the oil off the door to Sofia’s room before she goes in to tell her Lupo’s on his way and she’d better keep her mouth shut about what went on while he wasn’t there.

But it’s just a bunch of pillows in Sofia’s bed. Morgana heads down to the basement. Sofia has the blacklight connected to the socket that comes on with the light switch. She freaks out a little, seeing the drawings of snakes and a giant skull and “strega” but she’s still calm enough to ask Sofia what she’s doing.

Sofia comes up out of her crouch on the floor with her fluorescent skull face and starts screeching about Morgana’s lies and how she’s going to send Morgana to hell. The cat comes downstairs, wearing his own coat of fluorescent paint, and jumps at Morgana.

Morgana runs up the stairs and Sofia chases her, the foam coming out of her mouth courtesy of the antacid tablet. Morgana runs right out of the house and the front gate and into the path of an oncoming van.

A crowd starts to gather. Sofia stands there in her makeup muttering to herself “I didn’t kill her, I didn’t kill her…” and then breaks into a run.

Teresa climbs the trellis. In heels. Because who knew she was going to have to break into the house?!

Cayetana wakes up and begs Charo to tell her this has all been a bad dream. Her house invaded and turned into a tanatorio (funeral home). Nothing worse can happen now.

Teresa comes in the window, on cue, trying to act all casual like “Hey, I’m back. We had some stuff to talk about.”

Cayetana thinks she’s going “crazy,” and when Teresa reassures her that she’s really there, Cayetana blames everything on Teresa.

Teresa says she’s got nothing to do with those people, but she thinks she can help Cayetana with this situation.

Cayetana’s sure she wants to trade it for forgiveness, but never! She has to pay for killing Teo!

Hey, all Teresa wants is for Cayetana to quit sending people after her for the sake of Cayetana’s third grandchild. She hands over the DNA results and says Rocio and Sofia are sisters.

Cayetana, of course, doesn’t believe it, but Teresa says those results are rock-solid. So the deal is Teresa will get the “gitanos” out of Cayetana’s house and Cayetana will leave her alone.

Nope, no deal, and she wants Teresa out of her house. She’s screaming loud enough for the guard at the door to demand they let him in to see what the fuss is about.

Charo and Teresa both rush towards the door and Charo pushes her into the closet. The guard, the patriarch, and two other guys are standing there. The patriarch complains that she’s got no business screaming like that when they’re keeping vigil for a Calé. If she keeps it up, he won’t feed them.

Once the men are gone, Teresa resumes negotiations. Cayetana leaves her alone and she gets rid of the “gitanos.” Juanito’s dead because he raped Paloma. Rocio tried to defend her and well, we all know how that ended. The girls are with her now.

Cayetana complains that Teresa’s trying to turn them against her! And now she’s forced to accept help from Teresa because she has no other options! It’s humiliating!

Teresa says it’s just business. With different merchandise.

Franceso gets to the house and sees the crowd. Some of them are muttering about a kid. He runs into the house looking for Sofia (but is the cat OK?!) and sees her masterpiece in the basement.

He runs back upstairs looking for Batman, who was sleeping off a hangover. Morgana’s dead and Sofia ran off? It’s all news to him. He wants to help Lupo look for Sofia, but Lupo tells him to stay at the house. (But is the cat OK?)

Sofia finally stops running in the middle of a pedestrian overpass and it doesn’t look like she knows what to do now.

Teresa calls Abdelkader and asks how fast his guys can get there. The ones who helped with the Gallegos. Cayetana makes a face like it never occurred to her that Teresa might have allies.

A few minutes. Why?

Because there are people holding her daughter’s grandmother hostage.

Batman’s looking for Sofia in the house, assuming she’s just hiding. The cops come in. He says this isn’t his house. He was just stopping by on an errand from his boss and hey, do they know what’s going on outside?

Sofia’s still sitting on the bridge, telling herself she didn’t kill Morgana, when she notices a guy approaching and asks to borrow his phone. To call her mom. In Italy.

He’s convinced she just wants to steal his phone.

Sofia hears police sirens and takes off running again. The guy’s like “I knew it! You’re running! Thief!”

Abdelkader’s crew has arrived. They drive right into the bullring, guys piling out of a couple of vans. Teresa gets out of Abdelkader’s SUV and asks for the patriarch. She cheerfully says this is going to go one of two ways. Either his crew is going to fuck hers up or her crew is going to fuck his up. And her crew is better-equipped.

Triana gets involved now and demands to know who Teresa is. She accuses her of helping the two “payas” who killed her Juanito and calls Paloma an “hija de puta.”

Teresa raises her voice and says she knows the gitanos are good people, peaceful people, “but you, lady? You gave birth to a rapist…so who’s the hijo de puta?”

Triana screams that he was a good boy and if he did anything to Paloma she was asking for it. And Teresa’s just like her!

“If you don’t know how to swim, I suggest you stay away from deep water.”

Triana whines again about justice for Juanito.

“Justice? OK.” She asks Abdelkader what their rate of fire is.

Including her? About thirty bullets a second.

So it would take 1.66 seconds to shoot them all.

Abdelkader appeals to the patriarch as a reasonable man and says it’s better they leave this property immediately.

Triana tells the patriarch they’re lying, but Teresa says if she opens her mouth one more time, her people will be at the bottom of the river in two hours, weighed down by all the lead.

“Well, before you even shoot–“

Nope, the patriarch, Drago, is done. He tells some people to get Triana away from here. Then he and Abdelkader have a brief non-verbal conversation that basically amounts to “We’re going now.”

The cops are convinced Batman knows something about this house and the dead woman in the street. He tries the “Seriously, you don’t want to mess with me, you have no idea who my boss is” trick, but they’re not going for it. One guy comes up from the basement and says there are some weird drawings and melted candles back there. They decide they’re taking Batman in for questioning.

As they walk him outside and put him in the back of a car he’s just staring at the crew working on cordoning off the crime scene and someone putting a sheet over Morgana’s body, completely confused.

Epifanio visits Padre Anselmo to try to convince him to convince Carmen to sign the divorce papers.

That is so not happening.

Sofia remembers Batman saying if she got away, the cops would just return her. She walks down a street past a row of police vehicles like she’s hoping no one notices her. She looks up and sees Francesco in his SUV at a stop light.

She hears her mom’s voice talking to her about “The Situation.” She keeps walking, but Francesco sees her in his rearview mirror and gets out of the SUV.

She runs. His legs are longer, which makes this chase completely unfair. He catches up to her at the front gate of an apartment building and manages to grab her wrist through the bars. He keeps asking her what happened, but all she’ll tell him is that he and her mom lied to her.

She bites his hand to get away and starts running again, up a spiral stairway to a convenient roof and out the gate of another apartment. She hesitates when she loses her shoes, but sees Francesco and keeps running.

Triana whines to Cayetana about dishonoring the dead as one of Abdelkader’s men and one of the women who came with her try to drag her off the property. Triana and Cayetana are both kind of delusional when it comes to their sons, so it’s a pointless conversation. Triana curses Cayetana.

Before she leaves, Teresa talks to Cayetana about their deal. She’s trying to get her daughter back so quit making things difficult.

“And what about my real granddaughters.”

Well, since they’re wanted in Spain and don’t have anyone to help them, she’s taking them to Mexico. She thinks Cayetana should at least say goodbye to them. And by the way, does she know a Francesco Belmondo.

Cayetana says she’s never heard that name.

Francesco chases Sofia into the subway, where all the other people are making his job difficult. He just misses her as she gets into a subway car and it pulls away.

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