Betty en NY Friday 5/24/19 #77

Previously on Betty: Armando thinks Betty doesn’t know about Ricardo’s message. Betty showed up at the cocktail party with Nicolas.

Well, at least Nicolas had a good time. He thinks it’s all abut the suit.

Betty had a terrible time. Armando’s a big lying liar. And Nico was flirting with Pati. Sure, it’s all fake, but he made her look like she’s being cheated on!

Um, and she was doing what with Armando?

Cindy keeps making rude remarks about Marce’s age. Marce’s about to say something about how unlike her daddy, Marce doesn’t think everything Cindy says is great….

We don’t find out where she was going with that because Ricky gets Cindy the hell out of there.

Marce calls Pati for an update. Pati whines about her public humiliation at the cocktail party. And also she met Nicolas, who dresses well and has money. Armando? He was talking to that journalist, Cintia…no, she doesn’t know if they left together! Did Marce not hear about the public humiliation? Why doesn’t anybody care what happens to her?!

Wilson’s still macking on Sandra…but he STILL thinks she likes women! He babbles about how he won’t say anything and he hopes she finds a woman who loves her. He leaves before Sandra can correct him.

Betty admits Armando kissed her. And no, she didn’t slap him, she melted. She can’t help it! She knows it’s all a lie and she hates him…

But she also loves him. She’s weak around him.

Um, and Nico and Patricia? Pati’s not right for him. She thinks he’s rich.

Well, he will be, so she’s a visionary.

In the present he’s Nicolas from Jackson Heights.

Nico doesn’t know how they’ll get out of this. But the plan worked–they made Armando jealous.

Betty still wants to go forward with the plan. She jokes about Nico kissing her and they both laugh.

Daniel knows enough about fashion to know Hugo’s designs are trend-setting. Too bad the collection’s going to come to a bad end. That’s what Armando gets for getting in his way.

Mata tells Daniel their plant’s bribe was delivered. And he’s sure she’ll keep quiet. She’s in this up to her *hand gesture indicating breasts*.

Daniel just looks at him like “Seriously”

Fabio finds the cash in the closet and asks Romina what she did. He doesn’t believe that’s her savings because when she showed up she said she was out of money. This is too much cash for her to have, even if she sold all of Hugo’s paintings…. Did she steal something else from Hugo?

Well, she’d love to steal back Fabio’s affection.

Jenny got a ride to work from some guy who’s not Efraín. Sofia and Berta are down in the lobby gaping at her.

She seriously tries “It’s not what it looks like” and threatens to tell Smith if they don’t leave her alone.

When she’s gone Berta and Sofia laugh and imitate a bullfighter and bull. Because “horns.”

The mysterious Nicolas Ramos now has a social media presence. He uploaded a picture of him with Betty. The Pelotón are all cooing about it loud enough for Pati to hear.

Pati heads for the break area to brag to Jenny that she met Nicolas.

Betty sees the gifts on her desk and sighs tiredly. Armando comes in and gets all insecure because she doesn’t look like she likes the stuff on her desk. She’s acting strangely, she dumped him at the cocktail party and left with Nicolas. He wanted to be alone with her…to make love.

He starts to kiss her and Betty dells him not to. Does he want all of V&M to find out they’re amantes?!

He thinks of her as his novia secreta.

Exactly! “Secreta.” She doesn’t want to get used to his kisses and then have him go home with his fiancée. Yes, she knows, it’s just until the board meeting, but her heart doesn’t understand. It just suffers.

Betty wanders out of her office to stare at Pati. She asks if Pati’s scared of her.

Why? Pati’s phone rings and she ignores the call from an “Unknown Number.”

Betty wonders why she’s not answering it.

“Because it’s my phone and I answer it when I want to!” Pati scurries away.

Sandra finds Wilson…she really, really, really needs to tell him–and here comes Giovas to apologize for ogling her. Wilson takes offense and goes back to the front desk.

Sandra twists Giovas’ arm behind his back and he gets to his point. He was hoping they’re still friends.

Sandra gives him a kiss on the cheek and sends him on his way. She takes a call from Ricky about a report he asked for.

Enrique made Berta a diet-appropriate drink that will replace all her electrolytes. It’s called “snake juice.” Like a good friend, Sofia offers to try it…and regrets it immediately. Nope, no way Berta can drink that. Sofia’s got enough lunch to share.

Berta’s still considering drinking it to drown her sorrows. She’s convinced Enrique doesn’t love her anymore.

Sofia just keeps taking the bottle away and putting her lunch on the table.

Marcela’s annoyed that Jack didn’t join them for breakfast. Cindy says he had a meeting, but he left her in charge. Is there a problem?

Marcela says there’s not. V&M puts client satisfaction first. Why else does she think Ricardo’s here? She’s off now. The two of them can sit here and plan how they’re going to risk Daddy’s business.

Cindy tells her to back off. She knows everything about Marce and Ricardo.

Marce’s all “I don’t care what you saw, you’re not going to manipulate me.”

Ricardo suggests another round of mimosas, but they both scream “NO!”

Cindy tells Marcela to control herself. Marcela says Cindy’s not going to be giving her lessons on good manners.

Cindy takes off after declaring Marcela “annoying.”

Ricky’s face: “WTF was that?!”

Marcela’s face: “What was what?”

Nicolas is showing off another one of his new suits to Demetrio and Julia. He says Betty authorized it, because they couldn’t do anything else with BAR’s massive earnings.

Sandra finds Wilson at the security desk. There’s an alarm going off for no reason and he’s trying to fix it. It keeps interrupting her when she’s on the verge of telling him….

People come pouring off the elevators and Wilson tells them it’s a false alarm. (OK, wait…you’re not supposed to take the elevator in case of a fire, right? Maybe this is some other alarm that’s not the fire alarm?)

The alarm interrupts Sandra again and Wilson goes running off while Sandra screams “I’m not gaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Marcela’s upset that Ricky’s letting Cindy talk to her that way.

Uh, what’s he supposed to tell her? She shouldn’t sink to Cindy’s level.

Marcela agrees all she’s done lately is make mistakes. Ricky argues that what’s going on between him and Marcela isn’t a mistake.

Marcela tells him to just go find Cindy and wrap her up with his charm so at least they won’t lose the deal.

Armando announces that he’s got everything ready for tonight. They’re going out no matter what. Where does she want to go?

Betty suggests the crappy hotel…or the cheesy karaoke bar.

Armando thought she liked the karaoke bar!

They could go to Ricky’s apartment…but Ricky hates her and he could come home any time. She doesn’t want to go back there. She doesn’t want to keep hiding!

Armando tells her again to choose the place.

“The prettiest, most elegant and romantic restaurant in the city. Someplace you’d take your real girlfriend.”

Armando calls to make a reservation.

Pantera shows up at V&M to give Wilson one last chance to not break up with her.

Nope, he really meant it–they’re done. He’s glad she’s not getting violent…except when they shake hands, she twists his arm behind his back and slams his face into the desk.

Product placement time: Betty called State Farm to buy auto insurance. Marta was very helpful.

Betty tells Nico they’re definitely buying the yellow sports car on her computer screen. She calls some guy named Jonathan to tell him they’re coming by to sign them paperwork.

Nico’s really excited about the car. Betty tells him to get used to the idea of driving it. It’ll be BAR’s car, but they’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Sandra tries to undo Pantera’s damage to Wilson’s arm. And hey, while she’s here…she likes him. And she doesn’t like women. She’s not gay. And she can prove it. *smoochies*

Wilson’s hesitant, but once he realizes the lobby’s empty he responds more enthusiastically.

Pati’s at her desk complaining about the picture of Nico and Betty. The desk phone rings and she’s confused that someone’s confirming Armando’s reservation for dinner…for today? OK. She’ll let him know. She gloats that she’s finally busted him.

Berta gets home and finds Enrique getting ready to leave on another business trip. He’s determined to replace the savings Berta spent. He left her some vitamin drinks and salads in the fridge. He swears he’s not angry. He’s going to miss her.

Berta sobs that she’ll fix what she messed up. She promises. Awwwww 🙁

Efraín is leaving an angry voicemail for Jenny while watching the first episode of La Reina del Sur Season 1. Again.

Jenny comes home with her hair smelling like booze. They argue. She tosses him a blanket and tells him to sleep on the couch.

The kids are worried about Efraín. He hasn’t called in a week.

Charlie says he’s fine he’s just doing a bunch of extra work so he can buy them new bicycles.

Sofia sends them upstairs to brush their teeth. She can’t believe the kids can tell something’s wrong with their dad.

Charlie agrees, Efrain is not OK.

Sofia figures it’s because Jenny’s cheating on him.

Betty sneaks downstairs to go on her date. Nico catches her. He’s sure she’s going out with Armando. He begs her not to mess this up.

Armando’s waiting for Betty at the restaurant…but Marcela shows up.

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