Betty en NY Thursday 5/23/19 #76

Previously on Betty: Nico wants revenge on the V&M guys. Betty agrees to stay calm and wait for the right time. Armando tells Betty the whole thing was a trick and he’s sorry he made her doubt.

But that was Fantasy!Armando. Real!Armando is standing in her office asking if she found his tablet…and did she by any chance check his email?

Betty says she didn’t because she started feeling sick. She pulls her arm away when he reaches out to her. Anyone could see them.

Smith wants to know who was behind The Makeup Incident. Berta says it definitely wasn’t Inesita and why do the innocent always have to pay and justice has died right here! The Pelotón applaud.

Inés confirms it wasn’t her. She was working with Hugo and she doesn’t have time for this nonsense!

In that case, Smith says he’s writing the rest of them up. And Aura Maria and Sofia were already on their “last” chance.

Pati tells them that Marcela already knows everything.

If no one else has anything to say…Smith’s off to write them up.

Catalina comes into Betty’s office to check up on her.

Betty says she’s better and she’s sorry about all the fuss yesterday. She had a “little” fight with her boyfriend is all.

Didn’t look small to Cata. If something affects Betty that much, maybe it’s not for her. If you have to force love, it’s not love. But, hey, you learn from everything, right? She’s sure Betty won’t lose control over her emotions like that. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

Alright, then…Romina has become Daniel and Mata’s corporate spy. She’s taking pictures of all Hugo’s designs. That’s going even too low for Fabio. Romina distracts him and Inés almost catches them snogging on the couch. She knocks over a dress form on her way in and Fabio hides behind the sofa.

Inés is looking for Hugo, but Romina says he went out to do a publicity thing. And hey, she got some pills for her, for her memory.

Armando remembers Ricky saying he left a weeks’ ration of little presents for Betty in the cabinet. He notices all the stuffed animals are gone, but leaves her a puffin…and then proceeds to empty the bag and ends up leaving five stuffed animals and a card.

Betty overhears Armando telling Ricky Betty didn’t see the video, but he shouldn’t ever send anything like that again! Betty has access to all his accounts.

Betty sobs that it wasn’t a mistake after all. She starts wringing the monkey’s neck, but stops when Armando comes in.

Is she ready for tonight? The cocktail party? And then the sneaking off after? They have to take advantage of Marcela being out of town.

“Right. I get to be the official girlfriend while she’s gone.” No, she’s not in the mood for the cocktail party. The two of them can get together “later.”

Betty finds the Pelotón in the break room. What’s with the faces?

Um…they might have thought Betty’s fight with Nicolas was because of Pati…and they might have gotten angry…and they might have taken it upon themselves to get revenge…and they might have gone too far.

How much is “might have”?

Berta blurts it out–they put makeup on Pati’s face while she was sleeping.

Betty’s horrified.

Sandra says Pati complained to Smith and Sofia and Aura Maria are almost definitely fired and the rest of them don’t know how it’s going to go for them.

Pati’s in Smith’s office playing “Oh, poor me!” when Betty comes in. If Smith wants to punish everyone else, he can punish Pati too, ’cause she’s been harassing everyone. Berta for her weight, she’s got a ton of nicknames for the others, and she calls her “Féatriz.”

Pati says she’s not bullying anyone, they just can’t take it.

Betty demands Smith open an investigation and apply punishment evenly. Enough of these stupid games!

Betty goes back to the break room, screaming that Smith’s not going to go along with Pati’s games. She told him about all the bullying they’ve gotten from her. And she’s glad they defended her, but she and Nicolas are FINE and NOTHING is going to separate them, least of all PATRICIA FERNANDEZ!

Betty walks off and Berta’s dying to know what that was about, but everyone sits her down. Not now, Berta.

Pati calls Marcela to complain. See, this is what she’s been telling Marce–Betty has more power than her.

Marcela tells her once she’s back in the office she’ll put everyone in their place. She’s the one who owns the company, not Smith! But right now she’s gotta go.

Ricardo’s knocking on her hotel room door. Marcela asks if he told Cindy about them.

Nope. She saw them at the charity thing and drew her own conclusions.

Betty’s sticking pushpins in the monkey. Yikes!

Armando comes in to whine at her about how this is all going to be over after the board meeting.

Yeah. She knows. Is he cancelling the wedding yet? She knows he will, because he’s shown her he loves her and would never lie to her with all his gifts and cards….

Armando doesn’t get the subtext and begs her again to go to the cocktail party. It’s a work thing! She has to come.

Then she’ll see him there, “Boss.” But right now she’s gotta run some numbers. Is that OK, Boss?

Betty goes back to “work” and gets into Armando’s email. She realizes he’s erased the video from Ricardo and calls Nico. She needs to see him right now and he needs to bring the credit card for BAR. That’s right, the corporate card.

When Nico shows up, Betty says they’re gonna get a little of what they deserve for working so hard running BAR.

Sandra’s brother is getting her all masked up for the next fight and reminds her not to let La Pantera play any of her tricks. “Never turn your back on her!”

Sandra says she’s totally motivated…um, because it’ll give the gym more prestige. She’s ready for her cape, now.

Romina meets Mata and hands off a USB drive with photos of Hugo’s collection in exchange for the giant suitcase of cash and mutual promises of secrecy.

The Pelotón is in the house! Or rather, in the gym. Berta repeats the story La Pantera told her–it’s a fundraiser for Sandra’s family’s gym, but Sandra was too embarrassed to mention it to them.

Wilson has seen them and he’s hiding his face.

Armando’s schmoozing at the cocktail party when Betty shows up. He rushes over to her. He didn’t think she was going to be here! Why are they even wasting time here when they could be alone together?!

Pati comes over, surprising them both. She says she’s here on Marcela’s behalf. And then Nico shows up to play boyfriend. Armando’s grouchy. Pati gives him the once-over and seems to have to remind herself that MONEY! As Nico’s hugging her hello, Betty whacks him on the butt.

She cozies up to him and tells Armando and Pati that they’ve gotta go.

Armando tries to pull rank, but Betty’s sure Pati will be a lot more help to him with fashion stuff.

Cata comes over and meets Nico. She congratulates him on his fabulous girlfriend who’s so smart and such a good person.

Armando asks to talk to Betty just for a minute….

Sandra’s brother announces the next match and introduces Sandy Breakbones. Giovas is all over this, cheering and trying to get a picture. Wilson comes over and tells him to settle down. What are they even doing here?!

Well, La Pantera invited them. Berta flags down the guy selling elote.

Sandy’s brother introduces La Pantera. The Pelotón are the ones cheering loudest for her. Wilson tries to get them to leave before the fight. That is so not happening!

Armando takes Betty to a nearly-empty bar in some other part of the building. He really wants them to just sneak off now, but Betty says she can’t. He kisses her…and then Betty shoves him away. Someone could see them! He’s still engaged to Marcela. If he’s been going to all this trouble to keep their relationship hidden, then they might as well be patient.

Pati and Nico. They both apologize to each other for not making it to their “date.” Betty gets back before Patricia can convince Nico to sneak out with her.

Pati watches them leave and grumbles that Betty always shows up at the wrong time and she’s so ugly and…crashes into a waiter. Everyone looks at her. Some guy starts taking pictures. I have no sympathy.

The fight gets started. Sandra’s doing well until she sees the Pelotón watching her. Pantera gets the upper hand, throws her out of the ring, breaks a chair over her back, gets rid of the ref…and rips off Sandra’s mask.

The ref disqualifies La Pantera, declaring Sandra the winner. Everyone cheers.

Armando runs into an ex or whatever and she’s all like “Marce’s not here? Great!” but Armando says he’s here with his assistant.

Pati’s still trying to mop up as he asks where Betty is.

“How am I supposed to know?! Stop taking pictures!”

Sandra’s brother checks out her eyes and says she’s OK. He TOLD her to watch out for Pantera!

Sandra complains that everything hurts. Her brother says he’ll get the doctor, but he thinks Sandra’s going to have to give up fighting before she gets hurt.

Sandra’s like “I was great! The people love me–OW!”

He and her dad congratulate her and get out, leaving her with Giovas and the Pelotón.

The Pelotón are thrilled–she’s famous! She’s got a ton of followers! Why didn’t she tell them?!

Because she’d always gotten made fun of and she didn’t want to deal with that at the office. There are three things she’s proud of–lucha libre, being a secretary at V&M, and being in the Pelotón.

Inés says she should enjoy the things she loves! And to them, she’s a superhero. Berta says they’re all proud of her. Mariana says now they get to say they know her!

And Giovas?

He has no words for this level of admiration, but can she sign his shirt?

Pantera comes over to Wilson to complain that he didn’t stick by her.

Well, yeah, ’cause she was being a jerk. She ripped off Sandra’s mask and she invited the Pelotón. He’s out.

A guy names Amul comes over to meet Armando. He’s in textiles in India and he heard one of his competitors nearly closed a deal with Armando. Does he know Gregorio Mata?

Armando’s eyebrows climb up into his hair.

Cindy’s got a mock-up of the store design on her tablet. Her dad loves it. Marcela thinks it doesn’t go with their clothes.

Well, if she thinks that, Cindy will find other clothes to go in their store.

Ricky walks it back–they’re just not used to their clothes displayed that way.

Cindy tells Marcela she’s gotta get used to it. This isn’t one of her catalogs.

Marcela seems to remember that Cindy knows she’s sleeping with Ricky and she tells Cindy it’s a fabulous idea.

In that case, her dad’s got somewhere else to be.

Wilson comes into the dressing room to check on Sandra. He tells her he broke up with La Pantera. He didn’t know she invited the Pelotón blah, blah, blah, *KISS*!

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