Betty en NY Wednesday 5/29/19 #80

Previously on Betty: Armando was planning to cancel the wedding. Ricky tried to talk him out of it. Ricky invited Betty to a networking event, but the press freaked her out.

Armando’s sitting in his car in front of Betty’s house when Marcela calls to tell him she’s staying at her place tonight. I guess he gives up on waiting for Betty to come running out her front door and fling herself into his arms and goes on home.

Betty looks terrible in all the pictures from last night and all the hashtags sound like they were written by Hugo. Ugly. Fashion-killer.

Inés says Betty should not have gone dressed like that. She would have helped her. They’re about to move on to look at some music videos when Betty shows up.

Efrain shows up at work. He swears he’s not hung over, just tired. And he’s got the front of his hair dyed a gorgeous shade of blue for being the first one to fall asleep at the party. Charlie thinks it’s hilarious.

Marcela and Ricky are in Armando’s office, laughing at the photos of Betty. And then Hugo comes in to join them…but why bother telling Betty he’s not talking about her?

In her office, Betty hears Hugo saying Armando should send her to screw up the competition’s runway shows. She looks online and she’s like “again?” She sounds more tired than upset, which is good ’cause I’m never in a mood for Crying!Betty.

Armando goes to Ricky’s office to blame him for last night’s photos and hashtags. Ricky says Armando’s the one who wants to be with Betty–this is his fault. And this is what he can expect if he wants to put her in the position of “First Lady,” public humiliation.

Now Marce’s in her own office laughing with Pati. Pati gets a bit serious and wonders if this is bad for the company’s image. Mariana approaches Marce’s office with some paperwork, but stops when she hears Marcela talking about asking Betty not to ever go to another event with Armando again.

Uh oh. Tommy’s hiding under Aura Maria’s desk. He’s upset that her last boyfriend left and never gave him the patineta (skateboard) he promised he would.

Aura Maria says maybe she can get him one for his birthday if he behaves.

It’s always the same when they break up with her! He hates her!

Hey, he can hate her all he wants to, but he’d better stay under the desk. If she gets fired, she can’t buy him a skateboard.

Betty’s in the bathroom when María Lucía comes in. Doesn’t she recognize her from somewhere?

Betty says she’s Armando’s assistant.

No, it’s not that…she’s the worst-dressed woman in Manhattan! She hopes Betty doesn’t take offense. She just meant Betty’s famous. It’s fashion, right? Better they talk about you than ignore you?

“Not for me.” Betty walks out.

Back at her desk, she calls Nicolas.

He knew this was a set-up! He tells her to go straight to Armando and tell him that his best friend’s sleeping with his fiancée.

She can’t do that. She’s doing something wrong, too, going out with an engaged man.

Nico says they’re all making fun of her. She needs to get revenge–for herself and for Nicolas.

Betty agrees with him and says she’ll do it right away.

She goes into Armando’s office and says there’s something very serious he needs to know….

Aura Maria left her desk and now she can’t find Tommy.

Betty says it’s not exactly about the two of them…it’s about Marcela…she keeps asking Betty who the other woman is.

So what did she say?

Betty says she told Marcela if she distrusts Armando so much, she shouldn’t marry him.

Well, she sure didn’t listen. Was that all Betty wanted to tell him? He comes around his desk to pull her over to where they can’t be seen from the door.

Betty tells him to quit trying to sweet-talk her. She’s tired of being a joke and lying to everyone. They need a break. Seriously. She has a lot of things to think about.

Betty runs into Marcela on her way out and thanks Armando out loud for giving her the rest of the day off.

Marcela thinks he’s being too soft. She drags him off to lunch with her and Ricky.

Downstairs, Betty’s telling Nico she couldn’t do it. She’s not like them–she can’t break people’s hearts like that.

Nico whines that she practically owns all this. Is she going to keep letting them make a fool of her?

Betty says she broke up with Armando.

Nico says she’s gotta make Armando think she’s lost all his money and he’s sorry, but what he’s about to do is a sin…he grabs Betty and kisses her as soon as Armando gets to the front door. Armando looks shocked. Ricky looks like he expected this. Marcela looks disgusted.

Armando’s freaking out and he keeps repeating “Betty!” but Marcela’s like “Didn’t you give her the rest of the day off? Why did you do that if you needed her?”

Nico opens the passenger door of BAR’s company car for Betty and then says goodbye before driving off.

Aura Maria still can’t find Tommy. She begs Giovas to help her. If Mr. Smith sees him she’s fired for sure.

Smith stops at the elevators and Aura Maria nervously wishes him a good lunch.

OK, now they’re really gotta find Tommy, and before Smith gets back.

Armando’s griping that Betty forgot to leave him some paperwork…about a deposit…and he thought she was taking the afternoon off to be with her family or something.

Marcela and Ricky both tell him to get over it and steer him in the direction of lunch.

Tommy’s hiding in the copy room. He’s tired of his mom going out with different guys. He misses them when they’re gone.

Giovas says the good thing is, he always has his mom. And this way he makes lots of friends.

Tommy gets the bright idea that Giovas could go out with his mom. He’s cool. And he wouldn’t break up with her, right?

Betty’s freaked out. Nico says he had to do it. And she’ll see that after this Armando’s going to treat her differently. He’s going to appreciate her more.

And as for the….uh…well, it’s never going to happen again. Betty shrieks that it’s like incest! Well, as soon as they get back, Nico’s going to have some mouthwash.

Armando’s lost his appetite. He’s not even listening as Marce and Ricky talk about the employee wellness program “Malú” wants to start and how well it’s worked at other companies. She gets on Armando for not paying attention and he snaps at her that he’s got all this pressure and his own assistant doesn’t even pay attention to him!

He leaves so he doesn’t ruin their lunch.

Ricky agrees that Armando’s dealing with a lot of stuff right now. The board meeting. The wedding.

Marcela says Catalina’s taking care of the whole wedding.

Sure, but he imagines getting married is always stressful. Maybe now isn’t the right time to do it.

Marcela reminds me not to feel sorry for her again. She’s not cancelling this wedding after all the work she put in! She’s been waiting for years! This is her reward. She’ll show the word all the waiting was worth it. Of course she won’t cancel it!

Ricky says that’s not a reason to get married. Marriage is an act of love.

Marce says people like him think so. People like them have more elevated reasons. She has a reputation and a last name to protect. People like Ricky, though….

Um, she thinks he’s not good enough for her?

Nope. The Valencia name is too big for him. He’ll never be part of the family.

While poor Inés is looking for her glasses, Hugo’s fussing over María Lucía’s tiny waist and how he wants her measurements. Romina offers to take them.

Ricky calls Armando to scold him for walking out on lunch. And he can forget about cancelling the wedding–he’ll set of World War III.

All Armando cares about right now is clearing things up with Betty.

Ricky asks who cares what she thinks. She’s going to be the end of him!

Armando hangs up on Ricky.

The Pelotón are assembled at the reception desk. Giovas shows up with Tommy, but Tommy wants Giovas to tell his mom what he was upset about.

So Giovas says Tommy doesn’t like it when she breaks up with her boyfriends because he misses them.

Aura Maria promises things will go back to the way they were before. She and Tommy will hang out, play with his cars, eat popcorn, watch movies.

She’s about to take him to lunch, but Tommy says Giovas is having hamburgers.

Giovas is like “You’re seriously gonna steal my lunch now?” OK, Tommy can have hamburgers, but he’s gotta earn them. Giovas is naming Tommy his personal assistant.

They guys go off to lunch and Aura Maria turns around to see the others staring at her. When is she gonna go out with Giovas already?!

Aura Maria says he doesn’t have a car. They all groan and go back to their desks.

Armando goes over to Betty’s. Julia’s giving him ‘tude. How come he never comes over with his fiancée?

Armando says she’s busy. He just needs to talk about something confidential with Betty. Julia makes it very clear she doesn’t want to leave them alone together.

Armando starts right in with “What’s going on with you and Nicolas?!” Betty takes him to the kitchen.

Nobody can find Inés’ glasses and Hugo’s fussing about her needing to put a chip on them.

Romina “finds” them on the floor, broken. She tells Inés not to worry about it. It’s just this one incident.

Betty can’t believe Armando’s demanding explanations from her. And this isn’t V&M where he can show up and give orders. Nico’s her friend.

Armando asks if that’s why they were kissing. He tells Betty to stop lying to him.

Um, she’s not lying. And who’s he to lecture her about lying. He’s the biggest liar on the planet!

“I never lied to you. I love you.” (Don’t melt, Betty, don’t melt! Keep it together!)

She doesn’t think he does. He’s never put himself in her place, thinking about how she feels when he leaves. When she knows he’s going to go to sleep and wake up with Marcela. If she can keep from saying anything about that then he can keep his mouth shut about anything that happens between her and Nicolas.

Not that she’s saying they have a relationship. And Nico’s the one who kissed her.

Armando gets it. She wants time? Time to be with Nico?

As the argument continues, Nico and Julia watch from the stairs Nico’s sure they won’t be heard. It’s physics…distance…waves per hour….

She tells him to cut that out. Armando looks upset.

Well, that’s ’cause he’s used to winning and now he’s losing.

What does he know?

He swears he doesn’t know anything, but Armando’s got a total “loser” look on his face.

Julia can’t take it anymore. She starts to go to the kitchen.

Nico stops her and says Armando just wanted to talk about business. And they’re very cautious, so that’s why they’re not talking about this at the office.

Julia tells Nico to cut it out. She’s old, but she’s not a p-.

A what?

A p-.

What’s that?

It’s a word she just made up so she won’t say the bad one.

Oh. Does she mean p-.

Julia shushes him. Demetrio’s going to be home soon and he’s not going to like seeing his daughter talking to Armando alone in the kitchen.

Nico says it’s not like they could be doing anything.

María Lucía and Mariana are feng shui-ing Marcela’s office, which just annoys Marcela when she gets back. She tells Mariana to bring her hot tea, but María Lucía overrides that as VP of Wellness. She’s giving Marcela the day off.

Marcela screeches that she can’t! She has work to do!

Malú drags her off to somewhere where she promises Marcela’s going to have a good time and be more productive.

Armando insists that Betty’s driving him crazy.

She didn’t do anything! And she’s been putting up with his engagement with Marcela this whole time. Can’t he be a little understanding?

Armando whines that she was kissing Nico and he promised her they would be together!

Betty says it’s all lies. She doesn’t deserve that. Maybe Nico can offer her a better relationship. At least one that’s public…not in hiding like the one she has with him.

Armando says he doesn’t believe her. She doesn’t love Nico like she loves him. And no one loves her like he does.

Betty tells him to go. And it’s over. Because of him, not because of her.

Ricky goes to Betty’s office, wondering what her password could be. He tries to get into her locked desk drawer with scissors.

Sofia comes in and asks what’s going on. Betty’s not here. She’ll be back tomorrow. Sofia was just bringing by some paperwork Betty asked for.

Ricky takes the folder and asks if she wouldn’t happen to know Betty’s password.

Sofia cackles. That would be like knowing his password and having someone like Pati ask her for it. She wouldn’t give it to her. (Guesses on Ricky’s password? B00b33s perhaps?)

Sofia offers to call Betty, but Ricky says he’ll call her.

Romina suggests to Hugo that Inés needs to get a checkup.

Hugo doesn’t know how to suggest it without sounding rude.

Romi says he also demands a lot from her.

Yeah. And he likes having her around, but maybe it’s time for her to retire.

Romina doesn’t think she’ll like that idea.

Hugo says it’s time for him to stop being selfish and think about Inés. It’s time she stayed home.

Inés listens from around the corner.

Berta’s trying to hypnotize her way to a dysfunctional relationship with food. What? “Food is my enemy…I’m not hungry.” That ain’t right. Pati tries to tempt her with chocolate dipped strawberries, but Berta doesn’t fall for it.

Armando swears he’s not going to marry Marcela. He’s walking out of Betty’s house and going to break up with her. They have to be prepared because the world is going to come crashing down on them.

No, what he needs to be prepared for is what to tell Betty when it doesn’t happen. She’s sure it’s a lie.

Armando swears he’s never felt this way before. He loves her.

And then Demetrio comes home. Great.

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