La Reina del Sur Tuesday 5/28/19 #2.26

Batman shows Teresa and crew their base of operations–at the back of un teibol. Oleg impresses on them that nobody…NOBODY should know that this is their cover. Batman says there are also some offices, like Teresa asked for. She thanks him and tells him to get going.

On his way out he checks out Sheila. Or rather, the two of them check each other out.

Teresa will explain why she picked a teibol as a cover, but for right now she’s explained to everyone what their roles are in tonight’s op. She wants them to know she expects to get this done quickly and with everyone alive. But if anyone wants to back out….

No one does. Teresa starts going into detail about tonight.

Carmen, Virginia, and Jimena are still standing there looking at the gun, and no closer to knowing what to do with it. Epifanio sneaks in through the back door and pretends he’s totally shocked, shocked I say!, that there’s a gun sitting there on the floor.

Alejandro gets to campaign headquarters and is pissed off to realize Danilo has got everyone started working on a strategy to make Carmen look “completamente loca.”

Alejandro didn’t authorize this. He tells everyone to stop what they’re doing and get back to work.

Danilo doesn’t get it. His strategies always work!

Alejandro says it’s not necessary. This problem is going to be resolved quickly. He ignores his cell phone and Danilo asks what’s wrong.

Alejandro shuts the office doors, leaving Danilo on the other side.

Confused, Danilo goes back to his desk and yells at everybody to get to work on whatever’s next.

Three SUVs roll up to what I assume is the Hotel Majestic. Conejo and Sheila, both wearing wigs, pretend to look at a map at the check-in desk while telling Teresa “they” are here.

Conejo and Sheila sit down in the lobby as the guys from the SUVs come in.

Teresa finishes putting on her makeup and puts her gun in her clutch.

The entrance to the hotel restaurant is blocked off. The maitre’d lets Teresa in and lights the candles at her table. Teresa sits there, noting how many guys are positioned just off the dining room. She’s surrounded.

Back at the base, Oleg has Ray tap into the hotel’s security cameras and microphones. Rocio and Paloma are just hanging out, watching them work.

Zurdo comes in, presents Teresa with a bottle of tequila, and introduces himself. Nazario Beltran, AKA Zurdo Villa.

In the lobby, Conejo and Sheila have no idea what’s going on. Ray hooks them up to the microphones so they can hear Teresa. Rocio and Paloma trade nervous looks.

I hate dignifying Zurdo’s dialogue by repeating it. And it’s really more of a public service not to repeat it, ’cause nobody should be trying these lines.

Oh, great, he’s another one who’s been obsessed with Teresa since she first showed up with Güero at Epifanio’s party. His business is doing well since Epifanio went to prison. He looked for her, but the earth had swallowed her up.

Teresa says Epifanio changed both their lives.

Epifanio’s questioning Jimena like he really thinks she killed Padre Anselmo. Otherwise what was the gun doing in her backpack?

Jimena picks up the gun and screams that she didn’t do it. And now it’s got her fingerprints on it. And the cops have just pulled up in front of the house.

When the cops knock on the door, Epifanio tells them to hide the gun!

Jimena picks it up with her bare hand again and Epifanio can’t believe she just did that. No one has a clue where to hide it, so it ends up under a chair cushion with Jimena sitting on top of it.

Epifanio goes out front to talk to the cops. Yes, he’s Epifanio Vargas. Future president of Mexico. (*eyeroll*)

The cop says he’s looking for Carmen Martinez.

From inside the house, Carmen shrieks “DE VARGAS!”

This time the cop rolls his eyes too. He’s got a search warrant.

I can’t figure out if he’s in on this with Epifanio or not. Epifanio checks out the search warrant and mentions he knows the guy’s boss.

That’s nice. They’re still gonna search.

Teresa’s still talking to Zurdo in the hotel restaurant. He laughs about no one being able to make her do anything she doesn’t want to.

Teresa says she was retired, living comfortably in Italy with her daughter, but her enemies found her. One in particular went to her house to kill her, but she was already gone. She thinks Zurdo knows him–Siso Pernas.

Oleg says it’s the moment of truth.

Zurdo acts like he doesn’t recognize the name and Teresa chuckles. If he’s the big shot he claims to be, then he must know Siso Pernas.

Zurdo’s like “Yeah, totally, I’ve done business with Siso Pernas!”

Well, Siso owes her. And so does Epifanio.

Zurdo says Epifanio’s the more dangerous one and that he wants to be president, but Zurdo has other plans for him. Epifanio doesn’t have as much money or power as Zurdo does.

Well, he will if he gets elected. With Epifanio in Los Pinos he’ll make her and her daughter disappear.

But Zurdo would never allow that. Where’s her daughter.

Hidden. Away from those cabrones. She’s here to make sure Epifanio doesn’t become president.

Zurdo toasts to Epifanio’s downfall.

At Carmen’s house the cops seem less like they’re searching and more like they’re trashing the place. The one in charge tells Jimena and Virginia to get up from where they’re sitting and oh look, there’s the gun. He sends it off for testing and says they’re all going to have to come down to the station with him.

Not that he’s saying any of them are guilty, but they’ve gotta discard possibilities.

Epifanio tries to pull rank as the future president and the cop says all politicians are alike.

Jimena sobs that the gun has her prints on it, but it’s not hers.

OK, then. The cop handcuffs Jimena. Epifanio begs the guy not to handcuff her. And take her out the back door.

He agrees to take her out the back.

Epifanio blames all this on Carmen. Jimena learned how to shoot when she was young and you don’t forget things like that. She said Carmen’s been filling her head with hate for the Padre.

Carmen begs Epifanio to help Jimena.

Sure. All she’s gotta do is retract her story and sign the divorce.

Manuela gets home. Jonathan and Willy are parked down the street, watching her get out of a taxi. They don’t know where she went, but Jonathan thinks he can get Sergio to tell them.

Lupo takes Sofia to their real hideout by boat. It’s an island in the middle of a lake in the middle of an embalse (reservoir). She can’t escape.

“You haven’t seen me swim.”

Nope, if the moon turned her into a dolphin maaaaaybe could she get out of here, but he wouldn’t recommend it. He tells her she can do whatever she wants here–run, swim–and there’s no schedule.

Um, has he forgotten she’s kidnapped?

At the house he says there’s no lock on the door. She can come and go as she pleases. Is she still mad at him? Because she thinks he was with her mom? Just because of the perfume? Other people wear that perfume–not that it’s any of her business who he was with.

“Aren’t you afraid my mom will kill you like she killed my dad?” (I may be imagining that the subtext is “‘Cause you probably should be.”)

He goes outside to take a phone call. Sofia checks out the pantry.

Alejandro’s calling for an update on Lupo’s trip. He thinks the island was a great idea. And Teresa?

They went by her old house. She thinks Zurdo Villa owns it now. She’s already putting a plan in place to meet him.

Alejandro’s glad. He doesn’t care what she does as long as she cuts Zurdo’s head off. She’s the only one who can.

At the restaurant, Zurdo’s trying to get Teresa to talk about herself, but she says she doesn’t do that with people she barely knows.

But they have a good friend in common, so it’s almost like she knows him. Sanchez-Godoy.

Teresa laughs. She hasn’t seen him in years!

Yep, they started working together after she disappeared. He’s at Zurdo’s house now.

No wonder he knows so much about her. But Sanchez-Godoy didn’t know she was coming back. So how did Zurdo know she was here, and staying at this hotel?

Zurdo’s guys start handing off a briefcase. At a nearby table, one of his guys opens it up and starts raising antennae and flipping switches. Oleg and Ray completely lose their feed. Oleg tells his guys to be ready to go in and get Teresa out.

Zurdo tells Teresa he’s blocked all the signals. He wants to tell her something and he doesn’t want anyone else to hear.

Conejo, Sheila, and Antón are the only ones Ray can still hear, because they’re not inside the restaurant. Oleg walks out, telling his guys to get ready.

Conejo tells Sheila it’s going to be a shootout, for sure.

Zurdo brought in his own chef to make all the specialties of the region–taquitos de chilorio, aguachile, frijoles puercos.

Um, Teresa’s not having dinner here. She’s leaving in five minutes.

He tries to get her to stay by asking if she doesn’t want to know how he found her…and then he tells her anyway. He bought her old house. He figured if she ever came back, he could surprise her. And he wouldn’t be a nobody anymore. He wouldn’t be invisible.

Lupo shows Sofia her room and asks if she needs anything.

Well, yeah, tons of art supplies.

He gripes that when you ask for something you say “please.”

“Please, Mr. Lupo, thank you, so kind of you.”

Manuela’s suspicious about Willy’s visit. Sergio swears he didn’t tell him anything. And he checked the flowers–no microphones or cameras. Manuela’s still nervous. She lowers the shades.

Sergio gets a call from “Esteban” saying he’ll pick him up after school tomorrow. He tells Manuela it’s just this guy he knows.

Willy doesn’t see how Jonathan’s going to find out if Sergio knows anything about KIRA.

Well, if he has to, he’ll drug him.

Willy asked for a meeting with Sheldon, but he doesn’t know if it was a good idea.

Sheila and Conejo are panicking in the lobby. Conejo thinks Oleg’s guys are here.

If those guys are Oleg’s they’re dressed like a swat team and pouring in through the back door.

Teresa says seeing her old house, with everything just as she left it, was like traveling in time. It left her speechless.

Zurdo starts talking about a welcome back party at his house tomorrow. He’ll have someone pick her up at noon.

Teresa says she can’t. She has plans already. Good night.

Zurdo begs her to come to the party. He’ll send a car. He hands her a card with his number on it.

Teresa hands it back to him and again says “Good night,” and “Thanks.”

Zurdo tells his hench the ranch has gotta look perfect tomorrow.

“Do you think she’ll show up?”

Zurdo doesn’t answer–just tells him to pay the check.

As the hench turns off the signal jammer all the phones nearby start re-connecting and beeping.

Genoveva’s dad is glad she came home. Of course he’s not going to say “I told you so,” except he does. And then he starts dissing Alejandro for continuing to work with Epifanio.

Beba tells him not to underestimate Alejandro’s plans.

Yeah, yeah, Alejandro’s his son, but he’s wasting his talents.

Beba sobs and goes upstairs.

Epifanio calls Alejandro and tells him his plan worked perfectly. And Alejandro’s going to take care of Jimena, right?

Yep, he’ll go talk to her in the morning. And BTW, Teresa’s in Culiacan and she’s working on Zurdo.

Teresa confirms that Zurdo did buy her house. She memorized his phone number from the card. She’s going to let him stew tonight, thinking she’s not going to the party, but she’ll call him tomorrow and make plans. Conejo has taken to calling him “Siniestro” since it means the same as “Zurdo” and goes better with his personality.

Willy gets on his supervisor’s bad side again. Partly because he’s not gone yet and partly because he asks about KIRA.

Sheldon says he doesn’t know what Willy’s talking about. He hands him his retirement/firing paperwork with what’s supposed to be a generous severance package. He tells Willy to go retire while the rest of them keep protecting the country.

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