Betty en NY Monday 5/27/19 #78

Previously on Betty: Ricky left Armando a video message outlining their entire plan. Betty saw it, but told Armando she didn’t. Nico’s plotting revenge. Armando and Betty are supposed to have a romantic dinner, but Marcela shows up instead.

Armando claims he’s here for a business dinner. He wishes she’d shut up about “your lover.” How did she even find out he was here? Oh, right…Pati.

Marcela’s not leaving until she finds out who was supposed to be in that chair.

Betty goes back home. She thinks Nico’s right. She’s tired of lying. She wants to go out with someone who really likes her. She thinks they should go to dinner on the company card.

Armando insists he’s waiting for Amul to show up to talk fabrics. Ricky calls and Armando pretends it’s Amul calling to cancel.

Sandy and Wilson are working out and smooching. She’s worried about her brothers seeing them. Why does he think she doesn’t have a boyfriend?

One of her brothers nearly does catch them. He’s on his way out of the gym and they tell him they’ll lock up…

After some nookie in the ring.

Betty shows up at the restaurant with Nicolas. Armando claims he asked her to bring him some information for the meeting.

She can’t find it at first…oops! But oh look, here it is. On her troll doll USB drive. Watching Armando having to hold it is hilarious.

Nicolas meets Marcela, gripes at Armando for making Betty work late all the time, and then decides they should eat here. And sure enough there’s a table available.

Marce complains about him being so “ordinary.” He and Betty are perfect for each other. Armando just keeps playing with that troll doll.

Sandra and Wilson are lounging in the ring after. He says he fell in love with her the first time he saw her in the ring, but his friend said she wasn’t into guys.

Well, that’s because he tried to kiss her and she didn’t want him to.

Right, but Wilson had no way of knowing if she liked him.

Oh yeah, since she checked him out in the V&M bathroom. Speaking of which, V&M employees aren’t supposed to date each other, so she doesn’t want to tell anyone.

Wilson says when he winks at her, she’ll know what he really means. Commence Round 2.

Armando can’t take his eyes off Betty. And Betty’s starting to think she and Nico should leave. She hates watching Armando and Marcela together. She doesn’t even know what Marcela’s doing here!

Nico thinks she suspects what’s going on. If she found out, she’d probably blame Betty and forgive Armando. ‘Cause rich people always cover for each other.

Nico hugs Betty and Marcela notices Armando’s looking over there again. She complains that she thought this place was exclusive, but they’ll let anyone with money in.

Armando can’t understand why she hates Betty so much.

She doesn’t hate Betty. Betty’s beneath her. Marce just doesn’t like her. Because she lies all the time and she covers up for Armando.

And his big date for tonight is where, huh? He calls Kevin to bring them the check and gets distracted again by Betty and Nicolas leaving the restaurant.

On the way home, Betty wishes she could just quit already.

But she can’t, because V&M and BAR are both in serious financial trouble and she’d end up going to jail.

Betty’s kicking herself for getting into this mess…and for someone who doesn’t care about her. Who feels sick when he so much as looks at her.

At Marcela’s apartment, she’s still ranting about how much she hates Betty and hopes she never sees her again after Armando fires her. But anyway, what has he decided about the wedding?

Uh, he didn’t ask for time to think. She did. She’s the one who’s convinced he has a lover.

“Well, you do!”

OK, then call it off!

No no no no no, that’s not what she wants! It’s just that sometimes she doubts his feelings. But OK, they’ll get married!

She starts to kiss him and Armando pulls away, saying he’s tired.

Betty wrote her parents a check on behalf of BAR, for rent, use of the internet, electric, water…and Nicolas does eat a lot.

Demetrio worries that she’s not taking care of BAR’s money like she should.

Well, she’s gotta take care of the employees who make the money. BAR is going to be a fair company. Things are going to change now.

Nicolas pulls up at Betty’s house in the sports car. The Mean Kids bicker with him and Betty before they drive off.

Betty’s parents are alarmed–where did they get that car?!

Pati gets pulled over for I don’t know what by a police officer who’s bilingual so that whole muttering under her breath thing is not gonna fly. She says she’s just trying to get to the hospital because her grandmother is dying.

Uh huh. The hospital’s the other way. License and registration…oh look, her insurance expired six months ago.

Pati blames her “assistant.”

The officer tells her to get out of the car.

Pati begs her not to do this. Women have to support each other!

Out of the car or she’s arrested.

“I’d die before leaving my baby here!”

Pati gets to work on foot. At least she took off her shoes, but I don’t know how she’s going to get them back on. The Pelotón are making jokes about the fall of a diva. Did Pati not know? She’s famous!

Berta starts reading an article about the ex-socialite Patricia Fernandez, ex-wife of Mauricio Goldberg has succumbed to alcoholism or mental illness. (If she has, doesn’t that make this article pretty rude?)

Pati screams at them about making things up and how she’s going to sue them all and complain to HR. She limps back to her desk while they laugh.

Ricky’s back, to everyone’s surprise. He tells Armando that since Marcela left, Anderson decided to do everything virtually. No worries, though, as long as he keeps “the daughter” happy everything’s fine. He’s sacrificing himself on behalf of the company. But what’s going on with Armando?

Armando’s convinced Betty saw that video. He was supposed to have dinner with her, but Marcela showed up. And then Betty showed up WITH Nicolas!

Ricky doesn’t think that’s about the video. He just thinks Nicolas has noticed how much Betty likes him and he’s fighting for her with all he’s got. She’s probably never had two guys fighting over her. On one side a company president and on the other side a geek.

A geek with a car better than Armando’s or Ricky’s.

Well then, he’s probably using BAR’s money.

Armando doesn’t think Betty would…

A woman like her would do anything for a man. Look what she did for him! If Armando doesn’t do something, Nicolas will end up with everything.

Berta brought some antique jewelry in to work and she shows it to Sofia. It’s stuff her grandma Federica, who ran a brothel, left her. The cameo is the actual profile of her grandma. And all the pearls and diamonds are real.

Sofia can’t imagine Berta’s going to wear this stuff…oh no, is she thinking of selling it?!

Berta says Enrique’s sacrificing a lot and she’s sure grandma would understand. And if not…well, she’s dead so it’s not like she can complain! She messed up and she’s gotta make up for it. Enrique’s worth it.

Charlie’s getting ready to get to work when Efrain shows up. Late. Complaining about having to sleep on the couch. Pouting about Jenny and how much he loves her.

Charlie thinks he’d better start shaving down those horns on a daily basis before he can’t fit through the door.

Marcela reads the article about Pati while Pati sobs. She doesn’t see what the big deal is–it’s not like it was published by a reputable site.

Pati insists if it’s online it’s true. Her ex calls. He apparently accused her of trying to get his attention and hung up before she could contradict him. He also said she should be ashamed of the life she’s living. And she is…she’s going down the drain of poverty. She needs Marce’s help!

Oh no, International Bank of Marce is closed! The last time she gave Pati her credit card she bought four pairs of shoes and three days at a spa. She’s done.

Armando comes into Betty’s office screaming at her about bringing Nicolas to the restaurant and demanding to know what’s going on between them.

She and Nicolas are friends. And it’s a good thing he insisted on coming to the restaurant with her. Did Marcela believe the thing about bringing him some important information?

Armando sighs. Yes, she did, so they dodged that problem.

Right. Because Marcela’s the official girlfriend and Betty’s la otra.

Armando whines that he’s going to cancel the wedding after the board meeting.

Yeah, he can quit promising her that. She’s fine with hiding.

Pati’s sobbing over her car when Nico calls. He misunderstands the whole “they took my baby!” thing and Pati’s like “duh, it’s my car.” But it would be so good for her to see him tonight….

Nico says he’ll take her to his favorite restaurant.

Armando whines that he and Betty can’t go public because he’s still engaged to Marcela.

Well, OK. And that’s why she’s with Nicolas. Isn’t that what he asked her to do?

Armando complains about the sports car and where he got the money.

From BAR. He gets paid way less than average and they never gave him a bonus for the company’s earnings. The car is BAR’s property.

Armando freaks out–it’s not a lease?!

Hey, if he wants it back she’s happy to have nothing more to do with BAR. BAR is doing fine. It’s not Nicolas that’s dragging them down it’s V&M not meeting its financial obligations.

Hugo and Inés are going over something at his desk when Romina comes over to tell him he’s running late for Reiki.

No, his appointment’s tomorrow.

Didn’t Inés tell him they called to move the appointment. She took the call.

Hugo insists Inés has been busy with him all day.

OK, then. Romina will reschedule it.

Inés apologizes, but Hugo tells her he’d forgotten about the appointment too.

Demetrio and Julia are worrying about Betty. He thinks managing large sums of money can be addictive.

Betty’s outside the board room, remembering Ricky saying she’s perfect–she’s smart, educated, but also ugly and has bad self esteem.

Ricardo comes down the hall and asks Betty what’s up. She looks like she saw a ghost. Does she feel OK?

Betty punches him in the nose and screams that she hates him.

But that was just a fantasy. The real Ricardo finally gets her attention and she says she didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and she’s surprised to see him there. She’s glad the thing with Anderson’s going so well–one more mistake and V&M could collapse. Even BAR wouldn’t be able to save it. Because she’s smart and educated, but she’s not a magician.

Um, she’s sounding a little sarcastic. She’s not thinking of backing out, right?

Of course not! He knows she’s the most loyal, faithful, unconditional supporter of Armando. And now she’ll get back to work.

Ricky looks disturbed.

Fabio confronts Romina about Inés’ memory problems. She denies doing anything, but admits she wants Inés’ job.

Inés tells Mariana about her recent memory problems.

And who’s telling her that she did stuff she forgot about?


Mariana thinks there’s something weird going on with her. She’s going to look her up online and see what she can find out.

Demetrio comes to V&M to ask Armando if he authorized the “rent” check.

Betty shows up and repeats that the check was for rental of office space.

Right, but did Armando authorize it?

Armando says Betty’s the president of BAR and he supports all her decisions.

Including the car…?

Betty rushes Demetrio out of the office so Armando can work.

Sandra. Wilson. Elevator. Smoochies. She worries that someone will see them, but Wilson says he’s the one in charge of the cameras. No one will see anything but the two of them….

Armando stops by Betty’s office to ask if he can drive her home. Because he misses her.

Well, she misses him too, but Marcela’s back.

Marcela shrieks from Armando’s office. She got them tickets to that musical….

Armando’s already saying he and Betty were going to work late, but Betty picks up her stuff and says they’ll work on it later. She’s got a date with her boyfriend.

Armando still doesn’t want to go.

Pati’s ready for her date with Nico, but he accidentally sprays perfume in her eyes when she opens the door. He says they’ve gotta hurry or they’ll lose their reservation.

Julia’s making dinner while Demetrio talks to Betty about what a great boss Armando is. Julia still thinks Betty should drop one of her jobs. She may have grown professionally, but she doesn’t seem any happier.

Nico takes Pati to the chicken place. He says yesterday’s expensive dinner didn’t fill him up. As much as Pati complains, she orders one of every kind of chicken with rice, beans, guacamole, and salsas.

Nicolas starts talking about his ideas for cryptocurrency for super rich people. So they don’t have to fill a briefcase with cash if they want to make large payments.

Sounds brilliant to Pati. What does he call it?

Nicoin. He asks how Pati’s doing and she starts whining about the stuff at work and how she’d rather be dead.

Nico says the world is more beautiful because she’s in it. He’d do anything for her. *snog* (Not in front of the chicken!)

Ricky meets Armando at a bar. Armando warns him to get ready–tomorrow he’s calling off the wedding.

Ricky says he can’t! They’re days away from the board meeting!

Armando can’t lie anymore. He’s in love with Betty.

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